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Fan fiction by a-jforever posted più di un anno fa
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I havent postato this in ages I realised so here we go. Please Comment.XXX

Jasper’s POV

“What did Rosalie say earlier?” I asked my eyes narrowing.

Alice met my eyes, sinking her gaze deeply into mine before looking away.

“Oh never mind now.” She sighed standing up.

“Alice?” I asked I didn’t like it when Alice kept things from me.

“It doesn’t matter Jazz.” She detto happily getting to her feet.

“Ok then.” I detto letting the subject drop.
She took my hands swinging them back and forward.

“Are te ok?” She asked, a small smile playing around her lips.

“Yes....why?” I asked smiling back at her.

“Oh never mind.” She said.

Esme’s POV

“Oh” Alice gasped.

“What is it Alice love?” I asked taking a sede, sedile successivo to her. She turned and smiled at me.

“He’s coming back; he’ll be home in an hour.” She sang hopping up from the sofa. I smiled feeling relieved. No matter what anyone had detto of done, the last week o so the only...
Article by 2468244 posted più di un anno fa
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 1 - PARTY

We were pulling up to the house now. Bright light shined from every window on the first two floors. A long line of glowing Japanese lanterns hung from the porch eaves, reflecting a soft radiance on the huge cedars that surrounded the house. Big bowls of fiori - rosa rose - lined the wide stairs up to the front doors.
I moaned.
Edward took a few deep breaths to calm himself. “This is a party,” he reminded me. “Try to be a good sport.”
“Sure,” I muttered.
He came around to get my door, and offered me his hand.
“I have a question.”
He waited warily.
“If I develop this film,” I said, toying with the camera in my hands, “will te mostra up in the picture?”
Edward started laughing. He helped me out of the car, pulled me up the stairs, and was still laughing as he opened the door for me.
They were all waiting in the huge white living room; when I walked through the door, they greeted me with a loud chorus of “Happy birthday, Bella!” while I blushed and looked...
Fan fiction by LexisFaith posted più di un anno fa
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Sorry to jump like that, but this is going to start a new story. Kind of. Just read and I hope te guys like it :)

Four years goes da faster than you'd think it would.
Sarah has grown so much. I see più and più Jacob in her everyday. Certin things she says, faces she makes. She's not a baby anymore.

I picked her up from daycare that giorno and she was coloring on the cucina table.
"Mommy?" She asked never looking up from her picture.
"Yes sweetie?" I wiped my hands off on the towel and sat successivo her.
"How come I don't have a daddy like Emma?" She put down her blue crayon and picked up a brown.
"You do." I sighed. "Sarah, can te look at me?" I put my hand on her arm. I told her the story and she looked up at me. Her face fell. "I'm sorry mommy."
I smiled slightly. "It's okay honey. te do have a daddy. And te know what? He'll come back. Want to know something else?"
Fan fiction by 1TeamEdwardFan posted più di un anno fa
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ciao guys, Thanks for all the great commenti :) Hope te guys are enjoying my story. Please comment!!!

Bella's POV

"Why not!?" I asked getting a little pissed off now.
"Well te see Bella" Tash paused "The thing is... I haven't told te everything that te need to know"
"What do te mean? Why didn't te tell me?" I asked getting confused again.
"Well see I was going to tell te but te passed out" She told me.
"Has this got something to do with, Why you're dressed up in old fashioned clothes? And why at least half of you're house is old fashioned? Because this has been really bugging me!"
"Um... Yes"
"Go on..." I told her
"I don't know where to start."
"How about te start at the begining" I detto to her.
"Well see... I kidnapped you"
"Yes I remember that, and knocked me out." I reliped.
"Yeah but there is a reason that I had to knock te out for" Tash said.
"And what exactly is that?"
Fan fiction by WritenOnTheSand posted più di un anno fa
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Nessie Black
I walk into the cucina and pick up my cell phone. Quickly, I diale Will's number. Will is a guy I have been dating for the past few months. I used to see Jacob's face every time I saw him, but I am getting better at controling that.

