So.. I have been devoted to Sasuke since I was 8 o 9 years old. I guess I just wanted to set this all out somewhere.
Every day, I have people come up to me and either a) Tell me how much I look like Sasuke Uchiha and commento that I'm obsessed, o b) Tell him off in front of me. I get into a lot of mindless debates with people, normally I'll win them. And still, I always domanda why these thoughts nube, nuvola the minds of other people. How can people not understand him?
It is to my own understanding that one cannot simply understand Sasuke, they must endure him. What I mean da that is, te have to introspectively feel as much as he does. Endure his world.
When I was little and I first had my sights on him.. I had this feeling. I didn't understand it at the time. But it was this estranged, bulking feeling inside, the kind that set your mind on fuoco and set your spirit free. It was, in my hilt of feelings, what I felt to be love. And I felt it again più and più as years surpassed me.
Emotions cannot be understood. They must only be felt. The kind te can't explain. The kinds that are both Amore and hate- The two greatest feelings on polar opposite sides of the spectrum of human emotion. Ever tell someone o yourself, "God, I Amore them so much I can't even use any words to describe them!" o "I have such a hate for them, I can't even put it into words." -Because te can't. te can only feel.
This pertains to Sasuke. And this is where I entertain those deplorable opinions out there to the people who actually liberate them- yes, the people who have the same typical reason to hate Sasuke as any other person has- To sort of give te a drawback into a different color of perception. Lest te are like me and te don't take the topic of Sasuke lightly, I would stop Leggere now.

Anyway, to all te "ignoramuses" that hate Sasuke- let me first address the normal Citazioni from most anti-Sasuists. "OMG he's psychotically obsessed with revenge" "he's so emo" "he's a whiny bitch" "he's jealous of naruto" "HAHAHA lol lol OL SASGAY" "he should die" yada yada yada. I applaud te people for having the audacity to even conjugate these insults and NOT take the time to actually present an IQ over 0.1... How do te even do it? Seriously? Sasgay? Do te suffer from foreignly ill-linguistic turmoils? Do I need to educate te on the correct and formal pronounciation of his inherent Japanese name? Good lord.
The fact remains that Sasuke is a complex character. I cannot stress the term enough.
He is the type of character that te must actually think about-Yes I know, christ man is that difficult!- And I mean contemplate and evaluate his crises and what he feels, and feels tied to the past thereof.... And what renders his authorities helpless (i.e. the manipulative. His brother, konoha, etc)
His practical demeanor is obviously snowed from the past. He is "cold", he is aloof, he is commanding, he is "arrogant".
But he is him. And he is human. And he has displayed the most brilliant assortment of humanistics I have EVER seen in a character of literature(And believe me I have read a LOT of literature). This volatile mixture of Sasuke as a whole supplements his choices and what he thinks should be right. And I truly believe Sasuke genuinely believes his decisions are right. (If te were doing something and te knew it was wrong, te wouldn't be doing it. Aye?)
And who is to say one must pass judgments on his character, when the delusions created on his part were created da the heir before his generation?
I tell this to any other Naruto fan, and I will state it now: If Naruto knew about più than half of what his fan detto against Sasuke, Naruto would probably bitchslap you. Seriously. I don't know about anyone else here, but have te all not noticed how contradicting a lot of Sasuke haters are? It's like their Sasuke hate is literally bred from contradictory and hypocrisy. And they plausibly do not have any legitimate argument against him besides unearthed tacky insults- No true sense of debate. Why? Because they do not understand him. And to be QUITE scrupulous, it is più than so because these loafers did not TRY to understand him. People who simply hate Sasuke did not even second-guess to even compensate a part of him that would clarify any of their problems with him.
I will say this now.
Sasuke is divine.
He is a character of many hues, of many implications. I share a lot of values and virtues with him, both simple and complicated. He is my hero and personally without Sasuke, I, Sarah, would not be here. He filled my voids when no one else could. He is più than just "fiction". And please, do not ever let someone tell te off for loving a "fictional character", because Amore is as real as we depict it to be. I may get into relationships and such, myself, but my bond with Sasuke will always be eternal to me. I am joining the military with Sasuke's influence of willpower engraved deeply into my heart. And I know someday I will be written into history as the lover of the multitudes of his affairs, and hopefully there are others like me who see it through these ways and share the same heartstrings connected to the masterpiece that is Sasuke Uchiha.
Many people like to indicate that I pseudo-psychoanalyze things o that I'm twisted in the head. But like Sasuke, I rejoice at the truth, and I shun the judgments of others because they don't feel as I do. They conform to a hurting bias, and they do not acknowledge the fairness on Sasuke's part. Sasuke saw his family slaughtered da the one thing he cherished when he was at the mere age whereas the only thing te should be scared of were monsters in your closet. His life was croded to blood in a childhood of happiness he had just been introduced to, then torn away from him at the very cuore of it. If anyone had endured scrutinizing pain, it would be him. And in it he does not ask for pity, but light his way with his own perseverance and willpower. He is truly a symbol of a hero..... In my eyes.
Let us be the very best of friends.