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posted by Gabstaaa
Thankyou so so much to everyone who had been leaving commenti and rating my storys. Also a special thankyou to xXjakeloverXx for your support and help!

‘Vampire? te are vampires?’
‘Including you.’ Murmured Carlisle with a hint of regret
Vampire? Wait, I’m a vampire. Vampire vampire vampire.
‘I’m so sorry Harley.’ He’s been saying this the whole time.
‘I just… Need to get used to it all. May te pass me some più animal blood please, Rosalie?’ I asked in my most polite voice. Ever since I’ve woken up they’ve been forcing animal blood down me. It’s not...
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Maria Hunter found life pretty dull.
For example, living in the barren eastern middle-of-nowhere of Northern Ireland, with little to do and endless countryside stretching in every direction, Maria could think of very few things to lift her from the gloomy silence she retained whilst making her way home from school each day. She wasn’t a difficult child, but she found life so ordinary. School was repetitive, and being one longing for more, Maria did not fit in well and had few friends. Her home life was uninteresting, living in a bungalow with her elderly grandmother, after the unfortunate...
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Chapter 12: Monster Jakes POV
I felt like I was stuck in a recurring nightmare. Nessie had slept, almost comatose for four days straight. The excited atmosphere in the Cullen household surrounding the arrival of our child was gone. Everyone was silent; the house had a sense of malignancy lingering throughout it. Sam and Emily and my father stopped da and kept vigil in the living room. Emily was very helpful, she tended to Renesmee almost daily along with Bella; but she did più of the work because Bella wouldn’t set foot into a room that I was in and I never left Nessie’s side.
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posted by Bella_Swan3

Almost as soon as we pulled into the driveway, I noticed that my ferrari was not where it was supposed to be. Moreover, it was dented. And painted lime green, for crying out loud.

I screamed, and Emmett had to hold me back while I started yelling obscenities at Edward. I almost ripped him to shreds, burnt the pieces and danced around the pile.

I was that mad.

As if he wanted to die, he'd poured syrup on my bed.

"It wasn't my idea. It was Jacob's. I just put it into action," he'd said.

Then, that night, when I washed my hair, I came out with lime, calce green hair. I HATED GREEN!!!

"Cheer up....
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posted by twilight-7
Kayla’s POV

Time passed for me mostly in sleep. There was nothing for me to do in this darkness. I couldn’t see to do anything and shouting and screaming did nothing. I attempted to escape several times but it seemed I wasn’t strong enough to break the simple chain that kept me prisoner. I was dato Cibo and it was strangers who gave it to me. They placed it right in front of me which was kind of them. If they didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to find it. The man who had come to me my first time here visited me often. He would come into my cell, as I called it, and sit successivo to me. He...
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The successivo following articoli will be cuore breaking, i almost cried and i'm just Scrivere them :-)Enjoy :D

Bella's pov

I heard so many voices and I started to open my eyes. I was back in Edward’s room and he wasn’t standing far from me. He was arguing with Alice and Jasper while everyone else stood there looking at them.
I was so close to Mason, I needed to go back. I stood up from the letto with a hurry but still dozy and walked towards the window when arms grabbed me tight around my waist.
“Where do te think your going? we almost Lost te last time when te pulled a stunt like this, your not...
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
-At Jacob’s house-

Jacob: Alright… a response to this gay note Bella gave to her dad to give to my dad to give to me. I’ll have to try and sound sincere. And angry. I’ll press the pen into the paper to dent it so she feels guilty.

Billy: -appears out of thin air- talking to No one again, son?

Jacob: Yep. I trust him with aaaalllll my secrets.

No one: Somehow it’s always us two when te speak your thoughts like this. I guess I just repulse people. –Sobs– Were is Jasper when I need him?! And where the hell is my knife?!

Jacob: Damn you, No one! te aren’t supposed to reply when I tell...
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posted by Brown_x_Eyes
Edward: Happy Birthday, Bella.

Bella: Screw my birthday, I don’t wanna grow up!

Edward: You’re like Peter Pan, except you’re a girl!

Bella: About that…

Edward: What?

Bella: Nothing.

Edward: Let’s go to my place.

Bella: Giving in? The perfect present…

Edward: Hell no! te think I’m weak?! WELL I’LL mostra te WEAK! –Bends down to Bella’s neck-

Bella: Edward, wait for Victoria to kill me. She has più practice.

Edward: Let’s go inside!

Alice: Surprise! Big huge party to be celebrated da only 8 people! WOO!

Bella: I totally didn’t see this coming…

Esme: I baked te this wonderful cake!...
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Author's Note:Okay.So first of all,all the characters in this fanfic are human.I thought I's make that clear.LoL.Second of all,the families are pretty much all the same,but they're also kinda different.

The Cullens--Carlisle,Alice,Emmett,and Edward
~Their mother,Ana,died 15 years ago

The Hales--Esme,Rosalie,and Jasper
~Their father,Peter,died while Esme was only seven months pregnant

The Swans--Charlie,Renee,and Bella
~Renee and Charlie never split up

So,in this fanfic,Rosalie,Alice,Edward,Emmett, Jasper,and Bella are best...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
I'm currently chained to my computer, typing like crazy to get Chapter 19 finished! hehe!!

The successivo morning I had my first morning sickness.
About noon, when I was feeling a little better, we checked in with Grandpa. He was expecting us. "What took so long?" he wondered. "Morning sickness," I groaned. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. He frowned. "Really? I would have thought you'd skip right over that..." He took my measurments for today and took an ultrasound. "You are about the size of an ordinary, healthy seven-months-pregnant woman, and the twins are healthy and developing perfectly....
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posted by yesitsLorLor
Twilight: Fiction o Friction?

