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posted by courtneykutie
Chapter 15

"ok"i detto and we left jasper and i greeted and i smiled and he smiled too i never seen him do that before!
but when we got in the car she asked
"bella why do te smell different?"she asked

Chapter 16

"what do te mean?"i asked confused why did she think i smelled different

"you kinda smell like dog."she detto confused"did te get a puppy?"she asked turning to look at me from the front seat

"um no..."i laughed,jacob was no puppy

"what is so funny?"alice asked raising an eye brow

"um my boyfriend is a werewolf"i detto smiling at her

"a what?"she as shocked

"A werewolf"i detto smiling

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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Edwards thoughts are in CAPS, Zoey's are regular. Sorry if anything is spelled wrong, I am Scrivere on my ipod!

We got to the feild. It brought horrible memories.i I didn't seem that long fa but it has been at least a anno since I came to witness for Nessie. I didn't do it for Nessie, Bella, o Edward. I did it because I wanted to make Jacob happy, if I really liked him, I would save Nessie for him so I did. Now I was defending for not only my life but everyones' one life. I felt like had so much wate on my shoulders. I was stressing about the so much. Jasper was trying to help but I couldn't...
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renesmee's pov

i was still looking at those beautifull green eyes
noah was here noah was here i thought about that every beat of my heart

we started to get closer da little steps
did he also thinks this might be a dream and is also afraid to wake up if we do anything to fast o was this in fact just another of the many dreams i had....

then finally we where face to face. Noah took my hands gently and softly with one of his hands and just as gently as if i was just and ilusion he touch my cheek with his other hand.

"renesmee" he detto and sigh it was filled with joy but also with agony

why is he...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
My eyes snap open as I escape from my dream. Another in yet the series of dreams I have been enduring. This one was worst of all. Everything was sliping through my fingers as I faded away, my life crumbling. Everything I loved was being taken away. I stop my self as I beging to hyper ventalate. Jake turns towards me as I gasp for air I had let pass.

"What's wrong?" He brushes his fingertips against my cheek. They burn my skin leaving me with a flushed look.

A sigh escapes my lips. "Nothing just another nightmare." I crush my small body into his warm chest.

"You wanna talk about it?" He asks...
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posted by serenacullen93
        1.Graduation giorno

M y name is Serena Paige Watson I’m the middle child in five kids. My father adopted me after finding me at the hospital he work at he found me with no memory. I still go back every anno to see if anyone has came back for me no one has yet but I have hope that they will. I was fifth teen when he found me I was big for my age and still am that was two years ago. My oldest sister Linda raggio, ray Watson helped me out when I came her I loved her to death te can talk to her about...
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my mind is getting out of ideas so im sorry if this one is like really bad

renesmee's pov

my dad was still speechless
"what is it daddy" i ask him
"are te okay edward" my mom detto worry but still with a lot of happiness that my dad was finally home
"everything is ok, but im amaze ,noah and jake have extraordinary gifts" my dad reply still in awe looking at noah an jake in surprize

i jump surprize
"you know what there powers are??? what are they??" i ask i was so excited
my dad was looking at noah and then he chucled
"im surprized te didn't notice noah's power o jake's" my dad detto
"o cmon...
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posted by Twilight597
ok so tell me if u like copyright, i dont own nothin

Chapter 3


I left Becky alone until Monday evening. When I walked downstairs, she was still sleeping.

Since she was sleeping, she wouldn’t struggle when I drank.

Becky didn’t wake up until I was almost done, and when she realized what I was doing she started screaming.

I groaned and pulled away.

“You are such a little brat. Believe me o not, when te die because te have no oxygen from the blood, I’ll laugh and get my rightful place of the crown.” I told her.

“You wont get a crown because te belong in an asylum, te idiotic...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Doesn't edward wants me like I want him? Why is he always cutting on me? I was taking advantage of my lonely time since edward can read my mind I cant think of anything and when I do he gets mad at me! God why is life so complicated! I was thinking of the giorno that me and edward are getting married how happy were going to be ………………
When I saw edward standing successivo to the mirror frowning “what? I'm not happy te could read my mind! and when I think I'm alone and I could think about stuff that bothers te , your eavesdropping! God! What’s wrong with te cant te give me some privacy...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I woke up to the birds chirping. I wished it would be rainy all day. I couldn't hear anyone in the house, that was the best sigh ever. I didn't know why Jake was mad but I didn't really care. I heard the phone ring but no on answeredi heard the answering machine pick up. It was Carisle! ciao Taylor, I got your new hearing aid in. Stop da anytime so I can put it in for you. Bye. Than he hung up. I unlocked the door, went to the cucina to get a drink of water. There was a not on the tavolo saying " Taylor, I went to the store, probably will be there a while, Jake is doing shift back to back....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Ugh I have been in this house for a week and have only been out of it once! I felt like I was solintay confinment! I tried not to take my anger out on Billy, it would work every now and than but it was so hard.  I tried to sneek out of the house but it didn't work, Jake and everyone else kept catching me. 

Everyone was asleep, it was 6 am, the sun was starting to rise. I grabbed my skateboard to go find some concrete since the Black's house didn't have any. I pulled my hair into my hat and left a note saying that I was going skating. I got all the way to the end of the drive way and hadn't...
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posted by ctaim2
From the Twilight Fanfiction Spot:

Ever since the Twilight Fanfiction Spot was created so very long ago; I have wanted to hold a Fanfiction Contest. It seems like we are all Scrivere amazing stories here and I for one, would like to know who is the most well rounded author.

