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Fan fiction by _madz_ posted più di un anno fa
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ciao guys, im back! my holiday was più full on than i thought it would be, but i still managed to get this done. hope te like it!

Still carrying most of her weight, I led Bella out following the directions Gianna had dato us. When we reached the rough cobble stones, Bella breathed a sigh of relief. She was the only one who looked back at the ancient castle, almost tripping on the uneven surface. I lifted her slightly, so her feet were off the ground for a second, remembering moments like this from almost eight months ago. She was still as clumsy as ever.
The Saint Marcus celebrations were in full swing in the streets, all the adults wearing black satin cloaks and absurd plastic fangs now that the children were in bed.
Bella seemed absorbed in the sights and sounds of the party, so she didn’t notice when Alice left to go and get the bags and find a car.
We walked through the narrow alleys, avoiding the celebrating people. We almost ran into one man, plastic fangs a predominant feature on his face.
Article by amy_oth posted più di un anno fa
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For the record: I did not write this, I Amore Twilight and I Amore Edward. I just found this really, really funny.
I think Stephenie Meyer is an amazing author, and this is not meant to be disrespectful to her in any way.


Edward leaned toward me, his perfect face inches from mine. His sweet, delicious breath ghosted over my face. His golden eyes glowed with love.

“How do te like it?” he whispered, his velvet voice purring in my ear.

I couldn’t respond, so dazzled was I da his sparkling skin. He shone like a diamond in the sun, a godlike creature before me.

He smirked at my befuddlement, but then his face darkened and he thundered, “Don’t be difficult, Bella!”

I cringed, but he instantly softened, chuckled his bell-like laugh, and leaned toward me again. His cold, pale fingers brushed my cheek. I stopped breathing.
List by sapherequeen posted più di un anno fa
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1. Snarl at you
2. Throw something at you
3. Possibly kill you
4. Kick te into the successivo continent
5. Throw te into the successivo cotinent
6. schiaffo, smack te in the face and break it
7. Get Jacob so she comfort Renesmee and so he can take care of you
8. Get pinned down da Emmett so she won't kill you
9. Scream at you
10. Tell you, "Run while te still can!"
11. punch, punzone te and break your jaw into pieces
12. Get Rosalie to help
13. Perhaps Rosalie will do the dirty work for Bella while everyone's comforting Renesmee
14. Spit at you
15. Drink your blood
16. Try to go at your throat
17. Crush te with a giant boulder
18. Crush te with the Cullens' house!
19. Pair te up with Mike
20. Get Charlie to arrest you....
21. Give the Volturi an excuse to go after you...
22. Drown te in the ocean when the weather's bad
23. Burry te alive in a box (SCARY!!!!)
24. Stomp a hole in the ground and put te in it
Fan fiction by barbie91lala posted più di un anno fa
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save's my little story..
It's a compilation of my role play, so a lot of people participated on it.
I started it with BellaBrooke and BellaCullen96 (who I both thank a lot) and we role played as Bella (me), Edward (BellaBrooke) and Alice (BellaCullen96) at first, but then some other people thank te to the others!
hope te like the story!

CHAPTER 1: Almost perfect night

i was walking really angry along the dark streets of forks when suddenly little rain drops began to fall on my head. that made me feel worse...why did i say those things to him? i should have learned to shut up some of my thoughts.
the rain became heavy, making me need his arms protecting me.
I had a vision of Edward and Bella walking up the collina on a rainy day. Bella looked... angry? It was sometimes hard to tell with her. Suddenly my vision was lost, but not until I heard Bella murmur, "Hey, Jake." I had no idea if it meant something, o if it was just one of those unnecessary visions. As if to answer these thoughts, another scene appeared in my head. It was Bella again, though this time...
Fan fiction by kristine_cullen posted più di un anno fa
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Warning: This is just coming from me, and was done out of boredom and maybe some motivation. Its just a fiction, so nothing is real. So dont be upset if te wont find Bella in that story, it wouldnt make sense otherwise. Enjoy.

SideNote: I know that Edward isnt as straight inoltrare, avanti in the books, and in the successivo chapter he will change. I just wanted Ashley to fall in Amore with him for the right reasons, instead of being obsessed.

