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posted by mikaela_isabela
okay, there is a bad part with edward, but dont worry...they sort it out, so dont freak! enjoy!

I woke up early that morning, the nightmare scaring me awake. This time, I was running through the airport looking for Edward and the Cullen’s and Jacob and the pack. I saw them all heading into the gates, and as I got close to them, the doors slammed shut, locking them away from me.
I heard the phone ring. It stopped so I assumed Charlie answered it. I heard him heading up the stairs. I hid under my blankets pretending to be asleep.
“Hold on, I’ll see if she’s awake.” Charlie murmured quietly. I heard the door open a bit. “Bells? Bella, honey, te awake? Honey, te have a phone call.” I sat up slowly. Charlie sighed in relief. He handed me the phone and flicked on the light, momentarily blinding me.
“Hello?” I asked breathlessly. There was only one voice I wanted to hear right now.
“Bella?” it wasn’t Edward as I was hoping for. It was Leah.
“Oh ciao Leah,” I detto half-heartedly. “What’s up?”
“Well,” she hesitated. “Do te still want to go shopping with me and Emily today? I mean te don’t have to, but the invites open.” She finished awkwardly.
I thought about it quickly. I can’t just sit in letto for days on end, waiting for Edward to come home; I have to get out and make the most out of this situation.
“You know what Leah? I think that’s a great idea.” I tried to sound enthusiastic. “Should I come to La Push o meet te there or…?” I trailed off just as awkwardly.
“Oh, Emily offered to drive us, so we’ll come pick te up from your place. Is around 10 okay?” like she even had to ask. Without Edward, my life was awfully uneventful.
“Uh, yeah 10 is great. I have a doccia and see te soon okay?”
I could hear her smile in her voice when she replied, “Okay, see ya soon Bells.”
I hung up the phone, thinking that this was a good thing that I was doing. I spent the last time Edward and the Cullen’s were away in letto moping, until I found Jacob. Now he was gone too, so I found a Jacob in Leah.
I was smiling at that when I went to my closet to get something to wear. Something caught my eye in the corner of the cupboard; I turned and saw a huge white box standing against the wall. There was a card attached to it. I picked it up confused. I doubt Charlie would have bought me something. I opened the card. My jaw dropped. It was from Edward and Alice.

Have fun, in this te are bound to!
All our love
Alice and Edward

I picked up the box and placed it lightly on my bed. Hesitantly, I lifted the lid and saw a light, purple, kaftan shirt, with white pizzo around the collarbone and shoulders. There was also a pair of denim three quarter pants and a plain white singlet.
I smiled. Alice must have seen me agreeing to go shopping with Leah and Emily, and wanted me to look nice. I laughed and went to the bathroom for a shower.

I was dressed. I was presentable. I looked the way a normal girl should look. Only I wasn’t a normal girl. Neither were Leah and Emily. A vampire, a lupo girl and a girl wolf. We definitely didn’t have the normalcy corner. I went downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. Charlie looked up from his paper.
“Wow, Bells, te look great!” he detto this a little too cheery for me, I think he was just trying to make me feel better about the Edward situation.
“Thanks dad…” I mumbled embarrassed all the same. i went and got a bowl from the cupboard and the cereal, I was bout to pour the latte in when the phone rang.
I was the closest to the phone, so I hurried to answer it.
“Bella? te look great!” Alice, I shook my head smiling. Of course she knew I’d look great in it, she picked it out. “Im going now Bells, See te this afternoon okay?” I saw Charlie’s head peek around the corner of the kitchen. I nodded and waved as I detto “Hey Alice, how are you? And thanks.” I added the last bit on as Charlie left the house.
“I’m good. Everyone’s good. I just decided to call to let te know that we got here safely. I tried to see what’s going to be on your agenda for today, but your future mysteriously disappeared…it wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain female werewolf would it?” she detto this in such an adult tone, it shocked me. I felt like a kid who just caught doing something they know they shouldn’t, da someone they know won’t punish them.
