Warriors (Novel Series) Why are so many people in più than one Clan?

Mistyflower posted on Dec 05, 2010 at 05:09PM
Don't form an angry mob on me for saying this but...does anyone else think cats should choose one Clan to be in, and we'll choose five or six Clans to be the main ones? The reason I've thought of this is that in my Clan, OceanClan, cats have been weary to go into battle because they are in the Clan in question. They also attend less and less often because they have so many Clans to attend. In one unfortuanate event I have caught traitors put up to the job of spying on OceanClan, and sadly, I had to kick them out. So...what do you think? Is it time to decide?

-Mistystar of OceanClan

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più di un anno fa 18wanda said…
I think people should only be in as many Clans as they can handle. They can be in more than one is they are still very loyal to every one. Misty, aren't you in like a hundred Clans?