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Fan fiction by CullenCult posted più di un anno fa
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"Carlisle!" Edward yelled as soon as he reached the door even though it wasn't necessary. da that time Edward's entire family had appeared out of nowhere of course, and converged in the living room.
"What is it Edward?" Carlisle detto in a worried tone.
"We have a problem." Edward simply said.
"What is it?" Emmett asked, unworried.
"Charlie knows everything, about us, about the pack, everything. I'm ashamed that I didn't see it sooner. Bella, I'm so sorry." Edward told his family, and his bride-to-be. Who had this blank, morose look on her face.
"What do te mean?" Esme asked.
"I mean, that, umm why don't me, te and Carlisle go in the other room and talk. Jasper?" Edward gave Jasper a serious look. Then suddenly Bella started to sway, then she fell. Emmett caught her and Rosalie got a cuscino and a blanket.

Meanwhile at Bella's house, Charlie, Buffy, Giles, Spike, and Oz were sitting around disscusing what to do next.
List by wildcats13 posted più di un anno fa
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Ok. so I found this as a group on Facebook and totally agree... I mean who wouldn't want a guy, o *vampire* like Edawrd? So here's the list.

1. Be inhumanly attractive
2. Drive 200 km/h
3. Save te from death
4. Have an amazing body
5. Be incredibly wealthy
6. Be too much of a gentlemen
7. Have an elegant way of walking
8. Be inhumanly strong
9. Crooked smile
10. Have an extended an sophisticated vocabulary
11. Be really smart
12. Good taste in music
13. Smell extraordinarily nice
14. Suddenly appear out of nowhere and baciare te passionatley
15. To tell te that te ARE beautiful, not that te look beautiful
16. To be able to enter your room without anyone noticing
17. To be willing to sacrifice his life for yours
18. Have eyes only for you, even if he is surrounded da attractive girls
19. To be ale to read minds except for yours
20. Quote Romeo ( Shakespear )
Opinion by tigerlover657 posted più di un anno fa
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The fantastic autore of the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer, makes a tough decision on who te would choose. o più importantly who Bella will choose. Jacob o Edward? She certainly is in less danger if she is with Jacob. But it is almost evened out. If she stands too close to Jacob when he is mad, he might just kill her, too. But if she is with Edward, who always craves for her blood più than any other vampire, she might just get killed in that situation too. The autore wants to make it clear that its a very tough decision. I mean who would te choose? My Friends and I have already chosen Jacob. But a lot of people say Edward. I still haven't let go of Edward, but I still think that Jacob is a better decison. Who will te choose? And più importantly, who will Bella choose?
Fan fiction by CullenCult posted più di un anno fa
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What would happen if Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the gang went to Forks? Well I imagine it might go something like this. . .

"Oh come on Giles, te can't be serious." Buffy moaned.
"I kind of like it here." Spike mentioned.
"Shut up Spike." Buffy said.
"Well I'm just sayin' pet, this place is perfect. Almost always no sun, and that means no bursting into flame. Which is a plus if te ask me love."
"Lord, Spike nobody cares." Buffy started. "You can sposta here for all we care."
"If te two are going to behave like children the whole time we are here, then I'll send te both back to Sunnydale." Giles threatened.
"Well he started it." Buffy continued.
"Hush! One of my sources here in Forks has been monitoring the Werewolf and Vampire activity in this area, and he says its out of control. That's why we are here, of course, and why we brought Spike and Oz."
Just as Giles finished talking, they pulled into a drive-way. As they began to get out of the car Giles told them where they were.
Article by Laurl23 posted più di un anno fa
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Its Full On War People!!!!!! Are te ready to fight? Stand up for what te believe in? Will people turn backs on te and shun te down for what te believe in? Well here it is I am Laurl23 and I am starting a full on Harry Potter VS. Twilight on fanpop War. te may hate me for it te my Amore me o like me for but the truth is all I want to see is are te truly a Harry Potter fan o are te a huge Twilight Fan. te can’t like both, te might say te do, but deep inside your only in Amore with one of these amazing series. This war will include: Actors and attrici Wars from each movie, The two book series, Amore interests, and so much more.. Most of this war will be on picks so I will put down the links for every pick I put down to keep this war keep going on!!!!!!!! Lets get this going to see the truth between every Twilight and Harry Potter fanpop User.