“Well, yeah, actually it does.” I detto this as forcefully as I could. I didn’t like her prejudices against werewolves. They were people as well as me, and like the Cullen’s used to be. Just people that just happened to morph into giant dogs.
“Bella, te know that that’s not safe.” Her voice was exasperated. She had told me that on several occasions, but I preferred to ignore her when she did.
“Alice,” I tried to make my voice sound older and più mature. “I will hang out with whoever I like. The people I usually spend my weekends with are currently out of town,” I heard her gasp as I detto that, even though it was almost silent. “And I’ll hang out with anyone who wants to spend time with me. If it makes te feel better, I’m going to the Film with Angela tomorrow, so don’t worry your pretty little head.”
“Bella, licantropi constitute a risk…” she started to say, for the millionth time.
I cut her off saying, “Emily will be there too, so don’t worry. Now where’s your brother? I need to talk to him.” All this time wasted discussing werewolves; I could have been talking to Edward. I needed to apologize for not saying goodbye.
“Well, uh…” Alice hesitated, sounding as if she was wishing I hadn’t asked that. “He’s, uh…busy at the moment.” She settled on. There was something in the background on her connection.
“What’s that Alice?” it sounded like laughing.
“It’s nothing.” She detto quickly. “So, what are te and the lupo girls up to today?” she asked a little too loudly for a normal conversation.
I listened harder ignoring her question. I could hear più clearly now. There was a girl laughing, in a tinkling, wind chime voice, and octave higher than Alice’s. There was also a laugh that I could distinguish from anywhere. Edward’s laugh. My cuore froze. “Oh, Edward, stop it!” the girl detto in between giggling. I could feel her giggle pierce through my cuore like a knife. “Make me!” was his reply, trying to sound tough through his laughter.
“Bella?” Alice sounded worried. Edward’s laughter stopped. “Bella? Alice did te just say ‘Bella’?!” his voice sounded almost afraid that she would say yes.
“Busy doing what Alice?” I asked trying to hold back my tears; how could he do this to me?
“Yes, I detto ‘Bella’, Edward.” Alice detto in a harsh, angry tone. “Who did te think I was calling, the pope?”
“Give me the phone,” his voice was urgent as he pleaded with her. “Alice, give me the damn phone!”
I tried to keep a steady rhythm of breathing, but failed miserably. My breaths came out as wild gasps.
“Bella,” Alice’s voice was concerned now. “Bella, calm down. Take deep breaths. It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. I’m going to put te on the phone with Edward okay?” she sounded distant; I guessed she was looking into my future seeing what I would do. I stopped breathing altogether. I didn’t want to talk to him. He left me not even 24 hours ago, and he was already messing around with one of the Denali sisters…Tanya would be my bet.
I heard Alice mutter something too fast for me to hear, then the sound of the phone being passed to Edward.
“Bella…” his voice was pleading. I heard a door shut in the background. “Bella, I am so sor—” I hung up the phone with più force than necessary. I stared at the phone in shock. I can’t believe that this was happening. The phone rang, shrill and loud, but I ignored it. I knew who it would be, and I didn’t want to talk to him right now. The answering machine beeped the message.
“Bella? Bella I know you’re there.” His voice was strained in stress and pain. “Bella, pick up the phone so I can explain myself, it wasn’t what te think, I was just—” I picked up the phone. “I hope it was worth it!” I spat into the phone and hung up again.
I slumped onto the floor and cried. I cried so hard that I hardly saw the clock above the cucina bench. The phone rang again and again, this time I ignored the messages. No I thought, I was not going to be that girl. If he was having a ‘good’ time with Tanya my thoughts sneered at her name, then I was going to have a good time with the lupo girls, maybe someone else. I got to my feet, with some help from the countertop, and washed my face in the sink. I checked my reflection on the microwave door, and decided I looked decent enough. I went to the answering machine. Two new messages. I hit play. “Bella, I—” Delete. “I know that your—” Delete. As I began to turn around the phone rang again. I waited for the machine. “Bella?” it was Leah. “Are te there? We’re outside your house right now, so I kinda hope te are there…” I picked up the phone.
