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posted by AnonymousXXX
Chapter 8

Just thought I would give te some of Ethan’s point of view.

It pained me to leave her but I had to. I try to see and be in her dream but she wasn’t dreaming. This confused me and frustrated me than my great aunt Alice. She had to play dress up with my imprint NOW. Alana was stone, cold on the letto unconscious. She was picking at my nerves and sending me over edge.
“Ethan te will survive. I know te don’t think so right now but te will because she needs you.” Edward was trying his best to keep me calm.
“How do te know? te can’t even read her mind. te also don’t...
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posted by NeeNee14
I didn't want to sposta to Forks , but my dad got a position at their hospital the head surgeon. We were moving onto a Indian Reservation called La Push. I used to come here all the time when I was little and spend time with my Aunt. I used to play with a couple of the kids there too. We pulled in front of a small house.
"Well this is our house Lanise." he detto to me.
"Really?" I detto trying to hide my dislike for it.
"Yes really" He detto after I got out the car
I grabbed my bags and and walked into the house. I walked up stairs and into my room. I decided to put up my things later.
"I'm going...
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posted by NeeNee14
Dear fanpop users,

What do te think if I wrote a story about a girl named Lanise (only name i can really think of) fell in Amore with Seth.(Seth imprinted on her)but Seth's Ex-Girlfriend is trying to get rid of her and torment her da befriending her and telling her lies about Seth and it forces her to ignore Seth but she becomes depresses(or something like that)....Would te read it????? I think it would be good what about you???All opinions are welcome.

~ Plz commento and tell me what te think ~
posted by a-jforever
Ok I'm feeling really stupid right about now. After posting Part 1 I remembered that Paul and Rachel (Jakes sister) are Imprinted. So I feel so stupid. Anyway thanks to CarlislesLover I had an idea to fix this. So here It goes:

“Hey you’ve reached Kim’s phone, sorry I can’t talk right now, and I’ll ring te back later.” For Christ’s sake, does everyone hate me today? I slammed the door of my mini, fuming. I slung my bag over the couch, sprawling across the floor. Damn it was so hot today; I closed my eyes to try to escape from the heat. I thought mum detto it was never hot here?...
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My skin absorbed the sunlight in the schools courtyard, it was warm. For once in Forks, Washington there was actually heat. I almost felt like I was back in Phoenix, sipping limonata on a long outdoor chase, with my mom, Renee and Paul, my step-father.

"Bella!" Jacob detto running over to my stone tavolo in the courtyard.

"Yeah, Jake?" I detto looking at him with a curious look. He was frantically shaking and he tried speaking but all that came out was gasps.

"Jacob, what's wrong?" I yelled, demanding him to talk.

"Bella, please, it was an accident!" Jacob whimpered.

"Jacob! What accident! Spit...
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posted by ILoveKingMickey
 RIley as a Human
RIley as a Human
I looked at the paper in front of me. My mind was drawing a huge blank - with a capital "B." I rubbed my eyes tiredly. What time was it? I ha rubato, stola a glance at the clock. Ugh... 3:47am? I threw my pencil down on my scrivania, reception in frustration. I could hear my colleague snoring so very loudly that I thought I might just smother his face with a pillow.
I sighed and looked out the window. How was I supposed to write a whole sociology term paper in less than two days? I guess that's what I get for putting it off this late. I looked at the clock again, and I was tempted to climb into letto and fall asleep like...
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Bella’s P.O.V:
I sat all alone in the empty cell. Edward and Alice had left with Carlisle a while fa and Charlie was still doing some paperwork. I was waiting for him to let me out. I asked him for a soda but he didn’t give in. He gave me back my cell-phone and let me text and talk and e-mail and all that-but I wasn’t aloud to leave. I was now texting mom and was trying to call Edward-but every time I called I got a new text from Renée. Charlie came over to the cell and opened the lock. “Come out, Bells.” I smiled, “Finally! Can I go back to Alice?” He sighed, “Yeah. I heard...
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Bella’s P.O.V:
“And I though we were gonna di-“ Carlisle walked in and the bells jingled as I was saying “die”. I looked over at him, “CARLISLE!” I screamed. Carlisle walked over to Charlie and asked him why Alice and Edward were in jail. “Why are my children in jail, Chief?” Charlie turned to Carlisle and smiled, “Sir, your children and my daughter are under custody due to the woman who was talking about them,” Charlie cleared his rough throat. “They are being released for the secrecy truth policy I did on them.” Carlisle smiled, “Great, can I take them?” Charlie...
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Sorry its SO short

I got out my car Monday and walked over to Maci.
"Hey Maci, who are te waiting on?" I asked her.
"No one just thinking about Seth." I heard her cuore accelerate and a smile broke across her face when she detto it.
"Someone's in looovvee."I detto and laughed.
"I know" she replied." Is Jake still in High School?" she asked me.
"No, he graduated last year." I detto to her. I wondered if Seth told her about Vamps and Wolfs yet.
We started towards our first class when someone grabbed me from behind. I turned to see who it was. It was Jake. I smiled and he wrapped me up in a Bear...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Chapter 15


