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This Twilight la saga foto might contain hip boot, thigh boot, capispalla, overclothes, capospalla, indumento esterno overgarment, mantello, and indumento esterno.

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Chapter 10: And then there was one

My world seemed to be falling apart at the seams. All we knew is that there were at least 23 wolfes, and 19 of us. If only they'd let me fight... But Billy says he may be able to reason with them; a favour for a favour. I doubted that though. At this point i was never alone. I felt like how i was when i was little, always being supervised no freedom. But i guess this was better then facing death. There really was going to be a fight.. there really might be lifes lost.

"..And no funny buisnuess this time, alright?" I heard my mothers voice chime.

"Of course mother.."...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 9 - THEORY

We were in front of Charlie's house. The lights were on, my truck in its place, everything utterly normal. It was like waking from a dream. He stopped the car, but I didn't move.
"Do te promise to be there tomorrow?"
"I promise."
I considered that for a moment, then nodded. I pulled his giacca off, taking one last whiff.
"You can keep it - te don't have a giacca for tomorrow," he reminded me.
I handed it back to him. "I don't want to have to explain to Charlie."
"Oh, right." He grinned.
I hesitated, my hand on the door handle, trying to prolong...
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posted by TotallyMe105
ok im bored and always thought Edward had a sister just didnt remember soo here goes it....i hope it doesnt stink and hope te like it!!!

Disclaimer: I own no one but Bethany and any new characters!!!!

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Ch.1 Flashbacks Of An Assortment

"Slam!" The sound rang clear throughout my room as i looked at the now tattered book sitting below my bacheca the pages lying flat. I rolled my eyes at the stupid thing.
I stalked over to my letto and huffed as i dived onto the quilt and soft mattress. Once again I had gotten in trouble, once again it was for something stupid.
Maybe I should introduce...
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