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~* A Storm is Coming *~

It has been five years since the highly esteemed Vampire Hunter Cross Kaien turned away from his path as a hunter to join the proud, the strong, the underpaid... the teachers. Under his watchful eye he brought up from the ashes of his career a school which focused on his one belief: The hope that Vampires and Humans could co-exist.

He christened this establishment 'Cross Academy.'

For the most part, the school ran smoothly. Every so often they would run into a glitch - a rouge vampire or perhaps a rather curious Human (Day Class) student. After a small span of time, Cross appointed his two adoptive children, Yuuki and Zero, to protect the school - keeping it safe from harm with the help (and sometimes hindrance) of the Vampire (Night Class) students.

However, all good things must come to an end.

In the fall of Cross Academy's fifth year, things changed. A young vampire lass by the name of Kurenai Maria entered the grounds, and thus began the unraveling of the Academy's peace.

But you know that story.

This is the beginning of a new story. Your story.

As time passes, the Academy hurtles toward a bitter winter. Alliances will be broken, friendships torn asunder, and a new battle will begin.


A Storm is Coming is set in the time period shortly before the 'Ridou' arc of the series. It is, however, an Alternate Universe RPG, so the way the story turns out will be entirely up to the site members.


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It's just starting.