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What Happends When Scourge Wouldn't Leave His Family?

If te Think Socks and Ruby Would Keep Bulling Him Just Do Something Fanmade Like They Forgive Tiny/Scourge o His Dad Would Come Back o His Half Brother Rusty/FireStar o te Would do a RPG Like te See a Hole Near da The Garten te go in and Front of te Stands Tiny/Scourge
Thank te For Leggere This! :3
 Shadowbonbon posted più di un anno fa
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Mellowix said:
Nothing too much. If Scourge/Tiny stayed home, he's probably be adopted da Twolegs soon after Socks and Rudy and simply lived as a Kittypet.

As for Bloodclan, they might of not even existed. o they would of had another founder/Leader, maybe Bone. If Bone would of have accepted Tigerstar's offer, it's hard to say.

Whitestorm would have been alive and been deputy for longer, so Greystripe may of never become deputy if Whitestorm was still alive when they left for the Lake, being snatched up da twolegs.

Now onto the most important part, Tigerstar. With Scourge living as a kittypet, Tigerstar wouldn't of been killed off in such a gruesome fashion and lived longer to spend his ruin of terror. Without Bloodclan, Tigerstar would need to get più reinforcements with other methods, maybe employing più Rouge/Loners o forcing Thunderclan and Windclan members to unisciti them. There would be many più battles and even più blood would be spilt.

Eventually Tigerclan (Riverclan +Shadowclan) and Lionclan (Thunderclan + Windclan) would go to war. It's almost impossible to say what could of happened after this. They could end up destroying each other, maybe Tigerstar wins, maybe their revolt within Tigerclan similar to Brokenstar (Specially with the Riverclan cats) o maybe they figure out a way to defeat Tigerstar before it's too late.

Though I will say, I find it unlikely Firestar will be able to defeat Tigerstar at this point in combat. As Firestar would only be a young leader and an inexperienced one at that, he wouldn't be able to take all of Tigerstar's lives quickly, without doing sometime extreme like; causing a wound so deep not even Starclan can heal it ,(Scourge could only do it because he has dog teeth in his claws), making him fall from a great height, trapping him somewhere he can't get out, trapping him under water, etc.

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posted più di un anno fa 
Good Idea :3
Shadowbonbon posted più di un anno fa
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