So Ino and Sakura walk slowly to Sakura's house"Ah Sakura can i ask te something if it is okay to you"Ino said"Sure what is it?"Sakura Questioned"Who is your crush in the konoha?"Ino asked"You first"Sakura said"Don't say this to anybody just te abd me will know this thing okay my crush in the konoha is Sasuke Uchiha"Ino said"So who is your crush in the konoha?"Ino asked"My crush to the konoha is Sasuke Uchiha too....But i have a domanda why his brother killed his clan?"Sakura said"Because the konoha ordered it"Ino said

(A few secondi it is raining so Sakura and Ino need to hurry)

"Oh!"Ino said

Ino slide because they was in hurry

"I'm on it"Sakura said"(Sakura heal ino's scar)"Thanks"Ino said"You're welcome"Sakura said

(A few minuti Sakura and Ino is in the house of Sakura)

"3Wow it is so beautiful"Ino said"Not really"Sakura said

(Sakura cooked some ramen for Ino)

"It is so delicious What is it?"Ino said"It is a salmone flavored ramen"Sakura detto A FEW minuto AFTER THE DOOR BELLS RING SO SAKURA OPEN THE DOOR"Hello Sakura"Sasuke and Naruto said"what are te two doing here"Sakura Questioned"We are just visiting you'Sasuke detto "Okay come sit and it my home made salmone flavored ramen"Sakura said"Thank you"Sasuke and Naruto said

"Bye Sasuke and Sakura"Naruto and Ino said

"Bye Sakura I Amore you(Sasuke kissed Sakura in her lips)"Sasuke said"Bye"Sakura said

(Sasuke run into Naruto and Ino)"Hey!wait for me guys"Sasuke said

So Sakura was alone"I Amore te too Sasuke"she whispered to herself