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 Jacob and Renesmee - Matching Outfits!
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Jacob and Renesmee's coincidental similarities in their clothing xD
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chapter 17. VISITOR
UNNATURALLY STILL AND WHITE, WITH LARGE BLACK EYES intent on my face, my visitor waited perfectly motionless in the center of the halt, beautiful beyond imagining.
My knees trembled for a second, and I nearly fell. Then I hurled myself at her.
"Alice, oh, Alice!" I cried, as I slammed into her.
I'd forgotten how hard she was; it was like running headlong into a bacheca of cement.
"Bella?" There was a strange mingling of relief and confusion in her voice.
I locked my arms around her, gasping to inhale as much of the scent of her skin as possible. It wasn't like anything else—not...
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chapter 14. FAMILY
I COWERED INTO JACOB'S SIDE, MY EYES SCANNING the forest for the other werewolves. When they appeared, striding out from between the trees, they weren't what I was expecting. I'd gotten the image of the Lupi stuck in my head. These were just four really big half-naked boys.
Again, they reminded me of brothers, quadruplets. Something about the way they moved almost in synchronization to stand across the road from us, the way they all had the same long, round muscles under the same red-brown skin, the same cropped black hair, and the way their expressions altered at exactly...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


A long minuto passed. I listened, not sure if I'd heard the door close. Then Edward's cool arm was around me, under the covers, his lips at my ear.
"You are a terrible actress - I'd say that career path is out for you."
"Darn it," I muttered. My cuore was crashing in my chest.
He hummed a melody I didn't recognize; it sounded like a lullaby.
He paused. "Should I sing te to sleep?"
"Right," I laughed. "Like I could sleep with te here!"
"You do it all the time," he reminded me.
"But I didn't know te were here," I replied icily.
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plot to the video: Bella has died from Edward turning her into a vampire (dont know how, doesnt really matter) and now Jacob and Edward must cope with the fact that she is really gone.