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Do te think it can be lonely in the life of a Medicine Cat?

So I'm Scrivere a story right now from the point view of a Medicine cat and as I thought about it, I realised; being a Medicine Cat can be really lonely.

I mean, in the giorno to giorno life of a medicine cat, te don't have much 'long-interaction' with other cats. Once te are done with one cat, te have to quickly sposta onto the successivo patient, not leaving much time to just chat. And even te don't have anyone to treat, you're out alone gathering herbs o alone in your tana, den sorting them. Not to mention, if they don't have an apprentice, they'll sleep alone in the Medicine cat's den.

It's even worse for a young Medicine cat apprentice. Imagine this; you're kit in the nursery, your life is great because you're surrounded da your littermates and friends, then when te turn 6 moons, suddenly everything changes.

You're separated from everyone else your age, te have to sposta into this new strange den, with no one else but your mentor, te have to watch as your fellow apprentices, train and grow up together, while te having to sorting out herbs.
 Mellowix posted più di un anno fa
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Scourge1 said:
Yes, I think kids it would.
te can't have a mate o kits which is basically a family, so you're bound to be lonely sometimes.
Also, it would be sad to be alone all the time unless te have an apprentice.
No one would really get you.
I think that's why so many Gatti broke the warrior code an had a mate and o kits!
For example, Yellowfang, Leafpool, Cloudberry, even Jayfeather!
In colclousion, yes I think it would be very lonely.

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posted più di un anno fa 
Bluefur05 said:
Yes it would, te live a life separate from the clan, no mate, no kits, watching te Friends growing up without you, your best friend getting a mate and kits o an app. while te must live alone.
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posted più di un anno fa 
AtomWolfSong said:
Yes, I believe some could find it to be lonely.

But there is always the PAWS-itive outlook of having a strong connection to StarClan, so they're not really ever too alone. :)
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posted più di un anno fa 
Moonlight05 posted più di un anno fa
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