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posted by Kroshka09
I have seen one some websites and i think youtube.... that people think Bella is a bad influence....They say that she turned into a bad girl....that she doesnt follow what{obey*} Edward and her father say. Well sometimes she has to lie. I mean we all lie! So why are those people acuse her of being a bad influence????

I think Bella is a wonderfull girl and people should be più like her. She is relly nice and only wants good for the others....

Remember in Twilight she detto to Edward that she came to Forks , even thogh she doesnt like it,just to make her mother happy with Phil. After that how can te say she is a bad girl? These people just dont read the book carefully, probably flip throught the pages!

Well this is what i think....please leave a commento on what te think.


*before i had obay...but people asked why.. so i changed it :D
posted by Vamp_Fan_25
These are some Twilight teams and why te should be part of them!

Team Edward....because mysteries are fun to solve

Team Jacob....beacuse well I think we all know why were on his side

Team Bella....beacause nice girls always finish first

Team Alice....beacuse good things come in small packages

Team Jasper....beacause he'll protect you

Team Rosalie....because beauty comes before brains

Team Emmett....beacuse Jacob's muscles are flimsy

Team Esme....beacuse mum's rule the world

Team Carlisle....beacuase he is the only hot doctor te will find
The Nameless Girl's PoV
Renesmee was getting measured. Again. They measured her 4 times a day, they never measured me.No one even spared a glance at me, I just watched longingly as they fawned over my twin sister. I had yet to see my mother at all and I've only caught glances at my father, he was too busy with mother o Renesmee.
It had only been a few days since our birth, 2 to be exact, going on our3rd day. I'm way ahead ofmy twin, I mayhave the same sized body,but I can walk and talk already, not that I have anyone to talk to. I also figured outI have a power.I can teleportto any place I have...
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!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!
Hello, guys. Sorry for not posting for so long - I was totally busy with my studying in the university.

“Oh,” She said.
I couldn’t understand the expression on her face while she was staring at the bruises. She was silent for a long moment. The feeling of guilt filled me with even più force.
“I’m… so sorry, Bella. I knew better than this. I should not have—” I couldn’t find words to describe how sorry I felt for that. All the words couldn’t even begin to cover it. My voice broke.
“I am più sorry than I can tell you.”
I couldn’t...
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posted by LexisFaith

Yesterday was a turning point. For all five of us.
Rosalie told everyone she passed "Hello." o "Morning!". She never talked to anyone but Maria and Leslie.
When Jasper spotted anyone of us in the hall, he would break away from his group and talk to us untill the minuto campana, bell rang.
Alice still commentato on shoes, but not just on Lauren's. On every girl's in the school. Along with their clothes and hair.
Emmett wore a belt, and kept "shorty" and "Gangsta'" out of his vocabulary.
Bella would tell her Friends (Jacob, Seth, Quil, and Paul) hello, but didn't stop to chat. She would walk down about...
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posted by rubytuesday101
This is the same story just a different titolo read commenti to read why i had to change it.
So please commento to tell me if i should continue.

150 years ago.

It has been 1 anno since Edward the Amore of my life left me.I am not as bad as i was when he first left me but i dont know why but i still Amore him with all my cuore and if he ever came back and he still loved me i would go anywhere with him.I have been hanging around with Jacob he has been a really good friend since Edward left.

I was in my back garden near the wood when i hear someone say "bella nice to see te again." I turned around and...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 21 - PHONE CALL

I could feel it was too early again when I woke, and I knew I was getting the schedule of my days and nights slowly reversed. I lay in my letto and listened to the quiet voices of Alice and Jasper in the other room. That they were loud enough for me to hear at all was strange. I rolled till my feet touched the floor and then staggered to the living room.
The clock on the TV detto it was just after two in the morning. Alice and Jasper were sitting together on the sofa, Alice sketching again while Jasper looked over her shoulder. They didn't...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


Alice was across the room before I could lift my head to look at it.
She pushed a botton and held the phone to her ear, but she didn't speak first.
"Carlisle," she breathed. She didn't seem surprised o relieved, the way I felt.
"Yes," she said, glancing at me. She listened for a long moment.
"I just saw him." She described again the vision she'd seen. "Whatever made him get on that plane... it was leading him to those rooms." She paused. "Yes," Alice detto into the phone, and then spoke to me. "Bella?"
She held the phone out toward me....
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


I made my way to English in a daze. I didn't even realize when I first walked in that class had already started.
"Thank te for joining us, Miss Swan," Mr. Mason detto in a disparaging tone.
I flushed and hurried to my seat.
It wasn't till class ended that I realized Mike wasn't sitting in his usual sede, sedile successivo to me. I felt a twinge of guilt. But he and Eric both met me at the door as usual, so I figured I wasn't totally unforgiven. Mike seemed to become più himself as we walked, gaining enthusiasm as he talked about the weather segnala for...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 2 - OPEN BOOK

The rest of the week was uneventful. I got used to the routine of my classes. da Friday I was able to recognize, if not name, almost all of the students at school. In Gym, the kids on my team learned not to pass me the ball and to step quickly in front of me if the other team tried to take advantage of my weakness. I happily stayed out of their way.
Edward Cullen didn't come back to school.
Every day, I watched anxiously until the rest of the Cullens entered the cafeteria without him. Then I could relax and unisciti in the lunchroom conversation....
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posted by MissCupcake
 Bella cigno
Bella Swan
Name: Bella Swan

