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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
ciao so, sorry about the mistakes in the last chapter :( and sorry about how it was so short, and not really classified as a chapter più like fluff.
Anyway hope this chapter is better. Please commento and tell me what te think.

Edward's POV

The first person who came out of the bushes had bright orange/red hair that looked very familiar.
What is he doing here? Tyler thought.
Before I could think più about when Tyler thought, 4 più people stepped through the bushes. And tylers thoughts were compeletly cut off from me... that was odd.
I could hear the rest of my families thoughts they were mostly...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hey guys! Thanks for all you're commenti and messages! I'm glad te enjoy my story. And I am so, so, so sorry for the time it took to write this. I really haven't been feeling like Scrivere this. I need to get back into the story.

Edward's POV

We were all on our guard, while running towards the river.
Emmett's thoughts cut through my head FIGHT! Fight, fight, fight, fight, Fight, fight, fight! This is going to be so fun! Fig- I cut him off. "Emmett! Dude stop it!"
"I'm sorry, can't I be pumped?" He replied with a sheepish grin, I just looked at him, and he knew I wasn't going to answer that.
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Okay, since I know it would be awhile until I can post the successivo chapter (maybe another week) I decided to put up a teaser for te guys.
Hope te enjoy it. And tell me if te want me to send a omaggio to te when the successivo chapter is up.
Again thank te for all the lovely comments, and thank te for sticking around with me for so long :)

Bella's POV

We were outside, and I had to admit it wasn't like what I thought it was going to look like. I mean they had dirt roads and everything, but it was actually quite nice, there wern't big buildings and the village seemed peaceful. Tash's place was hidden, you...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
hey... so this is my new story... I don't like the other one! So... I started this one! don't forget 2 commento and rate!

Something was missing. Something big, like my heart! I couldn't find it. I got up from my own screams. I couldn't breathe. He wasn't there to hold me in his cold hands. He wasn't there anymore. I doubted if he would ever come back. I was thinking of everything I could do to get to him. Tears came down of my face and dropped on my cuscino as I tried to stand up and go to the bathroom. Charlie was already downstairs so I hurried and made him breakfast. I didn't eat anything like...
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posted by Cullen_Freak
Bellas POV

He looked up at me, his face hard.
"Edward?Whats wrong?" He pulled out one of his books, and pointed to a picture.
"I was just thinking, I know its a long ways away but, what if Jacob and Nessie decide to have children?" I looked at him, i had thought about this over and over again, but it had never stuck.
"Ive thought about it, but what if they dont? I mean they know that what theyll creat would be someothing that i think has never exsisted." Edward looked at me again, and then looked down at the book.
"I as studing legands, te know like how we did with Nessie? And i found a monster,...
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posted by VAMPirella1997
this part might not be so good, cos i'm kinda tired... let's see how it goes!
-VAMPirella XX

End of Part 6:
the stress and worry made us sposta even faster as we dashed round the house, informing our family we had to leave. Now. They scurried around, packing. I dashed back to my cottage to grab my clothes. i chucked them all in my suitcase, not bothering to fold in my rush. finally, we were all ready and i dashed back to the house.

Part 7:
I scurried to Edward's side, holding myself to his side. I was scared. Edward wrapped one of his arms around my waist, squeezing my tight to him. I buried...
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posted by just_bella
ciao all!! Just thought I would let everyone know that I started my own fanpop site to post my stories on. This will be the last one I put up here...unless the other site doesn't get enough people. If te go to the cerca and put in just bella you'll find it. Everyone is welcome to come!! Thank te to everybody for all the support!!!

End of Part 31

"We must leave and sooner rather then later." Edward detto as he started shifting his weight between his legs.

"I'm so sorry Ben, I would Amore to give te più risposte but they are right. We need to be going. Please don't tell anyone te saw us, that...
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posted by just_bella
ciao guys, here's the successivo chapter. I'm not sure if i will continue this one much longer...unless I do a rose and emmett story. Sorry I didn't get this up last night, but here ya go.

I passed in and out of conciousness, trying to hold on like I had promised her. I remember one point where she stopped and put me down on the erba and I came too.

The surrounds were diffrent, it looked like we were just out side a town. The strange thing was that it was unlike any town that I had ever seen. There were many buildings that I could see from this...
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Even though they did not know it, Bella was listening to everything they were saying, and she wasn't liking what she was hearing.
"I'm telling you! She should just act normal!" She heard one of them say.
"No! It's to dangerous!" Another one said, Edward she assumed. Then, growing bored from the ongoing dibattito she realized that this was her chance, everyone was to preoccupied with trying to decide what she should do, she just slipped behind the house and went through the back door. Only Spike saw her. After she had been gone for about five minuets, he decided to clue the rest of them in.
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posted by DWLoverTBCEDT
AU: I own a Cullen Crest wristband, and necklace, and a Team Edward bracelet. Unfortunately, I don't own Twilight. If I did there would have been a lot più Edward and a lot less Jacob. Kinda this chapter. As I promised, Edward. Have fun. Huge thanks to state of delusion for fixing my mistakes.

Chapter 3


I'm waiting for my moment to come,

I'm waiting for the movie to begin,

I waiting for a revelation,

I'm waiting for someone to count me in.

'Cause now I only see my dreams, in everything I touch,

Feel their cold hands on everything that I Love.

Cold like some magnificent skyline,

Out of my reach...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
 Bella and Edward
Bella and Edward
Thank te for the comments. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to improve. I'd like to dedicate this to Halunik thanks for all the support!

