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posted by Twilight_F
YAYYY this is chapter 10 hope te like it!!
PLease read, rate and comment!!! Enjoy!!


Bella’s POV

I heard him scream and I started running towards him. Saying in my head, ‘I Amore you, stay where te are’.
But he couldn’t hear me.
When I got to the house, he was gone. I let out a defeated scream. But I kept on running, following his trail. All the time thinking the same thing. ‘I Amore you’
    But I knew he couldn’t hear, and I was sobbing tearless sobs the whole way. Just then I heard him. He was thinking about me. I screamed for joy, he heard it, but kept...
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posted by iluvtwilight123
OMG I HAVENT WRITTEN IN ALMOST 2 YEARS IM SO SO SO SORRY D: and this chapter's super slow so IM SORRY.

    When they left I closed the door and smiled to myself. After me and Jacob broke up I was lost…I didn’t know what to do. But Seth helped me through that, it feels good to feel alive again even if it isn’t with the person I imprinted with. People just need to have FUN.
    I walked to my bathroom and bushed my teeth. The color came back to my skin. I’m no longer pale anymore, I have a rosey shade to my cheeks. I smiled again and relized I look...
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posted by NeeNee14
I woke up around 4:30 a.m. since I had to go to work and work with the devil. I wrote a note to Edward telling him when I should be back. I kissed Kammie on the forehead and kissed Edward on the cheek. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at me.
"I'm sorry I woke you." I whispered to him. He frowned.
"You're leaving." It was più of a statement than a question. I shook my head yes and kissed him again.
"I'll be back later today." I detto and left.
I arrived on location around 5:00 AM. I walked over to the make-up trailer and sat down in one of the chair. Karen was going to do my make-up..She was...
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posted by bella01
[after the flash back]

i decided to push my power to the limit.i just need to kill darius and everything is going to be one will hurt my family anymore,that's what's important nothing else.i took a deep breath and gathered all my remaining energy and released it with a blow.

i tried to open my eyes but my eyes have been blinded by the light around i closed my eyes again to shield it from the light.

i think all my senses are gone.because i can't hear anything,feel anything or even smell anything,and i can't get my eyes to open feels like i have been separated from my...
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posted by surfergal
Once I got up stairs and into my room I checked the surf segnala and it detto it was flat. Great what am I gonna do now. I can't stop thinking about Cody he kent so much to me and he was always there for and always protected me from everything from other vamps o just tripping and falling. He was always there to catch me and now he wasn't and I didn't know what to do. I went back to my letto and just lyed there thinking of Cody. I couldn't help it, we had been together ever sinse we meet. I guess the pull the Amore I felt toward him was only me. I feel asleep crying again. I hated when that would...
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The successivo morning was much più relaxed. It was Monday, and Bella and I were driving to school. We were both in good spirits until a block away from the parking lot. That’s when I picked up on his scent. A werewolf was waiting in the Forks High School parking lot, and I had a pretty good idea about who it would be. I scanned the parking lot for thoughts, and found Jacob’s face in some of the students minds whom had passed him by. This would not be good.

“If I asked te to do something, would te trust me?” I asked Bella.

She looked at me carefully, and I knew she could sense the stress...
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posted by iluvtwilight123
Ok i know i havent writen in a long time but i have been busy!! And this chapter is short but ill right più every week and read all my other stories to keep te fresh in mind please!

"Seth! what are te doing here?" i was so surpised i havent seen him o his sister since my birthday "Well jacob wanted me to tell te to forgive him but since your out here insread of at te house then your not taking this very well." He detto this hurriedlly and awkardly, but i understood.

"seth im not going to forgive him, hes hurt me toi much. Also i just dont want to see him." Tears started to trickle down...
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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Shoot Dates Revealed!

This seemingly minor blip of news is going to be very exciting for a lot of te readers. The third movie entry in the “Twilight” series, “Eclipse,” will shoot at Vancouver Film Studios between August 17 and October 31 (Halloween wrap!), Coming Soon reports. The David Slade-directed adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s novel will come from a script da series scribe (and occasional “Dexter” writer) Melissa Rosenberg.

The Halloween avvolgere is perfectly timed to coincide with what will likely be the start of a massive publicity push leading into the release of “New Moon” on November 20. “Eclipse” is currently set for a June 30, 2010 release, a fact which I’m sure that many of te readers are already well aware of. So mark those calendars if te haven’t already, and prepare for an increasing onslaught of “Eclipse” news as the wheels spin faster and faster.
posted by iluvtwilight123
Yeah i get it its short Chibimoongirl leave the suspends

Renesmee's POV

I was walking to my parents meadow but i was wasnt paying attention to the beauty i was Scrivere a poem:

A winter night,
Cold and harsh
He only holds me in his too hot hands
Our Amore is like a blooming rose
Only ten times faster
And più sweeter
He disolves in darkness,
My handsome knight is gone
But he doesnt come back
LIke i thought he would
Back to the meadow
Here I am
fiori growing so vibrantly
But my meadow is gone
And so is he.

I was so deep inside this poem like it was worth everything to me. But at the same time i was listening to my ipod the song was My Immortal da Evanescence and it just reminded me of him. I heard noises even with the Musica on full blast but i didnt care i just sat there waiting for sleepiness take over me. But the pain of staining in my cuore was just to much and i saw bare feet in front of me.
posted by iluvtwilight123
SO this isnt my best just read it!