"Hello?" His accent is nice. It reminds me of change. He is from England, so that really makes him different. Not at all like Jake would have sounded.

"Hey, it's me." I try to make my voice sound happy.

"Hey! What are te doing?" I can hear the smile on his lips. I wish I was that convincing.

"Yes." I say. It was hard to utter the words. Like it caused me phisical pain.

"What do te mean?" I can tell he is driving, because there are honks in the background.

"Yes." I say it again, knowing he'll catch on.

"Wait yes? te mean, your accepting my proposal?" He sounds excited, which means he is getting distracted. Not so great when your driving.

Fan fiction by alicecullenrox1 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter 1- The Unimaginable

Kate's POV

New York. When te go, te imagine a nice vacation, maybe a business meeting. te wouldn't dream of having your entire world crash around te as the past, becomes part of the present.

I was leaving the shopping center when I noticed something peculiar going on in the city. I imediately dialed Alice's number. Hearing the ringing echoing in my ear was like torture.

“Hello?” I heard Alice ask, she sounded afraid. Something was up....

"Alice! Something's wrong! People in the city are recitazione strange! I was waiting for te guys at the shopping center and everyone just turned into practically robots! Where are te guys now?!" I asked frantic and worried.

Alice's successivo words were rushed, quiet. She was obviously scared of something. "We're in a taxi, it just stopped. I noticed there was something strange going on. But all my visions are blurry unless there is someone directly involved with me, o any of our family in them. It's strange, We're stopped near Broadway and 7th. None of us know what is happening, and we have no idea if the others are alright. Jasper, Emmett...
Fan fiction by Cullens4eva posted più di un anno fa
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Alice Pov
I’m so bored! Mom’s cleaning, dad’s of saving lives, Bella’s recovering from a break up with a senior called Jacob and Rosalie’s admiring her perfection.
There’s nothing to do! Nearly all forks malls are rubbish, it takes a while to get to port Angeles and Seattle. And I couldn’t go anyway because I’ve reached my of spending for the month. But thats so unfair, I mean Gucci shoes are a need of life. Well for a girl anyway.
Its at times like this that I wish I had an older brother, someone to tease me and mess around with and play dares. Maybe I’ll take a lovely nap. And dream of clothes! No shoes! Better yet bags! Ah....sleep. I closed my eyes and heard someone scream. My eyes flew open.
Bella? She came running down the stairs and started doing a happy dance. I sat bolt upright. I swear a minuto fa she was bawling her eyes out over a worthless piece of shit. What’s gotten into her?
Just then Rosalie walked in. “Do te mind Bella. I’m trying to admire myself.” She was clearly peeved off. Bella slowly calmed down. She plonked herself down successivo to me and let out a long tired sigh. She rested her head on my...
Fan fiction by CarlislesLover posted più di un anno fa
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Please comment.xx

When I arrived they were both standing face to face arguing.
“You blonde slag”

“Brown bitch”

“Piss off and get a life”

“Why don’t you”

“No I have a life unlike somebody”

“Umm no te don’t, you’ve been in a coffin for the last few decades”

“You’re arms disappearing, maybe its old age”

“Hahaha very funny, I’m not old!”

“Yes te are”

“Well my little friend I suggest te piss off now”

“Since when am I your friend”


“Sorry Bella”

“That’s ok Rosalie”

“Oh so Rosalie’s perfect now”



“Alice stop!”


“I will never wake te two at the same time again, so this is the last time you’ll see each other”

“Thank god”


