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Fan fiction by NeeNee14 posted più di un anno fa
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"I think he knows."I told my Uncle Emmett...He knew I wasn't a virgin because he caught us having sex once.
"He was gonna have to find out one giorno o another."He told me, we pulled up in my driveway. I gave him a baciare on the cheek and got out.
I walked into the cucina where my parents were waiting for me. I looked at my dad and could feel the guilt wash over me.
"I'm sorry."I detto to him, my head down.He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me.I started to cry, not because of saying sorry, but what it meant....I'm sorry for losing my virginity to someone who treated me like his doormat.

I got up and got ready for school. Ryan was coming to pick me up since my car wouldn't be out the negozio till tomorrow. I heard his horn beep and I ran outside.

I got into his car and he smiled at me and I smiled back. We rode in silence until we pulled up to another house.
"Where are we?"I asked him. He smiled at me.
"At my girlfriends, Gia's house."He said. A girl with blonde hair and green eyes came running towards the car, but stopped short when she saw me in the passenger seat.She smiled at me and I smiled back as best I could.
Opinion by lauracullen66 posted più di un anno fa
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Here are just a few interesting things I picked up from the books- some of it may sound familiar but there are some new stuff that I hadnt read before I researched this- enjoy :)

Name analysis:
Isabella - Most of us know that this mean beautiful in Italian which, along with her surname Swan, makes beautiful swan. This has connotations of the Ugly anatroccolo story in which the “ugly duck” who was unimportant and ignored because the most beautiful and most important of all

Jacob - His name makes “Supplanter” which when defined brings up the definition- “one who wrongfully takes the place of another” which is a great descrizione of what Jacob tries to do- take the place of Edward in Bella’s life.

Alice - I thought this was very interesting, Alice came from a nun called Alice who experienced visions and ecstasies. And we all know Alice’s power is seeing the future through visions.

Emmett - Means energetic and powerful in old German
Fan fiction by decullen posted più di un anno fa
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Im so sorry It took so long.I have been so busy.I think this is the secondo last story.I will have to check.I hope te enjoy chap its a bit sad but,there`s a bit of a thrill.X

"Bella,time to get up."Alice said.The started jumping on the bed.We went down stairs and got some breakfast.After we all jumped in the shower.A group of hairstylists and a make-up artist came into the hotel room.I got well theygot me into my dress.We were all ready.Rose looked beautiful well she always does. Alice's phone rang.

"Room 55.Bye."She detto in her little happy voice.Then closed the phone.

"Who was that?"I asked.My hand were on my stomach.The baby has been kicking none stop.I think I ate something bad.We heard two people out side.We opened the door slightly so they wouldn't see up.It was Edward and Tanya.They were kissing.What he told me was a lie.My chest has been killing me all these past months and when he detto he loves me my chest started to heal,but now its went back to square one.Edward pushed her off of him.
Fan fiction by NeeNee14 posted più di un anno fa
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I got home and changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. I went outside and sat on the porch, listening to the city sounds of Seattle.

I was thinking about Ryan, I have known him for over a mese now and I really like him, I feel...complete when he's around.He makes me smile.....I heard a car pull up in front of my house and I saw a big guy, with a ski mask on his face get out and come towards me. I tried to get up and run, but he was too fast. I tried to scream and fight back, but he hit me in the face and everything went black.

I opened my eyes. I could hear the buzzing of the dim lights around me. I tried to get lose but my hands where tied above me and my legs below me, I wasn't standing up, I was laying down. I saw someone walk over towards me. I knew his face, with the crooked smile and the green eyes that could see into your soul.
"What do te want?" I asked him, my breathing becoming hitched. He stroked my face and smiled at me that sent a shiver down my spine.
Fan fiction by ShelbyxFelix posted più di un anno fa
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-Continuing from last chapter-

Felix: Hey! I'm not a suck up! -Pouts-

Alec: That's what te think.

