walking through the grassland eveything was,as it should be,calm. sasuke sakura Naruto and Kakashi Hatake were quite exsept it seemd Kakashi Hatake seemd to fouceing on sasuke più then ever. every now and again Kakashi Hatake would make a jesture with his hand to tell someone to come closer.
"ugh! my legs really hurt!! can we stop and rest?" Naruto asked kakashi.
"i dont see the harm." Kakashi Hatake said
everyone else sat but sasuke stood. Kakashi Hatake muttered something. then sasuke was hit down da an unknow assalint.
"sasuke!" Naruto yelled
Kakashi Hatake sensei stood and wasnt surprised. a man showed up and foursed sasuke's arm behind his back and while he was still on the ground smashed his foot down on sasukes head.
"im sorry sasuke...but until te and Naruto get along im puting te in prision." Kakashi Hatake said.
"what!?" Naruto and sakura yelled together in disbelife.
"you cant be sereious! im a uchiha dang it! te cant do this to me!!" sasuke yelled
"well,im doing it right now so i clearly can...take him away!" Kakashi Hatake said.
the man picked sasuke up and foursed him to walk away.

3 days later

sasuke was sitting quietly in his cell when Naruto and sakura came by.
"sasuke...what was that." Naruto asked
"im not a mind-reader naruto. i have no idea what your talking about."sasuke said.
"you know what im talking about!! its the whole reason your here and not out traing with us!" Naruto exclaimed.
"like i know." sasuke detto un ammused.
Naruto Lost his patiense then stormed off.sakura looked at sasuke and desided to stay with him the rest of the day.
sasuke getting arrested