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posted by a-jforever
No...No he has to be joking right.
“Victoria got away?” I whimpered. She would be back for me and there would be no delay on killing me this time. It would be so quick that Alice and Jacob wouldn’t be able to save me.

“Bella, are te ok?” Alice asked entering the kitchen.

Jacob stiffened. And Alice scrunched up her nose.

“WHAT IS THAT AWFUL SMELL?” she complained.

“It’s me, Leech. And I have to say, te don’t smell that good either.”

“Guys please.” I begged. I couldn’t be dealing with this right now.

“I guess we don’t smell that appealing to each other then.” Alice...
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OK Bella finds Renesmee and Victoria kidnaps Bella.Bella is pregnant.Victoria and Bella become Friends and she help Bella give birth.Bella almost dies and she bites her.So Bella's a vampire

All of the Cullen's are telling Edward to sposta on and marry Tanya.So there getting married.Renesmee doesn't like it and she knows that Bella `s alive well a vampire buy know one will believe her only Alice.Tanya doesn't do anything with Renesmee.Its giorno before wedding when Bella knocks at the door.
Bella had a baby boy called Edward Jacob Cullen.

So tell me what te think,should I keep it like the way it was.Or should I keep going,because I think they cant just live happily ever after just yet.
posted by Jessie-Louise
Dear Diary,

Something bad happened last night,I think i might be pregnant with Jacobs child.
I have to tell my parents.Maybe i will tell them tomorrow.. Yes tomorrow.
And i will just say that it wasn't meant to happen but i would like to keep my child.
I mean what bad can actually go on ,well my dad will shout thats for sure but he will soon get over it
... (gulp) I Hope.

Love Renesmee...x

It was the successivo giorno and i decided to tell my parents.

"Mom,Dad i need to tell te something"
"Ohh honey we need to tell te something too"
"Im Pregnant"me and mom detto at the same time.
"WHAT!" i think its abit weird...
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posted by Rose22882
I wasn't scared of them but my parents dead faces kept popping in my head. Edward looked at me sadly and stepped back.

"Think about it Bella would te really want to die" Alice asked me carefully. Truth was I was asked that quetion every mese since my parents died and I knew the answer.

" No I wouldn't but I'm not afraid to die even at my own hands ." I detto knowing that I didn't want to die until the men that murderd my parents were dead. Edward breathed a sigh of relief and I wanted to yell at him. He shouldn't care about me no one does they just want me dead.

" Why were te trying to sneak...
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posted by Tatti
So, I decided to continue Scrivere about Alice but this time I added Jasper's point of view. Hope te liked, if te have any thoughts about it leave a comment.

September of 1945


So the war has been over... Too bad for me and others of my kind. It'll be harder to explain people deaths. I stopped for moment and watched clouds passing me by. What am I going to do in my life? The north would be heaven to me if I don't feel that strangling pain radiating from my victims. I can feel their fear, anger and desperation wherever I am going, it follows me to every city, every state, every country or...
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 Bella tells Edward Alice is babysitting him;While Bella get ready for his suprise!
Bella tells Edward Alice is babysitting him;While Bella get ready for his suprise!
Alice’s P.O.V:
It felt great that me and Bella made up a little. But as Bella says, ‘We still have to deal with the bitch.’
When Chief cigno picked us up we crowded into the back of the cruiser, “Thanks dad.” “You girls are welcome.” I was nervous to be seen with Bella and have to fakely argue with her but so far we were doing okay. I guess.
When we got to Bella’s house Bella dragged me into her bedroom. When we got into her room we saw Edward. He was sprawled across her letto engaged in a book. When Bella walked in he shot up, and looked over at me. “Alice,” he started. “Edward…”...
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posted by decullen
I could see a bright light.I opened my my eyes.Everyone was there.When I say everyone I mean Then Cullen's all the wolfs and Charlie.What was happened.My head was killing me.I was looking around but I couldn't see her. Where's my baby.

"Where's my baby?"I asked them all."Where am I?"

