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posted by GothicGirl0525
In all my hundred years o so of my life. I finally meet the girl of my dreams and she was new to Forks. The shocking part was that I couldn’t read anything she was thinking plus she smelled so beautiful. She smelled like strawberries every giorno because of her shampoo. When I saw her face in person, I instill fell in Amore with her and I knew right there and then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Bella and I got married on August 13th, 2004. She was beautiful that day. We had a baby girl that I Amore to death. Her name is Renesmee. She looks just her mother, her brown eyes,...
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posted by renesmeblack
Hey, sorry this is so short, but I don't feel well and will be Leggere most of the time, not writing. Sorry again!


I should've known Alice was still here. As soon as I walked into the bedroom door, she was there, pushing clothes into my face. There was a large camicia with teddybears, dolls, and baby block sew-ons scattered all over it. Then there was a pair of rosa jeans that matched it. I looked at Alice with reproachful eyes. Alice had the same face.
"Don't ask me, Jake picked it out," she whispered.
Then she threw another set of clothes at me. This outfit had Alice written all over...
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posted by mrscullen43299
Chapter 2 yay!!!!:)

Edward's POV:
Today was the best giorno so far... It could never be ruined. The Volturi were gone. They were so gone. They were never going to return. They were gone for good. I really couldnt think of why they had dato up so easily. It really racked up my head with questions. But, it didnt matter anymore. We were together- Forever. Never to be separated. Bella, Renesmee, and I Had forever together. We had all the time in the world. We all loved each other. "Nessie, are te done hunting?" I asked her. "Yes, Im ready daddy," she replied....
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I do not own any of the characters except Amelia and Elizabeth. I do not own the Twilight Saga.


Yay! Rosalie, Bella and Elizabeth have arrived and Jacob is out on his little party. Bella bought wine and we had some of that. I tried not to get too drunk, but i couldn't help. It wasn't actually wine, it was blood. We did each others nails and i showed everyone my dress. Rosalie is doing my hair tomorrow and Bella is doing my make-up.

Next Day:

Ahhhh!!!!! I'm getting married! Yes! I got Amelia ready because she is my fiore Girl. I went to Rose's house and she done my hair and i got dressed...
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heya every1 just wnna say that te might have seen my story on yes this is also mine i just wanted to put it on here as well xx
hope u like my story, I'm not sure how much I'm going to write so I'm going to start with a little amount and see what people think. please review if u like it and ill write more. xx


I didn't no what to expect as I was harshly dragged from my home. Two men in thick coats grabbed my dark hair and tugged hard before throwing me harshly into the back of a carriage. I didn't dare sposta as I could already feel the blood running down my head. I just wanted...
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posted by rubytuesday101
Today is Saturday edward and the cullens are going hunting so i guess edward is goin to tell everyone what happened i bet alice will be over later.I got up and got dressed i ate breakfast and started watching tv.I was trying to think what i could do today,i havent seen Jacob in a while not since he told me he was a werewolf edward detto it was dangerous.But he cant tell me what to do,so i got up and called jacob.
"Hello?"it was jacob it was good to hear his husky voice.
"Hi jake it's bella"i detto to him.
"Bella!,hi how are ya!"he detto now sounding really happy i chuckled a bit.
"Im fine how are...
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posted by rubytuesday101
 Charlies's Shotgun
Charlies's Shotgun
"What!....How could te cheat on me!"he nearly shouted at me in an angry and hurt voice.
"Of corse te would think that,i would never do that,your the dad!"i shouted back at him,he looked angry,shocked and unsure.
"Bella i am a vampire i'm not able to do that"he detto to me.
"No-one ever detto that male Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. couldnt make someone pregnant"i detto to him.
"Bella--"he detto but i cut him off.
"Even ask Carlisle he is the one that detto i was preganat and that youre the dad"i shouted at him,now he looked shocked.
"Were having a baby"he whispered.
"No i am having a baby te were leaving"i detto to him.
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posted by GothicGirl0525
(ATTENTION: I’m sorry it took forever for me to do this chapter but I’ve have had a lot going on. I will get chapter 17 on as soon as possible. If te get inpatient with me feel free to email me on fanpop o at my email Thanks for being a fan of my story and I will tell te I will be ending this very soon. And I will be starting something new… already have plans for the successivo story I will keep te informed. Thanks … Alyssa )

End of Chapter 15:
    “There will be no fight so if te would like to start running back to the house o home that...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


We were at the school now; Rosalie's convertibile, convertible was conspicuous in the parking lot. The clouds were thin today, a few streaks of sunlight escaping through far away in the west.
He got out and walked around the car to open my door. He held out his hand.
I sat stubbornly in my seat, arms folded, feeling a secret twinge of smugness. The lot was crowded with people in formal dressed: witnesses. He couldn't remove me forcibly from the car as he might have if we'd been alone.
He sighed. "When someone wants to kill you, you're Ribelle - The Brave as a lion...
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Again. Me trying to get people to read my stories. xPP Finished 4 chapters.

Off to Camp!


It was just the beginning of summer when Renee knocked on my door.

"Bella Swan! te know it's summer! A time for partying and hanging out with friends. Where are they?" she asked impatiently. We go through the same thing every summer. She ask me to go out I don't then she makes me go babysit the neighbours.

"Cheryl is on vacation again and everyone else isn't really my friend." That's right. I'm a loner at my school.

