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One giorno later

It was me,vickie and alice at the hotel ,jasper left to go help find james,the girl Victoria was following Esme and Rosalie but,she stopped so esme is watching my dad and rosalie is helping Edward,Emmet,Carlisle and Jasper find james. The phone rang alice detto "hello"
she listened"nothing i have seen nothing"
"here"she detto to me and handed the phone

"hello"i said
"bella its so good to here your voice"he detto
"have te found anything yet?"i asked my edward
"nothing at all,he vanished but we are following the girl now"he said
"edward i miss you"i detto really low cuz i didnt want to...
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Yeah, I have seen Scrivere contests being set up here over a billion times, but they NEVER happen! So I'm going to change that:

Does anyone want to join? If te do, head over to this link on my spot for the rules and everything else! (If te could unisciti the spot that would be great too! LOL)

Sorry for all of the spaces, there is an amount of Scrivere that has to be on an article. ^_^

The successivo morning, Maria woke early and staggered into the bathroom. She leaned heavily on the sink and peered into the mirror. Her eyes were sunken and heavy with sleep, her hair a Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre mess atop her head. She attacked it with a brush and splashed water on her face, attempting to wake herself up fully, still shuddering from her nightmares. This proved to be an impossible task and so with a resigned sigh she left the bathroom. It didn’t matter about her hair. She’d looked worse.
She dressed quickly, flung her bag on her back and proceeded to leave. At the door she paused, chewing her lip....
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Later... i took bella home with vickie's gifts. vickie feel asleep on the way home bella put vickie in her new letto while i put the stuff in her room and set up the swing set!
bella was asleep when i came back in on the divano i carried her up to letto charlie was still at work at,something must be up so, i called Carlisle
"hello?"he siad
"has there been anything strange going in around town besides these killing's?"i asked him
"um...edward."he detto
"tell me"i demanded
"three Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. are around and they are not like us."he detto
"why didnt te tell me?"i demanded
"cuz te were...
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posted by surfergal
I surfed for 3 più hours and then I got out and went back to the hotel and took a shower.
Thanks Alice and Jasper that was great. I told them.
No problem, I'm glad te had fun. Jasper said.
Soon we were packing back up so we could head back to Forks. It was great going on spontanous trips. I sleep the whole way back, luckely I got to the divano before Alice o Jasper could but I think Alice saw that I wanted the couch. When I woke up we were landing, which ment I needed to look alive o at least look lik I hadn't sleept the whole 2 hours that it takes to gret back. I came back with an extra suitcase...
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 charlie&edward's gift
charlie&edward's gift
Today was vickie's birthday,bella the past few day's has been tired and she fell asleep in class i watched her and when the teacher was coming around the room i woke her up she detto vickie keeps her up.
Now we were at her house it was 10:30am and her mom will be here anytime,bella was praticly jumping up and down getting vickie dressed and then she seen the car arrive and her cuore rate went up even highier
"bella calm down"i detto smiling at her"want to to walk down the stairs with vickie so te don't fall?"i asked her she can be guit clumy's sometimes
"thank you"she detto and she hand's me vickie...
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posted by RATHBONE07
**Victorias Life(she wasnt always a mean bitch)**
Water dripped off my blazing red hair and onto the floor.
“Mom? Can I leave now?” Mom had made me go outside, in the freezing rain, and gather all of the wet clothes on the line. I was shaking now in the corner, covered from head to toe with water, I coughed.
“Vic your not dry enough. Just a couple più minutes.” Mary was standing da the edge of the wall, looking at me, a smile on her face. She loved my torture.
“Okay, te can go up now.” Yes, I quickly fled up the stairs and into my room.
    It was warm in here....
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posted by surfergal
When we got to the hotel, I was so sleey. We went up to our room and I went and put on my pajamas and then i went right to bed. The following morning we woke up and got dressed really cute in dark bluejean shorts and an arancia, arancio vintage tanktop with strappy flipflops and Alice was wearing an amazing sun dress that made her look even più gorgeous, while jasper was wearing long kaki pants with a deep blue t-shirt witha beige racer giacca over it, also looking amazing. I always seemed out of place with them, they always were looking amazing and beautiful and I never felt that way. We went shopping...
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Chapter 1

Edward’s POV

I was looking at the window, watching the snow as it continues to flow. The sky was dark. The house was quiet as everyone was resting. Nessie was at her room with Jacob, who was sleeping, I guess, for I can still hear the dog snoring. Bella was on my arms, of course, Leggere Wuthering heights. I quietly raise my hand, about to switch off the lights when I heard Bella’s voice.
“Don’t even think about it.”
“Bella, it’s late. We have to rest. te still have time for that tomorrow.”
She didn’t respond. Instead, she closed the book and pulled me away. I was shocked...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
 Picture a blonde hair blue eyed model
Picture a blonde hair blue eyed model
We got all the plans done for the wedding. Alice had gotten my dress made and everything, all I had to do was try it on. The wedding was only a couple of days away. I couldn't believe it! I was having to try on my wedding dress. It wass weird to try ona wedding dress, I felt like I was going to explode with happyness! It was a nice feeling. It was days away, I just couldn't believe it. I was getting so nerves!! The days passed really fast and before I knew it, it was time to get ready for the big day.
I got up extra early to get ready. Alice, Bella were doing my hair, while Rose was doing my...
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one week later and a day
It's march 31st and Vickie's birthday is April 4th and she's going to be 2 year's old!im exsited see loves sweets.i got her a bracelet that say's
"you are my world"on the cuore thats silver and on a silver chain that as she gets older she can change the size of it!and i also got her a new toy.

