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This had to be the funniest thing in the world. Jacob cooking. He was trying to help with dinner, Chicken Alfrado, but failed miserably and nearly burnt the Pasta. Nicole kicked him out of the cucina and made him talk to me.

He asked about work. I didn’t tell him about Alice, o Jasper, but after that, he remembered something.

“Leah wants to take te to a movie she was thinking it today,” he paused I already new what he was going to say, while we were running patrol. “She’ll call you.” He smiled, giving me my hope I crave.

After Nicole fixed the pasta, we ate while the...
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6. Dangerous

I exhaled heavily behind my desk. Nothing better then a long giorno at work to keep my mind off what was going on at home. I went to the break room I have 30 minuto before my shift is over. My past was creeping up on me everywhere I went. Even work, I felt like a teen again working at Newton’s. It was a bigger step, owning the only Safeway in Forks.

This wasn’t the only similarity; the fact that the pack was out and trying to save me didn’t help too much. But saving me from Vampires, I once concerned to love. Alice and Jasper. I knew I saw them. I wasn’t crazy. I am however...
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Ok Readers so this chapter has to be done in Jacobs POV you’ll see why when te read it. I am doing it like this because the is a secrete that te have to know ok. So yeah this is just a before Bella gets pulled over I don't want to spoil it but just think of when she got pulled. Enjoy.
Geva Taylor Hale

5. Secretes


Jacob, Wait for me! Do not act on your own, I will be the in a minute. Do not take action. Sam told me I didn’t change my stances. I was ready I just need one false sposta then I had them all.

I looked Sam was here. I may be Alpha but I do not care far the treaty the...
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4.    Never Again

I was lost. This was not me. I knew something was wrong. I felt in my heart. It was beating faster harder. Like there was, a porro and it had to work twice as hard to plug it up. I sat up slowly I the room was spinning but I didn't care. I tried to focus on Nicole and Aly but I saw four of them. I shook my head and stood up.

“Oh Bella” Nicole quickly fluttered to my side. “Do te need some water? o do te want to go take a nap. I have Alison,” she told me but it wasn’t going through

“I have to go,” I detto looking at her eyes— all four.

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Covered in vines, sand, moss stood the house. I remembered instantly the last time I was there. It was happier then. I was happier. My 18th birthday. It was the reason for the long scar above my elbow. I turned off the car, and hit my head on the steering wheel.

This was a bad idea on all counts. I opened my door to investigate. I didn't get up to the porch before I realized. I wasn’t the first one to be here. The door was spotless no plants were on it; the windows had some dirt but I saw inside, it was fixed. The divano was moved to the wall. I saw his Piano. I nearly Lost it....
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I woke up what a strange dream I had. I was wondering aimlessly in the forest behind Charlie’s house. It was dark but not too much. Then it ended. I hadn’t ever had something like it before. Not that I could remember. I went into Alison’s room and she was sitting on her letto waiting for me. When I entered the room, she had a huge grin on her face.

“Mom guess what,” she detto once she saw me. She was watching TV. “Talking Taylor has a toy” she giggled, “Can I have one.” She asked looking at me. Talking Taylor was a TV how that she loved so much it was the only one she...
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posted by genyva
I wondered how long this could last. Maybe someday, years from now— if the pain would just decrease to the point where I could orso it— I would be able to look back on those few short months that would always be the best days of my life. And, if it were possible that the pain would ever soften enough to allow me to do that, I was sure that would be grateful for as much time as he’d dato me. più then I’d asked for, più then I’d deserve. Maybe someday, I’d be able to see it that way.

Stephanie Meyer
New Moon

10 years. 10 years I have been alone. The thought no longer burned....
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
E! Online is bringing up some important Breaking Dawn rumors that have been plaguing the minds of Twilight fan for months. Will Breaking Dawn really get made into a movie? According to E! Online, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, "will definitely be finishing what she started when it comes to adapting the fourth and final book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn." There are two big rumors that are detto to be the hold up on Breaking Dawn; one is that apparently Summit is still trying to figure out if they should break the film into two parts and the secondo is will the cast and crew sign on again? As a fan, before they worry about scripts, cast and breaking films into parts te need to recognize the special effects that would be needed for this film. They have the money to pay but is technology up to speed to Stephenie Meyer's ideas?
posted by gossipgirlstar2
Snack on this Twi-Hards! A new picture from The Twilight Saga: New Moon has come out and has fan howling for Team Jacob. Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are pictured in character and the chemistry these two actors have is jumping out of the picture and grabbing the attention of the world. Sorry, Robert Pattinson but Taylor is closing in on te and your days at the superiore, in alto might be numbered.

News broke yesterday that Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone was hurt while filming and was rushed to a nearby Vancouver hospital. It is being reported that the actor was filming one of the many intense fight scenes from Eclipse and encountered a "slight and unidentified injury." A spokesperson from Summit said, "As a precaution, he was driven to the hospital and checked out da a doctor. He's fine and is back at work on the set of Eclipse today." Ashley Greene even tweeted about Jackson coming back onto set and was happy to see he was doing better.
posted by Rob_patt_fan
“I think these are enough for today Bella… te did a good job!”

I smiled as I cleaned the blood from my face. But the thirst was now appearing! And I knew I needed più but I tried not to hunt some other poor animals! We were in the house and it was around midnight when everyone came around me and Edward, and stood with smiles on their faces. I looked at each one of them; Alice, Esme, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmet and Carlisle.
Now… they were my family!

“We have a surprise for te two!”