"So what are te going to do this summer. Sit in...
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One LONG one for today! ^_^

I stared at Bella with surprise as the dominant feature on my face. I didn't expect theory like this. When I didn't answer, Bella spoke again, she explained.
"Jacob told me that your family being here set things in motion. I thought te would already know...." she trailed off when my eyes narrowed.
Is she blaming us for the existence of werewolves.
"Is that what they think?" I asked.
"Edward, look at the facts. Seventy years ago, te came here, and the licantropi showed up. te come back now, and the licantropi showed up again. Do te think that's a coincidence?"...
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posted by surfergal
new is was cold out but I didn't care to much. I freshened my makeup
and he came inside to get me and he was talking to Carlisle, as I was
walking down the stairs Alice told me that Carlisle is playing a
fatherly role. I laughed a little bit but not to where Max would
notice. Carlisle told me to be back before 12 am that is. I detto hi to
max and gave him a hug.

I made small talk in the way to the beach. It wasn't much though. When
we got there it was way colder than I thought it was going to be, but I
didn't complain. I ask him how was the coast guard going and he detto
good he detto that he...
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posted by stepphy-rox
It was 7:00 o'clock and my alarm went off. i couldn't bother to get up but it was back to school. The first giorno of school was such a bludge and I hated it, but today I'm starting a new school. We have just moved here to Forks from Australia(dad got a new job so we had to move). America is so different but I like it. I start at forks highschool today and so does my brother and sister Xaviour and Carlie, Xaviour is 18 and Carlie is 15, I'm 17.
"Steph wake up te can't be late for your first giorno of school" Dad yelled from downstairs
"I'm awake, I'm coming...
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posted by kladida_22
Sorry guys i know its been a while but i got really backed up with homework and proyects that i had to do soo here's the new one and chapter .5 is almost done. Thanks!!

Chapter 4. – Surprise Party

Jacob´s POV:

I was suddenly surprised to see I think everyone in La Push there in my small living room greeting me with a big “SURPRISE!” like a quire Canto at the same pase. I turned to Leah to try and understand what was going on but she was no long at my side , I now felt awkwardly uncomfortable with her here successivo to me I never thought in a million years I would need her this much like now....
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posted by rubytuesday101
We sat there in silence,i was looking at my stomack thinking.It hurts him for me to be in pain,any sort of pain.Mentaly and phyisicaly,and it hurt even più when he knew the pain i was feeling was because of him.That if i never met him i wouldnt have to be going through it,and him knowing that he could have done something to stop it but this time he cant stop whats coming.And he hated that if he didnt do this to me i wouldnt have to suffer.
"Dont blame yourself edward just dont"i whispered to him.
"How can i not blame myself,bella?.I did this to you,and te have to suffer for my mistake i am...
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posted by renesmeblack
End of Chapter 13

"Nessie," Jacob whispered. It sounded like the nickname was sung da angels. I stared into his eyes.
"Yes?" I breathed.
"You're a..."
"Vampire? I know."
I was disappointed. There has to be something better to say, we're together again, after I was kidnapped! An, "I Amore you," was the first on my list. I turned away from him.
"Renesmee, what's wrong?"
The first time I actually wished there was tears on my cheek.
"There's got to be something wrong. Is it the fact you're a vampire? Oh, honey, I Amore you, not what te are."
I felt his hands pull me back, against his chest....
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posted by renesmeblack
... Hi! Okay, I know this took a while, so I'm giving te a reminder of what happened last chapter. Yay!...

End of Chapter 12:

Karrie squeaked. Jeffery turned to her.
"Mom!" She whispered. They both pulled at my arms to make me follow them. Bella and Edward ran with me. It seems as though the chidren had the speed of a vampire. Then they did something unexpected.
Karrie jumped in midair, along with Jeffery. In Karrie's place was a bronze colored wolf, and in Jeffery's a golden wolf. Bella gasped. I decided to shift as well. Now there was three Lupi in the hallway. We all ran farther into the...
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posted by renesmeblack
12. Miracles Within Curses

Heram detto the Volturi would cover any sign of guarding their new "weapons." What did this mean? I stared out the window while a flirty flight attendant tried to unlock my thoughts. She could try talking to Edward. She just thought I was cute. She came over the seventh time before I decided to start talking.
"Look, lady, I'm getting married as soon as I meet my girlfriend," I detto in a low voice as I showed her my ring. She stared at it with wide eyes and turned around. She didn't bother me after that. Edward came over.
"Jacob, now she's wondering why all the good...
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posted by renesmeblack
10. Discovery

I spent the last three days watching the babies, trying to figure out what else they can do. I've descovered that since they have both vampire and werewolf genes, they developed faster than Renesmee did. During an "experiment," I told Casper to sit in another room and try to attack me from across the hall.
The cold wave hit me about three secondi later.
"Daddy, I can't get into Bella's mind!" Karrie once thought to me. They took on Renesmee's habit of calling everyone da their names.
"Karrie, stop trying so hard. Bella has a sheild," I told her.
"Like Jeffery?" Karrie asked, surprised....
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posted by emmaliecullen18
This is a continuation of Amore CHECK MATE. Set after 3 weeks from the ending of LCM... :D

Emmett's POV.

"Hey Sweetie, where are you?" The drama - Queen squeaked. "Right here, dream-girl ," I replied in a much sarcastic and less concerned way. OH yes ! let me tell te that I don't know who I am and I don't even know who I was....or well what and with whom I was. It has been 3 months and I am here in Miss Bella Swan's luxurious bungalow but whenever I dare to ask her about my identity all that I am told is that it is nothing that I should mind. I would doubt if anyone would readily accept such...
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