"Bella,when te got hit my Victoria,she took her.Your in the hospital.You`ve been unconscious for two days."Edward said.I gasped.She has my baby.Tears were rolling down my face.Everyone was staring at be.

"Why her?Why not me?I want my baby?I want my baby sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza in my arms not in that horrible little fats arms"I screamed.Edward...
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posted by daja625
Rosalie and Emmett in one car, Alice and Jasper In the other, and me and Edward in mine. They all fallowed me to my house. I told them to park in the back and to be quiet.
“Why are we quiet” Jasper asked. Edward spoke before I did “she doesn’t want her mom to know” Edward giggled. “Shut up” I detto then we jumped to my balcony.
When we got to my room they sat and watched TV why’ll I slept? After an ora I woke up at the sound of my mother’s voice. They all just looked at me when they herd my mom’s voice “shh” I told them. Edward started giggled “shh” I detto again....
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posted by DarkStranger
Can vampire's black out? I assumed that no, so why I don't see anything? I can't sposta my head, my body. I can't breath too, What's happening to me?

"What te done to him?" someone asked, I tried to reed her mind, but it only caused pain.

"Oh don't worry, everything will be okay" I heard the same red-eyed woman voice. "He will live with me, from now" she laughed. No I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I was trapped in my own body, what she done to me?

" If he has family?" I recognize man voice. Yes I wanted to scream at them I have a family, I have daughter, wife, brothers and sisters Red-eyed...
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posted by kiwi12

I followed Carlisle into the living room. Rosalie sat in a rather secluded chair. I knew she didn't trust us. Carlisle and Esme headed toward a couch, so I walked with Jasper to a loveseat across from them. Esme smiled when she saw Jasper wait until the ladies were seated before sitting successivo to me. I took Jasper's hand and looked at Carlisle. "Well.. I umm... well I saw te and your family I can see the future and I don't want to kill people and neither does Jasper (Jasper and I are mates) so we came here and we're all going to be great Friends so can Jasper and I please stay?" I offered...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Hi guys. I'm sorry I keprt te waiting for part 9.
This part is 4 years on from the last part.
Hope te like it

I was in the woods alone. Edward was at work and Renesmee was at school. I was meant to be at work as well. But weird things had been happening lately. My closest possessions disappeared one da one. But of course my closest possessions ever hadn’t disappeared yet. Edward and Renesmee. I had to find were these items were going because if Renesmee and Edward disappeared I would have to be able to find them. Pain lashed through me as I thought of them disappearing. Who was taking...
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posted by Jessie-Louise
Okay it was the successivo giorno and I had invited Jacob round for dinner,he actually got along with my parents strangely enough i didnt know why.
Atleast it was better than lots of arguments,we all sat down at the cena tavolo Mom and Dad didnt eat though,Jacob and I had spaghetti Bolognaise.It was very tasty,ive never tried it before.
After cena we went into the living room where we all sat and played a bored game togeather and watched abit of telly.
About an ora and a half later Jacob had to get home so me and mom dropped him off,
"Thankyou for coming Jacob it was a pleasure"my mom said.
"It was no...
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posted by xroylex
nessies pov

aha!!! finaly i have what i need not to slutty but also ver sexy tehe it was my very cute red dress it was short no sleves and plus it had a black cintura that made my body look awsome haha ex thought it would even vetter off... i am not going to think about that right now i am going to think about me and maybe soon to be me and jacob
i pulled my hair up into a sleek ponny tail dark but not to dark make up and my black heals that were really high but i loved them and pluss i was old enought (and dad wasnt here) haha
i walked down the stairs too see jacob charlie and billy sat on the divano
oh - god
"hello nessie"
"hey billy thanx jake and erm charlie are te ok?" he was staring at me
"you te just look beautiful tonight ness that all " he looked down
"thank you" i smiled at him "you ready to go?" i asked jacob
"of corse and te look stunning" i blushed

tonight should be good
posted by WritenOnTheSand
We pull up to the house just secondi after my Dad. I leap out of the car and dash towards the front door.

