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te have been in so much pain with the burning going through your body. te feel like screaming and pouring water on your body to put out the fire. The thing that is keeping te sane is the pictures of your family. te only see them and that is what te think is pulling te through. te see all of their smiling face. But, now they are starting to disappear. No they can't disappear. All that te see now is darkness pure black darkness. te are so confused. te are trying cerca for the immagini but, all te see is nothing. te still feel the fuoco burning in you.
Emmett POV:
It has been 2 1/2 days...
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Alice’s P.O.V:
I looked at my foto album sitting beside Bella-it had all our memories: Bella and Edward at prom, Bella and I at graduation, Edward holding Bella, Us playing baseball, Bella, me, and Rosalie playing all sorts of games, Bella and Rosalie doing their nails, Bella dancing, Me and Jazz, Rosalie and Em…all of them. The good times, the bad times. Bella let a tear slip from her big, brown eyes. Edward picked her up, and rocked her slowly. “We’re all gonna go to…j-j-jail…” she cried into Edward’s chest. I patted her back, “Bella…we are not going to jail forever. We...
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te had a knock at your bedroom door. te got up and answered it.
You: ciao mama.
Esme: Time for bed.
You: Thank you.
You laid down and she came over to your letto and kissed your forehead.
Esme: Good night sweetheart.
You: Night mom I Amore you.
Esme: Amore te too.
She turned the CD on low and turned out the lights. te thouht about your giorno while listening to the music. te were about asleep when someone came into your room. te felt the teddy orso in your arm and knew it was Emmett. te smiled and said.
You: Night Teddy Bear.
Em: Night
You fell asleep.
The Dream.
You were back in the forest and te looked...
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In the never-ending "Twilight" battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob, we have the results: The vampire -- and the man who plays him -- claims the buzz. Sure, there's been a lot of tough talk about the lupo boy -- aka Jacob Black, aka Taylor Lautner -- wooing affections away from his glittering rival. But, as a brooding Bella knows, it takes a lot to shake one's loyalty to Edward Cullen -- aka Robert Pattinson.

Not that there hasn't been a time when many have strayed: Jacob Black (and Lautner himself) wrangled più searches on Yahoo! than Edward Cullen (and Pattinson) for about three weeks...
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te guys got home and Emmett carried te in. te heard gasped and Esme asking.
Esme: What happened?
You: It is okay mom. It is just a sprained. Emmett will te please put me down so that I can walk.
Em: Oh yeah.
You laughed and he put te down.
Alice: How about te sit and I will get te some fruit.
You: I can get it. I have to be able to use it. It is not broken.
You detto walking into the kitchen. te got the frutta out of the fridge. te got te a bowl and made yourself a small frutta salad. te walked back into the living room and sat down with Emmett and Alice to watch the baseball game. The Cubs...
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 She's EXACTLY how I imagined Alena. (:
She's EXACTLY how I imagined Alena. (:

“Wait, Lena’s coming back?” Seth Clearwater asked his sister, Leah. She rolled her eyes .
    “Yes, Seth, Alena is coming back from Canada. Today.”
    “Oh my God, your kidding!” He screamed. Alena Christiani was Seth’s best friend since diapers, before she moved to Canada a anno ago, just around when Seth changed. She was the most beautiful girl Seth had ever seen. She was pale, but not too pale, like Bella Swan. She had Cioccolato brown hair that was long and wavy. Her Cioccolato brown eyes were deep and beautiful. Seth...
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edwards pov.

what was happerning? no matter how hard alice looked she couldnt see anything nothing of out daughter. i and bella were starting to get worried. in a matter of time she has gone from sight and from hearing range. i couldnt bare it.

bellas pov.

this really was something i couldnt handle. edward leaving me was the hardest time in my human life. now losing my daughter seams like the hardest in this life. the gapping hole is back and ontil i got my daughter back it was going to remain there. who lmows how long.

alices pov.

nessie was gone and i felt as uslass as i did when she was...
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Bella’s P.O.V:
“What?” she asked Alice confused. “We’re…you; I and Edward are going to jail.” “What the hell, Alice?” I screamed. I wasn’t going to jail. Charlie would absolutely kill me. Kill me. I ran over to the phone and called Edward on his cell phone. “Whoa, whoa, Bella…you’ll disturb him and he’ll fr-e...” Edward had already picked it up, “Bella? Alice? Rosalie?” he asked. “Bella.” I answered. “Oh, hello my love.” I giggled, happily, “Yeah, umm are te almost done?” He appeared to be thinking, “Yes, love-let me finish up this elk and I will...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    I walked on into the kitchen, and all of their heads snapped towards me. Great. "Don't mind me," This southern thing was sticking well. "I'm just an exterminator. One of te called me, I'm just trying to find the fonte of the bug problem." I smiled and tipped my hat.
    They went back to there conversation as I drew quickly and un-noticedly on my note-pad. They didn't even ask me what I was doing, so I just kept moving on until...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    "I am drawing the rooms down, and Scrivere in the entrance places the bugs possibly enter in," My southern draw made a good additional piece, if I do say so myself.
    "Oh. I never understood exterminators. Just, carry along." He patted my back, and I went along to the successivo room on this level of the castle.
    Whew! I thought. That was a close one!
    I carried on to a room that...
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 The staircase Cydnee goes up
The staircase Cydnee goes up
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    The successivo room I went to was bigger then the last, and I drew quickly, drawing in as much detail as I could make out with the torch light above me while still hiding in the shadows of the room I was in. I drew quickly, and made sure I got everything into the note-pad before leaving. I did. I left. That's when I bumped into a hulky guard.
    Once I...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    I put on my disguise and got out of the van, walking up to the two guards with a clip-board in my hand, and a pen in the other.
    "You there, stop!" One of the guards said.
    "I'm sorry to stun te guys," I detto in my best southern accent. "I just got a phone call a while back and heard ya'll got some bugs in there."
    "We do?"...
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posted by CarlislesLover
I'm soooo sorry I haven't postato in ages. It's a long story why but here's part 11.

