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posted by surfergal
When I woke up, I felt like Emmet o another Vampire was sitting on my shoulder. I can't describe the pain.When my vision was clear Alice, Carlisle, Esme and Jasper were in the room. Carlisle walked over to me and said.
Addi, how do te feel? He ask.
My shoulder its hurting really badly. I told him.
Okay. Carlisle detto and then walked out of the room.
Where is Nathen? I ask.
Alice looked at me and said, He's fine.
Oh okay. I said.
I didn't know where he was but I shouldn't have to know where he was as long as he was okay. I didn't want to be so clingy, like always asking what are te doing, where...
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posted by teamalice_0
I have this story on two spots, Twiight Fanfictio and The Twilight spot. Enjoy!

I paced the room with 10 minuti 'till the others would wake. I had to get dressd. I went to my suitcase and pulled some clothes out.

I pulled, some dark washed designer jeans. Black tartaruga neck, A black baseball hat, and a hoodie. It was just in case thing. IF my aunt was alive I looked just liked her. I could have someone noticing me as her.

But I know I would see the Dr. so I couldn't be noticed da him. I would be at the back of the group, I can...
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Chapter 6 (Good)

I shook my head unable to believe what reflection was staring back at me, I reopened my eyes, I was suddenly back in the middle of the road- Karen still struggling... Michael murmuring something.
“What just happened?” I detto turning round to face David.
“What- Nothing happened” David detto Giving the other two guys a weird look.
I turned away from them... I was running as fast as I could, but no matter how far I would run I would never ran away from myself. I wanted to be me again... I don't want to be this person who enjoys people's suffering it was wrong... and I realize...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I was starting to get hungry so I took a big sip from my water. Here is another water bottle, te might want some più later. Thanks, I better get going before someone catches me. I told Jackson. Don't te think you'll get caught if te hang around here? Jackson asked me. Yeah, but this is one place where I can all most blend in and not
stick out like a soar thumb. I said. Well te better put on some sunscreen and a hat. It is suppose to be 95 degrees today. Jackson said. Yeah, to bad I don't have any of that. Guess I'll need to find a lot of shade some where. I said. Here is my hat. Jackson...
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Edwards pov when he is in italy

i cant live much longer, i nedto get to the voltri like, now!! if i stay hee much longer, ill
just go to the town centre to go into the sunlight. lets face it, im a pitiful excuse for a
Cullen, if i were a proper son to carlisle, i would go back to him now, beg him to take me
back and get on with my life. with doing this: going to the voltri, im being a coward, not
a cullen. i might as well get this over with. with that, i spd off in the shadows to reach
volterra, not wanting to expose myself now, ill do that if all else fails. there!! i can see the
gates to volterra,...
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Not mine ^_^

superiore, in alto Ten Reasons to Be Team Switzerland-

1. Got a need for speed? They are both fast!

2. te can hunt wild game with Edward and play wild games with Jake.

3. te can go wherever te want when te data both: Forks and Quileute territory.

4. te can take Edward home to meet your parents and have fun with Jacob on the side.

5. te can be reckless with Jacob and Edward will make sure that you're safe.

6. Because te shouldn't have to choose between a Greek god look~alike and a hot, half naked guy.

7. Jacob can fix your car and Edward can buy a new one if Jacob can't fix it.

8. Because sometimes te need an air conditioner, and sometimes te need a spazio heater.

9. Who says te can't have the best of both worlds? They're both drop dead gorgeous.

10. Because te refuse to be affected da territorial disputes between mythical creatures.
posted by surfergal
I finally fell back to sleep when all of the sudden I heard snarling and hissing. I jumped up and started looking around. I was so dazed I didn't know what was happening till my eyes ajusted to the somewhat darkness. There were six huge red-eyed Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. crowded around us. My cuore started racing so fast. One vampire tried to leap at me but Nathen stopped him before he could get to me. I backed up so far from everyone until I hit something so hard and cold I thought it was a vamp but I was wrong it was just rocks. It was getting colder outside. I was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with a...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Taylor POV
I had to leave Mulletfingers and all of his friends. I felt really bad but I hated to take Cibo and clothing from him. I could tell a sort of a big storm was blowing in from the southwest. I went to the spiaggia to see if I could see if there was anything I could use for a shelter tonight. There was a lifeguard hut thingy, I could stay in there but there was a big window and a big door. Both without coverings which for me didn't make a good selter. I couldn't get that good of look there was acually lifeguards in there. I guess I stared in there for a little to long cause one of the came...
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posted by surfergal
It seemed forever sinse we had left the house and I was scared to death. It got cold really faast and it was beginning to thunder storm. We were walking now, well I wasn't Emmet was told apperently that I needed to be carried. I so didn't want to be carried, Emmet was kinda of cold to tell te the truth.
Emmet, can I walk. I ask.
No, te will leave your scent on where te are walking. Emmet had told me.
Oh, can I have jacket? I'm sorta freezing. I said.
Yeah,Emmet detto while Rose handed him another sweartshirt for me.
Nathen came out of the woods from infront of us and ask:
Do te want me to carry...
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posted by RATHBONE07
I llove Scrivere about Victoria so i hope te guys are enjoying it:))Heres another:)<3