“Yeah, sorry, I was upstairs, I’ll be right out.”
“Okay.” She sounded happy that I answered.
I hung up the phone and grabbed my hardly used hand bag, with my wallet and ‘emergencies’ only cell phone, and walked to the front door. I checked my reflection in the hall mirror and thought I looked normal, not like a girl who has just had her cuore torn into pieces. I went out and saw Emily and Leah in the front seats in Emily’s Daewoo Lanos. I waved and locked the door and ran to the car.
“Hey Bella!” Emily was just as lovely as I remembered, even più so when I needed comforting. “You look great! How are you?” I laughed, but there was no humor in the sound.
“I’m just fine, thanks Emily. How are te guys this morning?” I looked più closely at the two of them; they looked gorgeous! “Wow, te guys look great too!”
Leah laughed. “Maybe we can find some cute guys to think so too.” We all laughed as Emily started driving.
It was nice to just talk about clothes and Musica and movies, it got the whole Edward thing off my mind. Of course it didn’t help that my cell went off every few minutes. I ignored it and pushed it further down my bag.
Girl time was definitely what I needed right now.
“So, what’s Seth up to today?” I asked Leah as we arrived at Port Angeles mall.
“Oh the usual…” she detto rolling her eyes. “Watching, waiting for Sa—” she broke off looking at Emily. Emily’s face had frozen. “For someone to give him some orders.” She edited quietly. I just nodded still looking at Emily. She was looking at her feet as we walked into a clothing shop. Leah was talking about some superiore, in alto she saw last time she was here, so Emily and I followed behind her silently. She found it, so she went to try it on. I detto that I was going to have a look around. Emily detto that she wanted to go with me. We walked around the racks of jeans and shirts in silence for a while except for the occasional: “that’s nice,” o “that would look great on you.” We had just walked into the accessories department, when I heard Emily sob. I turned towards her and saw her on the floor.
“Hey, Em, te okay?” I rushed over to her, dropping the collana I had in my hands in my panic.
She looked up at me, with tears in her eyelashes and dripping down her face. “No…” she croaked. “I’m not okay…” she started crying harder. I put my arms around her, and she leaned into me, crying on my shoulder.
“It’s going to be okay, Em, trust me, Sam will be fine.” She cried harder when I mentioned his name. I rocked us back and forth while she tried to control herself, shushing her quietly, trying to soothe her.
“How about we go to the ladies room?” I suggested as she wiped her nose on her arm. She nodded and I helped her off the floor and led her to the bathrooms.
She grabbed a paper towel and started drying off her face, while I sat of the counter and waited.
She blew her nose noisily, before she turned to stare at me balefully.
“Bella, I have to tell te something, that I haven’t even told my mother yet, but te have to promise not to tell anyone, until I tell te too okay?” she met my gaze evenly, even though her voice was hoarse from crying. “Do te promise?” she looked at me seriously. I nodded not breaking our gaze.
She sucked in a deep breath. “The reason I don’t think this will be okay, is because, I found out the very giorno that Sam was leaving, that I was…that I am…” she sucked in another deep breath. “That I’m…pregnant.” My jaw dropped, and my breath came out as a gasp. Tears were starting to run down her face again, as she took in my shocked expression.
“And if Sam doesn’t come back soon…people will talk, o if he doesn’t come back at all, I’ll have to move!” she cried, she looked devastated, so I went over to her, and rapped my arms around her slender waist.
“Have te told Sam yet?” I had to ask; otherwise it would be a very awkward reunion and would be very hard to explain.
She nodded, looking at the paper towel in her hands “He knows. I told him as he got home after one the vampire/wolf secret meetings. I told him and he was happy, he looked as if he might cry with joy…” she was smiling slightly, but it soon vanished. “But soon after, he told me that he would be leaving on some renegade vampire mission, and that he would be back in a couple of months!” the tone of anger in her voice shocked me. I never took Emily as an angry person. I chafed her arm up and down to soothe her.
