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 Cast Twilight Saga - Recordando..
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Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
cast twilight
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Sam’s POV

The little green eyed girl ran around the backyard of my house with the boys. They adored her. We haven’t officially named her, but for now we call her Rayne, seeing as every time it rains she will run outside and dance in it despite our protests that she might get sick, although we all know her getting sick is about as possible as us getting sick.

Rayne has really grown on Emily and I. We think of her and treat her as our own daughter. She even calls us mom and dad. The boys Amore her. She’s like their little sister; she adores them as well, giving them all nicknames. Rayne is...
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ciao people!
So i decided to write a fan fiction dedicated to Jacob/Rosalie..Both are my preferito characters..Also i think they will be hilarious and hot together..
Enjoy :)

Main Characters:Jacob Black,Rosalie Hale,Bella Swan,Edward Culled,Alice Cullen,Jasper Hale and lots more..
Rosalie and Bella are best friends..(both are vampires)
Bella is dating Edward,who is human.Rosalie dont like him.Jacob is Edward's best friend and he is warewolf..Jacob and Rosalie cant stand each other,because of vampire/warewolf cold war..You probably will want to know how Bella and Rosalie became a vampires..Well...
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Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart
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