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Chapter 1

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Title:New Begginings Chapter 2
Themes: Love, marriage,
Coupling: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella.

Edward's POV

I continued to watch even after he had walked through the door.
I was compelled to. I couldn't pinpoint that face, but his marking on his should rang like a bell.

Who was he? Why does he live at Bella's home? Is he? Is he really? Is he really her new lover?

I knew I shouldn't assume, nor should I should dissappointed, I asked her to. Right?
I told her to, I told her directly, it was my pure intention.
I wanted her to sposta on and live...
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Edward's POV.

Post New Moon. Edward finally caves in to check up on Bella in forks after 3 years of being separated, only the find something opposite. [I haven't written in a while, so I apologise in advance]

Name: New Beginnings.
Author: KatiiCullen93
Rating: PG-13
Themes: Love, marriage, pregnancy, vampire,
Couplings: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella

Edwards POV

Three years almost seems like three days in this small town. Driving in, I instantly came to the realization that everything was the same as the time as I left. I'm not sure exactly what I expected but Forks was the same.

The sky was clouded overcast,...
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I couldn't say a word. What would I say? I stared down at the anxious face of Elisbeth. My whole world had paused for a moment. Although I hadn't known this child well, I felt so close to her. Maybe it's because I've been where she is - o maybe it's just a hybrid thing; But either way I didn't wan't anything to happen to Elisabeth.

I refused to watch the large, mahogany door that closed behind us. Rejected to acknowladge the awful truth that only moments ago, the few words I was told, Has now effected everything. I was scared for Elisabeth.

I looked down in Elisbeth's direction. She may be...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
This is the sequal to Sink o Swim, Which is postato here, This is written in Edward's Point of view, written a few years of the events occured in the first chapter. I hope te enjoy.

Title: Sink o Swim Sequal
Author: KatiiCullen94
Rating: PG-15
Themes: themes of depression, themes of suicide, dark themes, love
Coupling: Edward/Bella/Jacob

Time passes slowly when te live forever, forever with no horizen approaching.
And forever is a awfully long time when your life is a cloudless night fulfilled with nothing fun, exciting nor good.
I had that once, and she was pure. Pure as the sun and as river flows...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
[A New Story From the autore of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter Three: A House is Not a Home
    Jessika had packed everything she would need, miscellaneous wise anyways. She wouldn’t pack her clothes until a giorno o two before they left because what if she needed to wear something she packed away? Then she would have to dig through everything just to find it. Jessika zipped the last bag and put it da the other one da the door. So far she only had two bags. For her clothes she...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
[A New Story From the autore of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter Two: On Dry Land
Jessika lay in her letto and she was watching the season premiere of RINGER featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar when, just as it cut to commercial, a knock came to her door.
"Yes?" Jessika asked and her mom stepped into the room.
"Jess. Listen," She began and Jessika paused the TV with her DVR remote. "I know this is hard. But please, please, just go with this for us?"
Jessika sighed. She knew her mom looked out for her...
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HELLO EVERY ONE!! This articolo is about the 1st part of breaking dawn the movie, if te have NOT read the book then do not read any further.

They have diviso, spalato it into 2 parts the first part is when Edward and Bella get married and when she figures out that she became pregnant.

The secondo part is ALL about Jacob and how he feels when he figures out how Bella is prego with a cute devil child! (Or a bloodsucker/human) It is going to be the best movie in the whole world!!!

Well CHOW until successivo week on Monday

MOOSH!!!! <3
posted by xoxpoisonxox
This is the secondo book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager!

I suggest Leggere my first book (as the sun sets), so te can better understand this one (Daylight) This will take place just where we left off in the first novel!

This chapter is small aswell because of school schedual, but starting successivo sunday - I will have a chapter up every sunday, Long, full length chapters. Ill be on everyweekday at 10:30 am est aswell

Chapter 6:

I stood in the cool ancient room, along...
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posted by Robssesed
Bella cigno was a shy girl,
she came to live with her dad who is shy as well,
She joined forks high school with no Friends
But look how she turned out in the end,

A boyfriend whom she loves very much,
And her friend Mike who has a crush
She has entered the Supernatural world
and now has to unisciti the Cullen family as well.

Victoria is back and in a hunting mood,
Edward, Bella and Jacob camping in the woods,
Bella has agreed to marry Edward
and Jacob didn't realize he isn't very clever

Honeymoon in isle Esme is oh so great
until Bella falls pregnant
She has a little girl called Renesmee
And Jacob Black imprints on her and Bella isn't happy.
This is the secondo book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager!

I suggest Leggere my first book (as the sun sets), so te can better understand this one (Daylight) This will take place just where we left off in the first novel!

Please Enjoy, and thank-you! I hope te enjoy this book as much (if not more) as te did the last! Again any comments, questions, suggestions please leave a commento o message me! I will always respond to fanmail ASAP!

Chapter 5: Nothing To Miss.

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posted by Robssesed
Ok so I'm not too good at reviews but lets see what I got.

