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la scelta dei fan: Ronald Reagan
la scelta dei fan: Yes!
la scelta dei fan: I loved it!
la scelta dei fan: Division through categorization of political beliefs.
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SJF_Penguin2 detto …
May God bless our new president, Donald John Trump!
January 20, 2017 postato ·11 mesi fa
SJF_Penguin2 detto …
Someday America will have female presidents. But we should thank God every giorno that Hillary Clinton won't be the first. We really dodged a bullet on Tuesday.

Donald Trump hasn't been a reliable conservative all his life. I voted for him (I only vote Republican), but I've often had mixed feelings about him. But as the man who beat Crooked Hillary in the biggest presidential election upset since "Dewey Defeats Truman," he at least deserves a clean slate . . . postato più di un anno fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
. . . and an opportunity to mostra us that "Make America Great Again" is più than just a slogan. più di un anno fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect. And good luck. più di un anno fa
SJF_Penguin2 detto …
I supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. He would have made a great president, and hopefully will someday. I don't consider Donald Trump to be a real conservative, but he is the only viable option to stop Hillary Clinton. I inviato my absentee ballot with a vote for Trump on October 24. postato più di un anno fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
If Trump is elected but acts like a liberal in office, I will hope for and support a conservative primary opponent in 2020. più di un anno fa
SJF_Penguin2 commentato…
Someday America will elect its first female president, but voting for a woman just because she's a woman is ridiculous. And sexist. I hope instead that America's first female president will be a conservative, elected for her values and her vision, not her sex. più di un anno fa