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Apparently not only fan are shocked at the news of actress Rachelle Lefevre not returning to the Twilight Saga for Eclipse, because apparently it was news to Rachelle herself!

“I was stunned da Summit’s decision to recast the role of Victoria for Eclipse. I was fully committed to the Twilight saga, and to the portrayal of Victoria. I turned down several other film opportunities and, in accordance with my contractual rights, accepted only roles that would involve very short shooting schedules. My commitment to Barney’s Version is only ten days. Summit picked up my option for Eclipse. Although...
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posted by Emmett4ever
Hey all your wait is over. I decided to post Ch.2. ENJOY!!! :)

Bella's POV

I got in my car and drove to school. All eyes were on my car. I was so excited and then I remebered I was 18. That's when I saw him. An angel,my angel,I couldn't beleive that I was so lucky to have him.To see him waiting for me with that cuore stopping smile. My Edward. And successivo to him his sister,Alice (they weren't related.The buzz around here is that all the Cullen sibilings were adopted da Dr.Cullen and his wife.But they looked alike with their golden eyes and the bruise like shadows under their eyes). In Alice's hands...
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posted by Emmett4ever
hey all i forgot to post this yesterday.All my Friends say its amazing so...Im gonna stop talking and let te read :)


She tried to get passed me but all i did was push her as far away as possible from the people I love. How do te keep the people te Amore safe? When te have to keep yourself sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza first? How do te keep the person te Amore safe? When that person doesnt Amore te anymore? How do te keep your Amore sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza when your whole world changes?

So what do te think? Hope ya like it!! :)
posted by callejahLUVSed
sorry i took so long, i got grounded.. LONG STORY! anyway, hope this chapter is okay ! comment!!!


“Hey, Edward, can we sit successivo to you?”, I asked.
“Sure, sit here”, detto Edward. I sat down successivo to Alice but Edward stopped me.
“Steph, sit here”, he said, as he patted the sede, sedile successivo to him. Jasper gave me a look and then my thoughts weren’t my own anymore.
Sis, Jasper thinks that Edward likes you.. want me to tell him anything? Emmett asked.
He thinks? I asked back. I waited a few secondi until Emmett grin.
He knows replied Emmett, and I saw a smile hiding in the...
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Summit Blames Rachelle's "Lack of Cooperative Spirit" for Eclipse DissSource: E! Online Thu Jul 30, 2009, 3:44 am EDT

Blood is starting to boil over in the Twilight zone.

Earlier today, the deposed Rachelle Lefevre revealed that she was "stunned" and "greatly saddened" da Summit Entertainment's decision to recast Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of villainous Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

And now Summit has fired back, saying the Canadian actress failed to inform the studio until July 20 that she was planning to be in Europa shooting an indie film when the Twilight gang was convening...
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posted by rose_emmett
Dont really have anything to say so...ENJOY

Renesmee's POV:

I stopped paddleing for a momment and watched Jacob paddle around me. I started to laugh when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a silver volvo driving up to the spiaggia parking lot.

"Oh no." I gasped and colomba into the water. I held my breath for as long as I could but I had to come up for air.

"What?" Jacob asked but then followed my gaze to the shore. "Okay nevermind." he detto as his eyes grew as big as mine.

"If te dont get out of here soon, your dead." he said.

"Really? I thought he would throw me a party." I detto sarcastically as...
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posted by team_robward
Chapter 16
Time to relax:

After I got my bag I ran to my car trying to beat the after school traffic rush, it didn’t really work though. I was sitting almost still in the driveway out of the car park.
Gemma ran up to me.
“Oh fine! No goodbyes for Bella!” She detto in a sarcastic snooty tone. I ran so fast I forgot to say goodbye, woops.
“Oh my god! Gem I’m sorry!” I apologized.
“Don’t worry it’s not like Gemma cares any way!” She laughed. The line started moving and I moved about half a car forward. Gemma walked along side my Chev.
“Goodbye Gemma” I smiled.
“Oh fine I’ll...
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posted by edwardlover1231
ok i dont know how many i will write today but plz coment=)

wait,wait,wait edward detto confused what is she talking didnt tell him!!!jasmine yelled.tell me what he asked confused.your girlfriends a telapath she answered amused.ENOUGH!!!!then gelsomino whent flying back leave NOW!!!!!.I will be sure to tell his masjesty.thank te i detto angry.when she left edward just stared at me confused.i was to much of a coward so i broke into a run.i could still here him following me.i sat crying tearless sobs when he came and sat successivo to know were going to have to talk about it.i nodded and...
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posted by twilightfantic1
well i would like to thak my best friend for her help.Hope te like it comment

we all got into our crouch.Nessie,nessa,jacob,and seth were behind us.while im in the middle alittle behind edward,emmett is on the left with rose behind him a little,jasper was on the other side of edward with alice behind him little,and carlisle was beside emmett with esme behind him a little.But just to think about it nessie and nessa could fight if it came to that plus they make a a good tag team.Then i saw it jessica and justin were out cold.

"that is what i dindn't tell te is that i have a power that could...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
"Seth" I shouted,i couldn't believe my eyes one minuto i was with the spanish coven and now i was on la push beach-it was raining typical. I could hear seth, he was in lupo form it felt strange being able to recognise his howl now that i had più sensitive ears.

"How did tou do that?" Charro asked me, i hadn't realised he was here.

"do what?" i asked confused. What was he saying that i was the one who had brought us here? Did he think that was my gift?

"use antonios gift" he asked he seemed to be as confused as me.

