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posted by Angelcatz11
Renesme's POV
Aunt alice had told me that i am able to Amore whomever I want,I thanked her left and headed on over to Jacob's house. When I got there I quietly tapped on his window. I looked in. He wasnt there..... After searching around i saw a light in the shed where jacob works on his motorcycle's. I slowly creaked it open and walked it. Jacob sat there wiping his hands off, as soon as he heard me he looked up smiled and walked over to me. "Hey, what are te doing here?" He asked laughing. "I miss you" I stepped inoltrare, avanti and wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around my waist....
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posted by CarlislesLover
And i'm back fianly with art 4 :)XXX

Suddenly a mask was placed over my face and yet again I went into blackness.

I could hear people talking and I had no idea of how long I’d been in blackness for. I woke up lying on my stomach. I had no clothes on apart from my knickers. The rest of me was covered in bandage and cast. I tried looking around. I recognised the place but wasn’t sure of where I was. “Bells are te awake?” Charlie asked. I didn’t know he was in the room. “Where am I Charlie?”

“In your room”

“It smells like the hospital though”

“You’ve been in hospital unconscious...
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posted by CarlislesLover
ciao guys this is part 3 of break up finalyy XXX

I woke up in a hospital letto with Renesmee holding my hand. “Thank God you’re alive”

“Mum why are te so pleased that I’m alive. te should be pleased that you’re alive!”

“What happened? Did a man with a black mantello come into your school? If he did, did he say anything to you?”

“Mum what are te on about. I think you’re seeing things. Let me get the doctor back in here”

“NO!!! I don’t need a doctor. I saw a man in a black mantello on the way to work, he was a vampire. I noticed he was walking towards your school so I turned...
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If I'd ever feared death before in the presence, it was nothing compared to now.
He streaked through the dark, thick underbrush of the forest like a bullet, like a ghost.
There was no sound, no evidence that his feet touched the earth.
His breathing never changed, never indicated and effort.
But the trees flew da at deadly speeds, always missing da inches.
I was too terrified to close my eyes, though the cool forest air whipped against my face and burned them.
I felt as if I were stupidly sticking my head out the window of an airplane in flight.
And, for the first time in my life, I felt the dizzy...
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posted by xxEmo92xx
A few hours later, I went downstairs to call up Alice and Daniella and tell them about Sam. I was dialling Alice's number when Sam started baciare me. He was like a magnet to me, I couldn't keep away. I kised him back and hung up my phone. We made our way back upstairs not a single secondo away from each other. "Wait, if this relationship continues, will we be able to have kids?" I asked in antitipation, biting down on my lip. "I'm not sure. Are te full o half?" I was thinking about his domanda slowly. "I'm not sure. My dad, Aro left when I was nine, and my little sister went off to Europe."...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
Edward's POV:

I ran out the door with Jacob trailing me in his lupo form. What's happening? Jacob thought. "Bella was taken da Aro." I said. I heard a bang. A loud bang. Please don't let that be Aro hurting Bella let it be Bella hurting Aro. I ran faster and before I got any closer I heard three trees snap and the pack and Carlisle come up successivo to Jacob and I. I'm not done with Bella just yet. One più and she's dead! I saw Bella through Aro's eyes. NO! She's hurt so bad. Her eyes are slowly closing. NO, BEllA, NO! te WILL LIVE! I thought to myself.

We broke through the trees just in time....
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That is a not easy choice for Bella,espically face Edward and Jacob.
Edward is like an antiquated and gentlest brand,such as link.
But Jacob,who is new arisen,just like link.
That is really a difficult choice for Bella.
Feeling?Emotion?What is the measurement?
Woman is very strange,includig Bella.They want to be loved,and want a happy ending with her prince.Eactly,that person should be everyone's prince.
To go along with feeling is not always right.
May be we could know what is her finally choice in the ending.
posted by fayerox16
ok so here are a few rumors i heard over the course of the months after Eclipse came out,about Breaking Dawn.
the first rumor is that Breaking Dawn will be rated R. ok people i can officially confermare that this is not true.Breaking Dawn will be rated PG-13.
the secondo rumor is that Zac Efron will be starring in Breaking Dawn. absolutely not, Zac Efron is sticking to his High School Musical stuff. good boy.
third rumor, is that Justin Bieber is going to be in the film for thirty seconds...nice try must be thinking of men in black where M.J was on screen for 30 seconds.
finally,that Bella is getting replaced. ok girls, as MUCH as we wish this rumor was's not.i know i know. we would ALL Amore for kristen stewart to get replaced.sorry, maybe successivo time.
posted by mia1emmett
chapter 2 is short so i added chapter 3. and i hope te like it :) i know i postato this way to early :-p sorry if miss spelled o words sound out of order :-p

Chapter 2
I sat where Jill was sitting. The same people from before. The blonde
Kid, the reporter with a few other people. They introduced themselves.
And I giggled when they all were done. I detto "I laugh a lot...sorry"
Ken rolled his eyes. I cracked up. Mart the one who bumped into me asked me "so Estella--" "call...
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posted by xroylex
"yeah i guess i am im sorry i lied to te grandma but i really didnt know what mum wanted me to say im so so so sorry"
"oh baby just stop right there of corse te didnt want me to know your mum i mean she will tell me the truth soon enough" she hugged me and detto the words i didnt want to hear
"i have to get home to phile baby i will call te soon" she hugged me one last time and kissed me lightly on the cheek
"goodbye" i whispered when she turned her back on me i couldnt help myself from breaking down in to tears.