Me: Shut up. I like him ebing a suck up. -Winks-

-Door randomly swings open and Hannah is thrown in the room-

Me: Hannah!

Hannah: Meow!

Felix, Demetri, Alec: -Gives Hannah weird look- What's up with her? -All says at the same time-

Me: Seriously! Stop doing that te freaks!

Felix: -sniffles- I thought te loved me...

Me: No! I do! I do Amore te -Tackles him to the ground and makes out with Felix-

Brianna: -Looks at affectionant couple weirdly- Wow.. That's just, wow...

Demetri and Alec: te never answered our question.!

Brianna: Huh? What? Oh, Hannah had coffee. Her and coffee do not mix well.

Hannah: Coffee! I Amore coffee. -Says weirdly-

Felix and I: -Comes up for air- I Amore you. No, I Amore you. Awwww -Says in unison-
Opinion by Passion_5 posted più di un anno fa
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Hear out my tortured soul
For I have nowhere else to go
te captured my dead, Frozen heart
Now yours and mine’ll never be apart

te took my breath away
And in my cuore you’ll always stay
te are my life now
Believe me, for this I vow

My Ribelle - The Brave and trusting love
From the heavens above
I’ll do everything for you
And I’ll always be true

When te called out my name
My life had never been the same
te kept my feet on the ground
‘Cause my purpose had been found

Your Cioccolato brown eyes
Are honest and wise
Through them I could see
How te irrevocably Amore me

Opinion by Passion_5 posted più di un anno fa
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It all started with my scent
Then everything came and went
te saved me from evil ones
And waited for my response

te detto that te feel for me
That you’d never set me free
I was joyous for your love
That’s as gentle as a dove

But then te left me bleeding
And I was always weeping
My cuore aches n every beat
As I stare in your void seat

I knew that te Amore me still
And there’s no spazio to fill
Then as te ask for my hand
My life’s a fairytale land

The prince has returned and loved me
Together forever we’d be
Everything was set on motion
Then there came a commotion

All I did was to make it all worse
Now I’m forever under this curse
I should be locked up in the black box
Buried forever under the rocks

We were being pulled apart
As the real bad troubles start
te fought for us to survive
Fan fiction by karpach_13 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter 22
My mother was laughing with my aunt alice, grandma esme, and aunt Rosalie. Uncle Emmett, and uncle jasper were watching tv (what a surprise).. my grandfather was talking to my father andSvetlana was just listening. Emily was talking with Sky. And I was talking with Ivan.
“- we’ll get married, sposta to a huge house, and live happily ever after” he told me, planning our future. I laughed.
“no kids. No pets?” I asked him
“im not really a fan of kids” he admitted, and I smacked him. and accidentally hit my broken arm.
“ouch”I detto quietly.
“careful ness” Ivan told me
“seriously, there’s going to be atleast one child” I told him and he sighed.
“can te even have kids?” he asked me.
“Ivan im half human” I told him.
“oh yeah I almost forgot”he laughed.
“ok, so if we have a baby girl her name is going to be Anabel”
“beautiful name” he told me and kissed me. There was a knock on the door. It was Ivans parents. I went to open it.
Opinion by mia1emmett posted più di un anno fa
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"hey, my name's Mike Newton" i detto "hey, Elizabeth Cullen. but i think te knew that" he laughed and detto "walk te to class?" i smiled and detto "no thanks, Emmett and I have all the same classes" Mike looked sad but he just nodded and walked away. I ran into Alice and she detto "hey, your brother Jasper is so nice!" i smiled at her and detto "did he tell te my name?" she nodded and i told her "call me Liz" she smiled and nodded. i started walking to class Alice is so nice and she does seem perfect for Jasper! i smiled to myself and i bumped into something that felt like a brick wall.
end of part 3

I fell backwards and cursed the bacheca i just hit. i heard 3 laughs and i looked up to see 3 tanned guys who looked ripped even with shirts on. one had short jet black hair with amazing eyes he was a big giant along with his friends. One had curly hair and black eyes his chain made him look cute and the other guy had dark brown hair that was long and short. he had black eyes and had a dimple on his chin. I didn't like it that they laughed and the one standing in the middle held his hand out to help me up. i grabbed it...
Opinion by amy_r_cullen posted più di un anno fa
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Edward's pov

"ERRR,Bella can I speak to te for a secondo please... in privert please.