Draco Pick
Article by Laurl23 posted più di un anno fa
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Edward Cullen <333
Our Edward,
Who art in Forks,
Hallowed be thy sparkles.
Thy Volvo comes, thy will be fast,
On Earth as it is in the meadow.
Give te this day, our daily blood;
Forgive us our heartbeats,
As we worship Carlisle for giving te life.
Lead us into temptation,
Deliver us to you.
For thine is the vampire,
The Musica and the hotness,
For ever and ever,

I think, At some point,
Everyone dreams of finding...
An Edward.
Someone whose name te call, o whisper,
And he's right there waiting.
Someone who hums a lullaby,
And holds te close, as te drift off.
Someone who seems to just....sparkle, in the Sunlight,
Whose eyes are often Topaz,
And Reassuring.
Someone who takes te to dinner,
And ignores the pretty waitress.
Someone who follows you,
Watches te always,
Secretly, Just to be sure,
You're always okay.
Opinion by stormyskyes08 posted più di un anno fa
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1. Tell him that Bella really is dead.
2. Lock him in a room with Jacob.
3. Beat Edward at chess
4. Tell him that Bella ran off with Jacob.
5. Replace all his CD's with techno music.
6. Tell him that he's sparkly.
7. Do not serenade him.
8. Push him in the sunlight.
9. Kill an animal in front of him
10. Tell Edward that there are thousands of posers on Myspace pretending to be him.
11. Tell him that he smells good.
12. Ask him to eat something.
13. Ask him if he got contacts.
14. Beg him to do your homework for him.
15. Ask him to bite you.
16. Ask him if te "dazzle him."
17. Tell him that te Amore him.
18. Ask him if te take a picture of him..will he mostra up.
19. Ask him to stand in front of a mirror.
20. Drive a furgone, van into him.
21. Ask him what his blood type is.
22. Jump off a cliff.
23. Put Bella in peril.
24. Ask him how old he is.
25. Run around screaming "The Volturi are coming! The Volturi are coming."
Opinion by FloatingMuffins posted più di un anno fa
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Disclaimer: These are my views, please don't be offended

I don't know about everyone, but TOO many people type using net-speak and horrid spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Typos are perfectly fine, but when someone types something that looks like this:

i lyk ttly luv edward he is so s3xy jacob is a hawttie 2

It completely irritates me.

Those few lines have many things wrong with it:

1) Lack of capitalization and punctuation.

Without proper capitalization, the sentences look very amateur. We don't know when a new sentence starts, and it shows lack of respect (excuse me for sounding cheesy) towards the characters. If te were to read the Preamble to the Constitution, te would see that certain words, that seem random, are capitalized. That is because they capitalized any word of importance back in those times. Today, we capitalize the first word of a sentence, and proper nouns. Is that really too much to ask?
Opinion by funnyshawna posted più di un anno fa
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So...this is for Twilight and Maximum Ride fans. and it is a little weird. te see, me and my friend decided we were actually going to use good writing, but then we decided the story needed più spice and so then it started getting interesting. okay, here it is.

BY: FAST FARMS (aka, Flora and Shawna Teams)

Fang was wondering around in the cold dark forest. Just twenty minuti ago, Max had dramatically ran away from him, after he had kissed her. Stupid Max. Stupid, dramatic Max. Couldn't she see that they were meant to be?? He sighed, walking deeper into the woods.
Suddenly he sensed that something was watching him. He tensed up, loosening his wings from underneath his windbreaker.
"Who's there?" he said, in his best affirmative voice. A low growl echoed through the forest. Crap, thought Fang. Erasers?? He was just about to take off, when suddenly a lupo emerged from the shadows.
Fang froze. He didn't look like an eraser transformed; he was more...human like. There was a playful smile, on his mouth, and his head was cocked. The creature took a step forward, his bushy tail twitching behind him. Fang was...
Opinion by funnyshawna posted più di un anno fa
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This is Twilight in total reverse, made da me and my friend.

