te are Liarli uchiha! your bff: gaara, sasuke. most lilkely bf: gaara
te were born into the uchiha clan, a powerful clan in konoha in the fuoco coutry witht he sharingan bloodline limit. your brothers itachi and sasuke (sasuke is your twin) cared for te a lot. But at the age of 8 sasuke and te came home to find that itachi had murdered your entire clan, sparing te and sasuke only. itachi then went to unisciti Akatsuki leaving the two of te alone.
Since then te and sasuke have lived in pain, only surviving to become stronger and kill itachi! The two of te are quiet, not speaking much. Whilst Sasuke is being glomped da fangirls, te sit with your one friend gaara. He is the only one besides sasuke who understands how te feel.
te are in team 9 with kurenai.
What do they think of you?
naruto: sasukes sister, shes hott! emo like sasuke, and powerful she and i drew in battle!!
sasuke: my sister, i care for her very much, the last survivors of the uchiha clan. our dream is the same, we are not emo naruto!! shut up te jerk! how dare te say she is hott!
sakura: sasukes sister, scary, EMO!!! all the guys like her! maybe if i were emo too.... hmm....
hinata: s-scary!! o_0 emo! she is a girl version of sasuke.
kiba: she is f****** hott!! emo like sasuke! she has a dirty tongue too, always insulting people making her super hott!! she scares akamaru and she is very strong!
shino: ...emo...
tenten: scary! sasuke and her are so alike, wel they are twins but i mean their personalities! its freaky! i can see neji likes her, all the guys like her!
lee: Not youthful!! she has no spirit! sasuke and her are scary!
neji: i do not like her tenten!! Not all the guys like her, shino, me, and lee dont!
ino: sasukes twin sister..huh? hmm shes bitchy! all the boys Amore her! she told me i should change my clothes, purple isnt my colour!
shikamaru: ino hates her, shes troublesome
choji: shes hott! doesnt speak much.
gaara: my bestfriend, the only one who knows how i feel. she Lost her parents too. sasuke doesnt want her to have a bf and doesnt like me much. kankurou loves her but he isnt allowed to ask her out, because i plan to
temari: gaara loves her, so does kankurou! all the boys like her! shes bitchy and mean, but they all think shes sexy and hott! its ridiculous! shes very strong, the same as me and she and sasuke are very alike.
kankurou: she is SEXY!!! HOTTT!!