"shougher hunny what wrong".

"Well i was just speaking with Renesmee and she detto it was okay so don't get mad I...

"Hold up Edward take a breath and tell me what the hell te are talking about". Bella exhamend my facial expresion with confucion spread on hers.

"Well I just, well I booked plane tickes to isle Esme for your birthday.

"But". Bella pushed

"But only two plane tickes". i waited for Bellas reaction.

"Only two did te say, because they will not let Renesme just sit on mine o your knee she looks thirteen for god sake... Oh I get it te just expect me to leave my baby at home, while a go off enjoying mysself on holiday when i worked so hard convincing you, te all that i was stable enough to be her mom". Bella huffed.

"I know it will be hard leaving Renesmee, I know I feel it too, but the plane tickets i've booked mean we can come home when ever we want, as soon as we want".
Fan fiction by LexisFaith posted più di un anno fa
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This is a VAMPIRE DIARIES one-shot in Stefan's POV. If I didn't put it on here, it would never get read so, before te starting chewing me out for that, I KNOW!! Okay, I really hope te guys like this.
I laid back on my bed, shoving my palms into my eyes, to try and stop the tears. Despite my efforts, tears seaped through and soaked my hair and pillow.

Just a week ago, Elena was laying beside me, bringing light into my old battered room. She was running her fingers though my hair, telling me how everything would work out. She was baciare me with her soft lips telling me how I was the only one she loved.

I believed her, but somewhere deep inside me, I knew it was all a lie. Nothing worked out, I wasn't the one she really and truely loved.

I locked my fingers on my fourhead and stared up at the ceiling.

God knows where she was right now with my brother. They could be anywhere. Italy, Austrila, Mexico.
Fan fiction by moolah posted più di un anno fa
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*Comment/Review and recieve a prop!Thanks...enjoy!*

A Youtube Script:
*episode eighteen*
*1 Week Later*
*Bella’s P.O.V*
Bella: *lying on the couch, sick*
Edward: *stroking her hair* Are te sure te don’t want anything? *worried*
Bella: *hoarse* I’m sure…but please leave me alone…I don’t want te to see me like this.
Edward: Fine, but I’m having Carlisle check te out.
Bella: No! I’m f- *pukes on Edward’s couch*
Edward: Oh, Bella! *runs over to her and picks her up*
Bella: *starts crying; leans head on his shoulder*
Edward: *swaying with her in his arms*
Bella: *still crying…throws up again down his back*
Edward: *pats her back and grabs a towel; wipes the back of his t-shirts* Come on, love…let’s try to hold down some food.
~Edward takes her downstairs~
Emmett: *sitting on the divano with Brownie while Rosalie ‘blows chunks’ in a bucket* Aww! Rosalie! te got some barf on Brownie’s leash! *smacks head* Bad, chunk blower!
Fan fiction by JandMsMommy posted più di un anno fa
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Hey, everyone! I've got a new fan fiction story out. I'd Amore for te to take a look at the prologue! My other fic, Bedroom Confessions, was really successful and I'm hoping that everyone likes this one as well! There will be violence and murder, so if you're not up for that, then te can ignore this. :) But of course, there'll be plenty of lemons as well! It'd be great to get some feedback on it though! The prologue is only about 300 words! Come take a look!