it was sunny today so edward and alice would not be there as i drove over to the giorno care i seen edward's car there alice and him where there
"hey bella"alice detto as i got out of the jeep
"hey waz up?"i asked her
"since its sunny out side and we cant go to school can we watch Vickie?"alice...
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today was monday and after school i was going home jacob would watch vic while i do my home work then i would help jacob with his and we would make super for billy and charlie, as i was walking out of my last class with angela jassica came up to us "so bella what are te doing after school?"she asked
"well i have a buddy coming over and we are going to do homework and make commensale, diner for are dads when they get back from fishing."i detto smiling at her

"oh well fun got to run bye"she detto and ran off
"wow she is such a bitch."angela detto i laughed
"well i dont care"i detto
"so what...
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posted by surfergal
 The jet that they flew on to Cali.
The jet that they flew on to Cali.
I stayed at Max's house for a couple of weeks, I went home every so often. Max could pick stuff up now sinse his shoulders were heald now.. I was finally able to sleep in my own bed, instead of being on an air mattress. School was starting within three days and I had nothing to take. When I did get into the door of my house Alice came straight to me and ask:
Hey, Addi Do te want to go school shopping? Alice ask me.
Yeah totally. Let me go up stairs and take a doccia though frist. I said
Okay, great. Alice said.
I loved going shopping Alice, she pick out clothes that was me and that I looked hot...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I sat in the bathroom for another hour. I looked through my bag and found everything I packed. I didn't know what I was looking for but I knew I
was looking for something. I got up and morphed into my human self. I wondered to myself if I ccould sleep when I am in my human form. I unlocked the door and went to the bed, I untucked the letto and got inside and than I got inside hoping to fall asleep. I feel asleep, I didn't dream a single thing all night long. It was like a peaceful sleep. I woke up with a note my the cuscino successivo to me saying " I went to see my family, I am sorry about last night....
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posted by surfergal
Alice came da the hospital to pick me up so I could go pack for Max's house. I went home and put some clothes into a duffel bag and then I went and ask Alice what car I should use.
Hey, alice what car should I take? I ask.
You can take my car. Alice told me.
Thanks. I told her.
I carried my bag down to the car and then I tolds everyone I would see them later and I drove to the hospital to pick up Max. When I got to the hospital Carlisle was pushing Max to the door in a Wheelchair.
Sorry it took me so long. I detto to them both.
Nope your just in time. Max said.
Carlisle got him into the car and then...
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~ Hey guys! It's musiclover755 here (even though te know that lol), and I just want to say thanks to everyone who has read and reveiwed the trailer/summary and first chapter for and of Updated! :) ~

Jacob's POV

It was early in the morning, at least eight A.M. and I was already running in lupo form to Bella's house. I came across her blog not too long before and decided to start helping her with ideas.

I obviously wanted to be a part of them.

So, I was off at eight in the morning, like Bella requested the giorno before at the beach, to help her brainstorm. But I didn't have a doubt...
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Chapter Fourteen

    I didn’t know how to feel. How was someone expected to feel after they had almost been killed? Someone was gasping. What was wrong with them? As I tried to concentrate, I realized it was myself gasping. I think I was starting to hyperventilate.
“ Grandpa! She needs help!” Renesmee cried beside me. They were trying to get me back to the house. I couldn’t see anything. My vision had black dots clouding it and I felt woozy.
“ She’s going into shock. We need to get her somewhere she can lie down as soon as possible.” I distantly heard Carlisle’s...
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posted by surfergal
When I got to the hospital Carlisle met the ambulanza people people and me at the entrance andax went a different way than me. . Carlisle e-rayed my my shoulder. He ended up telling me that I had torn a ligament ing shoulder. Carlisle told me that he could call someone at home to come and pick me up but I told him no thanks that I was going to stick around and see if Max was okay. I ended up finding Max in his own room with an I.V hooked into him and oxygen mask on him. His shoulder was all wrapped up in a ace bandage and had an ice pack on it.
Oh Max, I'm so sorry. I said.
For what? He ask....
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Chapter 19: Honorary lupo (Nessie's POV)

    The sun streamed into the open flap of the tent reflecting off of me and Jake’s skin sending prisms of color swirling around us. We had been laying in a contented silence for the past ora just trying to avvolgere our heads around the fact that we were able to be here together without a worry. It amazed me how even after all of the drama that had unfolded in our lives over the past couple of weeks we could still fall right back into place as though nothing had happened. I was even più grateful than I had been for each moment that...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
A girl came to the door that was younger than me. Hi, is this the Oneil house? Sawyer asked. Yes, can I help you? Lilly said. I'm your brother Sawyer. -He said. She stared at him and than spoke " te can't be he has been dead for a couple of years" - Lilly said. Than she scream mom, dad, Jesse yall come here. They came to the door, Lilly who are these people. Well one of them is Sawyer, I don't know the other. Lilly said. I am Zoey, Sawyer's girlfriend. I told them. They just sort of smiled. Is it really te Sawyer? We thought te went missing o got kidnapped! Mrs. Oneil said. I had to do...
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