"whats antonios gift?" i asked what did he mean i hadn't even been thinking about...
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Hope everyone likes it

Wile Jake and Nessie went to go hunt and Seth got done eatting Esme out of house and home the rest of us had a family meeting about our win. "so Emmett how do te feel about our victory" Bella asked "well I am glad we won and that no harm came to Nessie but I am still pissed that they did not put up A better fight". "Oh get over yourself" Rose replied "It's easy for te to say all te have to do is stand there and look pretty". "If te think that is an easy job why don't te try it then". She detto in her normal tone. "Ok te two that is enough". Esme yelled from the...
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The Reverse Chronicles
A Hero’s Betrayal

This is the secondo book in The Reverse Chronicles, starring the original characters of The Chronicles of Sam Devine, apart from Becky who got killed in A Hero’s Return (Book 1) da the mysterious J UNIT.
Since Becky got killed, The Sam Alliance journeyed to the Headquarters of J Unit where we wanted to find out why Francesca (Head of J Unit) had authorised the missile launch that...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
All of a sudden the pain began too decrease in my limbs but the burning was increasing at my heart. My cuore was beating so fast it should have been impossible for me to hear it. I was glad. I was glad because usually in films when a persons cuore would beat faster they would be about to die, i would take death cheerfully if it meant the pain was going to end. The heat was increasing so rapidly in my cuore ifelt like it was taking its like it would make me burn until nothing was left of me was charcoal. Then all of a sudden my cuore stopped. My cuore had stopped but i was not dead. Well i...
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posted by TwilightNerd6
ciao guys, since te guys loved the first one so much hers the second.

Edward's gone and i'm bored stink.
Alice and Rosalie aren't doing much and Esme is down at the beach.
"Hey Alice,Can I borrow your phone?"I asked.
"Yeah sure."she detto as she trew it at me.I caught it luckily for that.
"Hello?"It was the voice I wanted to hear.
"Hey!"I never thought he would anwser his phone because of his trip.
"Oh,Hi Bella."he had detto in a way that sounded special.

"I was calling because Renesmee really wants to talk to you."I detto looking at Renesmee.
"Ok then put her on."I detto as he said.
"Renesmee,dadddy wants...
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posted by iluvtwilight123
Ok i know i havent writen in a long time but i have been busy!! And this chapter is short but ill right più every week and read all my other stories to keep te fresh in mind please!

"Seth! what are te doing here?" i was so surpised i havent seen him o his sister since my birthday "Well jacob wanted me to tell te to forgive him but since your out here insread of at te house then your not taking this very well." He detto this hurriedlly and awkardly, but i understood.

"seth im not going to forgive him, hes hurt me toi much. Also i just dont want to see him." Tears started to trickle down...
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posted by EdwardCullen604
This is the first story i've written so please tell me what te think

I was in the worst pain imaginable.

I was burning.

There were people talking but i had no idea what they were saying, their voices were too quick for me to hear no matter how hard i listened.If i was on fuoco then why weren't they helping me?why didn't they put it out?the pain was too much too bare, thinking about it only made it worse so i tried to remeber how this burning had started to help keep me pre-occupied...

The last thing i remember was walking out of the jewellers, i had just had my ring resized and i was...
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posted by edwardlover1231
ok so this is my first stoy so please commento and tell me if te want me to continue and if te have any ideas it would help.plz.=D

(bellas pov)

I was studying for the dartmouth finals when edward walked in and through my book across the room.the successivo thing i knew he was on superiore, in alto of study to much he whispered in my ear his lips traced along my jaw and back up to my lips.then there was a knock on the door.go away alice!edward detto angry.i pushed edward off me and sliped into my defenive crouch. its ok bella its just its not i detto through my teeth then the door slamed down.a girl walked in and edward started screaming so i put my sheild around him and he stoped. who are te and what do te want!?!i asked name is gelsomino im from olimpia.then i relaxed my crouch because i knew of olimpia.jasmine smiled your from olimpia to right.i nodded im a telapath just like you,am i correct.yes i detto guilty.edwards eyes were confused and in shock.
posted by Cullen_Freak
Bellas POV

He looked up at me, his face hard.
"Edward?Whats wrong?" He pulled out one of his books, and pointed to a picture.
"I was just thinking, I know its a long ways away but, what if Jacob and Nessie decide to have children?" I looked at him, i had thought about this over and over again, but it had never stuck.
"Ive thought about it, but what if they dont? I mean they know that what theyll creat would be someothing that i think has never exsisted." Edward looked at me again, and then looked down at the book.
"I as studing legands, te know like how we did with Nessie? And i found a monster,...
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posted by TwilightNerd6
ciao Guys!!!
This is my first so dont laugh (please)

I was lying as I thought to myself that I would be very upset if Edward left,even for a week.
Then suddenly I heard a bang on the door Bang!Bang!Bang!
"Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!"Renesmee screamed from outside.
"You'd better get that"I detto sarcastically to Edward.Then he was off the letto in a half of a second.
"Three,Two,One"He detto then opened the door slowly.
"Hey little monster"He playfully detto to Renesmee as he caught her in his hands.
"Daddy, Do te really have to go?"She asked with pain in her voice.
"Yes I do because i'm going hunting because I need...
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posted by rose_emmett
Okay so I think the successivo 2 chapters are going to be in Renesmee's POV. I dont really know what else to say so ENJOY!

Renesmee's POV:

Since I still had an ora until I had to meet him at the spiaggia I didnt rush. I walked slowly through the forest listening to the birds and admiring the trees and other plants. As I walked I came across my dad and Carlisle walking back towards the house. I didnt pay any attention to them, I just kept walking.

When I finally made it to the spiaggia it was about 6:45 and I didnt think Jake would be there already but he was sitting on the sand facing the ocean.

As I walked...
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