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What is your typical giorno like on the set of New Moon, the sequel to Twilight?

New Moon was a very relaxed film to work on and it all starts with how easy going director Chris Wietz is. That vibe rolls down to the crew and actors. It makes it so easy when we've all worked together before. Everything was so well organized, making it easy for the actors to do our job. We had più time to just laugh and make jokes and hang out; it's important to have a cast that gels the way we do and you'll see that più in the secondo film.

The entire cast of Twilight and New Moon has gone from Hollywood new faces...
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posted by edwardcullen865
"Edward..Jacob asked Nessie to marry him and she detto yes she unsure how te would take it. she is going to tell him what we detto now ..."
"now Edward I'm not thrilled she is getting married either but she is and it is her choice not ours and te promised not to be mad."
"that was before i found out my daughter my only daughter was getting taken away from me."
"Edward she isn't going anywhere. she is still going to live near us just not with us anymore."
"I'm fine." he kept saying it. then i think i heard him say i'll kill you,but i wasn't sure till i looked...
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posted by edwardcullen865
when we arrived home Nessie and Jacob were asleep.Nessie on the divano , and Jacob on the floor.i walked into Mason's room and layed him down for letto . when i walked back into the living room Edward had put Nessie in her room and was about to wake up Jake.
" no don't he has probably had a tiring giorno and needs some rest." i told Edward before he could wake up Jacob.
i walked into our bedroom and straight to the closet alice made for us. i changed into some silf pjs .it seemed that was all my closet had was silk.
i went back into the bedroom and laid in bed.i was waiting for Edward .i waited for...
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posted by edwardcullen865
" my love, Nessie is with Jacob as normal and Mason is with Esme . we are going to pick Mason up right now " Edward answered .
" well , okay i just don't like being away from him for so long ."
"it only been a giorno Bella ."
" i know but it seems longer than that."
We arrived at the Cullen's house a few secondi later.I Walked through the back door while Edward followed . I walked straight to Esme to get Mason.Esme turned to face me . I looked down at her arms for Mason , but he was not there . i started to get worried.
" Where is Mason? " i asked Esme with a little worry in my tone.i knew she...
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posted by edwardcullen865
I woke up in a rash movement . I couldn't remember what had happened last night. I remembered only Edward's hard, cold body against mine and then it went blank. I walked into the living room looking for Edward but i didn't see him. then i felt cold arms around me .
" Good morning Amore how did te sleep ?" Edward detto with so much Amore in his voice .
" What happened ? " I detto still confused .I turned myself to look at him . He looked confused , hurt , pained , and sad , then it became calm.
" What do te remember last , my Amore ? " He detto still confused as of i was .
" Well , i remember...
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posted by twilight-7
Alice was forced to cut the shopping trip short after six calls from my mother.
“Get home now!” she demanded. “You shouldn’t be out in your condition.”
I rolled my eyes.
“I’m fine, mother,” I replied. “I’m not over exerting myself. Alice is doing all the shopping. I’m just sitting on a bench.”
That wasn’t exactly a lie. Alice was doing all the shopping as she was paying for it. I wasn’t sitting on a bench because there were no benches in a department store. I was in fact holding a little black dress up against me while looking in the mirror with my cell phone tucked...
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posted by egg-cellent
Jacob was what they called a "werewolf". Alice and Emmett explained it all to me. Rose continued to pout, but she stood successivo to Emmett. She didn't speak to me, I didn't mind too much. I was afraid of what she had to say to me.
I couldn't believe it, I had been living in a small human world, unknown to everything out there.
I didn't know exactly what was going on outside. The argument started inside, Jacob had exploded on Carlisle, yelling something about a treaty. Jacob had turned as red as a tomato. I used to Amore tomatoes, but now, at the very thought of them, I didn't find them too appealing....
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
(I am sorry I have not writen in many days, I have had writers block and could not think of what to say.) -Amy Freed

It is pitch black and as I head towards my car my hope from before fades away. I reach the drivers side door and lean towards the handle, but as my finger tips grasp it my body is pulled back with one sift movement. I am slamed against a huge tree. I try to take in a breath but my lungs fail me. As I try to crawl towards the house I am smashed against the ground. I try to yell for help but no one would be able to hear me. Somehow a screame manages to leap from my throat. I can...
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Warning: This is just my fantasy coming through. And some information to you; the story plays before Bella became a Vampire and there is no Nessie in sight. So its just for our little Jacob's sake, he needs some luving.

Information: Sorry for the long wait, i just really wasnt inspired. But i hope that will change da now. So have fun...

I wish i could scream
What giorno of the week was it? Not that it was really important, but the point was that i hadnt left that room in about a week, o more. And always da my side was my beautiful girlfriend, the reason why my cuore kept beating, Kristine. All...
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posted by team_robward
Chapter 12.
Finding it out:

I was in the forest again, but this time I wasn’t walking, I was lying on the ground. Curled up amongst the leaves and the grass. I sat up slowly and looked around. It looked like Forks again. There was a point to being there again, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I got up, I could see something on a tree. I started walking towards it, keeping my vision straight on the tree. I slipped and fell. It didn’t hurt though because the leaves I fell onto were soft. I began walking towards the albero again. As I got closer I realised the thing stuck to it was a...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

1) I have created my own spot for Sunrise, and aggiornamenti will now be postato there.

2) See my profilo "spots Bella_Swan3 has joined" for più information. Sunrise is the spot with the red rose.

3) All precedente Sunrise chapters have been reposted there as well.

4) Thank te to Swhit2, who encouraged me to create my own spot.

