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la scelta dei fan: He was alright. I liked it but it was not his best
la scelta dei fan: Heck Yeah!!
Heck Yeah!!
I&# 39; ve already met him
la scelta dei fan: No, Who Is Yui?
la scelta dei fan: He's one of my preferiti
la scelta dei fan: Edward Elric
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NagisaFurukawa- detto …
I went to an Anime convention called Con-Nichiwa Con. with some Friends and my younger brother. And i got to meet the two Voice Actors Vic Mignogna and Brittney Karbowski. They signed my stuff and i took pictures with them. I had lots of fun. I also took Cosplay pictures with everyone. And i even went to a Vocaloid cafe. Hope to meet the famous Voice Actors and do it all over again successivo time. I even got some signed pictures of the Voice Actors. And a Vic Mignogna Anime CD signed as well. :3 postato più di un anno fa
DisneyPrince88 commentato…
You're so Lucky più di un anno fa
NagisaFurukawa- commentato…
Yah I am. I would of.never thought that I could meet anyone famous. But I did. più di un anno fa
JDupres2012 detto …
How did it take me so long to find this club?!?! postato più di un anno fa
NagisaFurukawa- commentato…
I know right. Same as well. più di un anno fa
Fan-tastic123 detto …
We all Amore te Vic!!! U will be are preferito voice forever and always!! :D postato più di un anno fa