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Mistyflower posted on Nov 05, 2009 at 12:24AM
Ok, so if we were all about Tribe cats instead of warrior cats, What would your Tribe name be? Mine would be Misty Light That Glows at Dawn, or Misty.
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più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Okay i know you guys are there.
più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
How about "Silver Moon That Lights the Night?" Silver. That sounds kind of neat.
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
cool! How do you get this?
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
My sister's would be Flame That Flicks Through Forest. My mom's would be Stars That Light the Darkness. My dad would be Ripple in Quiet Lake. If it wa personality based, my cousins would be Never Shuts Up. But the regular ones his would be Vine That Hangs From Tree.
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Ok is my name too long? Misty Light That Glows at Dawn.....I don't know.
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Oh and my cousin's warrior name is Fuzzystalker! funny or what?
più di un anno fa Massogliacutie said…
how do i get a tribe name?
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
you dont. We just made ours up.
più di un anno fa Reedstone said…
You know, the cats in a tribe get their names from the first thing they see when they are kitted.
più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
Wall That Drips on Ffloor.
Rock next to Boulder
Cave where Cats Sleep.
That is the first thing anyone would see, don't you think?
più di un anno fa hannah_vampire said…
mine would be moonlight that helps light the way for others and the sky.
più di un anno fa StichxAngel4eva said…
mine would be... Spotted shadows on water or something like that.
più di un anno fa kit_kat_123_6 said…
i would be black moon that fills sky with dark . . . or i would be Dark feather that flies on breeze!
whitch one do you thin?link
più di un anno fa kit_kat_123_6 said…
so . . . ?
più di un anno fa tanglebelly said…
Tangle that binds rock
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Maybe a longer way of saying your name could be Tangled vines that Bind the Rocks. Tangle. How d'you like THEM apples?
più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
Moonflower...Let's see about turning that into a tribe name. here goes nothin.
Moon That Glows on Flower. Here's a better one

Totally Awesome Black Cat That Rules the World
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Lol, I guess mine would be Flower that Glows through the Mist or somethin
più di un anno fa Rainsky57 said…
I guess mine would be Rain That Falls From the Sky.
più di un anno fa PhoenixRoyale said…
Mine would be Sun that blinds the Eyes.
più di un anno fa EmbersShadow said…
i guess mine would be Ember that darts between the shadows. ember. i guess my mate would be lonely Echo that follows death. echo. or somethin....
più di un anno fa WarriorsCats said…
misty flower yours could be:
mist that shines brightly :)
or mist
mine is star that shines in sky
and her mate, eagle that rides the breeze or eagle and star :)
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
I just thought of a super pretty one:
Star that Shines with Frost.
Huh? HUH?

più di un anno fa WarriorsCats said…
cool, i have a charrieanmed frost
più di un anno fa 123cosmo4 said…
My warrior name is Rainstar so I could be Rain Splash on Stone.
più di un anno fa tdafan121 said…
Littleblossom- Small Flower In Blossom
Shadewind- Dark Breeze On Shadowed Horizon
Leafstorm- Rain Of Falling Brown Leavs
Dawnrise- Rise Of Tired Orange Dawn (simple enough XD)
Suntail- Sun That Peaks Over Mountains
Darkheart- Darkness That Binds Small Cave

(I have too many characters XD)
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
By the way, none of these are my cats, just names I thought were cool. (You can use them if you want)

Black Sky Before Morning (Black)
Sun Setting Over Mountain (Sun)
Adder Sunning on Rocks (Adder)
Blossom that Fights Through Crack (Blossom)
Full Moon at Midnight (Moon)
Stars that Pierce the Sky (Stars)
First Stars at Sunset (First)
Leaf Floating on Breeze (Leaf)
Storm that Stirs His Fur (This should be Stormfur's)
Lightning Strike Before Thunder (Lightning)
Caw of Frightened Crow (Caw)
Snow that Falls Gently (Snow)
Bark of Twisted Tree (Bark)
Distant Ocean Sunset (Sunset)
Red Horizon at Sunrise (Red)
Sunbeam that Shines through Clouds (Sunbeam)
Cloud that Quickly Darkens (Cloud)
Clawscratch on Cave's Floor (Claw)
Jay that Stays in Winter (Jay)
Fish Swimming in Noisy Brook (Fish)
Rainbow that Stretches After Storm (Rainbow)
Howl of Lonely Wolf (Howl)
Eagle that Flies through the Night (Eagle)
Stormcloud that Hides the Sun (Stormcloud)
Song of Joyful Sparrow (Song)
Frosty Night that Coats the Sun (Frost)
Sun at its Highest Point (Sun)
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più di un anno fa dawnwind29 said…
I would be Ice at the northest point...
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
...i cant think of anymore
più di un anno fa smartone123 said…

