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posted by hailieywithin
In Breaking dawn Bella I nervous about the wedding with her and Edward. Jacob refused to go to the wedding known Bella will soon be turned and he still is madly In Amore with her. Bella has several nightmares about the wedding but the wedding goes just fine until the end when Jacob triggers her to say she will have a ordinary honeymoon were he believes Bella will have sex with Edward which she does. One giorno as Edward I'd hunting bella vomits da eating chicken quoting -damn rancid chicken- and tells him she's late. When Edward is in shock realizing she's preagnat calling Carlisle he tells her...
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posted by vampnarutogirl1
"Hey" someone shouts. I turn around
"er..... Yeah" i replie.
"what lesson do te have next?" asks Sam "i have science in room 208"
"erm.... Let me check" i replie to sam looking at my planner. Hmm i have science in the same room i thought.
"Guess what"
"what?" sam asks confused.
"I'm in the same room as you" i say.

This is just a normal giorno for me. Mondays to fridays school days. Yes i'm just a normal kid. In highschool, just trying to get my GCSE's. I have made some good Friends who just like me want to work hard to get their GCSE's and get a job. I just didn't realize just how much they were like...
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posted by twilight_lover9
Okay, so i haven't been on fanpop since i was 12! i'm now 14, and i've found some of my old stories, and i've decided to re-write it, in a più grammatical way, with new fresh ideas.
Hope te guys like it.

I stared into the mirror, gazing at my reflection, focusing on every feature of my face.
I was nothing that te could call beautiful, o stunning. I was just ordinary, I was just me. I had quite plain features, green eyes, pale skin, the only thing that te could call special o different about me, was my hair. My hair was a natural black, it went to my elbows, and had natural waves. My fringe...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
Authors Note

1.    This story is about Jacob and Bella’s daughter
2.    If Bella and Jacob had ended up together after Eclipse
3.    The whole Cullen family and everyone who was in the story is still in the story except for Reneesme of course
4.    I am not a team Jacob, Trust me I’m Team Edward, but I don’t have anything against Jacob
5.    Jacob and Bella’s daughter is born December 6th, 2010
6.    Her name is Lauren Savannah Black
7.    She has a older...
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
Authors Note

1.    This story is about Jacob and Bella’s daughter
2.    If Bella and Jacob had ended up together after Eclipse
3.    The whole Cullen family and everyone who was in the story is still in the story except for Reneesme of course
4.    I am not a team Jacob, Trust me I’m Team Edward, but I don’t have anything against Jacob
5.    Jacob and Bella’s daughter is born December 6th, 2010
6.    Her name is Lauren Savannah Black
7.    She has a older...
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posted by LexisFaith
Tough, I ain’t never been nothin’ but tough
All my edges have always been rough
But Gesù loves me anyway
Oh, back home, there ain’t nothing wrong
With a woman that got a little back bone
Just wait 'til te taste her kind of love…
You want a shy little thing, a pretty little high-heel thing
You’re gonna cry if I don’t polish up… tough

Tough~ Kellie Pickler
Bella Pov
"Just kiddin'!" Emmett burst out laughing. "You sould have seen your face!" He was doubled over, hands on his knees.
I kicked his shin. "You ass!"
"Mom and Dad are gonna' sleep...
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Here's Chapter 3!

Bella's POV
"Jacob, te need to leave now!"
I was going insane, freaking out. He knew now, he knew that Jscob was here. He had detto I wasn't allowed to La Push, he had never detto Jake wasn't allowed down here in Forks. It didn't seem to matter, Edward was going to be mad anyway.
"Seriously Bella? You're gonna kick me out because some messed up bloodsucker's coming home after killing a herd of baby sheep."
"Jacob te know what would happen if Edward turned up and te were just sat here in the cucina in Charlie's chair. da the way that's also the chair that Edward sits in...
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This is the secondo book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager!

I suggest Leggere my first book (as the sun sets), so te can better understand this one (Daylight) This will take place just where we left off in the first novel!

This chapter is small aswell because of school schedual, but starting successivo sunday - I will have a chapter up every sunday, Long, full length chapters. Ill be on everyweekday at 10:30 am est aswell