“It’s gonna be okay.” And as I detto the word, I believed them. Finally, the tables had turned, there was something for me to protect, I would protect Emily and this baby from the pain and suffering of the worlds that surround us.
“I’m going to help te Em. I won’t let anything hurt you…okay?” she looked at my face and saw the serious expression on my face, and I knew that she believed me. The door opened and Leah’s head poked through the tiny opening.
“Hey, te guy’s okay?” she had a concerned look on her face. I realized we must look kind of conspicuous; standing in the ladies restroom, holding each other, while Emily is crying.
“Yeah, we’re fine Leah.” It was the truth; we were going to be fine. Everyone was going to come back in one piece, and everything will be fine again. We got out of the bathroom, and finished our shopping, before we headed back to La Push and spent the rest of the afternoon playing dress up at Emily’s house, before I knew it, the sun had gone down.
“I should probably head home,” I sighed. “Charlie can’t cook, so I’d better go and make him some dinner.” Emily nodded and sighed as she got to her feet. Leah smiled. “I’d better go to Em, I’m having cena with mum and Seth at Billy’s place and mum hates it when I’m late.”
“Okay,” Emily detto sadly. “Need a ride?” Leah shook her head.
“Naw, it’s not that far a walk, and I was gonna phase to see if anything new has happened. I’ll call te later tonight ‘kay Em?” Emily nodded. Leah turned to me. “See ya on Monday Bella. Save me a sede, sedile at lunch o I’ll eat you!” I laughed and nodded as she headed out the door. I turned and saw Emily pick up her keys sadly. She didn’t want to eat alone. I wouldn’t either, but without Sam, she had to…
No she didn’t.
“Hey, Em, want to have cena with me and Charlie?” I asked kindly. “I mean, he’s always watching sports, and I never have anyone to talk to, so it would be nice for me to have some company.” And for te to have some company too, I added mentally.
Emily turned with a smile on her marred face. “You don’t mind?” I smiled back and shook my head.
“Your always welcome Em.” I detto this like a true friend, because we were friends, this is the beginning of a great friendship.
“That would be great!” she detto delightedly. “I have to be back before nine though…my sister and Claire are staying here the night, before they sposta into their new place, and they get here at nine thirty…” she trailed off looking into the kitchen. “Do te want me to bring dessert?” she asked politely, “I think I have your dad’s preferito mud cake in the fridge, I could bring that…?” she asked uncertainly. I smiled and nodded. She beamed and got the cake from the refrigerator.
We were discussing Musica when we pulled up to my house. The front light was on, so Charlie must already be home.
We went to the front door and I grabbed my keys from my bag, and unlocked the door. I stepped inside and took Emily’s coat.
“Dad?” I yelled into the lounge room, “Dad, te here?” I could hear CNN playing in the background so I guess it must be a good game. Emily smiled at me, and I laughed and shook my head. We walked past the lounge room and saw Charlie fast asleep in the middle of the floor. We laughed in synchronization, and went into the kitchen. I told Emily to take a sede, sedile and relax. She did so, placing the cake in the middle of our shabby little table. I went to the freezer and collected the Frozen chicken from the very back. I would keep it simple. Fried chicken and salad. As I shut the freezer door, I noticed the message pad, we wrote phone messages on. There were three new ones for me.
I ignored it for now. I would read them later. I knew who they’d be from anyway, and I wasn’t in the mood for him while I had company.
“Can I help with anything?” Emily asked noticing my distraction.
“Um, sure sure…” I said, smiling as this response came out of my mouth. I put the chicken on the cutting board, “Can te make the salad?” she nodded eagerly, and headed straight for the fridge. She pulled out lettuce, tomato, avocado and cheese. She was keeping it simple too, I assumed. We worked in companionable silence for a while, while I fried the chicken and she mixed the salad. I heard a yawn, and a groan from the lounge room. I laughed, as did Emily, as Charlie walked around the corner, rubbing his right hip.
“Hey sleepy, dinner’s almost ready. I invited Emily, I hope that’s okay…?” I asked for customary purposes only, he never minded if we had company.
