(In the hospital)

"Oh! Sakura te are awaken"Sasuke said"Where i am?"Sakura asked "Don't te remember the kyuubi attacks te da the way Ino and Hinata will visit te and i will go to Naruto's room to visit him so just stay here a few minuti Ino and Hinata will be here"Sasuke answered

(In Naruto's room)

"Sasuke"Naruto said"What?....What do te wan't?"Sasuke answered angrily "I'm sorry to what happen i will promise that i will not do it again"Naruto detto "Not do it again even you..you can't control your kyuubi and your promising that te will not do it again"Sasuke shout "I promise that i will not do it again"Naruto said"Okay find i'm out of here"Sasuke said

(Back at Sakura's room)

Ino and Hinata is there

"Hello Ino and Hinata da the way i will buy some needs for my artwork just enjoy there Sakura i will be back at few minutes"Sasuke said

(After 30 minuti Sakura,Ino and Hinata is chatting)

"Oh!it is dark i think my father is loooking for me so bye Sakura"Ino said"Bye!"Sakura replied

"Where is Ino and Hinata?"Sasuke questioned "they go home"Saukra answered"By the way the doctor detto that tomorrow te will go home"Sasuke detto hapily