By: Fast Farms.
    Once upon a time, there was a very sparkly vampire, a very stupid boy, and also a very warm and fuzzy werewolf. They all live in this small town called Spoons. The stupid boys name was Mr. Bell. He was an 18 anno old regular human. He wasn’t anything special until Edwarda came along.
    “Ooooh te smell delicious!” cried Edwarda. She glared at Mr. Bell, because she was angry that he smelled so good. That made Mr. campana, bell scared. Mr. campana, bell hid behind his long, brown good-smelling hair that smelled like strawberries (thanks to his All-Natural-No-Preservatives fragola smelling shampoo he had used earlier that morning.) Then Edwarda ran away, because she was a vegetarian, and she didn’t want to have to kill Mr. Bell.
    A few days later, Edwarda came back. She had composed herself, da dying her hair. The smell of constant bleach made it easier to be around Mr. Bell. She decided she was going to ignore Mr. Bell. But she couldn’t, because he was just too sexy! And too good smelling! So she...
Opinion by kctjohnson posted più di un anno fa
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Here is an excerpt from an articolo written da A. De Witt, a professional counselor, discussing infatuation and true love. I read several other articoli on this topic (written da psychologists, medical professionals, and theological experts)and many say much of the same thing (except those who are più medical in their approach and tend to talk about dopamine, adrenaline, and brain activities as related to infatuation and love). I found it fascinating as it related to the relationships found in the Twilight series:

"Infatuation is like a drug, o a form of madness. te are taken over da a whirlwind, te are consumed da thoughts of the other person and nothing else matters. Your life suddenly revolves around this person and te want to spend every waking moment with him o her. te are in a dream, dizzy with bliss. True love, on the other hand, is più a sense of friendship and respect."

Like a “drug”. In the Twilight series, only one character was referred to as being like a “drug”. It wasn’t an adjective that was randomly pulled out of thin air. There is a reason why Edward was compared to narcotics; there is a reason why, every time Bella was...
Opinion by kctjohnson posted più di un anno fa
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I thought I'd post this poem and try to get constructive feedback ;)


To Know Her

She is who I see and all that I see.
Every minuto with her is a minuto to know her.
What does she like? What makes her angry?
What makes her laugh like no other?

I watch her sposta and learn her moods.
Her needs, I read like a book unbound.
I study her eyes as they speak to me
When words aren’t enough, when they can’t be found.

Her joy is mine, her emotions sposta me.
To be what she wants is no arduous task.
To protect her and know her – that’s what I do
So I find it amusing when she would ask:

“How is it that te know me so well?
Sometimes it seems te can read my mind.”
“Nah,” I smile. “I just pay attention.”
I become what she wants and needs, da design.

Opinion by gileygirl posted più di un anno fa
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I've been fanpopping since september if I am correct. At first I was a stranger to this site, and spot. But, soon enough I have grown fond te ladies here. I think it is awesome that I found girls who are exactly like me. OBESSESED with the Twilight Series! Everyone gets exciting when the thought, o mentioned anything that has to do with the series! I Amore it, and it makes me happy that I am not alone when it comes to being obssesd with these series of books, being I've been Leggere the series since 2005 it was hard to find girls like me. Everyone one of te ladies are amazing, smart, funny, and just really neat to talk about Twilight because te girls are awesome, and wouldn't trade any other fan on any other fansite for te ladies! I just Amore te all! you're awesome!
sometimes it can get a little cold hearted, but then again everyone is no great and nice!

te ladies are great!!!

Amore te all!!!

Gileygirl =D
Opinion by tushtush posted più di un anno fa
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Okay, I understand that people might hate me for this... But I'll say it anyway. Just before I start my lista of predictions for the successivo book in the Twilight series, though, I'm first going to say that I have absolutely no evidence suggesting that any of the stuff I'm about to say is going to happen. In fact, it probably won't.

Here goes... I, as a fan of both 'Bedward' and 'Jella' would like to believe I'm not biased towards either couple (though that's not completely true...Shh) in my predictions, and I'm going to stay as neutral as possible. I've been rereading bits of the libri and I've come to a slightly Unbelievable conclusion: Bella is a werewolf. For some reason the fact that she's a girl and she hangs out with Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. means that she changes later than most of the Quileutes. It's perfectly plausible that somewhere down the line an elder had an affair with someone in Charlie's family, causing Bella to unknowingly have the werewolf gene.

