Warriors (Novel Series) HELP!!! CALLING ALL SEEKER FANS!!! HELP!!!

silverflare1520 posted on Oct 01, 2009 at 08:04PM
OK, so my state kicks off a new hunting season, but not grizzlies like you think it would be, but BLACK BEARS!! Everyone who reads seekers knows that black bears are harmless, they just climb trees and eat berries, nothing like children! The say they are a nuisense because there are too many, when the're so few here. The only time they come near us is to scavenge food and see what any new smells are about.
I need to know if anyone else thinks this is wrong, please help!!

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più di un anno fa silverflare1520 said…
Sorry but my time at the library computer is up so i cant discuss this with anyone today. But i doubt anyone's on here right now.
But can you believe this!!
più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
That is wrong. Black bears are essential to the environment and shouldn't be hunted to extinction in your area. I don't have bears here, only coyotes and everyone thinks they are pains for eating barn cats and small dogs, but they are essential to the environment, and shouldn't be hunted. It isn't their fault. It is their own instincts to hunt for survival, and I don't blame the coyote if it ate a cat or another animal.
più di un anno fa silverflare1520 said…
Heh, I'm glad for 2 things.1) someone actualy replied.2) That someone actually agrees.
If this was some cartoon I'd be whacked with a rolling pin everytime i said that was bad, no, its EVIL.
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Black bears only hurt or kill somone if they feel cornered or offended. They should not be hunted.
più di un anno fa purpledemigod said…
Stop those hunters!! If I could, I would go to wherever you live, learn how to use a gun, and shoot those people. Well, probably not, but... I would make them pay somehow.
più di un anno fa briarlight said…
black bears mean no harm! save the black bears! and all bears!