Edward looked at me with an unreadable expression… I knew that the surprise was Alice’s idea but I didn’t...
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In an interview with, Welsh actor Michael Sheen talks about picking roles for a movie, preparing for his character and filming New Moon. Here is an excerpt:

Q: Where do te start, when you’re doing a literary adaptation, like with New Moon o Alice in Wonderland?

Michael: Well, I start at exactly the same place, which is always the story. My first contact with anything I’m going to do is the script, whether it’s a script I’ve been offered, o I’ve been sent it, o whatever. I sit down and I read it. That first Leggere of the script is very special to me because I know it’s...
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In an articolo da the New York Times, aside from creating a world-wide phenomena, Twilighters around the world has also out the small town of Forks, Washington on the map. The small loging town, who only has two stop lights, have garnered fame through the popularity of the Twilight books, the four-part book series that is penned da autore Stephenie Meyer. Now, the town serves a “mecca” to Twilighters who have gathered in town to feel the Twilight experience.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

Over the last anno o so, Forks (population 3,120) has morphed into a mecca for Twilighters, o Twihards...
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MTV was able to interview Welsh actor Michael Sheen, where he talked about his New Moon character Aro. He also expressed his excitement in seeing the film as he hasnt seen the finished product yet. Here is an excerpt of his interview:

MTV: Michael, at MTV News, we’re obsessed with all things “Twilight,” and we recently premiered the new trailer. Have te seen it?

Michael Sheen: Yes, I did see it. I was amazed to see I was in there.

MTV: Have they shown te a cut of the film?

Sheen: No, nothing yet. I’m very excited about seeing it, as most people are — especially with my daughter, who...
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They were one of the keys to the success of Twilight last year, with their song “Decode” proving to be a chart – topping success at the Musica charts. Now in a new interview with the BBC, Paramore looks back at their Twilight experience.

“I don’t think we had any idea what it would become,” says Josh of the film series. “It’s really cool to look back. We didn’t do it to be this massive thing for us we were just going to have fun on a movie.”

Getting involved opened lots of new doors, not least of all a chance for Williams to interview Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen in Twilight)....
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posted by mommy6197
* As soon as Remeo and Juliet was over the phone was ringing in Edwards pocket. He picked it up saying "HI Alice." I was wondering why Alice was calling but I am sure he will tell me as soon as he gets off the phone with her. I hope nonthing is wrong! When he hung up the phone I did not even get a chance to ask what was going on.

*He detto "We have to go back to the house now it was imporant."

*Is Nessi & Jake ok? I asked Edward.

*They are fine. Alice seen somthing that everyone needs to know about. That is why we need to go back now.

*Ok lets go then so if ti is not to bad we can get back...
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OMG! The New Moon soundtrack songs & artists have been announced! The highly-anticipated album comes out Oct.13, but here are the artists/ songs featured in it....

1. Death Cab For Cutie: Meet Me On The Equinox

2. Band Of Skulls: Friends

3. Thom Yorke: Hering Damage

4. Lykke Li: Possibility

5. The Killers: A White Demon Amore Song

6. Anya Marina: Satellite Heart

7. Muse: I Belong To You

8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent: Rosyln

9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Done All Wrong

10. Hurricane Bells: Monsters

11. Sea Wolf: The viola Hour

12. Ok Go: Shooting The Moon

13. Grizzly Bear: Slow Life

14. Editors: No Sound But The Wind

15. Alexandre Desplat: The Meadow

Let's hope it's as good as the first one! :)

posted by GothicGirl0525
Chapter 1
]Bella? Bella? BELLA? Are alright? Listen to me?”” Alice yelled at me. She’s starting to get worried and I could see that when I opened my eyes but when I opened my eyes I knew I saw relieve.
“Alice I’m fine. mollusco, vongola down please. Your scaring Neisse. I sorry I must of gone into Deep thought. I’ve been doing that lately. A little too much. I’m really sorry Honey.”I detto while trying to mollusco, vongola both of them down and holding my daughter in my lap in the car,
    “Oh well sorry Neisse I shouldn’t of reacted like that. I should have known te were fine....
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posted by lollipopszx3

I put down my last box when the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs carefully so I didn't knock down any boxes on my way.

"Why thank te Edward. So kind of you." detto my mother, Renee before she closed the door on someone. Who was that? Edward?? Very old name. Was he our neighbour?

"Bella. te just missed him. Edward, our neighbour, just came and dropped off his mother's homemade cookies." she smiled. "Chocolate chip... your favourite." "How old is Edward?" I asked. "He's 12. Same as you. I think he told me he is in Ms. Kerko's class at Fork's Junior High." she said. "Really? Didn't te tell...
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posted by anna0789
bella/lilly pov

i arrived to bella's house and run to my room and grab a notebook ,walked to the garden ,
and started to write down everything that had happened well since i somehow enter this strange world....i needed to do this to manage to clear my tangle thoughts

after a while i finished i left the notebook in the floor and started to walk into the woods. i Amore nature and to explore it and here in forks it was everything so green so full of life.
i Amore it

i walk deeper and deeper into the forest Canto to myself it was a song i had written a few months ago...

edward's pov

after a few hours...
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
Before Twilight, Cam Gigandet has mostly appeared in recurring roles on TV and on some small-budgeted movies. But that all changed when he was cast in last year’s Twilight, where he played the bad vamp James opposite Robert Pattinson. According to the actor, Twilight has opened new doors for him in Hollywood.

I imagine since being part of Twilight you’ve been able to make a lot più choices in terms of the roles te take.
Yeah, that’s opened up so many doors, and I’m so grateful for what that movie’s done. It was really kind of a special little slice of life that brought me where I...
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