It was 11:00p.m. Mary wasn’t in the house, but I knew were she was. She was out drinking right now, with Sir. Thomas. He was the worst man I had ever laid my eyes on. He was always drunk, women on each of his shoulders, and hand little money. Mary didn’t care, she clung to him like an unwanted decease. Her letto was empty successivo to me, Mom would never know… o would she? I silently crept down the stairs, making sure not to wake anybody. I went to the door, and locked it, then I walked towards the windows...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
I woke up to the smell of breakfast down stairs, but I wasn’t sure if it was really made o if Jacob had tried to kill my cucina down stairs. I grabbed my accappatoio and ran down the stairs faster then a normal human could. “Jacob Black what have te done to my…” He turned around wearing my new grembiule and had fiore all over his face. But my cucina was spotless and my Jacob was covered in food. “I tried to keep it clean so te wouldn’t die when te came down stairs.” Jacob told me while whipping the fiore off with the grembiule and walking towards me. “So what do te think?” I...
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posted by teamalice_0

The plane ride over here was uneventfull, much to my dismay. No one even Lost their luggage, every item was found. My golden eyes were stasred at and they kept whispering 'Cullen'. And something that started with 'A'.

I was intrested in that. But we had to go to our hotel, that I booked. The class wasn't big so I could book one for each group, plus chaperone. I had none group, I was a leftover, since it couldn't be evenly.

I was supposed to be keeping track to the attendance, and make sure no one fell behind during our 'tour'....
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posted by Emmett4ever
I was supposed to post this yesterday but my computer decided to close the internet while i was almost done and i got annoyed and didn't want to write it.But I hope te like this and don't kill me.Don't ask why read and find out.

Bella's POV

After school Edward had the passenger door-of my car- open for me.I bet Alice saw me making an escape.I was quiet the whole ride to the cullens house.When we arrived at the Cullens house I groaned.Everything was Pink."I think Alice went over board" Edward detto when he finally got out of the car."You think" I detto trying to calm myself.But before I could...
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posted by illo
 Nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever
chapter #1

So this was the start of my new life....
The battle was not over but for the time being put off therefore for the first time in my life i was not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow and enjoing my today.
Edward had changed into his cloths and was preparing breakfast for renessmi while i was putting on my cloths.I giggled to my self as i was thinking that how dear a sweet cuore Edward really is.and how much lucky i really was to have such a perfect husband but honestly i have been taking him for granted lately since he never complained about anything so...
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posted by surfergal
Rose and I talked for the longest and then Alice came in and Alice detto that the guy I had met on the spiaggia was going to be at school tomorrow. I got so nervous, I hardly knew this guy and I was liking him already. We picked my outfit out and then Rose told me how she was going to do my make-up and hair for tomorrow. I then had a thought about how it was goi g to look I de I took off my helmet. We thought the best ways to fix it and if it would mess up in anyway. If it did end up looking like help st hair call Rose and she would come down in a hurry to fix it. I was excited there were hardly...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Here is another one, I know there not twilight but it popped in my mind. So if your read this Rate and commento plz!

No Tay, te need some where to live while the big storm to blows through here. I told Tay. No, I can I really should go, there is people looking for me I can't stay here. Tay said. I know the cops are after te that's why te should stay here. Let the cops die down for a couple of days. I told her. Okay, thank te a lot for letting me stay here and everything. Tay said. We look about the same size, here are some clean clothes te can put on. I detto as I handed them to Tay.
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posted by RATHBONE07
Thanks for all the good feed back:) this ones for te guys:)

“What’d te do over the weekend?” Lizzie asked me as we ate our lunch.
“Nothing. Cleaned, did my homework, the usual.” She looked down at her half eaten sandwich, and then carefully put it back in her bag.
“Have te noticed Ashley lately. She’s gotten so skinny, all the boys are paying to much attention to her, especially David.” She said, that last part a whisper. Lizzie had like David for as long as I could remember, she never really admitted it, but I knew that this really bothered her.
“Its Okay, trust me, he’s...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
This is not a Twilight fan fiction Sorry I didn't know where else to post this, Please read and comment!

My name is Mulletfingers o well that's what my step-sister calls me. My mom sent me off to some boot camp in Mobile Alabama, I lasted 2 days and than ran all the way back to Coconut Cove. I live all da myself because my mom doesn't know I'm back, Bea (short for Beatrice) gives me Cibo like apples, oranges and her famous banana bread. There is always police sireign going around here. The other giorno I saw a girl o maybe a boy with long hair, came through here ( the empty boatyard
filled with...
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The Dance
My dress was blue and alittle before my knee's and i have black heels on and alice did my make up and i told her i should not be wearing heels she detto your with edward he would never let te fall down

My arm was still in a sling,my leg was heeled but i was not aloud to fall cuz it could reopen and i was not aloud to hold vickie on that side.and i was walking down the stairs and vickie said"wow,muma te pritty"she was on the divano with charlie watching cartoon baseball
"thank you"i went and kissed her on the head
"bye honey"i detto and went out the door
edward was at the door waiting...
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its going to be called

Bella's New Path!!!

Cuz she has a kid!
So if edward leaves her
will she mope,
not eat,
not go to school
will she mope a week,
try to be better for vickie,
be better friend with jacob,

would she jump off a cliff???if it comes up???
would edward come back?

all will be answered with up comeing chapter's!!!