go here then
più di un anno fa moonglow123 said…
Light of Early Dawn(light or dawn)
Blaze of Endless Fire(blaze)
Thunder of Stormy Clouds(thunder)
Mist of Rolling River(mist.i guess idk)
Song of Gentle Breeze(song)
Shadows of Hunting Hawk(shadow)
Sparks of Dancing Flame(spark)
Roar of Mighty(or Blazing) Lion(Roar or Lion)
Brambles of Gorse Bush lol(bramble)
Ashes of Forgotten Flame(ash)
i made these when i got bored.........lol XD

più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
Heat of Burning Flame- Flame
Rain of Thundering Cloud-Rain
più di un anno fa silverheart13 said…
mine would be Silver Light that Shines
più di un anno fa silverheart13 said…
my Tribe would be called The Tribe of Falling Water
più di un anno fa Firestar99 said…
mine is dewdrops on wet leaves,Dewdrop
più di un anno fa Moemoe1111 said…
My favorite are
Comet that lights up the sky
Wolf that sings to the new moon
Hawk that rides the west gales
Fox that hunts the newborn mouse
più di un anno fa Shadowstar1 said…
my name would be Flow of Crystal Water
più di un anno fa Dawnmist said…
Mine is Dawn with early mist.
più di un anno fa Dawnmist said…
I thought of some more!
Flash of lightning in dark sky
Bright stars at midnight
più di un anno fa Dawnmist said…
Silent step of mouse, silent ( Silentstep is the warrior name)
Small rose in breeze, small ( Smallrose)
Flight of dove, flight (Doveflight)
Snow that falls quickly, snow ( Snowfall)
White feather in dark snow, white Whitefeather)
Whispering breeze at dawn, whispering (Whisperbreeze)
Bird that sings in the morning, Bird (Birdsong)
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più di un anno fa Sandfire_Paiger said…
My warrir name: Sandfire
My trabe name: Sand that blows in Wind
più di un anno fa Dawnmist said…
My mom's is Bird that sings in the morning
my aunt is grass that blows in wind
my sisters in weird; Humming bird with no hum :(
più di un anno fa lordkittygirl said…
big smile
Fang of Wolfs mouth. made that from my warror cats name Wolffang
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
Thanks, Dawnmist!
più di un anno fa Mistyflower said…
big smile
Imma make it fifty:

Blue Sky at Sunhigh (Blue)
White Stars at Midnight (White)


più di un anno fa Dawnmist said…
big smile
I work on more now.
più di un anno fa Squrrielstar said…
mine would be (all of them)

Frost on cold stone
Breeze through hollow cave
Swift pounce of Leopard
Rain that ripples stream
Light of moon in sky
Leaf that dances on tree
Fury of storm
Dark clouds that covers sky
Night of a silent evening
Scratch of screeching eagle
Shadow that haunts the cave
Ray of the rising sun
Fire that eats forest
Feather of gentle dove
Ice that melts in sun
Sky that covers above trees
Mellow singing of bird
Yowl of angry dog
Rabbit that fell in mud
Strike of startled heron
River that reflects night sky
Lap of gentle wave
Purr of a kit-mother
Scrap of fur clumped in bracken
Squirrel that runs up trees
Deep water of hungry river
Bright sky of clear day
Clear water where fish swim
Spirit that binds the wild
Rock that tumbles on ground
Leap of a hunry fox
più di un anno fa Dawnmist said…
Cold Wind Before Dawn
più di un anno fa Feathershine said…
My name would be Feather that floats to the ground or Feather
più di un anno fa graystriperock said…
Imy warrior name would be darkfeather