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In an articolo da the New York Times, aside from creating a world-wide phenomena, Twilighters around the world has also out the small town of Forks, Washington on the map. The small loging town, who only has two stop lights, have garnered fame through the popularity of the Twilight books, the four-part book series that is penned da autore Stephenie Meyer. Now, the town serves a “mecca” to Twilighters who have gathered in town to feel the Twilight experience.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

Over the last anno o so, Forks (population 3,120) has morphed into a mecca for Twilighters, o Twihards...
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MTV was able to interview Welsh actor Michael Sheen, where he talked about his New Moon character Aro. He also expressed his excitement in seeing the film as he hasnt seen the finished product yet. Here is an excerpt of his interview:

MTV: Michael, at MTV News, we’re obsessed with all things “Twilight,” and we recently premiered the new trailer. Have te seen it?

Michael Sheen: Yes, I did see it. I was amazed to see I was in there.

MTV: Have they shown te a cut of the film?

Sheen: No, nothing yet. I’m very excited about seeing it, as most people are — especially with my daughter, who...
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They were one of the keys to the success of Twilight last year, with their song “Decode” proving to be a chart – topping success at the Musica charts. Now in a new interview with the BBC, Paramore looks back at their Twilight experience.

“I don’t think we had any idea what it would become,” says Josh of the film series. “It’s really cool to look back. We didn’t do it to be this massive thing for us we were just going to have fun on a movie.”

Getting involved opened lots of new doors, not least of all a chance for Williams to interview Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen in Twilight)....
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posted by mommy6197
* As soon as Remeo and Juliet was over the phone was ringing in Edwards pocket. He picked it up saying "HI Alice." I was wondering why Alice was calling but I am sure he will tell me as soon as he gets off the phone with her. I hope nonthing is wrong! When he hung up the phone I did not even get a chance to ask what was going on.

*He detto "We have to go back to the house now it was imporant."

*Is Nessi & Jake ok? I asked Edward.

*They are fine. Alice seen somthing that everyone needs to know about. That is why we need to go back now.

*Ok lets go then so if ti is not to bad we can get back...
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OMG! The New Moon soundtrack songs & artists have been announced! The highly-anticipated album comes out Oct.13, but here are the artists/ songs featured in it....

1. Death Cab For Cutie: Meet Me On The Equinox

2. Band Of Skulls: Friends

3. Thom Yorke: Hering Damage

4. Lykke Li: Possibility

5. The Killers: A White Demon Amore Song

6. Anya Marina: Satellite Heart

7. Muse: I Belong To You

8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent: Rosyln

9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Done All Wrong

10. Hurricane Bells: Monsters

11. Sea Wolf: The viola Hour

12. Ok Go: Shooting The Moon

13. Grizzly Bear: Slow Life

14. Editors: No Sound But The Wind

15. Alexandre Desplat: The Meadow

Let's hope it's as good as the first one! :)

posted by GothicGirl0525
Chapter 1
]Bella? Bella? BELLA? Are alright? Listen to me?”” Alice yelled at me. She’s starting to get worried and I could see that when I opened my eyes but when I opened my eyes I knew I saw relieve.
“Alice I’m fine. mollusco, vongola down please. Your scaring Neisse. I sorry I must of gone into Deep thought. I’ve been doing that lately. A little too much. I’m really sorry Honey.”I detto while trying to mollusco, vongola both of them down and holding my daughter in my lap in the car,
    “Oh well sorry Neisse I shouldn’t of reacted like that. I should have known te were fine....
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I put down my last box when the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs carefully so I didn't knock down any boxes on my way.

"Why thank te Edward. So kind of you." detto my mother, Renee before she closed the door on someone. Who was that? Edward?? Very old name. Was he our neighbour?

"Bella. te just missed him. Edward, our neighbour, just came and dropped off his mother's homemade cookies." she smiled. "Chocolate chip... your favourite." "How old is Edward?" I asked. "He's 12. Same as you. I think he told me he is in Ms. Kerko's class at Fork's Junior High." she said. "Really? Didn't te tell...
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posted by anna0789
bella/lilly pov

i arrived to bella's house and run to my room and grab a notebook ,walked to the garden ,
and started to write down everything that had happened well since i somehow enter this strange world....i needed to do this to manage to clear my tangle thoughts

after a while i finished i left the notebook in the floor and started to walk into the woods. i Amore nature and to explore it and here in forks it was everything so green so full of life.
i Amore it

i walk deeper and deeper into the forest Canto to myself it was a song i had written a few months ago...

edward's pov

after a few hours...
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posted by gossipgirlstar2
Before Twilight, Cam Gigandet has mostly appeared in recurring roles on TV and on some small-budgeted movies. But that all changed when he was cast in last year’s Twilight, where he played the bad vamp James opposite Robert Pattinson. According to the actor, Twilight has opened new doors for him in Hollywood.

I imagine since being part of Twilight you’ve been able to make a lot più choices in terms of the roles te take.
Yeah, that’s opened up so many doors, and I’m so grateful for what that movie’s done. It was really kind of a special little slice of life that brought me where I...
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posted by twilighter-1

    I AND ANGELA’S CHAT GOT TOO FAR. WE TALKED ABOUT MANY DIFFERENT THINGS here in Forks including those which are out-of-the-world. Our conversation ended before the sunset. At last, the rain stopped. I stopped to chill, too. Angelia brought me home so I am sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza that night. She really is a good friend.

