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Below are our superiore, in alto 10 "Twilight" MTV moments. Which is your favorite?

Spunk Ransom Is Born
In one of his first interviews for the "Twilight" franchise, MTV News had nearly an ora alone with the soon-to-be A-lister on the set of the film. Among the many domande we brought him was: "What do te think of your nickname RPattz?" He responded in his usual charming, rambling manner, insisting that he wanted a new nickname: Spunk Ransom. The term has stuck, been officially defined, yielded some very cool "Twilight" merch and is reportedly the easiest way to get a smile out of Rob — er, Spunk —...
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Chapter 9

*Edward’s pov*

I was sitting on the couch, observing my dirty room. The broken vases, broken CDs, the pieces of paper, and the scattered clothes. I’ve realized that I’ve Lost my self control for how many days, since… since she left me.
I threw the glass of wine beside me. I jumped out the window and ran quickly, not knowing where I was going. I was screaming while running until I reached the meadow. I slowed down. I stopped at the middle and fell down my knees, while whispering Bella’s name.
Unexpectedly, the rain started to fall. The raindrops filled my face with water, like...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
-Jasper wants to go.

I frowned, turned my head and looked at her curiously, waiting for the rest of what she knew.

-But, Why?!

She sighed and said:

- He doesn’t talk with anyone. Not even me! And this shocks me. All I can see is that Jasper goes away. And if he goes away, I can’t survive. Not without him! He’s my other half.

I could feel pain with every word she said. I understood what she was saying. I had the same feeling when Edward went away. But at that time there was no one for me to talk with. She still had her eyes on the road, but after ten secondi of silence, she said:

-Bella, I’m...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Sorry it is short, I am really tires since is 5 till 1 am!! lol commento and rate!!

It was so weird hangig out with a girl, she was so girly, and well I'm not really girly. It was gettig late and it was almost time for my shift, I really wanted to go back to sleep but I figured I should go do my shift. I left the cruches things were they where and headed for the woods. Where are te going? Jake detto as he cam after me with the cruches. I'm goin' for a walk. I said, I winked so he would get the idea of what I ment. No, your hurt! Jake said. I'll be fine besides I
have to do what Alpha Sam...
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So in Alice&Jaspers wierd&love Alice finds out she has a daughter and Alex(her daughter)changes her diet and brings her home to the family,everyone likes her!!

So in the New Story Alex and Renesmee become best Friends and they start school together and go through everything together like with family,friends,crush's,the imprinting and maybe falling in love!

hope u like it!!!when it comes out!!
Read to find out what happens!!in this new story!!!
posted by anna0789
this one is short but am going to a party !!!

bella's pov

i walk into my room and change into my night toga, abito i was tired so i went to sleep

my mother wake me up she was saing
"o Isabella te have to get ready there is going to be a breakfast it will be like a the party you'll have fun and must important James will be there" my mother smile widely again

in all my life i had always been a people pleaser but now i speek up
"mother i don't want to marry James" i used my determine and stubburn voice

my mother look at me shook and then she look as if she hadn't heard me

"well i send the maid so...
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Chapter 5 Alex

"Alice do te want to cut our trip short and go home,alex will change she didn't even go after the human with the blood was every where."i heard jasper say as i reached them

"Cuz i dont like to kill humans and i had a vision of my mom hunting so thats why i stoped and starved myself for weeks then i went hunting yesterday after our walk"i told them and alice came over to me and smiled
"Lets go home."alice detto and we walked back to Peter and carlotta, charlotte house to get my stuff
"What happened to Tj?"Jasper asked
"um...he had rights to be scared of me"i smiled and ran into the house[i]...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

edward sigh heavily took my hands between his and started to talk

"it all started one giorno at the hospital a couple months ago.." he detto slowly he look at my face my face was curious and interest in hearing più
he touch my cheek and continue più quickly
"so i lied at the party when i told te i didn't knew te "

" I was workin in the hospital as a helper of my brother i was organizing some papers when i heard that all of the young male thoughts turn excited and extreamly happy"

wait the thoughts he heard????
but i didn't detto anything i thought that maybe if i interrupted he wouldn't...
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posted by surfergal
sorry its short. Hope ya like! please tell me what te think and rate it please

Everything was back to normal now that I had my memory back. I even could remember what it was like to not remember anything. Soon as I healed all my cuts and the muscle in my leg that I pulled, I went back surfing. Yes, I was freaking out when I went back into the water for the first time. I paddled out to the white water ( where the waves have already broke) and sat there for a little bit. I was trying to get the nerve to go a little bit further out and then again I sat there for a little bit. I started paddling...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

i quickly felt asleep when we arrive home

i was in the woods
i was wearing my preferito dress it was a white cotton dress i wasn't wearing any shoes and my hair was free the sun make it look like it had red in it and the wind make it sposta ......
this was my happy place
then i saw that edward was standing da a albero in the shadows
i run towards him and he open his arms
i jump and hug him tightly he hugg me da the waist also tighlty and sigh happily

"i Amore te edward" i detto he smile brightly at me
he sposta clser until our lips touch when our lips touch i suddenly felt uncomfortable...
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posted by RATHBONE07
Sorry for taking so looong:((

All was done. We all strode out of the bar together. Of course I was ashamed of what I had just done. Killing others for my own survival. James held me tightly, hushing me silently every time I whimpered. Laurent and Embelline were on either of our sides, licking their lips, savoring the blood.
“Embelline?” Laurent stopped dead in his step and turned around to face Embelline. “Im going up North, get a few more, im still not full.” Embelline nodded.
“Ill come with you. It wasn’t the best ive eaten either.” And they left, hand in hand. It was weird though....
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1. te don't like your crush now because he doesn't have golden eyes.