For some reason, even though she is not yet able to change, she has been able to imprint, which she has done on Edward, explaining her incredible bond with him. I reckon in the fourth book Bella will change and...
Opinion by shortynme posted più di un anno fa
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So we, as Twilighters, all know that even IF we both like Jacob and Edward, we're secertely più devoted to one than the other. Come on, addmitt it! te can't help but Amore that crooked smile of Edward's just a little bit più than Jacob's big grin. And what's so great about a white body? I want my man tall (prefrably 6'7 around there) and dark.
So here, on this soapbox of happiness, we're going to go over the amazing traits, that Edward and Jake DON'T have in common. If I leave something out that te think one has, leave it in your comment! Shout out your Jake o Edward support!

-He may be 100+ years old, but baby he don't look it!
-Could there ever be anyone as tender as him? *shakes her head* we only wish!
-Auburn, ruffled hair and golden eyes. Grr baby!
-That crooked smile *sigh* melt my heart.
-How many of te can honestly say that when they baciare their man, he takes their breath away? Bella put your &$#@)$)(*!#@ hand DOWN! We get your point te spoiled )&$#)!&$!!!!!!!
Opinion by gileygirl posted più di un anno fa
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I don't know about the rest of you, but the other night I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of fuoco and Rob's part as Cedric came along. I couldn't but picture him as Edward Cullen. I am a Harry Potter fan, but this to happen was a first for me.
So, from now on I can't help but to see Edward and not Cedric. I dont know about everyone else here feels the same way.

Other things that make me think about Edward.
- Chicago Style Pizza.
- Some elderly person mentioning Debussy.
- I see a shiny volvo successivo to me when I am driving
- Listening to Indie Musica and wondering if edward would like the band playing.
- I was sitting in class and someone mentioned the Spanish Infulenza, and I thought of Edward
- I saw the initals EC on the sidewalk on my campus
- I see a man with auburnish hair
- mountain lions
- I hear a quote from someone and its so something Edward would say.

These are just some things that make me think of Edward in my daily life. I cant help it, but it happens a lot. So, i try to keep myself in control when I have these Edward moments.
Opinion by twilightforever posted più di un anno fa
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Twilight teaser trailer will kick Indiana Jones teaser trailer no.1 spot on myspace most viewed trailers.Twilight teaser trailer scored più than 2 million visualizzazioni in 3 days!

2 più million visualizzazioni needed to be at no.1!



open it in different windows to save time and all!
keep refreshing and mute the volume if te get sick of it!


total visualizzazioni 8:46 EST: 2,403,785 views!!!
11:27 EST: 2,438,042 million views

Opinion by caintil31 posted più di un anno fa
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Out with the old.......
So I've been a huge, HUGE, huge Harry Potter since I was twelve. Before that I was a huge Series of Unfortuante Events fan. Now I feel like I'm becoming a huge Twilight fan. But it's making me feel guilty. I feel as if I'm betraying J.K. Rowling even though I know it sounds ridiculous. I've only read Twilight so far and I really liked it. Not better than Harry Potter though. But now the movie is coming out and I feel myself getting really hype over it. I don't want to turn my back on Harry because I truly do Amore those books. It just gets harder to continue to be a Harry Potter fan since the series is over and most of the Film have already been made. There isn't much for me to get hype about. When I read that Harry Potter was knocked off the New York Times Bestseller lista I felt kind of sad but also a little happy that Twilight became number one. I want to like Twilight but I'll just feel kinda bad inside that I left behind Harry. I did write earlier in the Harry Potter spot that one giorno we will be blessed with another series that will take over our lives and enchant us just like Harry. I believe Twilight is that series. It's wonderfully written and has everything Harry Potter...
Opinion by ANNiE_aKa_BeLLa posted più di un anno fa
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A scene fades in, deep in the forest. Bella's standing with her back to Edward, with Edward a few feet behind her.

Bella : How old are you?
Edward (voice almost a whisper): 17

The camera pans around and focuses in on her face, which is full of shock and a bit of fear, her eyes cut to him as if she wants to turn and face him but doesn't quite have the courage.

Bella: How long have te been 17?

Cuts to a clip of Edward crouched, as if hunting. A quick sequence of a deer running, trees and leaves flying past follows and ends as a figure rushes from the left and pounces the deer. Cut back to Edward, still behind Bella but a little closer than before.

Edward: Awhile.

The words "When te can live forever" come onto the screen.

A figure seems to fly through the air among the albero tops before the scene cuts to Jasper, talking to Edward over the cappuccio of a car.
Opinion by Michellebob posted più di un anno fa
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Breaking News

Twilight Fever!

