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cariea1 posted on Jun 24, 2012 at 02:05PM
Scorchstar-blazing organge tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes.

Nightscar- Black male cat with dark blue eyes. (no one rps this cat)

Medicine Cat-
Jayfrost-Dark gray male cat with amber eyes. 9nor this one)

Flamelight-long haired she cat with flameing orange fur,red stripes and yellow paws ,chest,tail and ears.blue green eyes(smarttone123)

Moonclaw-pure white tom with light blue eyes(smarttone123)

Flamefur-beautiful she cat with flame colored pelt and shining green eyes(teampeeta649)

Scorchpelt-flame colored tom wit green eyes and white tail tip and belly(bluestar208)

Firefang-black she cat with amber eyes(silverstream101)

Sunspot-orange tabby she green eyes(demon_wolf)

Rosethorn-small orange tabby she with bright green eyes(zutaradragon)

Silverclaw-silver she-cat with dark smudges on face(cynderssister)

Whitesnap-brown she white spots blue eyes(warriorkit14)

Llilyflower-gray she green eyes(pongo4747)

Greenfern-light white she green eyes(teampeeta649)

Brightheart-bright red she ice blue eyes(Stacycam)

Violetpelt-purple she ice blue eyes(cariea1)

Briarstorm-a beautiful longfurred brown she-cat with dark stripes and a white chesst<mossy green eyes>(moonglow123)

Blazeheart-a flame colored tom with long legs and green eyes(teampeata649)

Fireblaze-a flame colored tom with green eys(teampeata649)

Scarletflame-flame colored she witj white chest and paws green eyes(teampeata649)

Hevenfang-white she wit blue eyes(loverjr08)

Dustcloud-brown tom dark brown stripes(nino)

Hollybreeze-a calico she cat(nino)

Dawnsnow- A white she-cat with silver patches that are outlined in fiery orange and dark gray with bright green eyes. (dovemoon)

Hazelheart-a cream colored kit with Hazel colored eyes(Lionpoppy)

Jaysun-a cream colored kit with blue eyes(tom){Lionpoppy}

Oakleaf-a brown and white longfurred tabby tom <hazelishbrown eyes>(moonglow123)

Rainglow-a gray and white longfurred tabby tom<gray eyes>(moonglow123)

Honeydew-a gold and white tabby shecat<amber eyes>(moonglow123)
mablepelt-small tom with gray fur and blue eyes(smarttone123)

Brillantheart-fluffy silver she cat with hazel eyes (smarttone123)

Creampelt-a cream colored she-cat with pained green eyes(Lionpoppy)


Whitepaw-a silver she cat(nino)




Softpelt-fluffy white she with blue eyes(retired med cat}(cariea)

Spottedheart-light white she speckled gray spots and blue eyes(soulheart)

Sweetpetal-sweet she with green eyes ears with petals and claw tail(can talk to plants and is an elder)[dark_angel100)

 Leader Scorchstar-blazing organge tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes. Apprentice:Whitepaw Deput

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