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*episode five*
*A checkup for…*
Alice’s P.O.V:
I was barfing all the time.
Every time I did it hurt so badly.
I couldn’t take it any longer.
I ran into Carlisle’s office without knocking.
*done thinking*
Alice: *walks in* Carlisle I need te to help m-*vomits all over carpet*
Carlisle: *runs over to her* Alice, are te all right?
Alice: *shakes head ‘no’*
Carlisle: Honey, sit down. Do te think you’re going to do it again, sweetie?
Alice: *nods*
Carlisle: *runs and comes back up in 5 seconds* Here’s a bucket.
Alice: Thanks. *a secondo later vomits*
Carlisle: Alice, did te bite Bella?...
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posted by TwilightCullens
I decided to do a story from a request from bamagirl5899.


"I can't believe it Jazzy, She is a lot like Bella" I detto as I saw the her when Edward came in. Renesme, the new edition to the Cullen family. I could'nt wait. Jasper looked like he would cry because of all the emotion in the room he felt.


"SHUT UP" snarled Edward.

Thankyou,I thought. I couldn't take anymore of this. I didn't see why Edward could feed her, he is the dad and he should get that proud moment. Edward smiled at...
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posted by kim4312
Chapter Two:Secrets
Jessi Was Sleeping & Has a Dream Of Victoria & James, Jessi Starts Screaming In Her Sleep, Jacob Ran Into The Room & Try To Wake Her, Jessi Wakes Up Holding Jacob Tightly, She Blushes When She Realize He Didn't Have a camicia On, She Lets Him Go & Blushes On How Handsome He Is, He Stares At Her Eyes "What Happend Jess?" Jacob Asks Her In Concren In His Voice, "I Just Have a Nightmare" Jessi Says With Fear In Her Voice, Jacob Stares At Her Eyes & She Stares At His "I Was Scared" Jacob Says "You Were?" Jessi Asks With a Shock In Her Voice "Yes, I Thought You...
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posted by mikaela_isabela
ciao guys,
I wanna thank te all so much for Leggere my articles, however I am recently undergoing some treatments at the hospital, as my grandfather is sick.

I am the only one in our family with the same blood type as him, so I am donating some of my blood to help him get better, so my newest chapter wont be up until I feel better, so in about 3 weeks.

Sorry about that. But I shall try to get one up as soon as i can.

However, if te have any suggestions for me and my stories, please don't hesitate to send me a message, with your idea's in them. I appreciate all of your in put and would be honoured to have some new material for the people who read the story.

posted by kladida_22
Ok guys this is my first time doing fan fiction well one of my preferito characters is Jacob from twilight series obviously duhh! And I really liked Leah’s character too and I thought they would have made a great couple and I really thought they were going to end up together so this is my ending for Leah who in BD didn’t not get a happy ending like everyone else in the book so I changed a couple of things up be patience with me I’m new at this and if there’s any consigli te want to give me post it in your commento and if te like the story I promised to keep going the first chapters are...
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posted by reneesme15
Here is the successivo part in Kate's story hope te like it. If te have any ideas for the story plz leave me a commento and i will try and add them in when possable. As always her thoughts are in italic. Enjoy.

I'm so nervous i'm meeting James' family for the first time, god i hope the like me. There's James, i didn't know what to wear so i went for the smart/casual look. So i'm wearing my white camicetta with jeans and a waistcoat,it'll do. Gosh i wish he would stop beeping the horn. I grabed my bag off my bed, took one last look in the mirror and ran down the stairs two at a time. I got to the door...
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posted by yazangi
While Bella is unconscience Jacob is still with the boys so he doesn't really know that bella passed out. Christy is a new girl in town, a nurse so when she sees Bella she helps her feel a little bit better. Jacob finally runs into Bella and asks Christy what was wrong with her. "Nothing serious she just hit her head, does she fall down a lot because she doesn't really feel shocked at all?!"
"huh, yeah she tripps over a lot," Jacob sighed awkwardly. [i]Jake, pull yourself together man, what's wrong with you? it must be the weather. Who is this girl anyway?[i] After that giorno on Bella and Christy...
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9. Supernatural POWERS

Twilight, the first novel as part of the Twilight series da Stephanie Meyer is excruciatingly addictive as it is ubiquitous – there’s always someone buried head deep into a Twilight book either on the train, bus, spiaggia o at the park.

Whilst the latest of the series Eclipse is now heading for our cinemas, lets go back to the first of the series Twilight to see where all the madness began. Sorry to all the Jacob Black fan out there!

(Warning: If te haven’t read Twilight there are numerous plot giveaways in this blog)

From: link
posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Come check out all my stories! My new and old ones!!! Thnks for Leggere :) like and comment!!!
It's Complicated Chapter Sixty One
I say in the living room with Ella and Troy. They still haven't left yet.
"We are having a family cena tonight; will te come," Ella asked.
I had no idea what to say. I knew Jacob would be there.
"I don't know," I detto shyly as Ella sighed angrily.
"Why don't te think about it and just text me if te come o not," Troy said.
He sounded so understanding. Why could my own step sister not sound like this. Maybe I heard him wrong.
"What," I asked again.
"Why don't te think...
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posted by haleycullen
Edward and Bella was just telling Edward she knows what he is and then he did this everything about me invites te in my face my vocie even my smell as if i need all that and the he suddleny grabs a albero root and pulls it balnced it in he's hand then throw it then as if te can out run me as if te could fight me off im the worlds most dangrous predator come with me where are we going <Bella to the sun away from the nube, nuvola bank this is why we dont mostra are self in the sun<Edward your buetieful <Bella buetieful this is the skin of a killer Bella <Edward