I stood up and kissed Jacob with all the energy I had. He pulled me in gripping to me tightly. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t want to let go. Jacob started to pull me off of him, but I pulled closer. He was stronger than me so he managed to pull me of. I got really moody and stared at him evilly. “Bella honey I Amore te but you’re pregnant and we can’t baciare for so long when you’re pregnant”

“Stuff pregnancy”

“Bella I want our kid to survive as well as you. Do te have any idea how much I’m...
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posted by a-jforever
Here's part Ten. Please comment

“Bella come on.” Alice called shaking my shoulder. I jumped feeling disorientated. The bus had stopped and everyone was stood outside waiting for me. I blushed a bright scarlet.

“Bella come on we don’t have time.” Rosalie hissed venom strong in her voice. I flinched, almost tripping out the door.
Emmett screeched around the corner in a massive, black ten seater. Hey! I didn’t know te could get ten seaters. Alice all but shoved my threw the door, forcing me into the front, with her and Emmett.

“STEP ON IT EMMETT!” Rosalie screeched. I blinked furiously...
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"renesme ? nessie sweety ?" a deep voice woke me. he flet some shaking me.
my head hurt. what had happened to me? i tried to look back on what had just happened but my mind was blank.
"wh what happened to me?" i asked the man sttod over me i didnt know him but all i knew was that he was the one calling me so i must know him.
"your in italy darling te were just atacked da two very strong vampires. do te not remember?" i shook me head.
"do te remember me?" he asked
i shook my head again.
"oh my te must of Lost your memorie" oh i thought he was about to say mind.
"im sorry but who are te and...
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I'm so so happy te all are enjoying this story! Your comments, like always, are so sweet and loving. Thanks for Leggere and for all your generous support. Amore te all!! Enjoy!! :]
Lethal Independence
It was 10pm before Chloe drifted off to sleep in Summer’s arms. Athe and Chloe fussed over Summer every secondo once they found out she was injured. Summer was able to easily heal her bruise, but she didn’t understand why she was still being coddled like a feeble infant. As soon as Summer laid Chloe in her culla, presepe and assured Athe that she was fine,...
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posted by Tatti
Here's new chapter from Jasper POV, I hope you'll like it. Thanks to all of te who reads and commenti it, I really appreciate that.

6th chapter Learning


"Now try from the left side" I advised Jalley and she knocked me down. I could block her punch, punzone very easily but I didn't - my little girl worked so hard today and she deserved it. I was surprised how quickly she learned every technique I showed to her, too bad, she needed più strength so it would be effective. "Enough for today?"
"Yap! I'm hungry" she ran into my arms. I lifted her cheerfully and we went to the kitchen. Usually Alice...
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 Made this...hope te like...:)
Made this...hope you like...:)
Bella’s P.O.V:
Edward towed me up to his bedroom and lay me on the bed, “I missed you.” He said. “I missed you, too.” He smiled. “Can I make up for that, love?” I nodded, “Yes. What were te thinking?” “This.” He tore my camicia off and kissed me fiercely. “I Amore you.” He said. “Mmmhmm.” He kissed me more.
About nine hours later, when I fell asleep. I felt him stroking my hair and baciare me gently. I must’ve smiled in my sleep because I heard Edward chuckle.
In the morning I realized Edward had dressed me in his clothes and his underwear. The only thing of mine...
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posted by CoolMandyz43
Hi everyone just had to write this because I am so hyped from just seeing Eclipse. I work at a movie thearter in Michigan and got to go see it with 2 family members. Let me say I was scared when I heard about David Slade directing it at first. Now this man is a twilight god! He took this movie and really stayed as true as he could! I thought Chris did alright with NM but David killed IT! From one Twi-hard to another, there are not many things to worry about. There are no huge scense taken out that needed to be in there. Only things really are no Bella getting stuck at with Alice and having...
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I opened the window, and slid my self through quietly. My room was dark, and the only thing I could see was my clock. It detto 5:34 a.m. I had managed to make it back before 6:00, when my family was getting back.

I walked over to my bedside table, and turned on my lamp. I jumped back when I saw Aunt Rose sitting on my bed.

"What are te doing here?" I stepped back and set my bag on the tavolo beside me.

"I knew that something was up, so I came back. And when te weren't home, I waited for you." She remained on my letto with her hands in her lap.

I looked down, and rubbed my hand on my head.

"I had...
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