Waking up didnt feel right, being here was somehow strange. I sat up in my bed, stretching and tried to remember what had happened last night. Letting out some low sigh, it wouldnt come back to my mind. I finally opened my eyes, and then it hit me, it was like a slap to my face. This was home now, and there was nothing i could do about it. Of course i could run away, but that was beyond lame and useless. My parents would find me, and the punishment would be just too much. I would do what i always did, ingoiare, inghiottire it and live through it. Welcome to your life, Ashley.
Fan fiction by kladida_22 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter.1"Welcome"-part 1

I felt like for the first time in a long time, i was home again. I wasnt running from my life anymore, and its problems and most importanly i wasnt running from Bella anymore.
The fact that she wanted to be with him "the bloodsucker" and that she was one of them already made it even più harder to breath for me.
I sat at my preferito spot in all "La Push" the edge of the earth and sky and sea.
The last time i was here i wanted to be alone and suffir in my anger and agony, just cumble to pieces.
But this time it was diferente i still have the stingin pain from Bella's goodbye. It had been 3 months since she lefted with to Alaska with Edward and Renesmee there daughter.
I allways felt guilty for almost killing her o even havening the thought of it once in my mind.
But when i saw her i couldnt , Nessie was a part of Bella she had her Cioccolato brown eyes and i couldnt bring myself to harme her.
So i become like an older brother for her, i would go hunting with her and play with her and protected her as well(But Nessie was half-vampire, half-human and haved 7 Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. who would always defend her so she...
Fan fiction by UchihaYuki posted più di un anno fa
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This idea came out of one of my Dreams,
I Just wrote it.
It's about Jasper And Alice,
It happens After Breaking Dawn, when Bella's
a Vampire and they Have Nessie.
I Hope Everyone Likes It, It's the first
Fan-Fic I've Written :]

P.s, I also put this in the Jasper&Alice
spot, But this ones Better to put it in,
So I'll put it in both, but I think I'll
remove the other one? i don't know,
but anyways here it is, Again :]

As Jasper walked into the big garage, he looked around, Something seemed different,
He walked to the spot where his car usually was parked, he looked at the empty space
between Edwards Volvo and Rosalie’s Sports car, then he turned to face Edward’s shiny silver
Volvo, On the car’s door he saw a yellow note stuck to it, He looked at it for a minuet, then he started Leggere it, It read:
List by twilight_23 posted più di un anno fa
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A is for Alice&Alec

B is for Bella&Breaking Dawn

C is for Cullen, Carlisle, Carlie&Charlie

D is for Demitri

E is for Edward, Esme, Emmett&Eclipse

F is for Forks&Forbidden Fruit

G is for Gianna

H is for Heidi

I is for Irina&Isle Esme

J is for Jacob&Jasper*

K is for Kate

L is for Liam

M is for Mercedes Guardian

N is for Nahuel&New Moon

O is for Olympic Coven

P is for Peter

Q is for Quil

R is for Renesmee&Rosalie

S is for Stephenie Meyer

T is for Twilight

U is for Uley

V is for Volturi,Victoria&Vampires*

W is for Washington&Werewolves*

X is for Xtremely hot vampires*

Y is for Yorkie

Z is for Zafrina

((Sorry I couldn't think of an "X" word that related to Twilight. If te have one, could te
Fan fiction by xBellaxEwardx21 posted più di un anno fa
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This was just a trailer i made for my story Undenible Amore from fanfiction! hope te like it :p

I made it on photobucket! haha it will bring te to my homepage so te have to clickthe first picture with the little play sign and it will bring te staight to the video :P please watch and tell me what te think :) thank you!

Undenible Amore is about Bella. She was a raving party animal until soemthing happen. Now she must face the consequences of her decision. She Confides in her two bestfriends. One will help her through everything and one will turn thier back on her.

Bella is set on finding true Amore but will she ever realize the one she needs is right infront of her?

Life will never be the same.
List by sapherequeen posted più di un anno fa
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The Volturi; Aro, Caius, Marcus, Jane, Alec, Heidi, Felix?
1) Stare at Jane for a long period of time. When she asks te what you're doing, say you're mimicking what she does when she tries her gift on Bella
2) Ask Jane if she and Alec ever had an incestuous relationship and how long it was
3) When Aro goes to touch te to read your mind, picture him dancing in Edward's meadow singing, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." o "Like a Virgin" with Edward and Bella watching in awe
4) Tell Caius that Marcus had an Immortal Child with Gianna
5) Say that Heidi is hiding the Immortal Child
6) When Caius is in a bad mood, tell him, "No più O negative for you!"
7) Tell them that the Cullens are a stronger coven
8) Tell Alec that Alice has the hots for him, ignore him when he objects
9) When Jane begins to defend him and objects for him, tell her that she's just jealous
10) Sing "I Am A Vampire" da Antsy Pantsy during an important meeting
11) Scream whenever Felix comes towards you, when he asks why te do it, say you're paying your respects to the newborn vampire he killed, Bree
Fan fiction by just_bella posted più di un anno fa
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I probably should be doing some work for school, but this story is all I could think about. I hope this works out, enjoy :)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Quick Flash Back from the last one:

It seemed like it took hours to get out of the woods, but we stepped out of the woods and onto the edge of the homestead. Aaron was starting to turn pale, and his breathing seemed like it was different then it had been. I knew that I needed to get him to the house, but was afraid that he wouldn't fair well with me running.