Summary: They were young, in love...and raised hell for seven days. E/B, AH, OOC

Link: link

Thanks! :)
Fan fiction by LexisFaith posted più di un anno fa
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It is 3:37 am, August 11, 2010. I was exhausted and running on a excited energy buzz. Bella was asleep on the letto with monotors beeping and a drip set up beside her. She had dato birth da c-section to three beautiful bambini just two hours ago. I stood over her and watched her breath easly. Something she hadn't been able to do in three months.

I stroked her cheek with the back of my finger and set out for the nursery. I stood at the window and watched them sleep then ever so lightly tapped on the glass to get the nurses attention. She pointed to her wrist and I held mine up, mostrare the three ID bracletts confirming that the three were mine. She smiled and nodded and opened the door for me.

"They all just fell asleep." She told me and I walked over to stand behind them.

The baby on the left was Evan Parker. First born. In the middle, Eden Pace, born second. On the right was my little princess Ella Rose.

Ella started to fuss so I tried to see if I could hear her. She was scared she was alone. She didn't like not being able to touch her brothers. I picked her up and set her in the culla, presepe with Evan and she calmed...
Article by Hellohoudini posted più di un anno fa
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Anna Kendrick, co-star of the upcoming film ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” has a unique perspective on the hullabaloo surrounding the “Twilight” Film and book series. Kendrick has had a role in the first three films of the franchise (playing Bella’s friend, Jessica Stanley), but because she’s not a main character, the 25-year-old actress isn’t the focus of intense media o fan attention, like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are.

During a recente conversation with Kendrick, Speakeasy asked the actress about her insider-outsider status. “I just feel really lucky to be in it but not have my privacy completely compromised da it,” Kendrick said. “I’m glad that the paparazzi haven’t followed me every giorno this year. I do not wish to be in that position.”

Still, Kendrick bristled at the notion that “Twilight” fans, o “Twihards,” are a little overboard. “People like to make fun of the fan who camp out but people have renaissance faires; people do Civil War reenactments; people do what they like,” Kendrick said. “I’m tired of hearing people rag on the fans. If te don’t like ‘Twilight,’ don’t...
Fan fiction by 1TeamEdwardFan posted più di un anno fa
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Bella and Edward
Thank te for the comments. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to improve. I'd like to dedicate this to Halunik thanks for all the support!

Bella's POV

"Bella!?" I heard someone call my name. I know that voice, I would know it anywhere.
"Edward!!" I yelled out.
Edward came into my view, he was too far away for my liking. It was only then that I realised where I was. I looked around, where am I? I have never seen this place before. It was a small village. There were small and simple houses made out of bricks. There were people walking around all in old fashioned clothes. I realised Edward was in the same type of clothes, when I looked down and realised so was I.
I couldn't stand being this far away from Edward. I started walking forward, after a few steps so did Edward. Edward was walking faster then I was, because he didn't have to worry about tripping. Soon I was only a step away from him.
He gave me my favourite crooked smile, I couldn't help but smile back. But then I noticed something... His eye colour it wasn't topaz o black but it was green?
Fan fiction by KatiiCullen94 posted più di un anno fa
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"What!Edward this isn't funny," Mzy face cold, dead, shock, desserted. i felt like i have been crushed, and all my Bones are pumped, no support to keep me up.
He reply was silence. Oh no, he wasn't kidding. Jacob. Jacob. Jacob. Me. child.
My cuore raced, virbrating my whole body, as if i was frezzing. I was cold, nor was i warm, i was empty, dead.
The tears cued before i could control my pants, nor my reflex action.
it was like it wasnt me, just a crushed body, cruppling, to the groung, weeping uncontrolably.
Edward cupped me under my armpits, pressing me to his Frozen chest, my feet dangling.
It was a movie moment, a moment which te beleived was dramatised, but this was my heart, and my baby, and jacob.