Fan fiction by moolah posted più di un anno fa
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Bella crys about Rosalie to Carlisle.
Bella’s P.O.V:
“Rosalie?” Carlisle asked, confused. “I thought te guys were best friends.” “Yeah, so did me.” I sounded pathetic, complaining about Rosalie.
“Honey, leave it is-you know Rosalie.” He said. “I know. But she detto she could…well…” He sighed, “Bella spit it out.” I fell to the floor crying, “Dazzle him. She detto she could dazzle him and seduce him.” He ran over to me and scooped me up in his arms against his chest, “Oh, Bella.” He set me down in the chair. “Bella, nobody other than te can ‘dazzle’ my son.” I sniffled and nodded.
Then he looked at me closer. “Bella, why are te dressed up?” I smiled sheepishly and ran out the door to Edward’s room. “This is gonna be a night.” I grinned.
Alice’s P.O.V:
“Alice, is this really necessary?” Edward complained. I nodded, “Yes. te have to look your best for Bella…always.” He was now groaning. “Ali, please stop-Can’t I just wear jeans?” She shook her head, “No. Please-play Barbie with me!” He shook his head and crossed his arms, “Please.” He sighed, “Ali. Please don’t do this to me.” I...
Fan fiction by a-jforever posted più di un anno fa
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Heres part 8.Enjoy.XXXX

“Bella no-one’s going to get hurts” Alice detto taking my hand and leading me upstairs.

“BUT SHE MIGHT...”I detto before her small hand covered my mouth.

“But nothing Bella, everyone will be ok, no one will get hurt. And as for you’re.....friend and his pack I’m pretty sure they can look after their selves.”

Jacob. I suddenly recalled his existence.

“Can I borrow your phone?” I asked her. She searched my facial expression and whatever it was she found made her give in.

“Ok then I guess that’s alright.” She handed me the phone before disappearing out the door.

I had rung Jake so many times I knew his number off my cuore so I punched it in and prayed he would pick up.

“Hello?” His husky voice asked.

“Hi Jake, its Bella.”

YOURS AND YOUR NOT THERE. ALL I CAN SMELL IS THE AWFUL BLOODSUCKERS.” I flinched at the tone he used, and his choice of word.
Fan fiction by Darktimes104 posted più di un anno fa
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I'm so sorry it has been 4-ever since I last updated...I've been so busy. Tried to escape to write but, they roped me right back in. That's enough of my rambling, on to the story.

Emmett's POV:
We were woken,in one way o another, early the successivo morning da someone knocking at our bedroom door. I looked over to Rose who was no longer laying beside me. "Five minutes." A soft voice called from the door then left. I heard Rose in the closet. I thought she packed all her stuff last night, maybe I was wrong.
I went to my suit case and put on a button up camicia and a pair of jeans. Rose emerged from the closet looking as beautiful as ever wearing a purple dress and matching shoes. "Morning." She detto placing a soft baciare on my lips, I tried to deepen and lengthen the baciare when someone from the hall called in a impatient tone, "We are leaving now."
I reluctantly pulled away from the baciare and said, "I Amore you."
"I Amore te too." I took our suitcases in one hand and with the other I pulled her close as we walked out of our room and down the stairs.
Fan fiction by decullen posted più di un anno fa
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I woke up,It was only 9.30.I was only asleep for three half hours.I opened my eyes to see Edward standing there.How did he get in I locked the door.

"How did te get in?"I asked him.He smiled and pointed to the window."Why?"

"I forgot to tell te something to te before te left."He detto and sat on my bed"I Amore you."Then he kissed me.I smiled.

"I Amore te to."I detto and kissed him.Which let to something else........

5 Months later

I woke up and opened my eyes.Edward was successivo to me.I smiled.Shit he slept.

"Shit."I said.He started to wake up.

"Morning soon to be miss Cullen."He detto and kissed me.

"You were meant to go home.What if Charlie seen you?."I said.

"Well he didn't."He said.I couldn't help but smile.

"Fine."I detto then kissed him."Now go home before Charlie wakes up.I`ll come over in a bit,let me get ready first."I detto and got up.He got ready.
Opinion by xroylex posted più di un anno fa
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as i aprouched the car i could hear jacob mutter to himself
"should of stayed, what would sam think? i am the worst excuse for werewolf"
"jacob are te ok?" i asked as i climbed in
"are te ok? dont ask me i should of stayed its my job to protect humans humans like te from them" he spat the word. best tell him now before he hates me.
"jacob i can handle my self i am not what te think i am"
"no your più your smart funny and beautiful nessie and i Amore you" he leaned in and i couldnt stop him onse he started when he did start so before his lips could touch mine
"i am half vampire" he stopped and pulled back
"i am half vampire half human" i looked down surly he couldnt be mad.
i was wrong
"nessie what?! your one of them your part them your vihle kind should exsist"
"there not vihle well not all of them" i was still looking down.
"yes they are and and well so are you" i looked up into the anger filled eyes and i shot out of the car running with all my speed to charlies.
Fan fiction by a-jforever posted più di un anno fa
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ciao guys sorry I haven't postato this in a while.X

Esme shot Rosalie a sneaky glare which I didn’t fail to catch.

