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posted by rachel-rathbone

chapter one
"oh please mum ellie is my best friend please let here stay" renesmee begged
"nessie this life just isnt a place for a little girl to be"i hated it but it was true i even called her nessie. she looked at the floor her long black eyelashes cating a shadow on her cheeks, her long bronze hair falling on her face.
"ask our dad" i detto sighing pushing the domanda on to someone else i couldnt stand hurting here.
"nessie te cleaned your room write sheel be her in 5 miniutes i can here the...
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posted by surfergal
I turned around to see te had caught me, I was expecting Cody tob there but he wasnt. I told him Thanks. no prob he detto Im Michael. Well thanks Michael, Im addi. Can I help te to class? Michael ask. Yeah that would be great. I said. He ask, So what is a beautiful girl doing in Forks, I take it your new to this whole ice and snow problem we have? Yeah, Im new. Yeah we didnt get a lot of snow of ice where i lived. I said. So te lived "down south" then? he said. Yeah I live in Florida. Thats cool. he said. so why are te in Forks? he ask? My sorta brother is in the Coast Guard and he got transfered...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
End of part 9:
Esme moved to my side, placing her hand on my shoulder for a moment.
"Come on," She said, "We don't want to miss our flight." I nodded, taking Edward's hand. We followed Esme and Carlilse the way Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie had all gone. I called to Jacob, saying,
"C'mon, jake. We gotta go." he nodded. I pulled Renesmee closer into my body as I thought of the trechorous slopes of the Rocky mountains, and nessie walking on them. If she fell... I shudderd at the thought.

Part 10:
I worried about Renesmee on mountains for the entire flight. When Edward tried to talk to me,...
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Kayla has grown stronger in her two years of living in Forks. Her abilities are growing giorno da giorno and are becoming even più powerful. Soon she will know just how powerful. Her premonitions weaken her, they drain her of energy as she sleeps and tire her during the day. This will pass eventually but until then... Kayla finds her premonitions very distressing. They aren’t exactly nice to her. They don’t give her a warning. She could go to sleep one night and have a normal dream, the successivo night she has a premonition. She could go through the whole day, vision free, and then BAM she...
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posted by UchihaYuki
Sorry it took sooo long for me to get up, i had a lot going on.


“So...Jacob...” Alice detto as she walked into the living room, Jacob was sitting on the divano with his eyes closed, Alice walked over and sat on the floor successivo to him. Jacob opened his eyes to look down at Alice. “..What kinda ring are te gonna get Nessie.., te haven’t decided yet.. So...” “Wait a minuto Alice, I thought te couldn’t see–“ interrupting him Alice got up and sat successivo to him on the couch. “I have my ways... Edward read your mind, and he told me te where gonna get a ring.. So that’s...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
End of part 8:
I laughed. Edward glanced down at me, confused. I grinned back at him.

"that was fun. We should do that più often."

Edward snorted. "Fun? I thought te might be in serious danger," now it was my turn to snort.

"Honestly, Edward. It was fun, though. Admit it. Once te knew i wasn't going to get killed." I laughed. He joined in.

"yes, i suppose it was kind of funny."

"Did te see his face?" I said, "He was terrified of you!" I immitated what the boy's expression had looked like, and we laughed in unison.

part 9:
Alice skipped to our side.

"Are te ready to go catch our successivo plane?"...
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posted by surfergal
When I woke up it was so early that the sun hadn't come up yet. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't so I walked downstairs to find the tv on and Emmet and Rosalie in front of it and edward, bella and renesme at their house and Carlisle and Esme in the cucina and then Alice and Jasper were on the Amore sede, sedile watching tv as well. I went and sat on the floor until Emmet detto what are te doing up at 3am? I detto its 3am?! I cant go back to sleep I said. carlisle came in and ask if he could x-ray my knee and I detto sure I don't have anything to do right now. I went to put on shorts, then I...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Collin's POV
I had to go home first but, I needed to morph. I quickly let her off, she had the weirdest and cutest look on her face. Then she relized and detto "oh". She turned around, I morphed quickly and put on my pants. I snuck up behind her and put my hands over her eyes. Guess who, I said. Collin! she said. Let me go in through my bedroom window and then I will tell te when te can knock on the front door and come. Is it okay to come in? she said. Won't it be weird with your parents there? No, my dad cleared the problem up with my Mom. well I hope, he did. It must be nice to have real...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Collin's POV
Dad, te have to convince Mom to unground me! I have to get to Jacob, he is going to be really ticked at me and Zoey needs me! Tell me the truth about the giorno before yesterday, where were you? I went to the spiaggia with Brady, Zoe, and Seth, then we went to Billy's and eat dinner. I had to take Zoey home, the Cullens left to go on a hunting trip. So I promised I just ment to stay for a little bit but then we feel asleep on the couch. Okay Dad, nothing happened. I promise. Okay, I will talk to your mom about te being ungrounded. Go to your room lock the door and play Musica from your...
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posted by Hellohoudini
Twilight movie 'Eclipse'

da Steven Zeitchik
July 16, 2009

"Eclipse," the third book in Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster series, is set to begin shooting successivo mese in Vancouver and be released on June 30. David Slade ("30 Days of Night") is directing from a screenplay da Melissa Rosenberg.

