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posted by TotallyMe105
 (Edwards Sister)
(Edwards Sister)
ciao sorry it took so long!!!

Heres the first Chapter!!!

Chapter 2: What Really Happened.

(Present Day)

I silently sat on the gently swaying albero branch with both of my pale cold legs wrapped under me. My hands gripped my sweater closer even though i couldnt feel the cold the feel of wool was a comfort to me.
The endless green in front of me seemed to go on forever as i sat watching the trees turn into a silent see of waves.
Forks, Washington was my new home. My first real home since i was a nomadic vampire and didnt fancy in staying anywhere. But here felt different più like a home. I had...
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Nightfall Chapter 23: Anger Management (Jake's POV)

The crisp autumn air whirled the leaves around us as I dragged my struggling children out back. I placed them on the ground in front of me staring them down. I couldn’t help but notice how similar they appeared from a distance but up close there was a sharp contrast. They were both the same russet color as my wolf, but Sarah held herself differently than my quick-tempered son who was beginning to remind me a bit of his Uncle Paul although I was reluctant to admit it. Sarah sat perfectly poised, head held high with wisdom emanating from the...
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posted by Alex_XcullenX
“Wow.” Bella whispered.

I got up from the Pianoforte and ran to her side. I placed my arms around her waist and my chin on her shoulders. It felt so incredible to have her in my arms. “You took the word right out of my mouth.”

“Edward, I did it!”

“You did. te were unbelievable. All that worrying over being a newborn, and then te skip it altogether.” I couldn’t help but chuckle. I knew how worried she was about being consumed with thirst in the beginning, but I had to admit myself that I was worried that she wouldn’t feel as strongly as she did for me when she was a human. Now...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 3: school
I was running in the deep green forest when Damien caught me da my waist I tried to pull away from him trying to get help from my elements but…….nothing the elements weren’t obeying me as they used to. what the hell is wrong with me? I looked at Damien I was sure he had something to do with this he gave me a a sweet smile and said
-now te can’t push me away HONEY
I tried to push him away then I saw a beautiful bronze haired boy with the strange golden eyes he growled and lunched himself at Damien………..

-BEEEP..BEEP..BEEP…BEEP oh I hate this alarm I think I should...
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posted by teamalice_0
I am SHOCKED da your respones(in a good way). I never thought anyone but me would like these. Thanks for reading!

Seth's POV!

I followed her out on to the porch.

"Mary, When te get back I nedd to talk to te about something."I was nervous as it is. How do te tell someone te imprintd on them, Alice will probably try and kill me...

"Sure." She headed off into the woods. I started pacing too keep my self occupied.

I praticed what I was going to say to her.
So... Mary.. Have te ever heard...
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posted by jaime-kataeff
Renesmee's POV

Why is it that when te know something has to be done that time goes faster?

I thought I still had 2hrs to think about how to talk to Jacob, but it seems that I now only have 10 minuti until the big reveal.

He'll be standing there looking beautiful, sexy and handsome with that gorgeous wolfy smile that seems to reach out and grab me, making me melt and tremble with desire, waiting for me in the car park. How am I going to tell him? should I just touch his cheek and mostra him o should I just say what's on my mind? I've never had any problems telling him what I thought.... But...
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posted by renesmeblack
Hey, peeple! I wanted to let te know that the never-ever-ever-ending story of Renesmee hasn't ended. YOU'RE STILL Leggere IT RIGHT NOW!!!
Yup. Welcome to chapter 22. Yay!
Okay, I'll let te get back to your reading...


I had to be surprised. Why wouldn't I be? Edward was pretty mad when he read in my mind what happened two nights ago. He was even madder when he found Renesmee was crazy enough to keep... IT. I thought Renesmee was going mad. She would still bite if we'd taken the thing out first chance. I felt sick to my stomach. This wasn't right. I'm going to be a father. If it's a son,...
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posted by renesmeblack

"Jacob, I didn't-" I cried. How could I say that I didn't Amore him? Mark interrupted me. I felt the heavy trance take a toll on my senses. I struggled. The trance won, but the sane part of my mind that was still living could hear Jacob scream in agony. If I was in control of my own body I would take a bite at Mark and run to Jacob. I heard a tear fall and hit the leaves behind me. I wanted to turn and run, taking my Jacob with me. But my body was a living dummy, being controlled da MARK. Mark rubbed a funny-smelling ointment on my wrist, burning it, but my body didn't react. Instead,...
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I'll put another one later today, because me and my family are celebrating a birthday :D

Bella's pov

“Stop struggling, your not going to get away from me” He detto determined
I didn’t say anything I just looked at him with disgusted. But I started to see a smile on his face.
“I’m being impolite, my name is Franco” he detto calm but I still didn’t say anything. I still couldn’t sposta from the pain I was feeling, what did he do to me to cause so much pain.
“You know, I think there would be a possibility that you’re stronger than me if te use magic” he detto amused.
“Magic, how...
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OMG. Finally, I was able to get an- oops sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. This is LJC News. I'm your host, Lina. So, as I was saying, I finally, got an interview with Edward Cullen and Bella cigno AND Renesmee! I was so pumped, that I got to the Cullen's house 10 minuti before the time we agreed on! I sat there for about 5 minuti practicing what I was going to say when, I saw Edward and Bella come out of the blue with, *GASP* Little Renesmee in Bella's arms! "Hi!" I say excitedly. "Hello, Lina" says Edward in his alluring, velvet smooth voice. "Hello, Bellla" i say to Bella. Then I turn...
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posted by Pirate_4_life
I have thought about Scrivere my own story for quite some time, with my main influence being twilight-7. She has an amazing Scrivere style and has kept me and many others enthralled da her captivating story. I don’t want anyone to think that my stories will be in any way shape o form nearly as good as hers but I will give it a try and if no-one likes it then I will simply give up and try something new.
Suggestions and commenti will be kindly welcomed throughout.