I looked into his eyes and made a quick decision.

"Aaron, I am going to set te down and go get help. I don't think te should sposta until te are properly looked at." I detto as I began to set him on the soft grass.

"No. No. NO! Don't leave me here alone. Please don't leave me here. I'm ok, just keep going. I won't say anything, just get me back to the house." The panic was very obvious in his voice, and I knew that leaving him here even for a short while would not be helpful to anyone.
Fan fiction by CharmedVamp101 posted più di un anno fa
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I waited outside the restaurant for what seemed like hours. The time dragging da as I waited for her. I couldn't believe how antagonizing it was to wait. I hate waiting.
Look at that hottie. Some moron was thinking. I looked to that direction and there, walking towards me was the most beautiful girl in the world. Elizabeth Martin.
Her brown hair reminded me of the warmth I used to feel from Bella. Her bright blue eyes reminded me of the ocean in the sun. Her pale, rosy complextion reminded me of cream colored milk. So beautiful yet so out of reach. I remember that night that I proposed to Bella. I remember how she thought I was joking. I realize now that that would have been a big mistake. A monstrous one, now that I met the truest Amore I could ever have.
"Hi Edward,"her beautiful soprano voice spoke to me and only me. I smiled.
"Hello, Liz, I'm so glad te agreed to this."
"Me too. To tell te the truth I couldn't wait, I just couldn't. For some reason I feel like I'm drawn to you."
Opinion by dinosteph posted più di un anno fa
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Please excuse mistakes, It's late. I am tired.
I don't know how I feel about the ending, I might change some of tag when I think of something better.

End of Chapter 5...

Edward took the empty bag from my hand as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“He looks perfect.” He smiled, baciare the superiore, in alto of my head.

“Actually, It's a girl.” I smiled back.

“Of course it is.” He laughed. “She's perfect.” I glanced over, gazing into his eyes as he pressed his lips against mine softly

“Hot chocolate?” He mumbled against my lips.

“Sure.” I mumbled back. I was freezing.

We turned to head back to the cabina when I nearly tripped. I looked down to see, right beside the snowman, a perfectly formed snowcat.

“Show off.” I laughed, as we headed back to the cabin.

Chapter 6

Fan fiction by BuffyFaithFan1 posted più di un anno fa
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CHAPTER NINE: Life Comes At te Fast...So Dont Blink!...
PREVIOUSLY ON Storyteller:
"So, are we really free? From The Fear? Are we actually gone from that place?" I asked in surprise.
"Yes, Kandice. We are. Were free! But that doesnt mean we can stop to smell the rose here. It just means that we need to get away from here as possible. And as far! So, where do te NEED o WANT to go?" He asked me.
"Well, theres a kick! Where are we?" I asked back.
"Missouri! We are in Kansas City, Missouri. And we need to go somewhere. But where?" He said.
"How about Forks, Washington?" I asked and he nodded.
"That's a good idea!" He detto and sped of into the night.
But just as we began to ride off into the day, a huge BMW came and rammed us in the back bumper. I turned around to see who it was and saw Mandy driving the BMW and she was off! She was out for revenge and she would try to succeed. I let my cuore thump again and my eyes widened. Mile looked at me once and let go of my hand and sped off faster than Mandy. The look in...
Fan fiction by CharmedVamp101 posted più di un anno fa
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I watched her come out of the room where she spent the last week getting better. She walked over to where I stood, waiting to take her to her apartment. I thought about how much Bella had meant to me, how much she had changed me. I thought about how easy it was to forget her now that my existence finally had a true meaning. I remember how I used to think that Bella was the whole point of my existence, how she was what kept me alive, but I now knew that she was just to help me control myself for the only true Amore I could have. I saw through Sam's mind how Emily was his whole world. I knew that this was just as strong as their relationship, if it wasn't stronger. I didn't know if she felt the same way, but I would mostra her.
"You didn't have to wait for me, te don't even have to take me home."
"I don't have to, but... I want to."
"Are te sure te don't have a problem with this?"
"Of course not, now I know te just got released, but I thought I would treat te to dinner."
Fan fiction by Yoss posted più di un anno fa
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I spied on her – followed her a sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza distance away. She was visiting Charlie. Luck must have been on my side today. No Edward. Nessie was out with Bella and her new friend Jenny. I’m pretty sure Bella knows I’m lurking in the shadows of the forest. She stared long and hard in my direction and then sighed. Nessie glanced every now and then, too, a forlorn look on her face, but Jenny’s non-stop chatter claimed most of her attention.