Bella's POV

I couldn't endure it because while everyone was fighting i had to focus on my sheild. I already know what his gift was and it was like yesterday that he annouced it.
Everyone was trying to rip Trenton's head off i found it kinda funny. Hmmmm..... I was right about Trenton wich is really wierd because Edward was usually right.
" Bella start a fire!" Jasper shouted. Then pieces of vampire skin flew past my head and i got the fuoco started in no time. I threw the pieces into the fuoco and purpleish smoke started to appear on superiore, in alto of the cottage.
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posted by jamiesue00
Nessie POV
I’m not sure what giorno it is. I know I’ve been here for almost three days now. My capture has been doing some experiments on me. I have marks all over my body. Some days the experiments are not too painful, other days I scream in pain and beg him to stop o kill me. Yesterday was not a good day. He had decided to try and see what insect poison would do to me; scorpione bites, snake bites and others. Some days it would take a lot out of me others I would be up at a normal time. After all the bites I endured yesterday I was in no hurry to get out and see what he had in store for me...
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Ok so i havent been Scrivere what? my sever was down so dont blame me for ANYTHING but this chapter is alittle to short and i think its crap but just read and rate!!

I never thought things would happen like this but it did and everthing was fine, for now. Renesmee and Trenton spoke and played around like nothing ever happened. Weird. Ness would be up the bacheca o plumiting into the sky if she was me when i was a human.
I snapped back to reality and Edward was watching my facial expressions change. "Is somthing wrong love?" He asked as if he didnt know. "Wel I've been thinking about Trenton and...
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posted by iluvtwilight123
" OH, my god! Trenton your a vampire!" I shouted but really i didnt care, my best friend is a vampire instead of human and i never saw it coming. "Well yeah I didnt want to tell te until I explained it but i couldnt keep my eyes shut any more." He detto it so casually it almost frightened me. I couldnt believe it was all happening in one giorno and not just any day-my birthday. From drama with Jacob, to making up and kissing, then having a bad dream, to finding out that i had the flu where it is suppose to eat myself alive, and to superiore, in alto it all off my friend is here telling me that he is a vampire!...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Okay this is probably the last one for today!!!!

Bella’s POV

    I turned to where I heard the wonderful voice come from. I could pick that voice out anywhere. I felt my cuore start to beat rapidly at his voice. I felt tears down my face.
    He came out of the bushes with a fragola blonde and Jacob in his human form.    
    But I didn’t even pay attention to who else was around. I only looked for his face.
    I found it and held my breath in. His face was the same. But he had dark, purple...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Sorry it's so short!!!!

Edward’s POV

    It’s been four months and still no trace of Bella. I was starting to get scared. If she’s dead, I’ll die of cuore break.
    I can’t take it anymore. It’s too hard.
    We were somewhere in Alaska. We would be going back to Forks in a few days to start over. It’s all my fault Bella’s gone. I should have never left her at that party.
    If I ever get her back, I will never leave her side. I’m not even leaving her when she has to go to the bathroom. I will never...
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posted by ktbminnie12
You're in for a real treat!!!!

Bella’s POV

    It’s been 4 months. I’m still sitting in this dark basement, alone and scarred. I missed Edward so much. I hope they find me soon. I don’t know how much più of the beatings I could take.
    Every night, Lorenzo would come in and beat me until I passed out. I don’t know why he did it. I didn’t do anything to him. One night he beat me so hard, I started bleeding. I could feel the marks on my arms where he beat me so hard.
    Three days ago, I asked him to leave me alone. Actually,...
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Everything was crashing down.

My heart

My mind

My soul

My entire being

My very existence

All of them used to lie before her, at her feet. Now, they lay crushed on the ground.

I never knew heaven could exist on earth before I met her.

I never knew happiness.

I never knew beauty of life.

I never knew hope – blind fierce hope

I never knew love.

I never knew pain – pain that gnaw my insides slowly, excruciatingly.

I never knew tears.

I wish this very moment in my tormented life that gravity never existed so that it never learned how to pull water from my eyes. So that at least for this very instance, when...
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posted by dinosteph
I'm just gonna make a point here. Something I wanted to share with everyone haha.

I just reread eclipse.
I paid close attention to Jacob and Bella's relationship.
Especially the morning after they spend the night in the tent.
Bella asks Jake to baciare her, trying to prove a point.
The last couple chapters opened my eyes to their relationship completely.
I Amore Edward, and I Amore Jake.
I can see that Bella loves both of them. It breaks my cuore that she had to choose.

I'm just sayin.

(Apparently this needs to be longer, otherwise I have to post it to the forum.)
posted by iluvtwilight123
Grandpa Carlilse came over to the house with all his equipment, then my Uncles and Aunts came. " Honey are te ok?" Aunt Rosalie asked and she started to touch my face.
I didn't say anything i was cradled like a baby in my father's arms. I couldn't speak i only coughed and sneezed a few times. " She is just stunned. Remember her old friend on the island well she had a dream that he bit here and killed Jacob." Dad detto swiftly. Tears started to trickle down my face and when he detto Jacob it rang a campana, bell in my head. " Dad i need to see Jacob. Please let me go i need to see if he's ok!" I struggled...
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posted by iluvtwilight123
I fell asleep on my dad's lap and i had the most horrible dream. I was in the meadow where my family plays baseball and there was a boy about 15 sitting da a albero with silver apples on it. But in the real meadow there wasn't any trees with apples. If that wasn't enough rose were growing from the ground.
I walked towards the boy and he smiled at me and i felt like i knew him when i was younger. Wait i did know him it was Trenton!My childhood friend when i went to live at the island my parents had there honeymoon!
I took another step forward. "RENESMEE!" Jacob shouted, "Don't come any closer...
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