(B) Edward, te never told me what happened! (B) She started grabbing my wrists. I quickly turned away, she could see i wanted to change the subject but I knew she wouldn’t give up. Before I could say anything. (B) I’ll just ask your parents! (B) She stated. (E) Bella, I will tell te but under no circumstances can te blame yourself… (E) (B) Okay? (B) (E) when te left, I couldn’t deal with the pain I had put te through, I couldn’t handle life, living, without you. I was empty. *tears begin to well up in both their eyes* So the night te left, after I had read the...
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Rosalie’s P.O.V:
I couldn’t believe they were making me come along with them to bail out the stupidest people in the world. Carlisle drove da Bella’s house, past the diner, and to the station. On the door their was a sign with please come back later. I sighed fakely and said, “Oh well, we’ll just have to go home.” Emmett looked over at me and rolled his eyes. Carlisle looked over at Esme, who was sitting in the front seat, “Es, should we call in?” Esme smiled, “Sure, darling, after all they are our children. And daughter-in-law.” “I couldn’t have detto it any better my...
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posted by karpach_13
 nessie's school outfit.
nessie's school outfit.
they looked at me like i was saying something that they didnt understand. i felt bad, but i didnt know why. maybe my father was right that me and jake will never be together. but maybe i would be better off being just friends. i still didnt understand what Amore really feels thats what hurts me. my parents felt Amore in high school too but still.
"you guys okay?" i asked them. i was worried, because they froze.
"you guys!!!" i shouted. and this time they unfroze.
"what?" they asked at the same time.
"so do te guys want to hang out?" i asked them.
"not with him" jake said.
"jake te chose be friends...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Here is Jacob's POV sorry I didn't post earlier my dad dragged me on a fishing trip. lol...but it was fun! :)

Chapter 16. (Jacob)

I can't believe Bella would be so stupid to do this. I heard her thoughts go away as she phased. She addressed the Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. da name. I heard her talking to them. "Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Elenazer nice to finally meet you." I heard her say. "I know te don't know me but I would have meet te sooner o later. I'm Bella." She held her hand out for them to shake it. I growled. She could get herself killed. I tuned out what they were talking but I knew everyone was listening...
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posted by basketballstar
This short story is told from Edward's point of view. It's based on Twilight, and maybe a bit of Midnight Sun. It's about Alice's obsession of wanting to talk with Bella. I guess it shows Alice's determination and Edward's stubborness. Please commento and tell me what te think!

Even before Bella, the strongest relationship I had in my family was with Alice. We had always been freaks among those who were already freaks, with my mind Leggere and her future seeing. We looked out for each other, we kept each other’s secrets, and we annoyed the hell out of one another.
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posted by KatiiCullen94
 Edward Friends with Bella
Edward friends with Bella
"Hey Bella, well , i hope te know i wouldn't ask you, unless your were the last resort cause i hate to be a pain, but do te mind driving me home? i just got a text from alice, she went home like an ora ago, her headache got worst."
Edward asked on our way out the front doors.
Everyone was rushing like a torado out the front door all at once, everyone was excited for the weekend. Which made me wonder, its not like they have something super exciting happening, nothing is really exciting here.
Edward's domanda startled me, but i diddnt have the strength to say no.
"Yeah sure, what about your...
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I pulled into the parking lot and everyone was staring at me again. My friend , Maci ran up to me.
"Hey Ness. I heard what happened at the party. Who was that Guy?" She asked me.
"That Guy was Jacob."I detto to her. I saw a grin stretch across her face.
"So that's Jacob.Oh My God he is soo hot."I laughed a little.I saw Jackson staring at me from across the lot. I walked up to him. He had a black eye and a broken nose. WOW, Jake fucked him up.
"Hey Jackson. I just wanted to apologize for the way Jacob reacted."I detto to him
'It's okay Nessie.I was recitazione like a jerk anyway. Are we still friends?"He...
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Hi guys! I'm back and I'm so happy I've finished this chapter :] I'm excited (as usual) that te all loved the last update. This story is beginning to avvolgere up, but I've decided to take a shot at Scrivere a book (it's a Amore story/drama thingy. Not meant to be a rip-off of Twilight, but it does have vamps & licantropi in it, as well as other species). So, hopefully sometime da the end of this year, you'll be able to buy it and read it :D Thankies SO much for all the support! te guys are nothing short of the ABSOLUTE BEST! ;) Enjoy!
Death by...
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posted by daja625
I'm so sorry it took me so long I had a little trouble with my thoughts. Please commento and tell me what te think. Enjoy

Chapter 4
“You will have to più to love” I detto looking down and robbing my stomach. He was confused at first then he realized what I meat and detto “your pregnant” whispered with a soft baciare and I nodded. Then Rosalie stepped out with a horrid facial scadenza “but how”? She asked then I unwound my fingers from Edward and smiled. “Be cause I’m half human for the time being like Jasper wanes was” I detto they all looked at Jasper. Jasper was mad know “Bella”...
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posted by LexisFaith
I rolled over and gabbed Edward's cell phone off the table. I needed to call Charlie before he started a cerca party.
I touched the screen and it lit up. He had a text message from Alice.
-Edward! We won't be home untill midnight tonight. Keep her safe. te don't want to lose your soulmate. ;) I Amore you!

I felt my brows furrow and I dialed Charlie's number.
"Hey. Dad." I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.
"Hey, Bells. Everything okay?" I could hear his incrociatore running in the background.
"Yea, Dad. Everything's great. I'm at Alice's. te might want to call Sue and tell her to...
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posted by xroylex
He did as I asked and sat on the opposite divano from me.
“Do te remember what I told you?” I asked his eyes were so red it stunned me.
“Yes te told me what I was that true? Am I a vampire?” he asked leaning closer.
“Yes” I put my head down ashamed of what I’ve done.
“Cool” he seemed to be pleased.
“Pardon?” I wasn’t sure if I had heard correct and had to check.
“Cool I mean I looked in the mirror and now I’m beautiful I can unisciti the army and not be destroyed is I got blown up. I can live forever” I sighed he sounded so happy it would be a shame to break his excitement....
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