My cuore rebelled when they took their time indoors. X-ray vision did not come with being a wolf. I wish it did. I couldn’t go near the house and take a peek at the front windows. Nessie might sense my presence.

Finally, before I blow up with impatience, they went out the door.

I was impatient to see her beautiful face, to see her twinkling eyes, too see her perfect lips curved up in a soft smile…

She looks beautiful. She looks well…okay…

What?! Do te expect her to be zombie-like and everything? A voice in my head demanded.
Fan fiction by lovealice posted più di un anno fa
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Ok I've never written anything before, this is my first shot and if no one likes it it may be my last. I want to write between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn from Edwards perspective.
A lot of the first chapter is taken from the end of Eclipse, just to set the tone for the rest.

Chapter 1:
Remembering the happy day

I sat on the divano in my bedroom thinking back on the giorno that Bella finally agreed to marrying me. We were in the meadow relaxing when I realized that she was just doing everything for everyone else. She wasn't thinking about herself like usual and had already agreed to let Alice plan the entire wedding with only a few limitations that Alice had to agree to. Those were that the wedding had to be planned da August 13th, that Bella had the ultimate veto on the guest lista and finally that if she went overboard on anything Bella would NEVER speak to her again. Now Bella should have realized that Alice already knew all of this, and had already started the planning but she could find out all of this after the wedding.
Opinion by aexis123 posted più di un anno fa
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As I was going home I suddenly was hit da the reality that I really was going to be a mother... a mom at last.
A mother wow... I thought to myself. I'm going to be responsible for someone. I shook that thought out of my head quickly, since I had always been a clutz like my mom. I mean what if I accidently hurt my unborn baby, I thought to myself before quickly shaking that thought off too.
It was 6 a.m. and I had just awoken to discover Jacob sitting at the foot of my bed. Jacob... I began- I need to tell te something I'm...I'm... Pregnant. "Thats great", he replied to me reaching up to stroke my growing stomach. "How far along are you?", he asks me. "I'm 3 months now Jake but... the baby's not yours.", I tell him... he slaps me and gathers all his things and bolts out the door leaving me to face reality i]alone.[/i]

Fan fiction by CharmedVamp101 posted più di un anno fa
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She stirred. Finally her eyes opened, I could see the ocean in her deep blue eyes. Crystal clear.
"Where am I,"she asked in a delicate soprano voice.
"General Hospital," I answered her.
"Who are you?"
"My name isn't important, but I'll tell te that my first name is Edward."
"Why am I here?"
"I found te nearly beaten to death in alley. I brought te here. Your right radius is broken in three places, but I think you'll be able to go home soon."
"Are te an angel?"
"Hardly," I couldn't let these words get to me, couldn't let them remind me of the one I lost.
"You're very handsome, and you're eyes are the most beautiful color of gold. Why did te stay. I mean, not to be rude, but te didn't have to stay with me."
"I wanted to. I wanted to make sure te were okay, I couldn't leave te like I found you. te looked so broken and fragile." Not to mention the way I feel, like there's some magnetic pull, like you're the center of the universe and I'm being pulled toward your gravitational center. I looked away from her penetrating eyes.
Fan fiction by CharmedVamp101 posted più di un anno fa
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An ora later I was waiting at the airport. I watched as Carlisle's flight moved closer and closer to the top. I walked the slow human pace towards his departure point. Everywhere I looked I saw something that reminded me of Bella,this person had the same eye color o that one was the same height. I had to find a way to distract myself. This was what was best. For her to grow old and die a happy life. She deserved that, even if I didn't. I couldn't let myself wallow in self-pity, but to think a dog was better for her, at least she would stay human. STOP! I screamed in my head. I pushed those thoughts aside as Carlisle walked through the door.
"I need te to help me Carlisle, I found this girl and she smells exactly like...." I had to force the name through my teeth," Bella."
"I know it's hard for you, but te can't let this get to you, te need to sposta on. They're all worried about you. Esme's upset and wants te back home."
"I need to stay away from Forks, tell them that I'm truly sorry, but I can't go back, not now. Not while I'm reminded of her."
Fan fiction by Yoss posted più di un anno fa
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Oh crap! If I didn’t come barging like that te would have asked her to marry te that night.