    “Thank te Bella for your time” she mumbled
    “I should be the one to say that” I detto with a crooked smile. “You did many things for me today so thank you. I really enjoy this day....
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posted by twilight_fan_8
I walked up to my room with Katie behind me. Why is this happening? Why does she have to be here? I led her into my room. I shut the door slowly after she walked in.

She walked around my room and looked at everything. Then she sat down on my bad and looked up at me. She looked... sad? Like she was going to cry. I wasn't expecting this. Not in a million years would I expect that.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I shouldn't of done that. But te probably know how it feels to be in Amore with someone when they don't like te that way. o at least that is probably what te thought was going on. I'm the reason...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 11
I pulled away and showed matt where I was looking it was a brown lupo staring at us I bet he was staring the whole time we were there the lupo had intelligent eyes like human then it disappeared and jake came out of the same spot with his bare chest
-Bella what are te doing here? Didn’t te say te were living?
He detto coldly
-you talk like this is your land! I was born here te cant say were I should go!
-I can Bella I don’t want to kill you!
I laughed kill me! Pfffff
-you cant kill us!
Matt detto angry
-jake what do te want te don’t have powers…………and how did te know...
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posted by bella01
What is wrong with her?Why is recitazione like she know that we are vampires?'oh,edwards here'.I need to act normal.I decided to hide what am i thinking da Canto dancing Queen of abba in my head,'dancing Queen feel the beat of the tamborine oh yeah'.I noticed the happy expression on edward's face .I can't help but to smile.
"what"he asked
"nothing"i detto grinning

Then i had a vision ,2 visions in particular the 1st vision is bella dead,She died because of torture and the secondo vision is Bella a vampire.But bshe is not with us she is with agroup of vampires.I became confused...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov
edward chucled and pull me toward the stairs
"come this way bella"

i would finally have some alone time with him now will be the perfect time to demostrate he was NOT the perfect guy o was he??

he mostra me his "parents" room and his "brothers and sisters "rooms alice and jaspers, emmets and rose and at the end of the hall we enter his room

it was amazing so open and beautiful
i had to admit edward had a pretty nice looking room
i will start to make my lista of what the PERFECT guy would have
so having a good room with amazing view....check
and being beautiful ...check but he was a...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 10
I waited till charlie started snoring and went to matts room we talked and talked I told him about my Friends and the teachers………………………….
Till I heard charlie wake up and rushed in an inhuman speed to my room and faked for charlie that I was sleeping I got uop and washed my face and got dressed for school when I went down stairs charlie was gone mayy got ready to and I thineked about a black BMW but not that expensive and it apeared in the drive way
-do te like your new car?
I asked matt
-its mine?
-my family cant efford it its yours!
He gave me a hug suddenly...
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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

at 3:45 i decieded to go into my truck an start to drive to the cullen's house

this truck was amazingly slow so i arrive ten minuti late well it wasn't that bad

well i decieded that this WAS a dream so i might just have fun in my silly dream

i knock at the door and immideatly the pixie girl open the door and smile
"hi bella" so she must be alice the vampire that can see the future and that loves to negozio yeah because thats how vampire are in this world...

then edward wave at me
"is nice te decieded to come bella" edward detto smiling
wow just wow ... moving on i thought

i smile at...
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posted by anna0789
edward's pov

i touch bella's cheek gently as if she was a la minestra, zuppa bubble that i could just pop if a put too much force
her face started to get bright red
well maybe she does likes me o at least cares for me
then she look down

or maybe not maybe i was making her uncomfortable da touching her cheek i was embarased da her rejection so i just give her a paper with my house address and walk away

it is so frustrating that i couldn't just simply read her thoughts and hear
if she likes me o how she knew what i was o ..... i had so many domande about her ... she was a complete mistery to me

maybe that...
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posted by Bella_Cullen902
My fanpop site is getting harder and harder to get on and isn't even letting me on half the time so i'm going to have my friend put my fanfiction site on this story as a commento and te can log on and find me. Ok???? Cool!!!! I'm sorry if i let te down but i'm trying my best. I got in trouble because my grades were down and thats aboout it!!

I had my computor taken away and i couldnt get back on till they were better and i know that te might be mad but te have to understand and think at my point oof veiw. My life isnt easy and i've been very sick and i'm worried about my friend because she hasnt been at school for to weeks!!
posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Scarlet Malone (twilight) chapt 2
The successivo morning I woke up to a thunder storm. The first thing I did was check my email, like I did every morning. I don't know why I did this, I thought that I would wake up one morning and have a email from a friend. I got off the letto and stretched, I was stiff from laying in the same postion all night long. I went to the dresser drawers and looked in them. They were empty. I forgot that I wasn't at my own house. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I remember everything that happen. I heard a knock on the door. Come in. I said. ciao sweety....
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posted by anna0789
im going to write 3 and 4 tomorrow hope te are liking them

i took a big step back
"how do te know about us" i blonde girl ask furiously she was stunningly beautiful even now that her features were in a murderous glance

"And what are te i can't read your thoughts ...." a boy with tousled bronze hair detto with a frustrated look in his face
he was even più beautiful and perfect than the blonde girl
So this had to be edward (the perfect man)and the blonde one was she Alice?? no no rose rosaline i think

"yes i am human edward ,and i just happen to know about what te are rose" i detto smugly

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