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posted by surfergal
When I woke up, Nathen was still da my side except this time his head was lying back on the chair. Everyone was still in the same posistion as they were when I woke up the last time except Edward and Bella were there. I was thinking to myself, I wonder if Nathen has even left and Then I looked at Edward and he shook his head no. Poor thing he must be exuasted everyone must be. This is what I was saying before how everyone had to worry about me. I was sad that this happened to me but I was glad that no one else would have to go through it, I mean like I could take the pain but someone else might...
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Chapter 7

*Edward’s pov*

I heard a knock from the door.
“Can I come in?” Alice asked.
I took a deep breath.
“Sure. “ I said.
Alice opened the door. Her face was expressionless. She sat beside me.
“How are you?” she asked.
“Not so good, “I whispered.
“I’m sorry.” She said, sadly.
“I told you, te don’t have to blame yourself. It’s not your fault.” I told her.
“It’s not yours, either.” She said
“Yes. it is.” I muttered.
“So are te going to tell me what happened? o I’m going to guess?” she asked.
“Do te know Ashley Walker?” I asked her.
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Chapter 6

*Bella’s pov*

I entered Charlie’s house.
‘He’s not here.’ I told myself. He went with Sue to Seattle for they’re honeymoon. I went upstairs and rested at the bed. I looked up.
Suddenly, I heard someone moved from the door.
“Who’s there?” I asked nervously.
I waited but no one was there. I looked back at the ceiling when out of the blue, I smelled something. A werewolf.
I recognized him quickly.
“Jake?” I asked.
From the corner of my eye, I saw him appeared.
“Hey.” I detto sadly.
“Hey Bells.” He detto happily.
I took a deep breath.
“Oh? Lover’s quarrel. That’s...
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Chapter 5

*Edward’s pov*

I went out the room.
I went downstairs.
Alice was right. There’s a stupid thing that’s waiting for me.
What the hell! It’s my chance… I didn’t even grab the opportunity.
‘Dammit. te are so stupid Edward Cullen....’ I shouted to myself.
Suddenly, I heard the doorbell. I opened the door, still annoyed da what had happened at the room.
I looked up.
To my surprise, I saw a girl. She was as young as me. Her eyes were golden brown. Her skin was pale. Her hair was perfectly blonde. Her dimples were so cute – that reminds me of….
Ashley Walker.
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Chapter 4

*Bella’s pov*

I kissed Nessie and hugged her goodbye.
“Bye honey, be good.” I said.
She’s going to Italy with Aro. Her eyes were wide in horror. Maybe, afraid about Aro and the rest of the Volturi.
Edward, who was beside me, carried her. Nessie kissed me for the last time and punched Edward on face, telling him, “Bye dad. Wish me luck. “
Edward kissed her on her forehead and put her down. She kissed everyone goodbye except Emmett. Nessie went straight to the plane without looking at him. Emmett’s eyes were confused.
At the door, I saw her waving her hand, crying, I waved...
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Chapter 3

Edward’s POV

We went out of the school – cutting classes. Bella was still silent sitting on the front sede, sedile with me. Alice was not with us, she’s riding her Porsche. Every minute, I glanced at Bella. I can’t stand it when she’s in bad mood. I’m uncomfortable when she’s not talking with me.
“Hey, are te okay?” I finally managed to ask.
She didn’t respond as if she didn’t hear me. Bella was really good when it comes to ‘pretending’. She didn’t even look at me. She was still staring at the window. Her eyes were expressionless. Her lips pursed.
“Are te mad at...
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posted by surfergal
When I woke up I was lying in a hospital. Alice and jasper were sitting on a loveseat holding hands and Emmet was sitting in a chair and Rose was sitting in his lap and Esme was standing da the window with Carlisle. Nathen was sitting in a chair right beside my letto holding my hand with his head down like he was asleep. Everyone looked cena worried and then all of the sudden everything hit at once all the flashbacks of what happen a coue if days ago. Carlisle came over to my letto and ask;
Hey Addi, everything is gonna be okay. He said.
It feels like a truck hit me in my side. I told him.
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posted by surfergal
That morning I woke up and Nathen had left me a note saying:

Dear Addi,
Jacob is making us do some patrols. I'll meet te at school.
I thought it was so sweet. I looked over at my clock and it detto that it was 7 oclcok. I was running late again. I found some clothes and then pulled my hair into a ponytail, knowing that it would have to come done when I put on my helmet. I put on some mascarra and then headed downstairs to get something to drink. Edward had me a glass of sweet tè on the counter when I walked into the kitchen. Once I told everyone bye I walked into the garage...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
So what have te been up to? I asked Jackson. Nothing really, wrapped a few sprained ankles and that's it. Jackson said. What about te Taylor? Jackson asked. Nothing, I left her went to go found a friend, got into a fight with him, andthan I ate lunch with Jesse but had no idea that I was going to. I said. te got into a fight with a friend? Jesse said. Not a fight fight but an argument. I said. Oh, what happen. Jackson asked. Well, he detto that I shouldn't be getting into fights and a bunch of other crap. It's not like I chose to be in the fight. I told them. Yeah but te could have walked...
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hope te like it

while we where walking another domanda pop in my mind
"noah why are te name noah johnson if well..." when the domanda was out i realize that it maybe was too personal but noah didnt seem to mind
"well when i was born my mom detto noah little noah well that was before the screams"he detto flatly and squeeze my hand lightly before i apologize he continue and i realize that i had really grab his hand...a voice in my voice said
have te forgoten about jacob YOUR jacob he would never do nothing like this to you
but i didnt find the strengh to pull my hand away from the warm of his........
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hope te like it if it is looking to much like twilight sorry a twist is coming promise