The original virus was appears to have originated from a popolare series of libri called “The Twilight Series”. Carriers of the virus have been passing on their Amore of the libri but on hearing of the forthcoming movie adaptation the strain has reached epic global proportions.

Sufferers can quickly be identified by
·    A glazed look in their eyes
·    An inability to control their cuore beat
·    A twilight book close at hand
·    Quietly mumbling Citazioni to themselves and smiling
·    Checking fanpop daily for updates

Similar ailments, that have quite common symptoms, and often go hand in hand with this fever are
·    Edwarditis - will peer, cuore thumping, inside silver Volvos and look disappointed when they find their neighbour looking back
Opinion by surfen_cutie09 posted più di un anno fa
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Honestly, if te were Stephanie Meyer, and te were Scrivere Breaking Dawn as we speak, how would te write it, (write what te really think will happen in the book) these things for example:

bella and edward get married
bella becomes a vampire
jacob comes back and splits bella and edward up forever, and he gets bella
fight between edward and jacob
jacob imprinting...

things like that
except in long details
its ok to get creative but keep to what te think will really happen. not what te hope but what te think
i wonder how many people will say the same thing

i wonder what te think.....

Opinion by twilightlova13 posted più di un anno fa
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If te have never read o heard about Twilight te should go to the book store right now and get it. There are two other libri after it and the fourth book comes out August second. I'm so that is not even the right word to say. I have no clue what the right word is to say about how i feel right now so let's just say super super super super etc. excited about Breaking Dawn ( the fourth book) coming out. And I'm am so so so so so so so so excited for the movie to come out. I'm driving my family up the bacheca because I talk about it every day. I'm obsessed. I am a readaholic, but my Friends do not read at all and I got them so excited about these books. that's how good these libri are. Stephenie Meyer is the best autore in the whole wide world and she is so great. I just fell deeply in Amore with the characters right from the beginning. I'm an obsessed fan. And I do have to say that Robert Pattinson who is playing Edward Cullen is totally HOT! I'm so jealous of Kristen Stewart who is playing Bella Swan. I cannot wait... Literally. Well write back. Can't wait to here about other obsessed Twilight fans.
Opinion by shortynme posted più di un anno fa
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ciao ladies! Ok, I wrote this the other giorno while I was at work. I had my head down on the desk, sat up, wrote it, and put my head back down. lol I ask that te don't use it without my permission, as it is my original work. But here is a little poem I wrote, that I thought te Twilight obsessed fan might like. I kind of pictured Edward after I wrote it and reread it. There are lots of people (including people who te might be dating right now) that this can apply to. Enjoy and tell me what te think!

Young girls think of Amore and picture a prince.
Women, who have loved and been hurt see not a prince but the truth.
Just a man, imperfect and unsure.
But it's those memories of Prince Charming that make them keep loving, even without hope.

Taleah Elizabeth Cox
April 12,2008
Opinion by Lunatic posted più di un anno fa
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Eclipse is my least favourite, which means I'm only mildly obsessed with it.

I agree that Jacob needs to imprint and find his own girl (or if he chooses, his own guy). I still like Jacob, he just has big problems.

I think Bella does Amore Edward more. (A lot more.) Although since her Amore of Edward is possibly the truest of true loves, that doesn't mean she doesn't Amore Jacob with enough power to light up all of Washington. It just means it isn't enough to overpower her Amore of Edward, which (since I already used the electricity metaphor) could light up all of Earth and then some.

We know Bella truly loves Edward da in New Moon when he leaves. Bella doesn't act like a teenager who just broke up with her boyfriend, she acts like a grieving widow who just Lost her husband and soul mate. Everything changes and Bella stops doing so much that she used to enjoy just because the pain of remembering him is too strong that it kills her every time.
Opinion by surfen_cutie09 posted più di un anno fa
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ok, i know she loves both but its probably ovious who she loves more, but im not sure is it edward o jacob.

i think that if she chooses edward like she did in eclipse, there will be pain for not being with jake, but she already went through not being with edward and it almost killed her, and at the end of elcipse she had pain but it wasnt as bad. like she detto when edward asked her,
" are te sure te made the right choice, i have never seen te in so much pain"
and she says "I have known worse pain"
does that mean, the worse pain was when edward left her

does anyone get what im trying to ask, if not ill try to explain better