“I’m so sorry for what I detto to te and to my brother, it’s all my fault he’s dead and that te had to go see him and and....” Rosalie cried, falling to the floor before Emmett had time to catch her.

“It’s not your fault Rose. It’s my fault I should have got there earlier and stopped it all happening.”Alice comforted her.


Jasper looked dizzy from Rosalie’s fast emotion change. While Alice was arguing that it was her fault.

“BUT I DIDNT GET THERE IN TIME.”Alice cried, running from the room. Jasper looked a bit overwhelmed and then quickly followed her.

“Maybe I should leave?” I suggested, throwing a quick look at Carlisle.

Fan fiction by Tatti posted più di un anno fa
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Esme made me cena and since Jake has already gone I was eating alone. It was good that no one bothered me - I had too many thoughts. Bella's domanda pulled out some dark memories I was struggling to forget. It was a bit like Nessie's touch, I could feel something pulsing in my head. Maybe they were right about the shield? o it was just another headache?
When I finnished I asked Esme if I can go sleep and she lead to the same bedroom. I lied on letto for a long ora trying to fall asleep but nothing. I sighed angrily and changed my position. I hated doing nothing. And then someone knocked on a door.
"Come in" - now I was interested. Alice's head appeared in a doorway.
"Hey, we heard te turning in letto like thousand times and assumed te weren't sleeping, so..." she came in followed da Rosalie and Bella. "We decided to have some fun instead!" and she showed me a huge make-up bag.
"What?!" I really hoped it was just another bad joke and she's not planning to throw pajamas party.But I was wrong again.
Fan fiction by LexisFaith posted più di un anno fa
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ciao guys! Since so many of te wanted teh successivo one so soon, I decided I would go ahead a do it.
As te can see this one is in Renesmee's point of view for those team edwards out there. Hope te enjoy!

Drive faster was not in order when Dad was driving. His speedometer needle couldn't go any further but Mom continued to tell him to hurry.
"Bella, I'm going as fast as I can. I quite frankly can't go any faster."
Mom sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

When we reach the hospital Jake carried me in with all the rest of my family behind me. We insisted that Grandpa and Sue continue the wedding, and so they did.
Jake sat me in a wheelchair and the nurse handed Bella some papers to let us fill out once we were settled in our room. Edward made it clear that this could not wait. So, she grabbed a folder and led us down the hall and into my room.
After all the IV's, monotors, and nurses were set up, Mom and Dad rushed everyone but Jake and Carlisle out of the room.
Fan fiction by moolah posted più di un anno fa
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Our leads in this episode, Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward
A Youtube Script:
Episode One:
*Bashing it out*
Bella’s P.O.V:
When life gives te lemons what do te do?
I make sacrifice.
For my friends.
My family.
My Edward…
Like Romeo and Juliet sacrificed their Amore for each other.
With the killing and stuff…
Anyways, I have the remote here. I’ll press play so te can see…

*One anno ago*
Edward’s P.O.V:
Edward: When Bella says bye, please don’t complain.
Emmett: Yeah. Whatever, Edward.
Jasper: Like Em said.
*Two minuti later*
Bella: Why’d te do this?
Edward: Oh I didn’t.
Bella: *smacks his arm* really?
Edward: Yeah, last time I checked.
Bella: Oh just shut up.
*they walk down stairs together*
Esme: Welcome, and happy birthday Bella.
Carlisle: Happy Birthday, Bella.
Alice: Yay! You’re here!
Bella: Yeah, guess so.
Alice: Oh come on, Bella. It’s your birthday…you gotta be having fun!
Fan fiction by twilight-7 posted più di un anno fa
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Kayla’s POV