"charlie? charlie? are te here?" a deep voise asked from the door way i looked...
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posted by twilight_james
Chapter 8

As soon as Aro heard my words, he sprung. But he didn’t land on my back; he was far too cunning for that. No, he landed on Jane’s back, his teeth just millimetres from her throat. “What if I killed Jane” he hissed ‘Would te unisciti us secondi before the final blow was delivered?””
Jane shot me a frightened, pleading look. It killed me to see her like this, but it killed me più to say the word
Aro laughed. “Oh, te know me too well. I’d never kill Jane. No, I have far better plans than that” He laughed again “Jane, te know what to do” Aro turned back to...
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posted by boomy678
Petroleum Jelly
small microwavable bowl (discardable)
Stirrer (discardable spoon o skewer)
Eyeshadow o body shimmer o pigment (the color te want your lipgloss)
Lipgloss container w/ lid

1.scoop some petroleum gelatina in the small microwavable bowl (more petroleum più lipgloss!)

2.Microwave for 5minutes o until completely melted.

3.Take out the melted petroleum gelatina (carefull it's hot) and scoop in some eyeshadow for color. Put eyeshadow until te reach your desired shade.

4.Mix the mixture well. Then carefully pour the mixture into the container.

5.put the lipgloss in the container in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

Tip: To make flavored lipgloss mix in kool-aid to the melted petroleum instead then continue regularly.(careful WILL stain lips)
posted by Isabellaashley
ciao everyone, here's a sneck anteprima of my new story which is titled as Destiny... I just wrote a few pages and wanted some opinion from everyone!!! Hope te enjoy this!!!



I found myself standing in the very woods that I’d promised to stay away from but I had my reasons for being here. It was getting darker and colder so I wrapped my giacca around me tighter. The woods were filled with silence and I looked around for any signs of the slayer. As I heard the leaves on the ground rustling, I turned around and there he appeared from...
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posted by a-jforever
Finally finished part four. Its not the most interesting but I hope te like it

Edwards POV

It was just another normal day. There was a new girl, who every male was already picturing them with. She had long brown hair and muddy brown eyes. She went da the name of Isabella although she preferred Bella. I didn’t really see what was so special about her. She was looking at us but we didn’t pay any attention. I was surprised to hear her asked the other human girl, Jessica, who we were. “Who are they?” Bella asked throwing a glance in our direction. I looked from Jessica to Bella who quickly...
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posted by xroylex
"momma someone wants to talk to you" i told her better give her a little warnining
"ok darling"
grandma renne held out her hand for the phone and hasterly i gave it to her
"hello bella" i tried to listern to what mums reaction to her own mums song
i could here her breath in as she recognis the voise
"mum!?" she almost cried
"hello hunny i wonted to speak to te and hear your voise to see if your allright and now i know i guess .."
"mum wait i wonted te to know that i wanted to tell te but thing i mean life is compliscated at the moment te see"...
i could hear her dibattito weather o not to tell...
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‘Twilight’ effect?

da Michael Inbar contributor

Names from Stephanie Meyer’s series of vampire novels and their hit film spin-offs sank their teeth into the lista of most popolare baby names this year, with Jacob and Isabella (the long form of Bella, Meyer’s heroine) topping the respective lists for boys and girls, and Cullen rising faster than any other boy’s name.

While Jacob held sway for the 11th consecutive anno as the most popolare baby boy name in the U.S., Isabella edged out last year’s most popolare girl name, Emma, in the lista compiled annually da the Social Security Administration.

The list, released Friday, showed some movement from the 2008 list: Jayden and Noah climbed into the superiore, in alto 10 for boy names, while Mia made a bow in the girl superiore, in alto 10 list.

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posted by EdwardCullen604
sorry it took so long.This Chapter is dedicated to Vanillamoon08!

i was still in shock. secondi before i'd expected Leah to land on me a sand coloured lupo had lept on her. Seth i'd thought immediately. i couldn't stand da and watch them rip each others heads off, but what if i got involved and they both turned on me. Why would that matter? whats più important Seth o me? Seth ofcourse. I have to stop them i thought and so i lept at Leah i pinned her to the ground but did not attack her Seth would be upset later if i hurt his sister. Leah growled and wriggled trying to break free of my hold...
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posted by mmourer
All credit belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This story is based on her book series the Twilight Saga.
__________________________________________________Bella’s POV

It was 7:40 am and I was still tired I didn’t sleep much do to the fact I was still adjusting to my new room. It reminded me of a hospital room a little, simple white walls and ceiling little furniture I don’t know how I didn’t relies it before. I didn’t like it I’d have to do something about it soon. I looked at the clock on the bacheca it read 7:45 now. I’d have to hurry if I didn’t want to be late. I rushed to put on a cute...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
"Okay, so I've had a coltello thrown at my head, and now a poisonous sandwhich!? How am I suppossed to do anything around my house without any paranoia of everything being a death trap!?" I asked Tabra.
"I'm not sure. But te are right about that guy knowing where te live. The only other way I can think of a sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza strategy is to come live with me in the spare bedroom." Tabra sat on the divano and I stayed standing.
"Yea, I don't mind. I would just leave now, te never know if this place is rigged with...
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posted by alybops
chapter three

"Now heavenly i don't know how nessie is gonna react to seeing te on my side." he warned me, i didn't care.
"is that what te call her?.... nessie? well maybe we could be friends."
"i doubt it. anyways, this house is filled with vamps. there is: bella, you've seen her. her husband, edward. there is alice, edward's sister and Jasper who is edward's brother. alice and Jasper are married too."
"eww! didn't te just say they were both edward's siblings?"
"uh.... no they are adopted."
"oh, ok sorry. keep goin'."
"ok umm.... Edward will be the prettiest of them all. Alice will be the...
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