I'd like to first apologise to all of my fans. I havn't...
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Im just going to get right to the point: I loved this movie. In fact, I am already looking inoltrare, avanti to the dvd coming out so that I can watch it over and over.
The movie stuck very close to the book, though of course there were some changes and some stuff that had to be left out. A few of the changes include Edward telling Bella about his past of killing killers (in the libri this happened in an earlier book), Edward and Bella being alone when he first hears Renesmee's thoughts, Edward laughing when Bella wears a ightgown to seduce him ( in the book he just tries to ignore it),and the omission...
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posted by WildCherryWolf
"Er, Edward?"
"No, Jacob?"
"Can, can te answer this for me?"
"Aw, but we're buddies!!!"
"I don't like you, Jacob."
"But we're amigos!! o in your case, amigas!!"
"Since when did I become female?"
"Since te started glittering in the sun."
"Lets not mention your genetic glitch, Fido."
"Seriously dude, I need te to answer this."
"I thought Cani couldn't talk."
"Aren't fate all female?"
"Bella likes sparkling men."
"I can't believe te detto that."
"Leave me alone."
"You called yourself SPARKLY!!"
"Get out."
"Okay, no need for a breakdown, drama queen."
"I am not a drama queen."
"I'm not a St....
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posted by ISABELLA92
Jasper’s POV
“Hello.” I detto gruffly.
“Where are you?” my mother barked.
“At Alice’s.” I said.
“I told te to be home da ten and it’s ten and you’re not here.” My mother yelled.
“I forgot. Can’t I spend a little più time with Alice?” I asked.
“No, te have school tomorrow.” My mother hissed.
“I’m on my way.” I detto defeated and disappointed. I hung up and turned to see Alice’s angelic face.
“You have to go home.” She said.
“Yea, Mom beckoned me home. She says we have school tomorrow.” I said.
“Okay. See te tomorrow, Jazzie.” Alice detto before planting...
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posted by ISABELLA92
Alice’s POV
“Promise me we’ll be together forever.” I asked looking in his bright brown eyes that matched my dark brown. I saw the worry behind his eyes.
“Forever.” He replied baciare my forehead. We had been dating for a anno and he was a permanent fixture in my life. I had a bad feeling that something was about to sever our ties and I didn’t know what. We finally climbed out of my letto around noon and went out to a nearby park.
“What’s up, babe?” Jasper asked.
“Nothing, just thinking.” I said. I was usually good about getting a feeling about what was going to happen before...
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Chapter 2 is up, please read and commento below. The chapters are getting longer now. I've got some ideas for later chapters, maybe something in Esme's point of view (we never really see her, thought it would be nice), I'm thinking of posting chapters weekly, some of them might be a bit late, I've got a lot on, but please look out for them. See te all with Chapter 3 Soon

Edwards POV
"Alice where are we going, can't we just go home with the others?" I said. All I wanted was to go home to my Bella and make sure she was ok.
"Edward she will be fine. Bella is a eighteen anno old woman, I'm sure she...
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Chapter 1

Click link for Chapter 1

Title:New Begginings Chapter 2
Themes: Love, marriage,
Coupling: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella.

Edward's POV

I continued to watch even after he had walked through the door.
I was compelled to. I couldn't pinpoint that face, but his marking on his should rang like a bell.

Who was he? Why does he live at Bella's home? Is he? Is he really? Is he really her new lover?

I knew I shouldn't assume, nor should I should dissappointed, I asked her to. Right?
I told her to, I told her directly, it was my pure intention.
I wanted her to sposta on and live...
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In the gift to all my lovely readers, I'm using my new preferito song in the whole world "A Thousand Years" da Christina Perri...enjoy :)

Edward Pov

In my one hundred an eight years of being...alive...I had never been to a party bigger and better than Alice's. The small vampire was a freak of nature that I was very close to. So, here on Halloween, I was standing in the door way of the kitchen, listening to "The Features" and watching the mass amount of Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. that filled our home, dance.
I got a good laugh watching my father, for all intense...
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Edward's POV.

Post New Moon. Edward finally caves in to check up on Bella in forks after 3 years of being separated, only the find something opposite. [I haven't written in a while, so I apologise in advance]

Name: New Beginnings.
Author: KatiiCullen93
Rating: PG-13
Themes: Love, marriage, pregnancy, vampire,
Couplings: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella

Edwards POV

Three years almost seems like three days in this small town. Driving in, I instantly came to the realization that everything was the same as the time as I left. I'm not sure exactly what I expected but Forks was the same.

The sky was clouded overcast,...
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I couldn't say a word. What would I say? I stared down at the anxious face of Elisbeth. My whole world had paused for a moment. Although I hadn't known this child well, I felt so close to her. Maybe it's because I've been where she is - o maybe it's just a hybrid thing; But either way I didn't wan't anything to happen to Elisabeth.

I refused to watch the large, mahogany door that closed behind us. Rejected to acknowladge the awful truth that only moments ago, the few words I was told, Has now effected everything. I was scared for Elisabeth.

I looked down in Elisbeth's direction. She may be...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
 Living in the past
Living in the past
To save alot of confusing from alot of readers ( I hope) I would like to explain in plain form what is going on.

This fanfiction is set in a form of a letter, simple, nothing more. It's set during a period of time in New Moon, However this is where I have made a handful of alterations.
Bella did not jump from the cliff, thus no Alice, and no Edward interaction.
Bella is still alone, in collage, where she falls pregnant from her new boyfriend Lucas,(Chad Michael Murray Type)
Letter post birth of her son's birth. Got it?

Dearest Bella,

I only hope that te are well and delightfully happy in your successful...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
This is the sequal to Sink o Swim, Which is postato here, This is written in Edward's Point of view, written a few years of the events occured in the first chapter. I hope te enjoy.

Title: Sink o Swim Sequal
Author: KatiiCullen94
Rating: PG-15
Themes: themes of depression, themes of suicide, dark themes, love
Coupling: Edward/Bella/Jacob

Time passes slowly when te live forever, forever with no horizen approaching.
And forever is a awfully long time when your life is a cloudless night fulfilled with nothing fun, exciting nor good.
I had that once, and she was pure. Pure as the sun and as river flows...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
[A New Story From the autore of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter Three: A House is Not a Home
    Jessika had packed everything she would need, miscellaneous wise anyways. She wouldn’t pack her clothes until a giorno o two before they left because what if she needed to wear something she packed away? Then she would have to dig through everything just to find it. Jessika zipped the last bag and put it da the other one da the door. So far she only had two bags. For her clothes she...
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