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For reasons as of yet unknown, fanpop seems to have something against the website b l o g s p o t . c o m -- posting links from this site will cause te to get temporarily suspended.
We first noticed this when I tried to link a blog from that site with my 'main' account, lucius_malloy, and got temporarily suspended. Later this happened with a total of five other accounts: luciusmalloy (my first back-up account), harrypotterbest, Accio_Pandorica, lumiss and Gemonkus.
We have contacted fanpop about this issue and are hoping for a reply soon, but in the mean time, we are warning te against posting...
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posted by uniquezandy
"Well we are here!" Esme detto with delight. It wasn't as fancy as the house back in Forks, but it gave them a personailty. "Last box packed already." Carlise informed and he went over to baciare Esme. It was so sweet and they both shared delight; so the might use it. te see, the Cullens, (and Bella, still human, but a part of their family,) had to sposta again. This time; it's a quiet town known as Mystic Falls. As they were wondering around, Alice had a moment. "Oh my god. It can't be." Everyone was wondering, so they surronded Alice to get the whole story. "There are others, in this town who...
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posted by mia1emmett
i am thinking of ending it in the successivo chapter.

Chapter 8
    Emmett told the family that he was going to drive around with me; I knew it was going to be a long ride. I rolled my eyes at that fact. The whole car ride Emmett was recitazione like a father I wanted to laugh so badly but I couldn’t I knew it wasn’t good for me to right now. Edward would have detto “smart girl” if he was here. Boy do I wish jasper was though Emmett was so tense. I was scared to step into the car. As I...
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posted by mia1emmett
>>if te see car-- that means i forgot how to spell dr.cullens name :/ not a very good twilight fan i know :(
            Chapter 5
As I was walking down my stairs I saw a jeep pull up in front of my
House. When Emmett poked his head out he detto "Ella come on" I got in to
Find rose Alice jasper and Emmett all in the car I smiled to everyone.
Then I felt something sharp as if it was hitting me in the gut. I detto
"Thank te guys te didn't have to pick me up. I know me finding my
Brother isn't something that te guys should be doing...
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posted by bluemc24
Hayley and indie were walking along the spiaggia at sunset. They had spent a whole giorno sunbathing and getting a tan.- but lets hope they were good ones as they will be spending the rest of forever looking exactly like that.

Hayley’s POV

I woke up I felt strong but, a weird burning was in my throat. I sat up, where was I? it was definitely a palace o a mansion!? Just then I realised that I could hear and see everything. Then suddenly, indie sat up.

“indie?” I asked, my voice sounded different, sort of like bell’s. “yes” she replied. “where are we?” she took a while before...
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posted by She_wolf
short chapter soz

Chapter Eight (enjoy + comment/rate!)

I wondered idly what the headline of my death would be, as I rode up the winding path to the cliffs. I knew Jared would try to stop me, if he could get away from Collin and Sam that was. I smiled, that was impossible, expect if te were Leah.
I left my bike half way up and went to cerca for a suitable large rock. There were a lot of contenders, but none of them were big enough. I wanted one so big that there was no chance of me chickening out.
I found a massive boulder that I could only just lift. I carried it out to the clearing around...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
He kissed me like he had never kissed me before so of course I kissed him back. We kissed più deeply and then all of the sudden we were surrounded da a bunch of vampire. I was scarred to death, I kindo screamed, then I changed into my human form, I didn't mean to, I couldn't gigure out how to change back.Th worst part ever is that they out numbered Sawyer and I. This isn't a fair fight! I yelled not really meaning to. This boy, not much older looking than me came up, she smells like a good snack. Will te share? The boy asked. Sawyer got really protective, she's a vampire! Sawyer said. Well...
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posted by rachel-rathbone
Chapter one
"oh please mum Elli is my best friend please let here stay" Renesmee begged
"Nessie this life just isn’t a place for a little girl to be" I hated it but it was true I even called her Nessie. She looked at the floor her long black eyelashes casting a shadow on her cheeks, her long bronze hair falling on her face.
"Ask our dad" I detto sighing pushing the domanda on to someone else I couldn’t stand hurting here.
"Nessie te cleaned your room write she’ll be her in 5 minuti I can here the car" the tyres rubbed against the gravel path Emmett and jasper had laid so Elli...
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Writting part 30 on my spot! ^_^

[i]Jacob's POV [i]

I still can't believe this... Bella? Why would for any reason she would do that? I know that she like "mind controlled" but still!!!

Then we saw a small red house. The Volturi can't fit in there! It's too small. Edward knocked on the door and the door opened. I looked around, the place was old, but fully decorated with picture frames, red flags, and some maps of the world. This place is larger than what it looked like outside.

In the end of the hall there were three chairs, thrones I guess. I couldn't reconize who was in the center or...
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posted by demilovatirocks
Family and Friends

Bella's real parents died in a huge car accident that all of her Friends parents and most of their families were in.

She saved as many people as she could.

She saved Ashley .That is how they met.Bella could not save her mom but she got her dad out.Her dad had diabetes,high blood sugar,and high cholesterol.Even though she got him out he still ended up dying.

Selena,Sonny,and Lily all knew Bella since Pre-K.

Bella,Selena,Sonny,and Lily are all originally from New York.

Ashley is originally from New Jersey.

Bella's family,Jason D.,Jason E., And Mitchell are all also from New York.