"BELLA!" Esme flashed into the room and to edward side, her eyes investigating me. But with understanding, as know she is pro at this.
"I'll look after her Edward" she whispered, gliding one hand underneith me.
Edward rebulted, he diddnt want to leave without using up his last hope that he may stay.
Fan fiction by LexisFaith posted più di un anno fa
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"I think you're going to want to hear this." She reached her hand over and turned up the volume.

Two little faint cuore beats mixed with mine. "Twins?" I asked.

"Yes." She nodded and pursed her lips listening to the heartbeats. "Oh."

"Oh? What now?" I asked.

"I think one of the bambini may have a cuore murmor." She was leaning closer to the screen.

I looked up at Edward and he used his thumb to smooth the worry line on my fourhead.

"Oh." Dr. Dubley sat up straigh up. Edward went stiff at my side. What was wrong with him.

"What is wrong now?" It came across più harsh than I intended.

"Nothing is wrong." She smiled and moved the wand up and over a little. "But it wasn't a cuore murmor. It was another heartbeat. Tripplets." She pointed to the screen.

"Trip...tripletts?" I studdered.

"Yes." She nodded with a smile. These to here split, so they are identical. The little sneaky one there will be feternal."
Article by TwilightStudy posted più di un anno fa
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Hello female fan of the Twilight book series! We are inviting te to take part in an online study that investigates your general attitudes and beliefs about the characters in the book and about your own life and relationships. The survey will take about 20-30 minuti to complete. To participate, te must meet the following requirements:
1. te are female
2. te are currently romantically attached (i.e. te are dating someone, in a relationship, o married).
3. te have read all four Twilight series libri at least once.
4. te have proficiency in the English language.

If te meet the above requirements, we invite te to follow this link to participate link. Please feel free to share this link with other female Twilight fan that te know that meet the above criteria.

If te have any domande o commenti regarding the study o would like più information, please email Melinda morgan at
Fan fiction by moolah posted più di un anno fa
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*Agaiin commento Get A Prop!Enjoy The Story Otherwise!*

A Youtube Script:
*episode seventeen*
*Kick Me!*
*Rosalie’s P.O.V*
Emmett: *walks in with Brownie* hey, girls!
Rosalie: *scrunches nose up* Uggh, what is that AWFUL smell?
Emmett: Our new dog, Brownie.
Rosalie: Brownie?
Emmett: Yup!
Rosalie: Nice?
Emmett: I know! Isn’t he cute?
Rosalie: Sure-but can’t te take him out of our room so we can have some fun? *makes cucciolo dog face*
Emmett: It is much cuter whenever te do it…but…I don’t know if Browns here would like it.
Brownie: *whimpers*
Emmett: See? I don’t think we should-maybe tomorrow ni-
Rosalie: *shouts* NO! I, um, mean why wait? Its Saturday…it’s our fun night…let’s not let our adorable…um…m-
Emmett: Beagle.
Rosalie: Right! Let’s not let our beagle ruin it.
Emmett: I guess Bella and Edward could take care of Brow. *grins* Get into something little and sexy!
Fan fiction by moolah posted più di un anno fa
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*Props for reviews &comments! Comment/Review and u will get a prop! Thanks for the support and all the nice reviews...thanks and bye,moolah!*

A Youtube Script:
*episode sixteen*
*Emmett’s Dog*
--Emmett’s P.O.V:--
Once upon a time
There was a dog named cat
The “cat” wanted another “cat”
The owners left Cat on the strada, via while they moved
Cat was all alone…
*done thinking*
Edward: *sucking blood out of deer*
Emmett: *sitting on the ground* I’m dead bored, Edward.
Edward: *puts finger up to shut him up while he feeds*
Emmett: No, I’m serious. C’mon. Let’s go to the city.
Edward: *done feeding* Why? There’s nothing to do there except the Film and Tiffany’s.
Emmett: And the dump. te know we could defiantly find something there.
Edward: Like what? 2 anno old food?
Emmett: That…and toys and crap that people dumped. I’m a genius! Let’s do it!
Fan fiction by KatiiCullen94 posted più di un anno fa
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"Jacob!, help me,"i slurred with spasisms, i flet burnings, stinging, staps on my stomach, my muscles constricting, there was nothing i could do , but scream, down the street.
I knew the smell of dirty rust was coming from me, and i knew that i was going to be curious about the reason behind that , but the i was too taken over the my stomach.
The only soothing feeling was from the hands of Alice. Edward wasnt daring to comfort me, he sat in the car blocks away, i missed his que from Alice.
But right now, all i knew was pain, and that jacob wasn't listening. With last few strains of so-called bravery i had left i looked up to find him.
He was gone, his Friends gone, i gave up before i even tried to feel sorry for myself.