5) If te see it and te liked Sunrise, please unisciti it.

6) Please do not post articoli on my spot unless it is a review, but te are free to add questions, picks, pictures, forum topics, videos(if te find anything that's relevant), links o quiz questions.

Thank te once again to everyone who ever commentato and rated Sunrise. I Amore te people!
posted by egg-cellent
Sleeping wasn't an issue.
Eating was an issue.
Personal hygiene wasn't an issue.

I was what I was. I was a "vampire" as they had called it. I tried not to talk, I tried to prevent anything that involved my throat. They took me hunting, but it didn't satisfy me. They told me that I was to be careful, that after a few months of snacking on animals, my eyes would slowly turn topaz and my cravings for human blood would cease.
I was still wearing the dress, it was awfully pretty. The girl Alice kept bouncing, making plans for the future. Our conversations normally ended up in glamor o something to...
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posted by leisha4
ciao people. heres the long awaited part 6. i finally got it done! i really hope it makes sense because i had to add quite abit of extra detail to make this part make sense and to keep the interest. thank te all for Leggere it. i hope te like it :)

part 5
We made it to forks hospital quickly, for human eyes maybe but the car wouldn’t go fast enough for me.
I walked to the reception and asked to see Charlie, but they wanted to know the relationship between us. It took another half an ora till I could persuade the nurse to let me see him. I took a seep breath before I walked into the room. Right...
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posted by egg-cellent
I was looking at a beautiful girl in the mirror.
No, she couldn't be me. This wasn't me. My right nostril is bigger than my left nostril. My left cheekbone was higher than my right, making my eyes shaped funny when I smile. I hated it, but that was me. I was looking at a gorgeous girl in the mirror. Her eyes where blood red though, which sort of scared me. Behind her eyes was pale white skin. Her features where perfect, perfect wasn't even the word. They where marvelous.
I continued to look at the girl, her long curly hair was perfectly curled. A small rosa blush was plastered onto her cheeks....
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posted by egg-cellent
"Carlisle! What were te thinking?" A soft voice scolded someone named "Carlisle".
"She's pretty," an angelic, perky voice detto this time.
"Bella and Renesmee weren't enough?" Someone snapped, it was a female.
"Carlisle was just thinking of the patient," another female voice. This one was a lot softer.
"What would happen if he did this to all his patients?" The same male voice as before snapped.
"C'mon guys, it's no problem, really. She's just like us, just need to get past the newborn stage." Another, but different, female voice disagreed.
"She's going to be special, I can tell. She survived an...
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posted by Bella_Swan3
A/N: I just wanted to thank all of the awesome people that have so far commentato on Sunrise. *Deep breath*:
Edward_lover101; _madz_; twilightGGlost; TwiyliytCraze247; 2ki8jess2ki8; teamalice_0; pie-102; aLeX-cHaP; isaacson96; wildcatz; nataliespn; FilmFan; MiaCullen_x; just_bella; JoseVanders; brooki; jasperloving; patrisha727; Doopey; Irina92; Bella11700; TwilightHearts; Bella_Cullen902; scogburn; RATHBONE07; princesspinkla; jamiesue00;SarahPattinson; Natalia94; renesmeblack; g3u16; BellaSwan636; and Swhit2 (BTW: The idea for your story sounds great! Thank you, especially.)

I te actually had...
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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Shoot Dates Revealed!

This seemingly minor blip of news is going to be very exciting for a lot of te readers. The third movie entry in the “Twilight” series, “Eclipse,” will shoot at Vancouver Film Studios between August 17 and October 31 (Halloween wrap!), Coming Soon reports. The David Slade-directed adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s novel will come from a script da series scribe (and occasional “Dexter” writer) Melissa Rosenberg.

The Halloween avvolgere is perfectly timed to coincide with what will likely be the start of a massive publicity push leading into the release of “New Moon” on November 20. “Eclipse” is currently set for a June 30, 2010 release, a fact which I’m sure that many of te readers are already well aware of. So mark those calendars if te haven’t already, and prepare for an increasing onslaught of “Eclipse” news as the wheels spin faster and faster.
posted by dinosteph
From the beginning:


Lets get caught up!:

“Why do te have to create so many problems?” She hissed back, finally turning her head to face me. He eyes were dark.

“Rose.” Emmett warned quietly.

“No. Edward’s not here. Don’t tell me what to do.” She hissed at Emmett and then stared back out the window.

I suddenly felt like this was a mistake. Rose could hate me. I really didn’t mind.

“Did te know that everyone is all packed and ready to go?” Rose detto from the corner. “And then te happened.” Emmett just sat there shaking his head

“Ignore her. She’s just upset about...
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posted by dinosteph
ciao guys, so I didn't expect this many people to be interested in Scrivere for the contest.




12 people, 13 if I decide to write too.
I just wanted some ideas on how to do voting from te guys. I was thinking posting an articolo with the contest headline, and then each story linked.
I would create a poll, in which people can vote for whichever story they would like to win.

I haven't decided if I am going to include myself...
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posted by renesmeblack

I flew over the trees, landing on a branch from the tallest. I rested there for ten consecutive secondi before the albero shook beneath me. I looked down to see a large red-brown lupo barking up at me. Great. Feel the wrath of six Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. and one large indian, o become lunch da an overgrown dog. I'd choose the mortal indian, anyday. I looked up to the sky. It started to rain, so that eliminated my chances of flying. I transformed into my human form and waited for the lupo to loose interest.
Then to my horror I saw the lupo transform into Jacob, and he climbed up the albero to get me. I got up...
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