“Yeah, that’s fine, how are ya hun?” he asked Emily sleepily.
She giggled. “I’m fine thanks Charlie, how about you?” she was happy in this house, rather than the other one, the lack of reminders of Sam I took it. I was in the process of taking out the chicken when he yawned hugely and said, “Yeah I’m good thanks, just dead tired. This case up at Port Angeles has everyone mystified. They think an animal attacked the security guard, but there was a shoe print right successivo to his body, so maybe a vicious serial killer…” he yawned again and sat down at the table. I grabbed down the plates, and Emily placed a decent amount of insalata on each plate before I added the chicken. I was thinking about what Charlie just detto as I sat down at the tavolo with Emily. A shoe print? So it was a vampire. And very serious, they were attacking people close to Forks, a place, where locals turn into Cani around vampires, and the other residents smell to good.
“So what did te girls get up to today?” Charlie asked once he was done. I grabbed the plates, and got the sink full of hot, soapy water while Emily answered. “We spent most of the giorno shopping actually. Bella and Leah got really cute tops, and I got a couple of dresses. Then we headed back to my house, and just hung out there for a while.” she knew not to say that we were in Port Angeles, and I loved her for that. She really was a good friend. I heard her sigh as she looked at the clock. “I’d better go; otherwise Nicole and Claire will be waiting in the dark, getting wet.” I heard her get up, and Charlie got to his feet as well. “Thank-you both for having me over, I hoped I wasn’t too much of a pain…” she paused in the cucina talking to both me and Charlie. I grinned. “No, not too much…” I teased lightly. She laughed and headed to the door. Charlie and I followed. She put on her jacket, she had put her hand on the door knob when she paused and turned towards us. “Charlie, I brought te some of my famous mud cake for dessert, it’s in the fridge when te want it…” Charlie smiled at her. He was becoming attached to Emily already. She turned to me. “And I’ll call te tomorrow night okay? Have fun at the movies.” She added lightly, eyeing me meaningfully.
I smiled. “You have fun babysitting and being a big sister.” She laughed and waved as she shut the door. I heard her car door close and the engine start. I waited until I couldn’t hear her car anymore, before I went back to the kitchen. Charlie’s head was already stuck in the fridge looking for his cake.
I smiled and shook my head, and resumed doing the dishes.
“You’ve got some messages.” Charlie informed me, his mouth slightly full.
My body stiffened.
I just nodded and pretended to be concentrating on the bowl I was cleaning. “One from Edward, one from Alice and one from Jacob. They sounded really urgent, like they really needed to talk to you. It was weird.” He told me in a muted voice.
“Uh-huh…” I kept scrubbing and looking at what I was doing. All three had called me and sounded urgent? Not very practical thinking guys. Charlie sighed and headed for the lounge room. I emptied the sink and dried my hands. I eyes the yellow note pad suspiciously, before I picked the superiore, in alto three messages off and grabbed the phone.
“I’ll be upstairs.” I shouted toward the lounge room.
I ran up the stairs, two at a time in my haste to get this over with. I shut my bedroom door carefully before I went and sat in the middle of my bed. I got comfortable before I looked down at the first message.

Alice called; she asked if te could call her back on her cell when te get home.

A very simple message. She must have seen something, o recitazione on Edwards orders.
I picked up the secondo message:

Jacob called; he wanted to know how te are and says he will call te later tonight.

Another very nondescript message, but my spirits lifted slightly. Jacob, my sun through the clouds, wants to talk to me…finally.
And the last message, I could only guess what this one had to say.

Edward called; he wanted to tell te that he’s sorry, but it’s not what te think. He asks that te could PLEASE call him back so he can explain.

I looked at the message for a long time. I probably wouldn’t have to call him back, he would save me the trouble and call me, like he had been all day. I reached into my bag and found my cell. I opened it up and saw 12 missed calls and 12 new messages. I shook my head. He must really want to apologize. I listened to the messages one da one, all starting with the same line. “Bella, I’m so so so sorry. If te just give me a chance to explain, it wouldn’t sound so bad.” Then he kept asking me to answer the phone, and kept apologizing. I only had to read 10 of the messages to get the point. I was about to read the eleventh one, when I realized it was a different number.