Chapter 1.

I sit alone in my room in silence, 7pm, another sleepless night ahead. Although I don’t seem to get tired, I just sit and...
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posted by yazangi
Okay well I don't know where this is going but I hope it turns out good.
So Bella's getting ready to sposta into the huse that Billy gives her da the river right in the middle of the treaty line.
"Bella, te sure te can go live out there all alone in the middle of...nowhere?" Charlie asked concerned.
"Actually dad I never really thought about that, wow, um, I really didn't think about it!" Bella replied stunned.
So Bella calls over Seth and Leah- Bella's friend bcause they know how eacher other feel. They were perfect to live with her in her house, good company and good protection.
The boys down...
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posted by H20girlH20
i woke up like at 8:09 i was walking to the kitchen. i saw Esme and Carlise. also Rosalie and Emmett. "good moring" "hi Karina how was you're sleep?" detto Emmett. "fine thanks for telling me" i detto "were bella and Edward also Renesemmen?" i detto "well Renesemmen is in her room, and Edward and Bella are outside hunting." detto Esme. i heard footsteps it was renesemmen "hi aunt Karina.!!" detto renesemmen. i smiled. Esme pulled out pane "here te go." she detto "thanks" i cried. i saw the door open it was Bella and Edward. "Bella!!!! Edward" i yelled i ran up and gave them a hug. "hi Karina."...
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posted by twerdx24x1
Edward comes into the house and says” What the hell is all my stuff doing in the garage?” Then i stood and looked Edward in the face and detto “we have company who is living with us now. Don’t be rude come unisciti us.” In my head i was thinking to him. ‘They just showed up and knew our names and everything about us. It was awkward at first and then i gave them a tour and Alice saw your room and wanted it. So I helped her with your stuff. Paybacks a pain in the butt, te shouldn’t have of been mean to me while i was being transformed. Oh yeah, I heard every word te detto about me.’...
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Yup, the wedding.

The week passed in a blur. Alice was able to successfully invite all of the guests. Rachel, Paul and Rebecca stopped da on Monday, taking the quickest flight to Washington they could manage. Jacob had been overjoyed to see Paul (who had married Rachel last year) and they had a boys-night-out, I guess you'd say. I talked endlessly to Rachel and Rebecca, my new sisters-in-law. I loved them immediately.
Leah and Emily came da più often as well, first to try on their dresses, then to simply visit me. Emily was a sweetheart, while Leah took some più getting used to, but we became...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
Chapter 9, here we come!! =D

Aunt Rosalie drove up a little later, avoiding all eye contact. Dad kept a smug smile on his face as he read her embarrassed thoughts. She held her head up high as she tossed Jacob's keys to him. "Your engine is terrible, da the way," she said. She walked in the house, her nose still in the air, trying to hold on to what dignity she had left. I would have laughed, except I liked my head on my body. "I like it that way!" Jacob yelled after her. As soon as she was out of earshot, Jacob turned to Dad, his face falling a little. "Does it run badly?" he asked. Dad shook...
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I had an original articolo that was like 8 pages that detto my opinion on every single scene (lol) but I decided to shorten it and put it up here ;D. Ummm... I'm pretty critical, but please don't bash me if te don't agree. This is simply my opinion. It's not like it even matters... lol

One Word: Disappointment. If anyone asked me to describe the movie to them, that is what I would say. It was a disappointment. And, I think that's a generous statement for how awful it was.
(Now, to the people that loved the twilight movie, I'm sorry I don't agree with you. But, again, don't get really angry......
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posted by cherry6chick
Hey! Do te guys know a good twilight fan site? Help us all out and tell us... so we can go on!
Heres the cool site I found:
I think that te all know of stephenie's website.....

Oh! Also- If anyones knows of a good site to see interviews o più trailer... Tell Me!

Speaking of stephenie's website... did any of te see the "quote of the day" thing she's doing!? I Amore that idea! what do te guys think? I like the idea.. and I just cant wait to read Breaking Dawn! The movie should be good too :)
posted by Hellohoudini
Robert Pattinson Related to Dracula?
da Twilight_News |

According to ET:

“The Associated Press says researchers at have connected Pattinson and the Transylvanian ruler through their relationship to the British royal family; the site claims Pattinson is a distant cousin of Princes Harry and William, who are distant nephews of Vlad the Impaler.
“Tracing Pattinson’s family back to Vlad was difficult research, but the pieces that unraveled created the perfect accompaniment to ‘The Twilight Saga,’” detto Anastasia Tyler, a genealogist at “Without any myth o magic, we find royalty and Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. lurking in Pattinson’s life — making his story just as Supernatural as the one he’s playing on screen.”
[b]Bella's POV

I knew I was dreaming, this could never happen. I couldn't be sure though it all looked so vivid.
I wasn't at home anymore, I was in a meadow, my meadow, his meadow. And there he was, leaning agaist a tree, looking as perfect as usual. He was smiling my favourite smile, his eyes shining with... laughter?
"Edward," I asked, "something funny?"
Edward just shook his head, his shoulders moving with silent laughter. Great now I'd have to hope Alice knew what was humouring him. Edward wouldn't like it if I found out before he told me, but maybe this time he'd learn to tell me quicker.
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