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It was a car.A fast sports car.And unfortanately,it was mine.A gift from my fiance (and vampire) Edward Cullen.It was something he insisted on getting me.I turned my head and saw Mrs.Weber with her face pushed up against the glass of her shop.How embarrasing.I shook my head and the light turned green.I hit the gas pedal with so much force I lurched inoltrare, avanti and got a few fingers and dissaproving looks.If there were any doubt about who'd been driving this car before,it was gone along with my truck.I checked the gas meter and it was almost at zero.I wouldnt've come into town if my gas tank wasn't...
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posted by Ashley-Alice
Ok so i really have nothing to do lately cuz school keeps getting cancelled and really i just don't have a social life at all right now sooo um yeah i wrote this in 15 mins its kinda funny i guess. its supposed to be a chat room with diff Twilight characters chatting

oh and jsyk;

more charactes will be comin l8r


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Emluvzgrizzly: ciao

Eddiekins: Hey.

Emluvzgrizzly: hahaha nicccce

Eddiekins: What?

Emluvzgrizzly: ur username...

Eddiekins: Oh like your's is...
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 Sequel to Breaking Dawn: Russet Noon
Sequel to Breaking Dawn: Russet Noon
Russet Noon is an unofficial sequel to Breaking Dawn written da fanfic autore Lady Sybilla. Told from Jacob Black's perspective, the story features a Amore triangolo between Bella, Nessie and Jacob.

It is Nessie's fifth birthday, and the Cullens are coming to La Push to celebrate with their now allies, the Quileutes.

At the party, something awful happens to Alice, and Nessie vanishes without a trace. Then a hellhound attacks Edward, draining him of all his blood.

After watching the hellhound transform into a mysterious vampire girl, Jacob realizes that all the tragedies befalling them have a common...
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Okay so this chapter is my favourite and I think te are going to enjoy (crossed fingers) it! Okay so just remeber to leave your feedback-it's always great to see it.

Alice wouldn’t let me go until she and Rosalie had dato me a complete makeover; I didn’t complain though, it was nice to have girl time. Jacob gave me a dazzling smile as I walked back into the living room a full ora later, he and Emmet and jasper had probably been chatting about some new turbo engine.
“Wow te look... amazing,” Jacob breathed as I walked into his open arms while Emmet wolf...
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posted by kiwi12
part 12

I found myself trying to collect my thoughts and summarize the danger I was in as well as my assets. The biggest asset seemed to be the fact that when I was around Edward I could catch small bits of people's thoughts. It wasn't easy and I found myself admiring him for dealing with it full force constantly. He could read da mind with no problem unless his mate Bella was near, which was often. Edward couldn't read Bella's mind so I got a small bit of that power. Both powers had their benefits. Bella handled my ever increasing lista of abnormalities the best. Renesmee also handled it well....
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da Twilight_News | 8 February 2010

Rob talks to the Daily Record about everything from his Bel Ami shoot ( when te read the articolo te just know that the Uma Thurman quote is destined to be requoted and rehashed out-of-context for the successivo year), to his loss of privacy, to Breaking Dawn.

“He is also set to stella, star in the final Twlight film based on the libri Breaking Dawn, which may be broken into two films, due to the number of books.

He admits to mixed emotions about the end of the saga.

He said: “”It will be strange but it will be great just to be able to know what I’m doing. Not knowing when Breaking Dawn is going to shoot – because it changes all the time – is a kind of burden, to have this thing where te don’t know when it’s going to happen.

“So you’ve got to organise everything in your life around that and that can be difficult.”
posted by kiwi12
part 10

"Ok sorry about that" Jacob detto to me "Can te phase back?" I found I could. I heard Jasper mutter "I wonder..." then he spoke louder with purpose "You phase when you're angry right?" Jacob nodded "She doesn't. I think she phases when one of te are upset. She does have to be relaxed to phase back but so do all the licantropi in the room." They all found this interesting.

"Did phasing hurt this time?" Embry asked me "Not as much" I lied "Is Quil alright?" I asked hesitantly. I didn't want to sound heartless nor did I want to be nosy. They hesitated too "Yeah... a friend of his fell...
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posted by kiwi12
part 9

I heard the mind reader's voice "Can one of te mostra her how to phase back?" and the boy who seemed to be in charge asked warily "She isn't one of those children of the moon is she?" I didn't know and the only sounds I could make were growls, snarls and whines. The she-vampire who had kidnapped me answered "The moon isn't out yet dog." Suddenly the human girl took charge "First of all I want everyone to stop staring at her. Is she hostile leech?" she asked the mind reader "I don't think so." he replied. "He doesn't think so. Great." She muttered to herself.

The girl, so aggressive before,...
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posted by twilight-7
Kayla’s POV

I sat, my legs pulled up in front of my chest with my arms wrapped around them, successivo to Edward waiting for him to wake up. I still had the bloody dagger in my hand, a sign of my deed. I felt numb inside. I still couldn’t come to terms with what I had done. Mitchell was still lying on the floor successivo to Jacob. Not too close to him, Jacob wasn’t covered in Mitchell’s blood like I was. I felt a nudge from my baby. I killed Mitchell so the baby would live. Was that bad of me? I just wanted to protect my baby. I would be committing murder anyway if I let Mitchell kill me.
I heard...
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Okay shapter 10 is finally ready and chapter 11 is well on its way (I think te will like chapter 11!) so keep looking for it!

