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la scelta dei fan: When people say we ship Tonnie to get Bonnie away from Damon/Delena
la scelta dei fan: Lockett
la scelta dei fan: Micheal
la scelta dei fan: Tonnie duh!
la scelta dei fan: Maybe.
Yes, there&# 39; s always hope.
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TheTVDLover detto …
Hello and good morning TVD fandom, I just wanted to let te all know that some Friends and I have started a new discussion forum. Weather te a Stelena, Delena , Forwood,Bamon what ever te ship who ever te preferito characters are it doesn't matter. Mystic Grill forum is a place for any and all topic to be discussed. We finished the site today so if te are looking for a new forum , that welcomes all ships please stop da and sign up. Hope to see there

link postato più di un anno fa
torilee07 detto …
Does anyone else think/hope that Klaroline could be an opening for a Bonnie/Tyler romance? postato più di un anno fa
jazzywazzy08 detto …
I hate how dead this spot gets....It pisses me off that Tonnie still has no interaction.... postato più di un anno fa
torilee07 commentato…
I still cannot believe that it's been 3 seasons and still no interaction has taken place between them...I used to hold so much hope for Tonnie/Lockett più di un anno fa