So I propose this contest with the following rules and expectations.

1. autore must belong to the twilight Fanfiction Spot.
2.The autore shall invia a one-shot with 500-1,500 words. titolo must contain the words "Fanfic competition"
3.The one shot can not be cut out of a postato story.
4. The story must be suitable for teenage...
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Bella's pov

Well it had been 10 years since we fought off the Voulturi to save Nessie.She stopped ageing a few years fa but we didnt go to school for a few years because we wanted to be positive she wouldnt age but were going back this year. Carlisle is in the office enrolling us in school right now,Nessie is being 16 along with me and Edward and Alice.Rosalie,Emmet and Jasper are being 17.Carlisle had came out with the principal Mrs.Brown the door had detto but she introduced herself anyways "Hello my name is Mrs.Brown." We nodded uor heads in aknowledgements."well here are your schedules."...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
-Bella, te seem really worried. I told you… Charlie’s going to calm down!

He didn’t know the other thing that I was worried about. Charlie Had been very angry these past days and I knew it was for ignoring Jacob. He didn’t know what happened the last time I was hanging out with Jacob and I was very grateful that Edward couldn’t read my mind. But he still could read Jacob’s! But, the best part was that Edward was very angry toward Jacob that he wouldn’t waste his time and brain to read Jacob’s mind. And that was comforting!

I remembered last week while me and Jacob, we were both...
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posted by Green-eyez-24
 A random Twilight fan fic
A random Twilight fan fic
A butterfly. How delicately she flies, how softly her wings indent the breeze, so fragile, so yet undeniably beautiful. She had often found herself wondering, how such a faint being can take flight, against the continuous forces rising against her. Yet once again the wings keep beating, unfazed and unaltered da fear. Can a being with such a dainty appearance remain true of heart, when all around her seems lost?
Is this true of all that surrounds us? we are each dato choices, we are all alike, are we this butterfly? Are your wings beating in desperation to keep some how airborne, o are you...
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posted by surfergal
Sorry this is so short but im really tired

Once me and Nathen danced Emmet came over bad ask Nathen if he could dance with his little sister. So me and emmet danced he was very good at it too and the Carlisle came and danced with me.
Carlisle, I want to thanks te for everything te have done for me. te are like my dad, to me I continued saying. te have taken care of me when I didn't have a plAce to stay te understood what was happening when I was in the coast guard and I just want to tell te how much that means to me. I detto crying.
Oh, Addi. Your welcome. Congradulation and I Amore you....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Taylor's POV
I wanted to ask a ton of domande but I didn't know how o what to ask. I was confused, this was a weird exsperence. Bella drove us to Jake's house. It was quiet no one detto anything. We told her thanks for driving us, she detto no problem. I wonder what it us going to he like with Billy. I don't even really know what happen to. I wanted to know but than again I didn't want to know anything. Thank goodness you're both okay. Billy detto as Bella drove off. I just gave him a funny look. Sam was was inside sitting at the table, I walked in and sat on the couch. I saw Jake and Sam...
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posted by Courtneyyy
I awoke, lying flat on my back. The ground was cold and smelled like rotting wood and moss. I lifted my head and hazily looked around. I saw wilting trees, and fog. The fog was thick, and i could hardly see my hand through it. My eyes were blurry and felt like i had been crying for a while. Almost immediatly after realizing i was alone in the woods, and having no idea how i got there, I felt a throbing pain on the crown of my head. I slowly lifted my hand to my head. My arm felt like it weighed an extra 30 pounds. I felt something warm and wet. As soon as the tips of my finger touched my throbing...
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posted by twilight-7
Today was not going so well. I had been a bit harsh. I should not have thrown Rosalie across the room. But then again she should not have detto those horrible things. Did she not think I knew what I was getting myself into? I had thought about every single thing she’d detto and more. I knew that Carlisle’s theory might be wrong and I will grow old. I knew that there was a slight chance I could die if Edward and I ever went that far. I knew that staying with Edward meant no children. But I was only eighteen so kids right now was not an option for me. Then they’re would be the constant moving...
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look for edward's reveiw of breaking dawn is hilarious really!!!
and i have a domanda are robert p. and kristen s. really dating now cause i saw some pics of them on a concerto but im not sure????????????

Alice's pov

it had been 4 months since noah and i had unisciti the volturi well not unisciti force to unisciti would be the right words.

they had been the most miserables months in my life.....

the only thing they make us do is practice our powers our fighting abilities and then go hunting
(noah and i had been teach sooo many thing about fighting that i think i could take jasper easily
i miss jasper

i hadn't...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Carsile's POV
I left the room and went to my office. Jacob was kind enough to let me go through Taylor's files. For some one so young, it sure was thick. This poor girl had been in the run for almost 8 years. I couldn't believe this girl was from Florida, I didn't know how she got here. This girl has been through a lot. She was put in juevy for running
away from the ophanage and running from the cops. Taylor, either didn't want to be adopted o didn't want live in the ophanage. It detto that she wasn't allowed to live in the girls ophanage because she kept running away. Emmett came into the...
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