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la scelta dei fan: because zero loves yuki
la scelta dei fan: Kaname Kuran
la scelta dei fan: The Wedding
la scelta dei fan: i say HEL NO ITS NOT!!!
i say HEL NO ITS NOT!!!
i dont know mabye
la scelta dei fan: Vampire Lovers. (Fiancee Sibilings)
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sir_lancelot detto …
i am not a fan a cheesy happy ever after thing, but i'll let it slip this time if what i stated will come true since i felt really sorry for kaname,since he has done a lot thing's for everyone yet in the end, he end's up without yuki it's such a misery to see and don't give me, he has this two children lol, how about he and yuki being together her and living with their children lol i don't what zero had did to deserved such an ending, but if anyone deserves to be happy it's kaname not zero. postato più di un anno fa
rupsa commentato…
I agree with te totally. But its also true that Yuki loves Kaname più than Zero. Its proven many times in both Anime and Manga. più di un anno fa
sir_lancelot detto …
but what did we have is and extreme act of Amore , she didn't just sacrifice herself for him. she also gave him her cuore litterally, it is written in Anime magazine that yuki's cuore reside inside of kaname, but i am still hoping that somehow yuki will be raincarnated as a normal human girl that look's like a spitting image of her precedente self , then she will fall for kaname all over again and she will then remember everything and after that they get married. postato più di un anno fa
sir_lancelot detto …
even if yuki has finally hook up with zero. it is still because of kaname's dying wish and beside's, it even taken più than half a century for that to happened. it also quite evident that after a thousand year's yuki have not stop find a cure for kaname that can wake him up, and it is quite obvious that if she was succesfull in waking him up and making him human again i have no doubt that yuki will turn herself into human, and to keep her promised to marry him. postato più di un anno fa