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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hey! Thanks for all the comments. I hope te guys are liking my fan fic. Thank te so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much Halunik for helping me :)

Edward's POV

I slowly unfolded the piece of paper. I could hear everyone was anxious to read the letter.
The first thing I saw was the curly Scrivere again. I read the letter out loud.

"Dear Cullen's
Hi, my name is Tash. I am truly sorry that I have taken Bella away from te all, but it's the only thing I could do. See the future of all Vampire's in Danger and the only one who can save us all, is you're precious Bella."
I paused, Emmett chuckled.
"I never...
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 Maci's dress
Maci's dress
Every giorno for the past couple of weeks I have been with Mace, we either would go shopping,talk, do homework,or double data with each other...she was my Alice and I was my mom except I wasn't clumsy and didn't need saving 24/7.
"Homecoming is successivo week." She detto to me as we sat in the living room of my grandparents house...she knew the whole story about my family and the wolves.
"Did someone say homecoming?" I heard my Aunt lice say as she came down sttairs and flitted over to us.
"Yeah, we have Homecoming successivo weekend." Maci said. I gave her a look that made her confused.
"I'm taking te shopping...
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posted by NeeNee14
Sorry it's so short...

After I got out the shower, I got ready to go to the gym. I went out into the living room to find everyone gone except Leah. She looked at me when I came in.
"They went out to get some food." She detto to me.
"Oh,Okay. I was on my way to the gym and I have to pick up Tala on the way. Do te wanna come?" I asked her. She shook her head yes and grabbed her purse. I left a note for Seth on the coffee tavolo and headed out.
I sent Leah out of the car to get Tala from the house. I watched from the window as she jumped into Yeahs arms and got carried back to the...
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posted by twilight_lover9
he ran over the domanda a few times "well...i do...i do like somone if that's what te mean... what about you?" he asked his blond eyebrows raised "um....well yes i do likr somone" i replied honestly i coudn't lie to him, not when i felt this way about him, "so..who's the girl?" i asked bravley, he looked suprised "well she's beautiful, i can tell te that, what about you, who's the guy?" he detto now facing me "well i've never felt this way about anyone before and he is gorgoeus and smart" i said, i had to tell him..."i need to tell te somthing" dylan detto at the exact moment i detto it "you...
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posted by Angelcatz11
Renesme's POV
Aunt alice had told me that i am able to Amore whomever I want,I thanked her left and headed on over to Jacob's house. When I got there I quietly tapped on his window. I looked in. He wasnt there..... After searching around i saw a light in the shed where jacob works on his motorcycle's. I slowly creaked it open and walked it. Jacob sat there wiping his hands off, as soon as he heard me he looked up smiled and walked over to me. "Hey, what are te doing here?" He asked laughing. "I miss you" I stepped inoltrare, avanti and wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around my waist....
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posted by CarlislesLover
And i'm back fianly with art 4 :)XXX

Suddenly a mask was placed over my face and yet again I went into blackness.

I could hear people talking and I had no idea of how long I’d been in blackness for. I woke up lying on my stomach. I had no clothes on apart from my knickers. The rest of me was covered in bandage and cast. I tried looking around. I recognised the place but wasn’t sure of where I was. “Bells are te awake?” Charlie asked. I didn’t know he was in the room. “Where am I Charlie?”

“In your room”

“It smells like the hospital though”

“You’ve been in hospital unconscious...
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posted by CarlislesLover
ciao guys this is part 3 of break up finalyy XXX

I woke up in a hospital letto with Renesmee holding my hand. “Thank God you’re alive”

“Mum why are te so pleased that I’m alive. te should be pleased that you’re alive!”

“What happened? Did a man with a black mantello come into your school? If he did, did he say anything to you?”

“Mum what are te on about. I think you’re seeing things. Let me get the doctor back in here”

“NO!!! I don’t need a doctor. I saw a man in a black mantello on the way to work, he was a vampire. I noticed he was walking towards your school so I turned...
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If I'd ever feared death before in the presence, it was nothing compared to now.
He streaked through the dark, thick underbrush of the forest like a bullet, like a ghost.
There was no sound, no evidence that his feet touched the earth.
His breathing never changed, never indicated and effort.
But the trees flew da at deadly speeds, always missing da inches.
I was too terrified to close my eyes, though the cool forest air whipped against my face and burned them.
I felt as if I were stupidly sticking my head out the window of an airplane in flight.
And, for the first time in my life, I felt the dizzy...
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posted by xxEmo92xx
A few hours later, I went downstairs to call up Alice and Daniella and tell them about Sam. I was dialling Alice's number when Sam started baciare me. He was like a magnet to me, I couldn't keep away. I kised him back and hung up my phone. We made our way back upstairs not a single secondo away from each other. "Wait, if this relationship continues, will we be able to have kids?" I asked in antitipation, biting down on my lip. "I'm not sure. Are te full o half?" I was thinking about his domanda slowly. "I'm not sure. My dad, Aro left when I was nine, and my little sister went off to Europe."...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Edward's POV:

I ran out the door with Jacob trailing me in his lupo form. What's happening? Jacob thought. "Bella was taken da Aro." I said. I heard a bang. A loud bang. Please don't let that be Aro hurting Bella let it be Bella hurting Aro. I ran faster and before I got any closer I heard three trees snap and the pack and Carlisle come up successivo to Jacob and I. I'm not done with Bella just yet. One più and she's dead! I saw Bella through Aro's eyes. NO! She's hurt so bad. Her eyes are slowly closing. NO, BEllA, NO! te WILL LIVE! I thought to myself.

We broke through the trees just in time....
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