Strange. “Bella?” this new voice sent a wave of shock through me. “Bella, did your battery die again? Well if it did, charge it up and call me back, I really need to talk to you.” I felt the smile spread across my face without wanting it to. Nate, my older, most lovable cousin, had called me. Nate had always been a big brother figure to me, and we used to be really close…well whenever I came to Forks anyways. But he moved about a anno before I got here, so that put a damper on the whole cousin relationship thing.
I haven’t talked to him in months. It shocked me to know how badly I needed to talk to him.
The last message was still unanswered. It played and Jacobs’s voice replayed back to me.
“Hey Bells,” his voice was cheery, but it sounded like her was trying to be otherwise. “When te eventually answer your messages, which te will ‘cause your bloodsucker friend here saw it, call me back. I’m at the Snowy Pines Resort, under the name Uley. Bye.”
I frowned at the phone. Jacob sounded too happy. Either they just killed some vampires, o he knew I wasn’t happy with Edward. I hung up the cell and decided to call Jacob, to at least see how he was.
I rang the hotel, and a helpful concierge put me through to his room. Annoying elevator Musica played in the background as I waited. I stared around my room. It really needs to be cleaned. I began tabulating all the things I need to do around my room which I could do tomorrow, after Angela and I got back from the movies.
“Hello?” a voice asked groggily. It wasn’t the voice I was after. It sounded vaguely familiar, but different because of the sleepy tone of it.
“Uh, hi, is, uh, Jacob there?” I asked uncertainly, still not knowing who I was talking to.
“Oh, ciao Bella, yeah I’ll wake him up for ya.” It was Quil. I could tell even tired as he was, he was always up for annoying Jacob.
I heard him nudge Jacob several times. “Jake, get up!” he kept saying over and over. I heard snoring and Jake mutter something in his sleep, and Quil titter a quiet laugh. “Hold on a sec Bella.” I heard a shuffling as Quil put down the phone. I heard the sound of a sheet fluttering and a loud thump as someone hit the floor. I heard Jacob jump to his feet, and swear at Quil in quite a variety of curses.
“What the hell did te do that for?” I heard him ask Quil angrily.
“Well, I thought, seeing as Bella’s on the phone, asking for you, te might want to talk to her.” I could practically hear his grin through the phone.
“Bella?” Jake asked astonished, as if he thought I wouldn’t call back. “Gimme the phone!” I heard Jake and Quil wrestle over the line, and I couldn’t help laughing.
“Bella?” Jacobs’s voice was in the receiver now, obviously he’d won the squabble. “How are you?” I could hear him trying to sound awake and alert, but it came out as mush.
“I’m fine thanks Jake, how about you?” I liked the way my voice sounded happy.
“Yeah, I’m good, I’m good…” he trailed off awkwardly. “So…?”
“You asked me to call te remember? Around lunch time, te left a message on my cell…?” I asked; I couldn’t believe that he actually forgot.
“Oh yeah…your bloodsucker asked me to call you, to see if you’d actually call back, and when te actually do, he’s not here!” I could hear the humor in his voice.
“Edward asked te to call me? Do te know why?” I had to ask, just to ease some of the guilt that Jacob was being used as a puppet.
“Yep,” I could hear his smile through the phone line, it didn’t help that he was still cheery. “He detto that te heard him, when he was trying to get information out of the fragola blonde leech, and te jumped to the wrong conclusion. That true?” I could hear the doubt in his voice, but I don’t think it was directed at me.
“More o less, but I didn’t know that he was trying to get information out of her, I didn’t give him the chance to explain. Didn’t sound much like an interrogation to me though. Sounded più like flirting to me.” I could hear the sadness seeping through my words.
I heard Jacob do the approximation of a human growl into the receiver.
“Stupid bloodsucker. Want me to teach him a lesson?” anyone could hear the hope in his voice.