The start of Twilight is the Cullens hunting I think that is a gret start but what could have been another great one? Maybe one of Alices visions o Bellas nightmare? Then Bella digging a cactus I Amore it! I think it is something te woud do to have a little bit of home with te and phil calling I Amore te both but we have a plane to catch sutch a typicall guy! Thenn when Bella was with charlie and they were talking about her hair growing so funny! Then when Bella hit Jake with the truck and didn't give a damn that was also...
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posted by xmiaxlove
 Skyler Thomas
Skyler Thomas
I glared at my best friend and the guy i was madly in Amore with. He smiled mostrare off his sexy dimples. I looked into his blue eyes as he looked into my dark green eyes. I sighed "please for me dont go" i whined looking up at his tall muscular figure. He smiled down at me "Skyler stop whining i'll be back in three days tops" He detto baciare my forehead. "Emmett Please!" i begged him. He shook his head "shut up Skye" he detto getting annoyed with me. "fine Emmett, go out there!" i yelled getting mad at him now. Emmett Dale McCarty is my best friend and true love. We've known each other from...
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posted by flynnismine
I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror turning left and right, checking to see how it looked on me. I had to say it fitted me perfectly. The dress brought out all the right curves and went well with the makeup I had on. Not to mention it felt really comfortable.

I turned away from the mirror and walked toward the bathroom door and open it.

Alice come in and turned around to process her piece of art.

OMG, Bella, she gushed. Every boy in the room is going to have a hard time keeping their eyes off you.

I blushed deep red and she started to run a brush through my hair. she then putted pins...
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posted by saytwilight
Chapter 6:
Honey POV:
2 weeks and 5 days later.

I leave Italy in 1 week from today, I don’t know how I’m going to tell Alec. For any time I’m away from him, my cuore beats for him to come back to me.
“Alec, I need to tell te something.” I told him.
“Okay.” He replied a little confused and a little curiously.
“You might want to sit down.” I told him. We sat down facing each other, he took my hands in his.
“Alec, I’m leaving in 1 week to go back home. I was only meant to be here for a month, but I can’t live without you, but I need to go home.” I told him he looked upset,...
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Chapter 4:
Honey’s POV:
If Alec wants to play this game, I’ll just have to up my game. He thinks he can get me started, then turn me down, I don’t think so, tomorrow I need to go shopping, then lets see how long he lasts. I smiled at my plan. I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I woke up early. I was glad to wake up to see Alec wasn’t in my room. I brushed my teeth and hair, put a little make-up on and a short cream sundress, with cream sandals, bag, earrings and sunglasses. I looked in the mirror I looked hot. I made my letto before walking out the room.
“Servant.” I called. The...
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Alec and Honey
New Life.
Chapter 1:

I’m Honey Matthews. I’m 16 years old. I was going away for 4 weeks to Italy, Volterra. I have a deep desire to learn the history of the world. Volterra is full of history and meaning. There are many stories, festivals that the people of Volterra celebrate every year, never getting tired of the same celebration every year. People of Volterra like to stick to tradition, only a few minor changes are made, but everything else is the same.
I just flew out to Italy, it was a 3 ora flight from Londra Heathrow to Italy. I got a taxi from the airport to Volterra...
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Am i the only one who actually feels sorry for Jacob in the Twilight Series? I have asked so many people and they think Jacob is annoying as heck. I just feel very sorry for him. I mean he loves this girl who loves a Vampire, but i just want some opinions. He has been betrayed so much, i just want him to find someone better than the Cullens since they put him through so much crap, and now he's got più on him with Renesmee, with the imprinting. Is anyone with me? Who actually agrees with me that Jacob has been through so much drama with Bella that he should just go off with Nessie, because...
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posted by WildCherryWolf
Looking Nessie in the face at the airport was harder than a challenge I went through as a wolf.
"Promise te won't forget me?" My voice was kind of shallow and.... I couldn't describe it.
"Never." The defiance in her voice was comforting.
"Even though you'll be in France." France. Bloody miles away.
"Jake, don't do this to me. Rosalie did my make up, and I like it. And anyway, I'll only be away for a few weeks. It'll go very quick." if I continue building the house, then yes. Bt that s unlikely.
"I'll miss you."
"Me too."
I roped an arm round Nessie for a last hug. Then, with her eyes misted over, she left. I walked out to the Rabbit, and all the way I felt like she had taken half my cuore with her. Renesmee, come back, I silently wished as I started up the old Rabbit. I knew that, for 3 weeks, she would drip into my mind like a leaky faucet. Splash, splash, sploosh. Renesmee, Renesmee, Nessie.
posted by rickyamy1991
"Heavy In Your Arms" da Florence and the Machine

I was a heavy cuore to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown.

I was a heavy cuore to carry
My feet dragged across ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown

My Amore has concrete feet
My love's an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall

I'm so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms
I'm so heavy, heavy
Heavy in your arms

And is it worth the wait
All this killing time?
Are te strong enough to stand
Protecting both your cuore and mine?

Who is the betrayer?
Who's the killer in the crowd?
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posted by flynnismine
My phone was ringing as I parked my car into my parking spazio at home and got out. I answered it, as I walked up to my front door, grabbed my key from my school bag, unlocked the door, walked inside, up the stairs and into my room, locking the door.

Hey, Alice, I detto not very excited

Hi, Bella, she detto in her excited squeal. My birthday party is on tonight. You're coming aren't you

But, Alice, I groaned. te know that I don't have anything to wear.

Don't te even think about using that lame, old excuse on me. te are coming to this party if te like it all not, she all but growled at me

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