We call this story fiction, but is it creating più then that?


Since when did a book create so much controversy?
Am I the only sane person who has read Twilight? For example, the web sites dedicated to hating Twilight is absolutely childish, now I am no professional on crap, but I assure you, making hate-websites is the most pathetic attempt I have yet to see. Don't they have anything better to do? Honestly, how much più of a infant can they be? For the most part I find it completely humorous that people who hate Twilight would spend hours dedicating time toward...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 2

“Hey Dad, I'm going to the Blacks to see Jacob after school, do te think te can organize your own dinner?" I asked during my rush down the stairs. I was running late for school for the third giorno in this week.
I hope that Charlie understands that when I detto organize, I mean order pizza o anything that on a piece of paper stuck on our fridge. I want to come home to a house, not a pile ash.
"Ok Bells, one cheese pizza should be easy" he snickered. Charlie had been dato days off from work lately for his back. He fell in a puddle while taking out the trash, I learnt that giorno my...
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Okay... maybe I was going completely phscyo- loving, crap over Renesssme....... anyway, I found a true human girl...{okay I truly do know if she is a werewolf monster like me.. except I wouldnt call her a monster, perhaps a beautiful transforming warewolf babe..]as I would think she was.. I haven't knowned alot about her completely like everything... but a little chunk of information about her, like: she loves it when I tickle her back, she loves the tribal Cibo that the pack and I make her...] stuff like that makes her go all up on me[kissing and all that.. well, te get what I'm trying to say} I find it very awsome when she does... she likes it when I let her sit on my lap, and drive my volkeswagon rabbit around the old dirt road. We've been a couple for over almost a year....
posted by EnchantdEquinox
Chapter 12: Starry night sky.
“Come on Ness, we’ll go for a swim." Jacob took her hand in his.
"That sounds great!" Renesmee smiled.
"It’s quite a walk, is that okay" Jacob teased.
"It sounds like an adventure to me! Let's go!"
Renesmee tied the hem of her baggy T-shirt in a knot just below her hips. Jacob yanked his camicia off over his head and tossed it onto a low branch.
It had taken them an ora and forty-five minuti of hard running to get to the river, but it was worth it. The surface of the water was smooth and dark, reflecting a sky full of stars. Renesmee took a step towards the riverbank,...
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posted by LexisFaith
So as of right now I'm haulting all of my fanfictions besides Unpredictable and Undeniable because I have writer's block. I have a new story swimming around in my head but I'm not so sure I should write it because my stories aren't getting as many commenti as All for the Amore of Sin. I understand te liked that one best but that doesn't mean te should give up on my other stories. If te are Leggere them, PLEASE commento so I will know.

So this successivo thing is a discription of the one that is swimming around. commento and let me know if te would like to read it!!!

Edward Cullen is a Junior at Dartmouth...
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*episode eight*
*Got to get home!*
Jasper’s P.O.V:
I was scared.
Alice…was…having my…baby?
How was that possible?
Vampires, just…
Oh man, Rosalie’s gonna kill us.
*done thinking*
Jasper: *dials Edward’s phone number*
*phone call: J=Jasper and E=Edward*
E: *answers phone* ciao Jazz.
J: Alice.
E: Alice what? What’s wrong with my little sister?
J: *gulps* Ali’s…p-p-p…
E: Alice is…?
J: *screams* SHE’S PREGNANT!
E: *gasps*
J: *crying tearlessly* I got her pregnant.
E: Oh my god.
*from background to Jasper*
Alice: *crying* is that Ed?
Jasper: *crying* hang on Edward. *to Ali* Yeah, why?
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posted by karpach_13
Here are some ideas to help kick a rotten giorno to kingdom come…

Do something good for someone else, even though te may not want to. Do a favour, help them find something, give them an item which will help them in some way. Start the flow of positive energy.

Eat the best Cioccolato te can get your hands on. In bed. o in the bath.

Turn up Musica te really love. Play it so loudly that it soaks in through your skin. Dance in your pyjamas. Feel the pain lift.

Have a romance in your head.


Buy a remote control for your camera & dip your toes into the pool of narcissism.

Call a friend...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Three
    WHEN I GOT OUT: I dried off, got dressed, drained the tub, rinsed the extra suds off of the tub, dried my hair, ran my fingers through it, and went out into Jerek's bedroom and saw him waiting for me.
    "Hey," He said, and patted the letto successivo to him.
    He was shirtless, of course, and as I walked to him, I noticed that the tattoo on him was looking darker. Maybe I was just looking at it and it was popping out at me o something. Anyways,...
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
As we run into the woods, a very strong part of me hold me back and yelled at me to comeback home, but i just can't do it, i knew that something was wrong but i had to be with Julius and if my parents didn't like the idea they have to deal with me leaving home

"Rennesme what's wrong Amore are te ok" Julius detto to me as he avvolgere me from my waist and baciare my forehead. i can't understand this pain in his face like if something were wrong, i don't think is me o that he is worried about me.I think is something più important and i have to find out what it is.

"yes i just worried, about what's going...
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posted by Summer_Leanne
Here's an update! Thankies so so much for Leggere and commenting, everyone! So far as I know, from your comments, te don't mind drama. Tell me what te think about this one! Thanks and Amore te guys! <3
“Would te like some tea, Summer?” Esme sweetly called to her, “No thank you, Esme.” Summer chimed politely, “I can drink and eat what humans do, but I don’t really prefer it.” Esme glanced back at Summer with a dazzling smile, “I understand, dear.” Everyone had gathered in the living room, all whispering a conversation...
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