The Twilight franchise will become the center of the fan universe at Comic-Con successivo week when the stars of the secondo pic -- the Chris Weitz-directed "New Moon" -- appear, new material is unveiled and the crowd goes wild.
posted by Lucian66
I recently read an post from Twilight widower on Twilight Widowers Anonymous( it's a support site for husbands, boyfriends and life partners of Twilight addicts). It cracked me up and i want to share it with you.

Onward and Upward

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the incredibly tardy post. As te can imagine, since
the foto of Robert Pattinson standing shirtless in Italy were released, it has been very difficult for me to get near the computer.

(I thought I could sneak a post in earlier this week, but then - alas - the New Moon trailer came out. Add to that the particularly fine weather...
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posted by surfergal
When I got into the car, emmet scared the crap out of me he was sitting in the backseat. I detto " here Emmet te drive". "no Max will notice if someone is sitting in the front passenger sede, sedile addi" Emmet said. Okay fine I said. When we got far enough away we switched seats to where emmet was driving. I started crying I couldn't control it. Awe Addi, please dont cry on me He said. Do te think I'm crying on cause i want to? I ask but continued before he could answer. I can't control this Emmet, I can't stop feeling like crap. I just, I don't know anymore. Addi its ok, he said. I'm sorry I shouldnt...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
For all the Zoey McDaniel fan, Should I do a POV in some one elses few of Zoeys life? Like Alice, Jasper, Bella, Emmett, Esme, Carisle, o Collin. o do yall want me to keep doing Zoeys POV?


posted by surfergal
I got up the stairs and just started crying quietly. I knew everyone could hear me but I didnt feel like talking about it o thinking about it o anything. I put on some sweat pants and I found one of Cody's long sleeved t-shirt in my closet I put it on just smelling his scent on it. I just layed in my letto and cried, soon I feel asleep. When I woke up my face was sticky feeling from dried tears. I couldnt believe what had happened yesterday afternoon. i really thouhgt he was going to be my firend but I guess not. I walked o hobbled down the stairs and into the kitchen. Alice and Esme were...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
It was not a plasent giorno when I woke up at lunch. My hand was killing me and I felt bad for getting mad at Jacob. I know sooner o later I would have to talk about to some body, I am just not that good on sharing my feelings. I would just rather keep them to myself. I heard people talking in the kitchen, it sounded like Charlie was over. Great, that is all that I need. I liked Charlie but he didn't know any of the secrets, so I would need to lie. I got mad and punched a brick wall? Um, that one would work, unless they already told them. I could here them talking about what happen last night....
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posted by surfergal
I waited a whole week with out figuring out it wasn’t the fluw, because I hadn’t got one text from him o anything. It was the weekend and I was bored so I ask Jacob if he would drive me to Cody’s house he detto yeah. When we pulled up to his house, no one was home so I told Jacob that I wanted to wait for him.I waited an ora and a half before I saw cody walking in the distance. I got out of the car and detto Cody! Whats up? I noticed that he had gotten really buff and tall since the last time I had seen him. He detto "go away". No till te tell me what going on I said. Why wont te answer...
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posted by surfergal
The successivo morning was school and as usual I got up showered which is
very hard with a broken knee da the way. I put on some shorts cause
none of my pants would go over my cast and then I put on a sweat
shirt. Max cam and got me to take me to school. We talked the whole
way there an I told him sorry for falling off his porch and squishing
his fiore bed. He detto it was fine and that I didn't have to
apologize anymore. I arrived at school and saw Cody before I got out
if the car. I ask Max if he thought that Cody was good looking and max
said it's not about the looks it's about what's inside that...
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posted by surfergal
When we started home it was to late to surf so we went to Chik-fl-a and
we started our way home. I ask if he could drop me off at my brothers
house and he detto yeah but one domanda I thought te lived with the
Cullen’s. Yeah they took me in a couple of months ago. He detto I'm
confuse. I... Okay I was in the Coast Guard training base. I thought
you were 16,? Yeah I made a new birth certificate that had a later
birthdate so I could unisciti the coast guard. Wow te can do that? Yeah if
your really good at it and know how to certify it. Wow I can't believe
you can do that. Did the police find out?...
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posted by surfergal
When I finished my homework it was around 11pm. I was tired but I was
understood it unlike usual. I went to sleep and I woke up in the
middle of the night really thirsty and sickish feeling. I went and got
a glass of water and then Carlisle walked down the stairs and I asked
him if he would take my temperature. He detto yes and for me to go sit
on the divano while he went to get his bag. When he returned he took my
temperature and detto that I had a slight fever and then I just had to
run to the bathroom. I had never puked so much in my life. When I was
done I just layed there in the floor. I...
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posted by surfergal
When I got to his house I could see him standing on his side walk. It
makes me happy when I see him. When I got out he detto sweet ride sis.
I know it's awesome my preferito kind of car in the world. He ask if it
had a good base in it and I detto there's only one way to find that
out. So we hoped in my jeep turned up the Musica and went for a
drive,then he got a call so I took him to the base. He told me sorry
for having to leave and that he would call later.

I had the best people in my life. People to take care of me people who
actually cared. I went back to the house and of course Jacob and Seth...
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