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PucksLady detto …
Christopher was killed in combat. My aunt got the call, but she called me. Please pray for my family. postato più di un anno fa
PucksLady detto …
I have a cousin in the Air Force, and I hadn't heard from him for over a mese until now. He called late last night, and we talked for only a few minutes, but it was enough. It's going to be my birthday on Monday, so he called to say Happy Birthday. I Amore him, and miss him terribly, as he's the only person who's ever supported me fully, and he understands how I think. I know a lot of te have family members in the Air Force, but I ask te to pray for him too. His name is Christopher. Thank you! postato più di un anno fa
ZachRockFan detto …
well its a nice job and i think u should join. ive enjoyed it so far. just getting rly busy now. postato più di un anno fa