I dont remember the ride home, o Alice, o Edward o Jacob o anything, i jsut remember waking up in a foriegn bed, in a cream coloured room, that over looked the beautiful on-going green forest. I wasn't sure wiether it was the view o the strange gorgginess that made me dizzy.
Fan fiction by LexisFaith posted più di un anno fa
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We were all standing at the airport saying our goodbyes for now. Alice and Jasper were flying to New York for Alice's clothing line for a few weeks.

Rose and Emmett were flying to Tennessee to see Emmett's parents and Edward and I were flying to Flordia to pack my things.

We had decided to live in LA together. It was easier for me to transfer my job over there than his.

"I'm going to miss te all so much." I gripped Alice.

"We will see te soon." She reminded me.

I hugged Rose last. "Very soon."

Us girls wiped our eyes and waved goodbye as Edward and I boarded out plane.

He was holding my hand rubbing soothing circles on the back of my hand. "Don't worry, Love." He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed my fingertips. "You will see them again."

"I know." I sighed. "I still don't like telling the bye, though. Like Alice detto the other night. We just got eachother back." I leaned my hand on his shoulder and he stroked my hair with his free hand.
Opinion by Andressa_Weld posted più di un anno fa
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3 fans
01 - Team Emmett, because Jacob is not as cold, Edward is not as strong, Carlisle is not as crazy and Jasper is not as funny as him!

02 - He’s funny. He’s sweet. He has great smile and because he’s muscular. Big culo muscles…

03 - He may have pale skin but looks good with it.

04 - His abs are real.

05 - Because I would arm wrestle him any giorno just to see his victory smile when he wins!

06 - Not only because he’s hot, but Emmett is strong, has amazing eyes and cares for others.

07 - He makes te Amore him.

08 - He will never let us down, he’ll be there for us no matter what.

09 - Because even though he’s a vampire, he’s always happy and smiles.

10 - He can lighten any situation with a joke.

11 - He can never get caught da a human being. He is way too fast.

12 - He’s a monkey man. He thinks dating an older women is HOT. His eyes are amazing and his DIMPLES…
Fan fiction by mia1emmett posted più di un anno fa
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sorry i was away for 3 days.

part 2:
Jasper detto "sorry, hey. My name is Jasper and these are my siblings. We are the Cullen's" she smiled at Jasper and detto "I'm Alice, your the new kids right?" we all nodded and she asked what classes we had. she had almost all classes with Jasper. Jasper was grinning the whole time. when me and Emmett walked away from everyone and we were heading to our class i detto "Jasper likes her" Emmett detto "Jasper and a pixie it fits".
end of part 2

Me and Emmett walked into our first class, life science. We went up to the teacher he looked confused and then i detto "we are the Cullen's" he nodded and told us to sit. there was 2 empty seats 1 was successivo to a tall blond and Emmett quickly sat there. i almost laughed and i went to sit successivo to a short girl who had black hair with green eyes. i smiled and detto "hey, my name is Elizabeth Cullen. but call me Liz" she turned around and smiled "name's Jane" the teacher started talking and we had a pop quiz. it was easy, the quiz did not count for me and Emmett but we did it anyway. Mom had made of do life science at home...