Warriors (Novel Series) StormClan

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StormClan; allies of MountainClan. The leader; Thunderstar is brothers with Rownstar, leader of MountainClan. StormClan is located between Highstone and the Thunderpath beside the Carrionplace. The area is full of rabbits and mice mostly, but squirrels and birds are in the trees by the Thunderpath.
So be careful.

Leader-Thunderfoot; Black tom with dark yellow eyes and a white front-left paw.

Deputy-Feathershine; pretty silver and white she-cat

Medicine Cat-Mintbreeze;beautiful light brown she-cat with white underbelly and yellow eyes

Warriors-Dewstream; blue-gray she-cat with sparkling blue eyes
Stormblaze; dark-gray she cat with amber eyes
Rabbitspring; a brown-and-white tabby Tom with amber eyes-mate;Spottedwind
Apprentices-Razorpaw;jet black tom with one white paw

Queens-Meadowbreeze;silver tabby she-cat;Silverkit & Graykit


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