Quickly, I run inside and to the garage.

"Jake!" I try to catch his attention before Dad gets to him. But I know I am too late because I can already hear my Dad talking.

"What's up with you, Edward?" I hear Jake ask from the other room.

"How could te do this to my daughter?" His demands are loud and angry. I can almost hear the frown on his lips.

"What are te talking about?" Jake naturally seems a little joyed da driving him nuts. Even though they have this so called friend ship. Well...
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posted by rubytuesday101
We got to the hospital and jake carried me in.Dad went up to the desk.
"Renesmee Black for Carlisle Cullen"he detto the lady nodded.
We went down the hall and into a room they layed me down on the bed.Mum held one of my hands and jake jeld the other.
"It's okay everything is going to be okay"jake detto to me.
"Mum these cotractions hurt so much why didnt te tell me about them!"i detto to her.
"I'm sorry honey i didnt have contractions te sort of just came i wouldnt did have contractions they were Lost in the pain i had"she said.
"Your saying...
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posted by a-jforever
Her teeth were gleaming like pearls, skin as white as ever. “Victoria?” My voice sounded strangled. She laughed very wildly. “Inside o outside Bella? The choice is yours.” Oh Edward, why did te leave me with her? I thought to myself. Her eyes narrowed into slits. “In...Inside please?” I stuttered. “Would te like to invite me in?” Victoria asked, eyes gleaming. I moved out the way, cuore pounding away in my chest and farfalle in my stomach. She laughed brushing past me. “Hmm...Nice house.” She complimented. Why on earth was she being nice to me? “Now Bella, I think...
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posted by DarkStranger
week ago

Carlise asked me to oversee the Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. in NY. They were coming closer Forks. They pose a threat to all, especially to us. We were afraid of volturi.

It was difficult to stand out with the family, even a week. Bella.. I imagined her sitting successivo to me. I imagined her smiling and laughing. It may sound crazy, but I missed her so much, though only an ora has passed when I saw her. Her brown hair. I missed her brown eyes when she was human. I missed her blush and cuore beat. But all these things have nothing against my presence with her. I increased speed. Finally I saw NY. It was...
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posted by rubytuesday101
A couple of hours after dad left grandma came.We all started working on the nursery.
"Renesmee we forgot to get the other changing table,dont worrie me and jake will go and get one"mum said.
"Okay then cya"i detto as they left.
It was just me and grandma in the nursery.
"Renesmee how has your mum been?"she asked.
"Just like dad has been,but te can see when they see each other they are relived they cant be apart o they will go crazy"i detto then took a deep breath.
"Yes they Amore each other so much i think it's just a matter of time before they have to be together again.It's like keeping romeo and...
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 While Rose ditched the girls...
While Rose ditched the girls...
Rosalie’s P.O.V:
Riding in silence I heard Bella open her cell phone in the back and type in numbers. “Who are te calling?” I asked looking at the back mostrare mirror. “You don’t need to know.” She snapped back like a rubber band. I snorted, “You know you’re an ungrateful snobby bitch.” She gaped at me, “Oh yeah, well at least I don’t have to stuff toilet paper down my shirt. I have real ones.” I screamed madly, “Oh please, if te had real ones te would have had sex with Edward already.” “At least I have a shot at having a kid, ass.” That’s where I got mad...
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posted by decullen
"What is happing."I asked.Is victoria back?Has Alice seen Victoria?Lots of thourghts were going my head.I started to have a panic attack.

"Charlie`s coming home."He said.Alice walked out.Edward was still on superiore, in alto of me and started baciare me.I cant doing this.I'm so angry with him.But I want him.

"What Im I doing I cant do this.Go please."I detto to him.He looked at me and nodded.He went over to Renesmee and kissed her little head.He didnt conplane o anything he just walked out.When I heard the front door shut,I looked at Renesmee she was fast a sleep in her cot.I got her a blanket then rappet...
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