his car wasnt that fancy like the cars i was used to seeing o driving but it was clean and new.and he look great driving it...i ask one of the domande to distract me
"so do te have any family how old te really are do te have any powers why did te chose to live in here?" ok i ask più than one question
he smile at me "calmly i will answer all your domanda "he smile and started
"i am 25 years live old but my growing stop i think te could say 18 o 19 years old never a way to be sure right?" he look at...
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sorry if my grammar is not the best but english is not my native language
renesmee pov
noah wasnt in any of the successivo classes.
i was grateful but also each class i hope that he would be there so i could see his face...
o come on renesmee cullen get a grip of yourself was he even that good looking??
i remember in my head...yep yeah he was più like GOD LOOKING
But it was a good thing i was alone in those classes so i could think about what was happening i look at my bracelete it was a gift from jacob like a promise bracelete i sigh

my thoughts were interrupted buy the teacher
mr. hara "ok kids...
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posted by RATHBONE07
“Mary! Mary!” I screamed at the superiore, in alto of my lunges. What had she become, this wasn’t like her, nothing like her. She continued to reach for my neck, I screamed. Suddenly Mary’s head went up, she was listening to something. She got off of me one secondo and was out of the window the next. Mom came in, clearly hearing my screams, and looked down at me.
“What’s going on here?” She asked as I stood up, flattened my dress, and wiped away the tears that fell from my eyes.
“Nothing, just shocked.” I couldn’t tell her what had just happened, she would think I had gone crazy. She looked...
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posted by teamalice_0
Thanks te guys for reading!

Do te want to know how te sposta thirty odd kids? Bus.
There wasn't enough room, for me to sit da myself, so I had to sit near this annoying girl.

"Mary!" At least she used my nickname. Usualy everyone says 'Mary Alice' o "Brandon."

So it was off to a better start than most.

I walked down the aisle and sat successivo to her. SHe started talking about how exciting this was to go on a feil trip, and to a hospital, and ect.

I detto things back, at the correct times. But part of me didn't want to encourage her, she was...
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BUT THEN I had to look away fromm the beautiful boy because the teacher was calling my name i was bearly avaible to answer him then from the corner of my eye i saw that the boy had also turn around.
my head was spinning i took deep breaths tryng but not suceeding to calm myself
who was that why he has to be so beautiful
finally the campana, bell rang i get up wanting to run to the successivo class but someone was infront of me well a bunch of boys not a single girl and in the bunch of boys the beautiful boy wasnt there...
after that class after class it was the same but i never had another class with the boy...
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posted by anna0789
this is my first hope te like it!!!
nessie's pov
yes yes finally !!! i thought
today i would finally stop growing ,today it is like my 17 birthday.
i would be alowed to go to high school i was very excited but also nervous because my jacob can't go with me he has to stay on the reservation....
jacob my jacob jack has been with me since i was born and has Amore me since, well in different ways but ....
today it will be the giorno that i would finally be able to data him "officially"that means with my overprotective dad permision i chucled to myself

i started to change to my first giorno to school outfit...
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Edwards pov when he meets with the voltri...

I could here the sound oof a guffaw, unbelievebly loud yet tinkely and high-pitched. Aro.
"EDWARD!!! What a delight to see you, te HAVE decided to unisciti us, te know, your gift
will be very useful in our hands. we can try to persue it even futher, ot that is possible,
oh!!, this is just wonderful!!" Aro beamed at me, his beauty was something not even rosalie,
who was one of the most bewitching vampirs in the coven, could perfect. All around, te could
see that the Voltri was royalty, the most powerful Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. in the whole existance of our species.
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I think this story is going to be Taylor point of veiw from now on.PLease tell me what te think and everything!! This might be turning out to be a Twilight story!!

Sorry this one is gonna be short the third one I wrote got deleted like the first too!! Stupid computer!!

Taylor POV

I walked out of the ligeguard's office and I heard the door open, I didn't think anything of I just kept walking. Taylor! Jesse just called my name. I wonder why? I thought to my self. Jesse?? I detto as I turned around to face him. I am so sorry for baciare te but, I cut him off da saying " don't be sorry, I not" and...
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posted by iluvtwilight123
sorry i havent writen again but i have been busy im going to dallas tomorrow!!!
I woke up screaming with sweat on my face. it was 11:45 am and my parents left a note:
your mom and i went to hunt with everyoner one. we will go to your grandparent's house after. Have fun with Seth!
mom and dad

Well it was good they didnt hear me screaming. i dialed seth's phone number and waited After the 4th beep he answered.
" ciao seth! Sorr yi called late i fell asleep."
"Nah its alright I just woke up. Ill pick te up in 15 minutes."
"ok bye"
I hung up the phone and put on my usual jeans...
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posted by surfergal
I got back to the house 6 hours later. I hugged everyone and told them sorry for freaking out. They all detto it was okay and that it happens. I went outside to call Nathens cellphone and he didn't answer. I left him a voicemail saying:

Hey, Its Addi.
I'm sorry for frreaking out on te and I'm sorry that, I just didn't know what to do. Thanks for looking out for me, your the best.
I hung up and waited for his call back. I went to get something good to eat and to drink and then went and take a shower. it felt good to take a hot shower. It was getting late and I still hadn't heard from Nathen yet....
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