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la scelta dei fan: belly
la scelta dei fan: Sure Anytime te Like^^
Sure Anytime te Like^^
Hell No Get Away From Me!
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la scelta dei fan: Soft
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enumatse-fluffy detto …
Alright, well, I don't see the immagini anymore though I don't know if that's because someone in the club removed them o not, but I also notice that the club icona is something I drew as well--could te please change it? ' ^ ' I don't think the icona itself shows up on Google but it's still a little unsettling, I guess, knowing that it's still floating around in a public place. postato più di un anno fa
enumatse-fluffy detto …
Hello, this is enumatse-fluffy. Some older drawings of mine are postato in the immagini section, and I'd like to request that they be removed since I don't want my stuff to be redistributed. te can save it in a folder on your computer if te really want to, but I don't want anything of mine postato publicly, especially since this stuff shows up on google. postato più di un anno fa
goldenpuppy detto …
WHO DO te WANT TO VORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! postato più di un anno fa
DoremiSanyouluv commentato…
i think i would want to be vored da someone (i would like to be vored da dance central glitch (look him up if te dont know him)) più di un anno fa