there are three things im absoulty postive about
first Edward is a vampire
secondo theres a part of him that i never knew how potent that part might be -the tasted for my blood
and third i was abouslty invoucbly in Amore with him
posted by haleycullen
when Bella first meets Edward he is trying his best to stay away from her and Jacob is trying to get closer to her when Edward and Bella goes out and Edward leaves her Jacob finds her in the forest and takes her home to charlie then in eclipse Jacob tells Bella he loves her and kisses her witched cause Bella to punch, punzone him and she breaks her hand then calls Edward to take her to Carlise and in breaking dawn Jacob came to viste Bella as a gift but it goes bad and Sam Seth Embery toke Jacob home an then when Bella has Reneesme Jacob tries to kill Reneesme but instead imprinted on her and in Breaking Dawn part 2 Bella's a vampire and finds out Jacob imprinted witch mad her mad and let me just say that it was just funny
posted by Berenice910
Bella is a very quiet girl who is hard to figure out.
Then she meets Edward . He could figure out
anyone exept Bella . But he knows he will Amore her
forever.But he is not the only one who loves her.
Wearwolf Taylor Lautner A.K.A Jacob likes her to.
But she ends up picking Edward.In Breaking Dawn
part 1 Bella merries Edward .While she is on her
honey moon with Edward she figures she is pregnet .Every secondo the baby grows inside she
is dieing . Then when she gave birth she died . Then in Breaking Dawn part 2 she becomes a
posted by Twilight_Malfoy
*Jacob's POV*
Climbing off my bike,I went to open the Cullens' front door,but Edward opened it just as I was about to push it open. He gave me nod and allowed me in.
"Daddy!!!" I smiled happily as Granite hopped into my arms. It's been a week since she was born,and she was already five years old. She's adapting faster than Ness had because she still had werewolf blood in her.
"Hey princess! Where's your mother?" She pointed to the living room where Ness was sitting with Bella and Blondie on the couch. Alice came in a few minuti later with a cup of-I have no clue.
"She's developing faster...
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posted by Twilight_Malfoy
~Renesmee's POV~
Tears began to stream down my face as I stared into my new daughter's brown eyes. She cooed and grasped my pointing finger.
"She's gorgeous." I heard Jake whisper into my ear. I laughed happily and kissed his temple. It was his child as well. Yes,I've broken the treaty,but I don't care.
"What's her name going to be?" Asked Aunt Rosalie,peering over my shoulder to get a good look at my child. I pondered for a moment.
"What about Granite Elle Black?" Suggested Jake quietly. I looked down at her face. She looked perfect for being a Granite. I nodded and handed her to his awaiting...
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posted by AJmostdope
After a few years of not writing, I decided to come back to it. I usually wrote fan fictions of twilight in different points of view da character (edward.) Going back and Leggere all of the countless hours of page after page I wrote, all I saw was grammar mistakes and incomplete sentences. Even though I was in 6th grade at the time, I think I could've done better. Which is apart of the reason I am coming back. Sort of a fresh start with my writing. Instead of Scrivere about Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. and werewolves, I'm going to write about the things an average american teenager hears, sees, does, and goes every...
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Greetings to our global Twihard family,

On the flight now from Madrid to Berlin, I wanted to check in one last time, as you're finally getting a look at what we've all been working on so intensely. It's hard to believe that after our Berlin premiere tonight, my TWILIGHT journey will finally come to a close. It's been almost three years since I first wrote to you. I'm very proud of what we've created together since then, and I hope that PART II fulfills your expectations for the grand finale to Stephenie's sprawling saga. Fingers crossed that you've also managed to stay at least mostly spoiler-free,...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett's POV.

Believe me it's never easy to accept to go out for a data with a whining girl like Bella when te know it'll cause te a WWE match...
I was strolling down the strada, via when I heard a few people talking about the family that shifted in the neighborhood. Generally te won't find much of chattering going on
at this point of the giorno but everyone just seemed to chant the name 'cullens' along with some other words like hawt, unnatural, beautiful and many other stupid stuff
that people used to describe Bella and Emmett (haha...that's me). I will have to look upon this family and get some...
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posted by karlygirl26
its been a long time since i postato this story but here te go :)

Chapter 3)

I sat on my letto with Jacob after everything calmed down and was talking with him. Its been a while since we have talked. i like it. "So, wanna hang out tomorrow? i could come over to your house and we could go to La Push o work on the Rabbit." i detto excitedly.

Jacob, who was no longer sticky from the soda, looked at me. "Hang tomorrow? With me?" He seemed a little confused. "i thought u would be hanging with Cullen boy like te alway do."

I sighed slightly. "Well, Edward detto that him and his family are leaving for a...
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The change...It did not happen fast,rearranged in a sudden whiplash,and now your this,strong and fast,be careful girl,cause it'll whiplash

Chorus:Your lips red as a rose,Your a stark beauty from your head to your toes,along with that pale face and chiseled nose,your definitely real,but te don't know what to feel (anymore) fighting in the night,your closed quarters,tight,yeah an immoral being alright,an immortal being alright

Your throat burns,your mind yearns,for a sedative te will never find,they're is no real cure,you never will really endure...everything that's happened to you!


(Dark night,Twilight) Get a grip girl (Dark night,Twilight) this is the real world (Dark night,Twilight,Dark night,Twilight) Oh!


An Immortal being,that's alright!
 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

My first reaction to Kristen Stewart's Affair with Rupert Sanders came as a total shock and a defiance that many Twilight fan had angered, and cried over... including me.

Then after days and weeks rolled by, I thought of the whole situation, and now it wasn't Kristen who I was angry with, but I was furious with Rupert Sanders, who is twice the age of Kristen, was Married with two children, and SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than to SEDUCE A "TAKEN" YOUNG LADY behind his own Wife's back!

But now, not only has the days past, but the weeks and months, and things that have transpired in the...
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