2.You cover yourself in body glitter so te can sparkle like edward.

3.You're saving your allowance for a trip to Forks, Washigton, where bella lives.

4.You just realized how cuddly and cute licantropi are.

5.You refuse to visit a doctor unless he looks like Carsile.

6.You ask your parents if te change your last name to cullen.

7.You fall asleep to, "Bella's Lullaby", from the Twilight soundtrack.

8.When choosing a outfit, te always think, "What would alice wear?"

9.You used to Amore sunny days ,but now you'll only go out if it's rainy and cloudy.

10.You purposely trip over thigs so te can be as clumsy as bella.
posted by anna0789
bella's pov

james lead me to my mother

"o darling isn't James just a charming good looking man" my mother detto and laugh her fake laugh she us when there was someone around

i just nodded and smile a little

A strange woman that i had never seen laugh
" Oh my good she is amazingly beautiful and modest ,my son, te are a lucky man" she detto and padded james shoulder

"i know mother" james detto stil hildong my waist and pull me even closer to him

i wish edward was here...

but then i realize what they had detto james a lucky man because of me??? it sounded like he already own me ... what had my mother...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

"Would te like to dance this song with me miss?" a musical voice asked

i look around and saw it was the beautiful boy

james was holdong me tighter now it was not only uncomfortable but painful

"I think te are hurting her maybe te would like to loose up a little " the boy muttered his voice was low but it was full with force

"Im not hurting her" james detto but he let me go

the boy look at my eyes
" So do te want to dance miss ? for me it would be an honor" he detto and smile i laugh and nodded i was too excited to speak

james just walk away rudely and then
the boy was looking at...
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posted by surfergal
I was in the hospital for five più days before I got to go home. Alice and Jasper drove me home from the hospital and Nathen was already at home cleaning my room up for me. I was so sore from hitting the coral. I still hadn't remembered anything from my past at all. It was hard not to remember my family o my past. I walked into the house and I thought I would start to remember things but I was wrong nothing came back to me.
Whats wrong Addi? Jasper said
I thought I would start remembering things once I got back here but I was wrong. I told him.
Your memory will come back, I promise. Jasper...
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this is a story like twilight but different it is also about edward and bella but different the dates and places

bella's pov it is like in 1800

today it was my 17 birthday so i would have to go to what te can call a debutant dance and then i would have to go to many parties until i would find a "soutable husband" well that says my mother i sigh

i was already in my best dress ,my hair ( i like to leave it strait and natural ) but my mother make my hair look curly and elegant. i look myself in the mirror

my mom was so excited about the debutant dance... i was not... i felt like i was...
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posted by courtneykutie
chapter 16

"so meet me at my house at 10pm?"i detto as we walked out of the plane
"yep i cant wait to see your house"alice detto exsited,thety where all coming to my house to meet and talk with the pack
and as i walke doff the stairs i seen vickie and jake they ran to me like i have been missing for years in stead if half of the giorno it was like 6pm right now

"muma"vickie detto as she reached me jake put his arm around me and vickie put her arms around my neck

"muma i missed te all day,can i stay up late to watch movie with te and jakey?"she asked me

"yes te can"i detto then jake kissed me...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1

Chapter Two: We'll Find A Way Through The Storm
Nothin was più worse then the fact that Ramens were behind us! Well, also the fact that they were loaded with armor, and we were loaded with defense tools and a stolen ramen backpack. We slowly turned around, hands raised in surrender, hoping our deaths would be fast and painless. But then again, they never were.
"What!?" One ramen asked the other, obviously ahead of the group. "What is it, boss?"
"It's a rag!" He said, holding it up for everyone, including us, to see....
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
The school giorno has gone da quickly and I think back to my entire day. As soon as I returned from school, Grandma Esther has been watching me like a hawk. It's like her eyes are looking straight into my soul for no apparent reason. I am guessing that she must think there is something seriously wrong with me. But I am not surprised. Like always, I am once again being read.My entire life I have spent with the impression that te can never play your cards if everyone has seen your hand.

te know that feeling when te have finished your homework and have nothing to occupy your mind? That strange...
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posted by leisha4
ciao im back, i had a brilliant holiday and i thought te would all like to have the successivo part. i apoligise i've just had an injection so im not feeling that good so most of it isn't edited and it short too so it's not as good as i want it to be, but please commento and rate anyway. heres the successivo part!

reminder of part 9
“Cally will te tell me what happened to Alice?”

“As much as I know anyway. I was born on the 3rd of March 1900. I was told that te and my family died in a house fire.” Cally broke of and nodded in Alice’s direction. Alice’s face was a picture it was full of confusion...
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