“Cheat!” Emmett shouted, throwing the controller down. He was careful not to throw it so hard that it might break.
“No I didn’t!” I shouted back. “You’re a sore loser!”
He stood up and I stood up. We narrowed our eyes.
“Let’s settle this,” he said. “One on one. Outside.”
“You’re on.”
“I don’t think so,” Rosalie, who had been watching us play the game, stood up and squeezed herself between us.
“Rose, don’t get involved,” Emmett said, trying to push her away.
“She’s pregnant, te idiot,” she smacked him across the head. “Sit down.”
He looked as if to argue with her but then sat down.
“You as well,” she said, turning to me. “You should know better.”
I snorted.
“Like he could beat me. I won the last two time we fought and this time I have a little added extra. My baby wouldn’t let him near me.”
A little nudge confirmed that.
“See,” Emmett said, standing up. “She’s cheating.”
Fan fiction by decullen posted più di un anno fa
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I woke up and found Edward flat out on superiore, in alto of me,aw he looked adorable I got up gently trying not to wake him up and went down stairs.I got a glass of arancia, arancio then it when i got startled with someone's arms around me.I looked and it was Edward with a smile on his face.I screamed.
"Thank te for scaring me."I
"Sorry I didn't mean to."He detto I started to laugh.

"Sorry I didn't want to wake you,you look cute when te were a sleep."I detto and he came towards me and started baciare me.I was against a counter.The front door opened.We quickly moved,then started cleaning the cup up.

"OH MY GOD!,there up."Emmett detto then laughing.

"Oh so funny."I detto to him."Im gone go to mine and get a shower."I said.

"Yo can go in my doccia I'm just gone be finishing homework."Edward detto and winked but know one seen.I walked up stairs and in to Edwards bathroom and started to get in the doccia when Edward came in and started to get undressed.
Article by countrygirl2008 posted più di un anno fa
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Have te ever wondered about MArcus 's wife?i have ,so i decided to do a little digging and here is what i pulled up:

Once upon a time, a fairly young vampire (he had only been a vampire for a decade and a half) named Aro changed his young sister Didyme, who had just reached adulthood, into a vampire in order to add her to his growing coven. Aro always wanted power, and because he himself had a potent mind-reading gift, he hoped his biological sister would also be gifted in a way that would help him rise in the vampire world. It turned out that Didyme did have a gift; she carried with her an aura of happiness that affected everyone who came near her. Though it wasn't exactly what he had hoped for, Aro pondered the best ways he could use this gift. Meanwhile, Aro's most trusted partner, Marcus, fell in Amore with Didyme. This was not unusual; dato the way she made people feel, lots of people fell in Amore with Didyme. The difference was that this time, Didyme fell in Amore herself. The two of them were tremendously happy. So happy, in fact that, after a while, they no longer cared that much about Aro's plans for domination. After a few centuries, Didyme and Marcus...
Fan fiction by rubytuesday101 posted più di un anno fa
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Charlies's Shotgun
"What!....How could te cheat on me!"he nearly shouted at me in an angry and hurt voice.
"Of corse te would think that,i would never do that,your the dad!"i shouted back at him,he looked angry,shocked and unsure.
"Bella i am a vampire i'm not able to do that"he detto to me.
"No-one ever detto that male Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. couldnt make someone pregnant"i detto to him.
"Bella--"he detto but i cut him off.
"Even ask Carlisle he is the one that detto i was preganat and that youre the dad"i shouted at him,now he looked shocked.
"Were having a baby"he whispered.
"No i am having a baby te were leaving"i detto to him.
"No bella te dont understand"he detto to me in a pleading voice.
"What te Amore me now"i detto in an angry voice.
"Bella i always loved you"he detto to me.
"Thats not what te just said,you detto that i wasnt right for te and te dont want me now te do when te find out your stuck with me because i'm pegnant"i detto to him.
"Bella i didnt mean it i was going to leave to protect te but i'm not going to leave i want to stay with you"he detto walking towards me he was about to take my hand when i turned away.
Fan fiction by decullen posted più di un anno fa
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I walked out and sat down on the couch. Edward came and sat successivo to me.I couldn't look him in the eyes.Everyone was asleep except me and Edward.They were all snoring.Emmett and Rose were propped up against the sofa like they were still awake and watching t.v., I stood up and crepts past Alice, jasper and Emmett, when I stepped across rose she sniffled and I jumped , I giggled and Edward ran up behind me "where te going?"