Everyone was on guard; I was still recovering from Nahul’s... I couldn’t think about it brought back the unpleasant memories.
I had been right about what Jacob and dad had been doing, Nahul was dead. There was however one consisting problem, the newborns. The strangest thing was that everyone went on as normal except that they whipped around at the slightest sound that could mean an intruder. It was funny, everyone was on guard but they all acted...
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posted by kiwi12
I know they've been pretty short if that bugs te leave a commento letting me know and I'll combine a few parts to make them longer. Also if te don't think I'm being true to the characters let me know and I'll try harder. Pretty much anything that isn't right I'd Amore to know so I can make it better. Thanks.

part 8

"Absolutely not!" the mind reader detto harshly "Why not?" the huge one countered. His mate asked what was going on. He whispered his thought in her ear. She looked mad "We can't do that!" He turned sulky "She's durable we won't hurt her." The mind reader growled under his breath "She's...
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posted by kiwi12
sorry it took so long

part 6

The little girl vampire (the child?) came up to me confidently. She reached toward me and touched my face. My arms flailed wildly as I tried to run My fingers brushed something cold. Then she was telling me without speaking that her name was Renesmee Carlie Cullen but most people just called her Nessie. She wasn't dangerous. She usually didn't mostra humans what she could do but everyone seemed to act like themselves around me. Was I a lupo person? o a shield like her mama? Was her uncle Jasper alright? When she lowered her hand I told her softly that I didn't know,...
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posted by twilight-7
I could feel Charlie’s eyes on me from the doorway of the living room as I lay on the sofa. He was going out with Tess but he was worried about leaving me alone. He worried too much. I know there was some mad man out to get me but he needed to lighten up. He’d dato me the protection I needed. If Mitchell even dared to harm me I would stab him so fast he wouldn’t know who’d killed him. My hands wound round my stomach, once again feeling the need to protect my baby.
“Was it a serious argument?” Charlie asked me.
“Yes,” I answered. When would Jacob get here so Charlie would leave....
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Hey, here is Chapter 9 enjoy!

It was like someone was trying to wake me from a deep sleep. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t sposta there was too much pain. That’s when I heard the voice, his beautiful voice.
“No Nessie, don’t stop breathing. Keep your cuore beating, breath Nessie breathe!” Jacob sobbed over my chest.
“Jacob, te need to let me look at her, it’s the only way to save her,” Carlisle said, worry in his calm voice. Jacob didn’t say anything but leaned back and took my hand.
“Ed...Edward, she is going to be okay, isn’t she?” I heard mum sob in her wind chime...
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posted by twilight-7
Edward’s POV

Kayla’s eyes narrowed and I knew what was coming next. I couldn’t see it in her mind but I didn’t need to. I braced myself as I felt her power lift me into the air. I was soaring backwards, heading for the wall, when I felt something stop me. I was suspended in the air for less than a secondo before I was released from Kayla’s power. I landed on my feet and I looked at her. My wife, my Kayla. Her hand was on her stomach, protecting her child from me. She should be protecting the baby from herself. She should listen to me.
“Thank you,” I detto to her. She had stopped...
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posted by darkfairy97
I was nervous about reuniting with my dad. He could be distant. Twenty seven yearsof being the only window wiper in Switchblade had forced him to distance himself from others da at least a windowpane. I recall my mom breaking down crying on the sofa after one of their rows and him just watching her stoically, right outside the window, wiping in powerful, circular motions.
When I saw him waiting for me outside the terminal, I walked toward him shyly, tripping over a toddler and soaring into a keychain display. Embarrassed, I straightened up and fell down the escalator, somersaulting over the...
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posted by kiwi12
part 5

The leader talked to me of many things as he drove. Soon he asked me if I was a minor. I told him yes. "Yes" was a stretch of the truth but then so was "no" and the mind reader wasn't here to ratto me out. I was terrified. My mind was so overloaded as the stress caught up with me. I knew I wasn't functioning well.

We weren't driving anymore. Two she-vampires were standing in front of a secluded house with the she-vampire from before. The one who approached me had red eyes. That made sense... a vampire with red eyes. The red-eyed she vampire took my hand and was saying something about how...
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posted by kiwi12
part 4

"My name is Edward Whitlock. This is my sister Rosalie Cullen and my father is Carlisle Cullen. What's your name?" Lying to a mind reader seemed less then practical so I muttered "Juliet". He asked me if I lived around here and I told him I'd just moved in. The small talk was not working and my eyes were still wet. The leader sighed "I know you're afraid of being near us but I cannot in good conscience send te home. Not in your condition. Now I can talk to your parents and arrange for te to be taken care of elsewhere. I will ask te not to tell your parents what te know about us. We...
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posted by genyva
15. Reunion

“Have fun at the potluck Bella don't work about the time we have Aly” Nicole kissed my cheek while Jake played airplane with Alison.

“Bye blonde” he waved. “Bye blonde” Alison copied what Jake said.

“See what te do.” Nicole called. I waved and walked out the door and headed to Port Angles. I told Jake that I was going to the company potluck in Port Angles at the boss’s house but I knew where I was really going, a block away, at the bowling alley. I will be with six Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. tonight. I don't even realize the consequents of my actions. What if another incident like...
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posted by kiwi12
sorry it's so short... I have più written I just don't have the time to type it

part 3

The she-vampire demanded that I explain how I knew what they were. She was intimidating. The silent but large tears fell from my eyes as they always did in times of crises. I hated that. I answered "I've had a few encounters" as humbly as I could. The mind reader cut the she-vampire off when she started to ask another domanda "We don't need to interrogate her" somehow I knew that the she-vampire disagreed. She thought it was dangerous to let me go without knowing more. She thought I would tell their secret....
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