I frowned. “No, te guys have a job to do. I don’t want te down one.”
I heard him snicker. “So, how was your da--?”
My cell phone rang loud and shrill. I checked the number and saw that it was Nate.
“Hold on a sec Jake.” I detto with fresh enthusiasm in my voice.
“Sure sure.”
I put the land line on the bed, and answered my cell.
“Hello?” I asked hesitantly.
“About time te answered your phone woman!” it was great to hear Nate’s voice. I hadn’t heard it in so long, and I need a big brother figure right now.
“Sorry Dad…what has your phone only just started working again?” I asked teasingly.
“Sorry Mom…hey what te doing right now?” his voice sounded enthusiastic and happy.
“Nothin— oh my god! Hold on a sec Nate!”
I put the cell down on the letto and picked up the land line again.
“Hey Jake? Can I call te back in the morning?” I could do that easily with him, with Nate I’m never sure.
“Uh, okay…who’s that on your cell?” suspicion layered every word that came out of his mouth.
“My cousin Nate, I haven’t talked to him in months.”
“Oh…” surprise replaced the suspicion instantly. Jacob knew Nate from when we were all little. “Okay then, I’ll talk to te tomorrow; tell Nate I say ‘hi’.”
“Okay, get some sleep Jake.”
The line disconnected. I picked up my cell.
“Sorry about that. I’m not doing anything why?”
Nate hesitated. “Well, could te come downstairs and let me in?” his voice was amused.
I jumped to my feet.
“Are te serious? You’re really here?” I couldn’t control my thrill.
“Yes, and I’ve been knocking for ages, I think Uncle Charlie’s asleep, I can hear CNN, and it’s kinda cold…”
I screamed and ran down the stairs.
“Bella? What’s wrong?” my scream had woken Charlie; he jumped to his feet as I ran past the lounge room to the door.
I wrenched it open and there he was. Nate looked exactly the same as I remembered. Medium length brown hair, green eyes, and extremely tall. I threw myself at him and we hugged each other fiercely.
“Nate?” Charlie’s stunned voice behind us separated us. “Is that te Nate?”
“Sure is Uncle Charlie!” his voice sounded rough yet slightly feminine. “Do te mind if I stay here a while?”
I looked at Charlie and nodded in quick fast bobs. Charlie smiled at us.
“Of course not, you’re always welcome son.” I screamed again and hugged Nate again.
“Well, I’m going to bed. Bella, can te set up a letto for Nate down here?”
Charlie was heading to the stairs and I grabbed Nate’s gigantic suitcase, but gave up when it wouldn’t come easily.
“Yeah, night dad!” I shouted as I grabbed fresh sheets from the laundry.
“Night Uncle Charlie!”
I walked into the lounge room and saw Nate sitting on the sofa. It was so great to see him.
I started making his bed, as quickly as I could.
“How long are te here for?” I asked as I worked.
“For a while actually. Me and some Friends opened a Tattoo parlor up in Port Angeles, so we’re looking for a place nearby.” I dropped the sheets and looked at him stunned.
“Your really moving here?” I could feel the smile spreading across my face.
“Yes, but don’t scream. Charlie won’t be cool with that after letting it slide 2 times.” He grinned at me.
I finished his letto and sat successivo to him on the couch. He out his arm around me and I snuggled in closer to him. All of a sudden there was a burning on the back of my head.
“Ow!” I muttered confused. I looked at Nate. “Did te just burn me?”
Nate looked confused. “With what? I don’t smoke Bella, and I know I’m hot but that’s just a figure of speech.” He winked at me. I giggled.
“I’ve really missed te Bell’s.” he detto smiling. “You’re like the little sister I never had.”
I grinned at him. “And you’re like the brother I never wanted.” I detto teasingly.
He ruffled my hair, and laughed.
We sat on the divano for ages catching up and ended up falling asleep right there and then.
That night, I dreamt happy dreams about my childhood and Nate, and nothing about monsters coming to get me in the night.
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twilight saga
Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
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