"well I'm going in your room I'm not sleeping down here with them snoring all night."I detto and pointed at them.

I walked up the stairs and went to Edwards room.I started to get changed when Edward walked in.

"OH MY GOD I'm so sorry."He detto and turned away.I quickly finished and got in his bed.

"No its OK I'm finished."I detto and moved over on half the bed.

Edward grabbed a pair of shorts and walked in to his bathroom to got changed.He came out with out a superiore, in alto on.Oh his chest.He is so fit.He got in the over side of the letto with me.He planted a baciare on my lips.I moved my head back in disbelieve.I wanted more,I wanted all of him.I fell asleep not long after.I had a wonderful dream,It was me and Edward...
Fan fiction by Tatti posted più di un anno fa
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When I woke up, it was already dark. I tried to get up but noticed that I was in hospital: the bed, the drip, the equipment around me - all medical stuff so I had to be a hospital. But then Carlisle came in and I recognized the glass wall. Am I still at their house?
"How are te feeling?" and he started checking my blood pressure.
"I have a headache but everything else seems fine" I detto concentrating on my sensations "How long have I been unconscious?"
"For a long time - about 7 hours. I even scanned your brain but there was nothing unusual. Did te ever had any head traumas?"
"No... I don't think so..." I just wanted to get out of here "So... Can I leave now?" I looked at him hopefully.
"You can leave any time te want, but please listen to my consigli and stay here this night just in case. Emmett brought here your car, but it might be a little dangerous to drive right now" Just great! I wasn't afraid of them any più but I didn't felt the need to stay for too long. I wished to come home so I stood up and... My spinning head decided to use his advice.
Fan fiction by a-jforever posted più di un anno fa
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Sorry its so long since I postato this. Enjoy and please comment.XXX

I yawned, stretching out my arms. I couldn’t remember a thing that happened yesterday, not that it matters right now. I threw my legs over the side of the bed, almost falling over as I stood up but a cold hand flashed out to grab me.
I screamed pulling away to end up on my bed, flat on my face.


“ALICE?” I asked confused.

“Yes it’s me.” Suddenly everything from yesterday flashed back over me and I let out a cry.

“Shhhh Bella its ok, everything’s fine, your fine.”

“But.....but” I stuttered trying the form the words my mouth just wouldn’t speak.

“You’re coming home with me today and staying the night. Charlie knows, I have your bag packed and our flight leaves in two hours, just enough time for te to eat breakfast.”

I nodded feeling overwhelmed with information.

Alice kept her hands on my back carefully guiding me down the stair over to the table, where she had prepared pop tarts for me.
Fan fiction by CarlislesLover posted più di un anno fa
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Soo sorry it's been ages since I postato this one!

I was worried. Would the Cullen’s kill all of us? o would they kill everyone but me? domande filled my head. We were almost there now. Alice had probably seen me with all these people coming to fight against them. But if she did why didn’t she come and get me? Had she told the others? We ran towards the clearing were the Cullen’s stood. Edward, Renesmee, Alice, Japer, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme and Carlisle all stared at us as we moved towards them like ghosts. I’m surprised they hadn’t gotten più people to unisciti them to help fight on their side. “When I made this deal to fight against te years fa te promised te wouldn’t add anymore to your army” Carlisle detto anger crossing his face. “I haven’t added any to my army”

“Yes te have”

“Well you’ve added someone to your army so that makes us equal”

“She couldn’t help being born”

“Well I’m not dropping mine”