Bella's POV

"Bella!?" I heard someone call my name. I know that voice, I would know it anywhere.
"Edward!!" I yelled out.
Edward came into my view, he was too far away for my liking. It was only then that I realised where I was. I looked around, where am I? I have never seen this place before. It was a small village. There were small and simple houses made out of bricks. There were people walking around all in old fashioned clothes. I realised Edward...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hope te guys enjoy. Please comment. Also I'm trying to think of what to do successivo o after she sees Edward as a human, if te guys have any idea's for me, o what te might like to happen please let me know :)

Bella's POV

"So when can we go, see him?" I asked getting really excited. I would actually get to see Edward! And as a human!
"Not right now Bella."
"What?" I asked, my face falling just a bit.
"It's almost 11pm, Edward would be sleeping most likely."
"Oh okay... Well i guess that makes sense." I still couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.
"Bella its been a big day, I think te should...
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All I saw was Ashley’s hands in Nikki’s face and then Nikki’s head hit a stone and she screamed. There was too much blood in the floor, Nikki was bleeding più and more, people started coming, Kristen crossed the crowd and slapped Ashley
- Bitch! Are te crazy?? te could have killed her! Are te insane?
- I’m sorry ok? She kissed my boyfriend. I’m sorry! I don’t know Kristen I’m so sorry! I really like Nikki!! But I was so mad! – Ashley was crying, I’m sure she didn’t wanna hurt anybody!
- Kristen and Ashley stop!! – I said, Kristen turned around and left and Ashley looked...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
I was on my way to home when I saw Cullen's house road. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I would die there when I see their rooms empty. with no COLD ONES!

I turned around and decided to go home. I wanted to be strong. But... who was there for me to make me be strong for him?! As I went in my room I recognized something under the carpet of my room. I went closer and got the papers out from there. The titolo was:

"Last part of me"

It was Edward's gorgeous handwriting. Tears ran on my cheecks before I could even read any of it.

"Edward, Edward...Come back"

With my screams, Charlie was at...
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Well at least I wasn’t the one pushing the boundaries this time. If Edward wanted più of me then I would give it to him. I wasn’t complaining. He then started moving his hand further up, going over my chest and then slid back down and he left his hand under my bra line. I opened my eyes in pure shock to find his open too. He smiled.

“Did te decide to rethink your boundaries?” I asked breathless again.

“ Did I do something te didn’t want me to do?” He asked alarmed.

“ No, it was nice actually” I detto blushing a deep ruby.

He stroked my crimson cheek as he answered.

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Chapter 1

Edward’s POV

I was looking at the window, watching the snow as it continues to flow. The sky was dark. The house was quiet as everyone was resting. Nessie was at her room with Jacob, who was sleeping, I guess, for I can still hear the dog snoring. Bella was on my arms, of course, Leggere Wuthering heights. I quietly raise my hand, about to switch off the lights when I heard Bella’s voice.
“Don’t even think about it.”
“Bella, it’s late. We have to rest. te still have time for that tomorrow.”
She didn’t respond. Instead, she closed the book and pulled me away. I was shocked...
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Nothing to say today... but enjoy! ^_^

In Alice's vision, I see Victoria in the forest right near Forks. Alice's face was completely blank, and I controlled my expression so Angela and Ben won't be wondering what's going on. We still have a secret to protect, the only exception was Bella.
"Alice? Alice!" Angela yelled while moving her hands back and forth in front of Alice's face. I stopped looking at the horror-strucked vision and pretended that it was not a big deal. I didn't need Bella to get worried. I won't let anything happen to her.

I made a casual laugh. Angela and Ben looked at me,...
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posted by AdaLove
"Admiration was like air to me, Bella. I was silly and shallow, but I was content."

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Lillian Hale was born in Rochester, New York in 1915; she had two younger brothers, a housewife for a mother, and her father worked at a bank. Rosalie's father's job helped keep the family wealthy during the Great Depression. She was born beautiful and constantly praised, making her vain and self-centered. However, unlike her parents, who always wanted più out of life despite their already elevated status, Rosalie was just happy in the knowledge that she was Rosalie Hale, and that she...
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posted by AliceHaleCullen
10. Tell her that, because everyone thinks she and Jasper are twins, they should get together. When she asks why, say that Incest is in at the moment.

9. Call her “Ice Queen” behind her back and to her face.

8. Whenever she argues anything, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”

7. Claim that being a human ain’t so great.

6. When she argues the above claim, respond with “Whatever, bimbo.”

5. Try to exorcise her and her evil ways.

4. Tell everyone that Edward didn’t go to Italy because Rosalie detto Bella was dead – he went to Italy because he envisioned Rosalie’s ugly face.

3. Call her “Hoe-salie” at least once, to her face.

2. Remind her that Edward chose a pathetic human girl over her.

And the Number One way to annoy Rosalie Hale?

1. Steal her silver cell phone and change the ringtone to “Roxanne” da The Police. When she asks why the hell te did it, say that she reminds te of Roxanne.
posted by 2bearz
ciao ppls! this is my last chapter, sorry its so short, but i found that Scrivere doesnt really suit me. so here it is!

Seth is taking me out tonight to this really expensive chinese restaurant, because I Amore chinese! Anyways, life is pretty much perfect. When the Volturi finally came I found out about Alec's talent, and it's awesome! I mean he froze all the guard, except for Caius, Marcus, and Aro, so they were completely defenseless. We made them promise to not bother us, o our friends, and they agreed! When we let them go. They were completely shaken, discouraged, and went home with absolutely...
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