She paused and stared thoughtfully at me.

What made te change your mind? If te wanted to marry her, why did te break up with her?

Can’t te see, Leah? She would say yes in an instant.

So? Shouldn’t te be jumping in happiness?

I sighed.

I felt like I never gave her a choice like I forced myself on her. If everything was normal between us, if we were both just plain simple humans, could she have noticed me? Would she Amore me back?

Leah didn’t answer.

I just wanted her to be sure. I wanted her to know there’s so much più she could have than the simple life I could offer her. I wanted her to enjoy life, see the world. If she has seen and experienced everything and still decides she wants to be with me then I would truly know.

[i]Don’t te think there’s a possibility that she would choose to live without you? How would te deal with it? What if she found some weird vampiric way out of this imprinting stuff? Can te live...
Opinion by just_bella posted più di un anno fa
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I am horribly addicted to Scrivere this, it's so much fun and interesting to write. I hope te guys enjoy this chapter:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Quick refresher:

I need to go now, the lights are coming back on. I will try hiding my book better this time so that no one will find it and take it away. I need this, this is my only lifeline right now."

The last paragraph was slightly smudged, I ran my finger over the spot when I realized what would have made the ink run. I sat there staring at the tear marks realizing that my cuore was breaking twice. Once when I wrote it, and now as I was learning about the way that my own father felt about me.

I closed the book putting it on Jazz's desk, and turned my head so that it was in his shoulder.

"Alice I think te need to stop for a while, te were shaking while te were Leggere the end. I know it is hurting you, yet freeing to find out the past, but I think we should stop for a while." He detto as he wrapped his arms tighter around me and kissed my neck.
Fan fiction by Yoss posted più di un anno fa
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I huffed in exhaustion and effort. I tried to be far away from her as possible but of course, Leah was faster than anyone o anything. I often wondered before if she could beat Edward.

I realized Leah would pursue me all the way to Canada. She would follow me to annoy me further. So, I turned around, faced her and growled at her – every sharp teeth bared, paws apart and ready, tail straight.

I don’t want to fight with you, Jacob. So, calm down.

The grey lupo stopped a few meters away in case….
In case, I decided to attack her in anger?

I shook my head. I must be insane now.

I’m sorry, Leah. I Lost it.

She huffed haughtily.

I lowered myself on the ground and rested my head on my paws. She sat on her haunches, her tail wagging lazily back and forth.

It’s not going to help you, Jake, if te keep it all to yourself.

I saw Nessie on my head – beautiful and vibrant.
Fan fiction by Yoss posted più di un anno fa
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I stared at my tiny room’s ceiling. The paint is starting to peel off and Dad’s been bugging me to work on it. I don’t want to. I just wanted to lie in letto and do nothing. Do nothing but think of her, dream of her.

Once again, her beautiful face flashed before my eyes…

“D-do te want me to l-leave? So te could be free?” She asked brokenly.

I winced at the memory of her lovely face torn with pain. That look on her face haunted me for months now.

“Do te want me to haul your stupid butt out of this room, Jacob Black?” Leah growled from the doorway.

I glared at her.

“Get lost, Leah.”

“There’s no sense in moping around. She’s in Dartmouth, now. This is your stupid idea. So, get over it.” She snapped harshly.

Leah sided with her step niece. She thought my idea was completely rash and stupid. I can’t blame her.

She sat on the floor da the doorway. “I never really thought te were completely brainless until now. Oh, correction. Completely heartless will suit te better.”
Fan fiction by just_bella posted più di un anno fa
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Here we go, successivo part. Hope people enjoy :)


I stopped and leaned against a albero wondering what Aaron could be up to, had he gone and gotten himself Lost o worse had he found the bear?

I decided that I should head back and look for Aaron, dad would definitely notice that we were both gone and at that point it might be better if we didn't go back.

I was about 10 feet from the rock where we had started when I heard the brush being crushed again off to my north.

I leaned against the rock waiting for Aaron, a cougar o possibly a scoiattolo to come out of the woods. It seemed like I sat there for a long time waiting to see what it would be.

I sat there shaking my head when I heard the sound get much closer and much, much louder. As the sound neared the edge of the clearing I began to wonder if we made the wrong decision coming out here alone.