Type: Human-later Vampire

Special Ability: Shields herself and others from mental attacks

About Them: Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan, later Isabella Marie Cullen, is an average, clumsy, accident-prone girl who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie. Though many boys are attracted to her when she arrives, she falls in Amore with Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy she discovers to be a vampire. Desperate not to lose him, Bella vows to stay with Edward, even if it means turning into a vampire herself, despite Edward's wishes. In an effort to...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
After Daniel left I could smell the lupo pack getting closer. I hoped that Daniel was far away from here so that none could see him. Suddenly out of no where a huge russet lupo came out ready to attack. It took me a secondo to realize it was Jacob. He was ready to attack me. But why would he want to attack me? Then it hit me that Daniel's smell was here. Aka the smell that was in my room. Jacob must think I'm Daniel because Daniel's smell must be around. And Jacob would attack Daniel if he was here. But I was the one here with Daniel's scent around me.

Jacob was running like a bullet try to...
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posted by Gabstaaa
‘Harley… Just because te can’t step outside doesn’t mean te can bring the outside inside.’ Complained Alice. I’d been practising using my ability of producing objects but I got bored and decided to put it to use. I had managed to make over 60 vases of yellow roses, water-willows and daisies appear in the living room.
‘I hate being cooped up in here though! I want to run!’ I almost screamed.
‘But te know why you’re here and not out there. You’re still only 1 mese old. We can’t let a newborn out into a world full of living, breathing humans.’ Alice repeated. I knew...
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Maria Hunter found life pretty dull.
For example, living in the barren eastern middle-of-nowhere of Northern Ireland, with little to do and endless countryside stretching in every direction, Maria could think of very few things to lift her from the gloomy silence she retained whilst making her way home from school each day. She wasn’t a difficult child, but she found life so ordinary. School was repetitive, and being one longing for more, Maria did not fit in well and had few friends. Her home life was uninteresting, living in a bungalow with her elderly grandmother, after the unfortunate...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

Almost as soon as we pulled into the driveway, I noticed that my ferrari was not where it was supposed to be. Moreover, it was dented. And painted lime green, for crying out loud.

I screamed, and Emmett had to hold me back while I started yelling obscenities at Edward. I almost ripped him to shreds, burnt the pieces and danced around the pile.

I was that mad.

As if he wanted to die, he'd poured syrup on my bed.

"It wasn't my idea. It was Jacob's. I just put it into action," he'd said.

Then, that night, when I washed my hair, I came out with lime, calce green hair. I HATED GREEN!!!

"Cheer up....
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posted by twilight-7
Kayla’s POV

Time passed for me mostly in sleep. There was nothing for me to do in this darkness. I couldn’t see to do anything and shouting and screaming did nothing. I attempted to escape several times but it seemed I wasn’t strong enough to break the simple chain that kept me prisoner. I was dato Cibo and it was strangers who gave it to me. They placed it right in front of me which was kind of them. If they didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to find it. The man who had come to me my first time here visited me often. He would come into my cell, as I called it, and sit successivo to me. He...
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The successivo following articoli will be cuore breaking, i almost cried and i'm just Scrivere them :-)Enjoy :D

Bella's pov

I heard so many voices and I started to open my eyes. I was back in Edward’s room and he wasn’t standing far from me. He was arguing with Alice and Jasper while everyone else stood there looking at them.
I was so close to Mason, I needed to go back. I stood up from the letto with a hurry but still dozy and walked towards the window when arms grabbed me tight around my waist.
“Where do te think your going? we almost Lost te last time when te pulled a stunt like this, your not...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
I'm currently chained to my computer, typing like crazy to get Chapter 19 finished! hehe!!

The successivo morning I had my first morning sickness.
About noon, when I was feeling a little better, we checked in with Grandpa. He was expecting us. "What took so long?" he wondered. "Morning sickness," I groaned. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. He frowned. "Really? I would have thought you'd skip right over that..." He took my measurments for today and took an ultrasound. "You are about the size of an ordinary, healthy seven-months-pregnant woman, and the twins are healthy and developing perfectly....
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*episode eight*
*Got to get home!*
Jasper’s P.O.V:
I was scared.
Alice…was…having my…baby?
How was that possible?
Vampires, just…
Oh man, Rosalie’s gonna kill us.
*done thinking*
Jasper: *dials Edward’s phone number*
*phone call: J=Jasper and E=Edward*
E: *answers phone* ciao Jazz.
J: Alice.
E: Alice what? What’s wrong with my little sister?
J: *gulps* Ali’s…p-p-p…
E: Alice is…?
J: *screams* SHE’S PREGNANT!
E: *gasps*
J: *crying tearlessly* I got her pregnant.
E: Oh my god.
*from background to Jasper*
Alice: *crying* is that Ed?
Jasper: *crying* hang on Edward. *to Ali* Yeah, why?
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Three
    WHEN I GOT OUT: I dried off, got dressed, drained the tub, rinsed the extra suds off of the tub, dried my hair, ran my fingers through it, and went out into Jerek's bedroom and saw him waiting for me.
    "Hey," He said, and patted the letto successivo to him.
    He was shirtless, of course, and as I walked to him, I noticed that the tattoo on him was looking darker. Maybe I was just looking at it and it was popping out at me o something. Anyways,...
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